Germany Gets its Own GT Academy in 2012

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In an unusual twist following on from yesterday’s news that GT Academy is rumoured to be returning to Europe this March, German website Speedmaniacs reports that Germany is to get its own GT Academy for 2012 rather than being part of the European GT Academy. This rather unique situation is corroborated by an article posted on the German PlayStation Blog site.

Both articles give insight into the selection process, with which GT Academy fans and participants will be familiar:

  • 1st Stage – 16 drivers to be selected through various “live” competitions, including Auto Mobil International in Liepzig, at the Nürburging 24hr race and at Nissan dealers; 16 further drivers selected through online time trials at an Eifel Course Creator circuit
  • 2nd Stage – A 2 day long “finals” tournament at the Nürburgring in July to select 12 finalists
  • 3rd Stage – A 5 day long Boot Camp at Silverstone to select the ultimate winner

The sites also name the judges for the Silverstone final as Ring-Taxi driver and previous GT Academy judge Sabine Schmitz, RJN Motorsports team manager Bob Neville and Nissan works GT1 driver Michael Krumm. The final prize will be, as ever, an intensive race training program in GT4 competition using a Nissan 370Z and then a seat for the 2013 Dubai 24hr race on January 12th and 13th 2013.

Unlike previous years, this isn’t a regional eliminator competition, rather a full GT Academy alongside the European GT Academy but independent of it and open only to German nationals.

Thanks to Bernhard Meininger for the tip!

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of Ddrizle.

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