Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.67 Brings Minor UI Tweaks

The latest update to Gran Turismo Sport is now with us, and it’s largely in line with current expectations.

Given that Polyphony Digital is likely to be flat out on Gran Turismo 7 right now, it was a surprise that an update to GTS was even in the works. Though there are still content items outstanding — such as the Lamborghini Vision GT revealed back in November 2019 — the fact that we’ve only seen seven new cars across 2020 and 2021 strongly hinted that any new update would center on housekeeping rather than game content.

That’s proven to be the case here, with a relatively compact patch that’s addressed a single item: in-game logos. The brief patch notes state that the “Main Features Implemented” are “UI – Some in-game logos have been updated”.

It’s not actually totally clear which logos and where. The rather vague wording could apply to anything from manufacturer logos in the Brand Central or Livery Editor decals to the trackside ad boards and banners, or even circuit logos — and in fact fictional logos would come under this broad brush too.

Of course GTPlanet users will likely dig out any subtle changes, but other than probably keeping brands and sponsors happy, it’s not a major update. Doubtless there will be other unannounced changes too, but for now this appears to be the entire scope of v1.67.

That’s also a firm indication that, despite the fact GT Sport will likely persist well into 2022 as the latest offering — pending any GT7 release date information that might come in today’s PlayStation Showcase — the game is likely in, or close to, its final state now.

We’ll bring you any more information as we get it.

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Comments (27)

  1. Raymond Smits

    Since the latest update, braking feels different. The cars are not braking like they did. I now need full force on the brakepedal before it starts to brake!! And I’m not the only one. Our complete GT Online group experience this…

  2. PJTierney

    I don’t have a PS4 anymore, but have a look at Volkswagen in the game.

    DiRT Rally 2.0 did a very late logo change(during its final patch earlier this year) to account for VW’s corporate rebranding, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing applies here.

    1. Andrew Evans

      All PS4 games require at least as much HDD space as the entire game in order to update, because it copies the entire game to update it.

      GTS is something around 110GB, so that’s how much free space you need.

  3. Elmismofufa

    Anybody else is having trouble with new update?
    It showing that my saved data is damaged. Is asking me to erase the saved data. I’m afraid on loosing everything i’ve done in the game. Any advice?

  4. jah0999

    Why cant PD just do hotfixes for stuff like this? They’re going down the same route as Rockstar games and Ubisoft, not listening to their fans.

  5. MasterGT

    Past experience shows that major retailers need / want most of a year’s heads-up about major new game releases. Look for chatter / leaks from them first, aside from official announcements.

  6. redhed17

    For all the updates GT Sport has been getting, and the lack of additional content, GT7 should be pretty much ready to go. :-/

    Seriously though, it would be nice to get the things promised, and at the end of all updates, let the last be to make GT Sport a game that doesn’t make most of the game disappear without the need for the network connection. I doubt it though.

  7. e46_m3_2

    Nothing of importance then, wasn’t expecting much for a game that will be killed off in a couple of years. If anything the lack of big updates for GT Sport has made me more excited for GT7.

    1. NekoPufferPPP

      You’ll get more circuits next year with GT7, together with Trial Mountain. I think we also saw Daytona in the trailer… Why the rush? They’re not gonna put new big content in a game about to be sacked within the next year or two, especially when they got its successor in the works.

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