Gran Turismo Sport to Feature over 130 Cars, New Class Categories

Mazda’s Vision Gran Turismo project, the LM55, sits pretty in Arizona’s hidden spot “The Wave.”

Are you sitting down? Take my word for it: you need to be sitting down for this. Last week the veil of silence had finally been lifted after months of being in the darkness, and today, in downtown London, at the Copper Box Arena, Gran Turismo Sport has been officially revealed to members of the press – and GTPlanet was on the scene!

Let’s start off with a concern many of you have had since these words were uttered by the man himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, when speaking with Eurogamer in 2014 in regards to the controversial ‘standard’ cars being included in the next Gran Turismo:

“I doubt that we’ll be throwing away the standard cars,” said Yamauchi. “Each car has its own fans. So I think we’ll hang on to the archive. In the meanwhile, some of those cars we may be able to make into Premium cars as they become available – but basically we’re more focused on increasing the number of premium cars.”

If you’re on the edge of your seat right now, you’ll find this next bit interesting because GT Sport launches with over 130 cars when it releases this November, all have been built (or rebuilt) from the ground up since GT6, and all cars will have an interior view. This signals a fresh start for the franchise, one that is likely to be welcomed by many.

Absolutely stunning. Group 3 racing machinery take charge.

While the entire roster of cars has yet to be fully revealed, of what’s been spotted thus far one can depend on the roster being an impressive one. GT Sport will see the introduction of some serious metal, the likes of the McLaren 650S GT3, Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3, Ferrari LeFerrari, Mercedes-AMG GT S, Mazda Roadster S (ND), and the Ford Mustang GT Fastback. Additionally, GT Sport will see the formal debut of the Bugatti and Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo cars.

The categories for GT Sport will ensure equal measures during competition.

GT Sport will also introduce four new competitive racing categories based on real-world motorsports that have been made to ensure an equal footing during racing competitions. The categories, N-Series, Group 4, Group 3 and Group 1 take into consideration everything from a vehicles wing and front spoilers, to the steering wheel and instrument panel.

The next GT title is shaping up to be a memorable installation in the franchise and is certainly more substantial than a ‘Prologue’ title as previously stated by Sony Europe President and CEO Jim Ryan late last year. Stay tuned to GTPlanet for even more GTS news as the big London event continues!

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Comments (63)

  1. SchittsCreek

    I love the list so far! Looking forward to whats coming next, i cant stop reloading this page.

  2. ALB123

    I’ll be very interested in seeing the final list of cars by category. It seems strange to me that the car groupings are “equally balanced” yet they have a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray in the same group as an Alfa Romeo Mito?! Perhaps it’s the Mito GTA, but there is no way those cars can be considered evenly matched.

  3. RyanStark1969

    130 premium car is acceptable. What I’m worrying about is track list. It is said 17 tracks including city&rally, but GT6 has at least 27 tracks. I Really don’t wanna see tracks reducing.

    1. ALB123

      Remember though, this is NOT Gran Turismo 7. This game is built around racing only. Yes, there are non-racing features like Photomode, but from what I’ve been seeing this game is meant for the racer. Of course you can always “cruise” or race casually with your buddies, but that’s probably going to be a lot better in GT7 than GTSport. 17 tracks is plenty for racing leagues and the competitions that PD are putting together. Another sign that this game is considerably different than the traditional GT games is the number of cars. GT6 had over 1200. GTSport is starting with 137 Super Premium cars. So, you can bet your butt that none of the Standard Cars from GT6 will be appearing. From what they’ve told us, those 137 cars have been built from scratch or severely overhauled from the Premium Cars in GT6. Will they included any Premium Cars straight from GT6 without an overhaul? Who knows…If not, a lot of popular cars will be missing. A further sign that GTSport’s direction is not of the traditional GT games.

  4. jubeiiiii246

    Are they adding more GT500 cars (Honda nsx gt lexus rcf Gt500 and the new Gt500 nissan gtrs) I hope they do gran turismo has always had Gt500 cars and they better add the new ones

  5. Sasek

    So probably in GT7 we will have:
    – Super Premium Cars made for PS4 version of the game,
    – Premium Cars from GT5/6,
    – And Standard Cars too?

    I don’t have anything against Standard Cars, but they need to make them look a bit better from outside. Premium Cars in GT5/6 already looked good imo and can be put to GT7.

  6. Aloha62_2

    ”Gran Turismo has always been about the cars, and GT Sport doesn’t disappoint”

    Agree to disagree, yesterday was a huge let down.

  7. JohnyPiston

    It is getting frankly ridiculous how realistic the cars in these games are starting to look these days. A few people were already able to do miracles with PhotoShop and GT6 pics – what will they do with these?!? Also, from a philosophical standpoint, it is interesting how human beings seem able to more easily program vision rather than sound. Feel and smell are still out of the question bu the struggles with sound are interesting especially when one is aware of the whole Logos tradition and how in many religions creation started with Sound. I do not know why I find that interesting but strange things do pop in the mind at 6am while preparing for work …

    1. ALB123

      It is widely stated in movies or video that “audio is more important than video quality”. Don’t believe me? Google what I’ve put in quotes in the first sentence. I believe the same applies to video games in 2016. Processing power has improved so substantially that we’re accustomed to high quality audio AND video and when we can’t have both, it’s the good audio we need or we get turned off. Studies have been done on this subject many times. We can tolerate some pixelation, DoF that isn’t perfect, under-exposed or out of focus as long as the audio is at the proper volume and clear. Bad audio can even subconsciously make you not enjoy the experience. Polyphony Digital should know this.

  8. Cowboy

    I’m OK with 130 cars, as I prefer quality over quality. I think it’s likely that they’ll release more cars for DLC.

  9. IceMan PJN

    Considering all the crap Forza Motorsport 5 took for having “only 200” cars, this game better get buried in complaints about 130. Granted, that’s still more than typical racing games, but nobody cared when they took up torches and pitchforks over 200 in FM5.

    1. Tenacious D

      I think the missing “7” would be a clue to anyone that this is a “gaiden” or additional game in the franchise, something to entertain us and further the Gran Turismo brand while the team slaves away on the proper GT6 sequel.

    2. MrWaflz55

      Most of the criticism for 5 was that they took out half the cars from 4 and put them back in as DLC.

    3. Kyle Patrick

      @MrWaflz55 – Two different complaints, though. IceMan is right: at launch, FM5 was widely derided for it’s “low” car count… and that was a launch title, over two and a half years ago!

      On the plus side, GT Sport will launch with more cars than PCARS has after a year on the market.

    4. Johnnypenso

      Yes TenD you’ve mentioned that GTS is essentially a placeholder or prequel for the real game. Funny that Kaz disagrees with you then isn’t it?

  10. liv4hardstyle

    Those graphics are just unbelaivable, its not the specs, its they way they have done it, shading, lighting etc. Looks so good i thought the la ferrari photo was real. Im impressed

  11. Chaos Control

    Only 130 cars, that’s depressing. And only a few road cars : ( But, I did here a proper turbo flutter sound effect when I watched the livestream, and the graphics are amazing. Just hopefully they add more cars, and mostly street or touring cars.

  12. TomBrady

    They say all cars will have interiors. Does that mean all the vision GT cars that didn’t have interiors (LM55, Tomahawk, etc.) have them now? The windows are still tinted fully black so that’s not a good sign.

  13. Allek

    130 premium cars in GTS and when GT7 comes out two years later… standards are back? What’s the point?

    1. mickoafna

      According to Kaz, standard cars are only archived. No mention of them being in GT7.
      I really hope that a game like Gran Turismo will not have non-dashboard cars in 2018-2019.
      That would be a big mistake on PD’s part.

    2. Tenacious D

      I want the OPTION to drive as many of those legacy cars as possible with new physics, if you don’t mind.

    3. Tenacious D

      Meh, forgot to mention all those legacy tracks from Gran Turismo history. I want as much content as I can get my grubby little mits. I would be totally fine if GT7 offered the OPTION for you guys to have a smaller game with less content, and I could install a MUCH larger game. Let’s not curtail personal CHOICE, now.

    4. Johnnypenso

      So dumping 2 generation, decade old assets is curtailing personal choice? Sounds like we have a microagression here…lol.

  14. Michael Leary

    Attention folks: Title has been changed as the original could easily have been misread as the game featuring over 130 cars and racing classes, and there’s a gallery now.

  15. AMRosa10

    I think Jordan mentioned the term Super Premium in the broadcast with relation to the cars… What does that mean?

    1. mickoafna

      It means that they were all redesigned from scratch.
      They do look 100% better than the ones in GT6.

  16. RacingLine

    Would be fun if FIA were to involve F1 cars in their championships, Also does anyone know if GTSport will even feature Formula 1 cars?

    1. Northstar

      The FIA doesn’t control the commercial rights of F1, so it’s very unlikely they will appear in official form.

  17. FS7

    One could argue that numbers are relative, and even though I saw a number of interesting cars in the live stream and on the official website there’s still the question about that talk of GT6’s premium cars being PS4-ready.

  18. Edyy_290

    I am affraid that by the time gt7 comes out ps5 will be out and no mather how good the game turns out to be its gonna be outdated just like gt6.they need to change things at Pd,i love the gran turismo series but if things go like this in the future its not looking bright for gt…

  19. jblackrevo9

    First off, people are entitled to their opinions but do your research first before jumping to conclusion. If anyone didn’t notice, they had sound technical difficulties through the entire event. Second, they slowed the frame rate down for the viewing of the event. Lastly, the physics changed….alot.

    The reason why most racers were messing up is because they had to quickly adjust to new physics. A few realized that the gameplay is now different after trying to take on corners unrealistically. The graphics are a step up from gt6 by 50 percent


    The game is schedule for November globally which doesn’t seem like much but it is if you work in a large business. Not to mention that Kaz team has expanded to new areas. Do not overlook the fact that this is a business especially since another organization is involved to.

    I’m impressed with the game. This is not Granturismo 7 but sport which focuses heavily on online competition and Esport while giving glimpse of what is to come. Esport is no easy thing to achieve, it requires time and they must abide by their policies. His team did go in reaching their expected time frame of releasing this game within 3 years.

  20. Traviizter

    130 cars is not a small amount at all. I don’t usually say stuff like this but think about the amount of vehicles you ACTUALLY use(d) in your GT6 garage. I’m a huge fan of car collection myself, but the amount of cars I properly used is probably in the 100s somewhere. Also, this isn’t GT7, think of it like GT3 was to the PS2, it’s the first game on the new system and therefore we have higher quality for less initial content. Have patience.
    On a slightly more off-topic note, Need for Speed Underground 2 had a car total of 29 and it felt like 70. Don’t be put off just yet.

    1. Octopuss_911

      I totally agree with you that you drive up to 20 cars regularly and the other for fun or challenging. That’s how I drove in GT5 and GT6. Mainly I drive street cars the slower one and faster, hope they gonna have a nice variety. I’m fine with the 4 class.

    2. TomBrady

      I actually 130 cars is too many considering how limited the car list is in variety. It’s just road cars, GT cars, and prototypes from what we’ve seen. 4 different vehicle classes supposedly.

      With only 4 different classes, even 40 would be enough.

    3. Manasseh257NSX

      Exactly!! To me it gives a chance to get more accustomed to certain cars in the game. In GT6, I had around 276 cars… However, I only used about 15-17 of those cars often. maybe 25-30 occasionally. But the bottom line is, I had 276 of them yet I only used around 30 of them in total. 130 cars is MORE than enough for this game. Not to mention we have a livery editor and all, So no one’s car will look the same anymore and the car will actually feel like YOUR car.

  21. SW Boogie

    Please tell us if you can turn off the ugly game information hovering over the cars during game play and replays, It’s like taking a magic marker and drawing a black eye on the Mona Lisa. Seeing trash littering the beautiful tracks and landscapes the programmers put so much effort in to making is a crime. The BEST update GT6 had was the 2nd or 3rd that gave us the option to turn off the ugly PSN names above the cars during online play. Jordan PLEASE ask Kaz to make this possible. I don’t want to see graffiti ruin what will be a great gaming experience.

    1. Octopuss_911

      I think you can relax here a bit. We saw the race through a spectator modus. So it could be that’s only there for information. You can see already different videos also from the cockpit and I couldn’t see the names above the cars there… Do some research for videos to proof yourself.

  22. SupraTurboNinja

    Well as usual we have whiners in the crowd. People jump to so many conclusions before the games even out. Does anyone pay attention. Games at 50% completion! They have 7 months to fix things and add things and all that. Stop your whining guys and be appreciative your getting a new GT. So what it’s a side game basically. Didn’t they have a Prolouge for GT5 since it was new on the system? Well, this is sorta like that to maybe test how far they can push the PS4. It’s not a final game so chill out. Your GT7 will come in time.

    1. brownninja97

      That isn’t a 50% complete game, a lot of its foundations are set, when i talk about how complete something is I mean the functionality, art assets and all that other stuff is just make-up. There isn’t gonna be an overhaul here, they dont have the time for that, a lot can be done in the next few months but there are limitations. I’ve worked on enough games myself to know that. People do have a reason to complain, this is a console seller, its rivals are very high caliber and there are a lot more of them now. I’m personally critical because granturismo has always been the trend setter, GT1 and 2 came out and blew us away, gt3 and gt4 did it again, gt5 and gt6 a bit less so but with gt7 the stakes are higher.

  23. TomBrady

    Really disappointed that there won’t be open wheel cars or karts. Even 50 cars is enough if you have variety, but this sadly doesn’t.

    Still super excited to play this. Especially considering what I’ve heard about the AI, and difficulty levels. Much like GT PSP, I think the lack of upgradeable parts makes it much easier for them to give us competitive racing with the AI, and that’s what I’ve wanted them to improve the most. I’m thinking they’ve done it if it’s anything like GT PSP which had very fast AI

  24. mickoafna

    137 cars. Some interesting new arrivals.
    Tire sound sounds eerily familiar to GT5 and GT6.
    Engine sounds appear to be a bit different – much more realistic – still not perfect but much better compared to GT6.
    Driving physics appears to be substantially different (seemed much harder – Kaz said that driving against A.I. in Professional mode will be as hard as driving against a human – will have to test that, hope it’s true).
    Lots of cool new things added to the GTS.

    Had fun watching live stream.
    Jordan, thanks for commenting.

    P.S.: Yamauchi San said that the game is at 50% right now. PD is working hard to get all those little details finessed and fix all the bugs that the GTS has at the moment.

    I’m happy to say that I was impressed. I wasn’t expecting much but was convinced after watching live stream. The game looks really good and I think the final product will be pretty awesome.

    1. Sasek

      Can you show me the part/link when Kaz said that AI will be as hard as driving with human in professional mode?

    1. brownninja97

      they shouldnt be certified, i can see clearly that come of them break the rules. All of the fictional Gr. 1 cars break the rules.

      So do many of the Gr. 3 cars

    2. TomBrady

      If you only played racing games with more cars, you’d be limited to old Gran Turismo games and forza. That’s it.

      Having 100 plus cars is not normal for a racing game. You people need to realize that.

    3. GT5 Level 41

      I checked three of my GT6 profiles. Although I owned way more than 130 cars, none of my profiles had more than 80 cars with any mileage at all and only about 30 had over 100 miles on them. At first I thought PCARS sucked due to low car count but I haven’t even used half of those cars and I’m pretty sure it’s under 100 cars.

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