GT Academy Starts May 1st, Available as Free Game Download

In the last few minutes Penrose Tackie, European Brand Manager for GT5, has confirmed the schedule for GT Academy 2012 and there’s been a couple of small changes…

GT Academy this year, like the first GT Academy, features a first qualifying round that takes the format of a standalone, downloadable pack. The pack is free to download from PSN, starting on May 1st and doesn’t require Gran Turismo 5 in order to play it. The pack features exclusive content and challenges that “should be a lot of fun whether you’ve played Gran Turismo before or whether you are coming to the game as a complete newbie“. Some of the content is teasingly glimpsed in the video below, but the exact nature of the challenges remains under wraps for now.

In another change, not all of Europe will be fighting for one berth. As we revealed nearly three months ago, Germany will be getting its own GT Academy competition, but it now seems that Russia will get its own too.  The rest of Europe – UK & Eire, France, Spain, Portugal, BeNeLux, Poland, Switzerland and Austria – will face off against each other in the final bootcamp at Silverstone later this year. The USA is also involved in its own GT Academy, running parallel to the European Academies, meaning there will be four GT Academy winners in 2012 and doubling the Academy alumni!

The first qualification round begins on May 1st for all European gamers (May 2nd for US gamers) and run through to June 24th before gamers are selected for the regional finals. The overall prize remains a seat in the Dubai 24 Hour race in January 2013.

Best of luck to all participants!

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Comments (274)

  1. DaScouser101

    i know i don’t understand why it people all over the world can’t get involved. If you can buy a copy of gt5 that should mean you can use all features associated with the game. i know this is a free demo and not part of gt5 but i think people who ain’t in the mainstream countries can’t get dlc either am i right ?

  2. Raitziger

    “The rest of Europe – UK & Eire, France, Spain, Portugal, BeNeLux, Poland, Switzerland and Austria ”
    The rest of Europe my ass! PD should know that there are much more countries in Europe.

  3. Dionisiy

    Kazinori`s Twitter: “そろそろ「GTアカデミー2012」のプレスリリースが出る時間です。”
    “Press release is a time of “GT Academy 2012″ is out soon.”

  4. Lambofanghini

    This is what makes GT5 a great game. Oops, I mean, Where’s my DLC? I want it now! GT5…Jack of all trades, master of physics.

    1. magsolid

      I would rather have a fixing patch which improves a painful loading time. Or even improved car collision, and fix the damn penalty system. DLC is a joke these day, driving is the real part of this game!

  5. Froudeybrand

    Any way a new lot of seasonals just popped up time trial and drift nutburgiring and some other place Tt is 600 and 700 pp

  6. honda32v

    Now it passed 18th April, three months since the last dcl…Now it overdue and now I giving up waiting for it…….

    1. Quakebass

      Look at the schedule; each DLC came out on the third week of the month… which would mean the 17th… BUT, we could see some sort of DLC coming along with the GT Academy download…

    2. TokoTurismo

      Quakebass’s right. Time for me to shut up and get over myself, beforethat RB26 2jz guy jumps my a$$ again. At least we know now May 1st will be the day, and thats a Tuesday. :) I knew it’ll be May, and Kaz and PD must have something good behind GT Academy, such as the DLC and update.

      One will only get angry, impatient, and disappointed if they stick on GTP all day, play some GT5 and do spring cleaning in your garage, or do other stuff in real life. I’m working on a comic that I love so much, and have a husky puppy at home and love playing with it, despite it biting me a lot. ;)

    3. Quakebass

      I haven’t said that May 1 WILL be the release date of any DLC, (or that any DLC exists…) or if it will come out then… I only examined a pattern and made a prediction… Don’t assume I’m correct. I’m expecting and update, though…

    1. Quakebass

      ^ I know, right? Everyone’s expecting DLC. I’m expecting AT LEAST an update; we’re still missing the NSX and PhotoStream (well, Asia isn’t missing the PhotoStream…).

    1. Suntzu32

      I’m afraid it’s just too cold and uninviting up here in Can for us to be included in the US Academy. That and Nissan Canada probably didn’t want to sign up… Too bad though… Mosport would be a wicked track to have an endurance series on…
      We are probably being punished for all the copywrite piracy that is blamed on Canada.

  7. Sputnik

    I think it’s about time we see some new stuff, like tracks, cars, wheels, etc… It pretty quite in the GT world lately!

  8. zambuca

    I wonder why they don’t include Scandinavia. I guess it’s all about the most potential markets. But it’s kindof demotivating to see the rest of Europe having all the fun…

  9. HarVee

    Let me guess, you have to be 18 to enter, right?

    That’s quite stupid -at least for the U.S. counterpart- as with the U.S. you can legally drive a motored vehicle at the age of 16.

    1. Suntzu32

      They still have to insure the drivers, not to mention this is a contest that is only open to adults.

    2. gjeff12

      In Canada, well at least where I am, you can enter any race at 16 and some you can race at 14 or maybe even 13. these are not just little race cars either.

  10. R1600Turbo

    This whole comment section had turned into a sad display of whining for DLC and people who live in countries that are excluded from the contest. Everyone blaming it on Kaz and PD/Sony, blah blah. Listen folks, I know for a fact that they are trying to include as many countries as possible. LEGAL REASONS are why you might not be included. There is a lot of red tape that they have to fight through to legally hold a contest like this.

    That’s the problem with people these days. The wall that holds back stupid thoughts from being released to the world is no longer present it seems.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      @R1600Turbo – Please explain. I don’t quite understand how New Zealand can so easily be included in 2010 and all of a sudden be left out of 2011/2012…

  11. Quakebass

    This message is going towards all of the people whining about DLC:

    The January DLC was a month early, so then if it were to follow the schedule, DLC 4 would fall about mid April.
    If you look at the schedule:
    DLC 1: October 18 = the 3rd Tuesday of October
    DLC 2: December 20 = the 3rd Tuesday of December (noticing a pattern?)
    DLC 3: January 17 = the 3rd Tuesday of January (this DLC was EXACTLY one month early)
    DLC 4: Following this pattern, the DLC will fall on the 3rd Tuesday of April. Let’s see what day that is: the 17th.
    Ok, now let’s see when this GT Academy comes out: May 1st. Hey, what do you know? THAT’S A TUESDAY! So, if we get some sort of a DLC along side of the GT Academy download, it’ll only be TWO WEEKS LATE! You guys can wait two weeks, right? Remember, too, that we’re still waiting for the PhotoStream Update, and have no idea what’s going on with the 2013 NSX. Some people here are WAY over exaggerating.

    1. HarVee

      when it was said that there would be one every two months, I was not said that it would be once every two months on a release schedule.

      Therefor, the original statement implied that there would one every two months after the release of the previous, despite the previous getting released earlier or later.

      Yeah, I found a loophole in your logic.

    2. HarVee

      Release schedule meaning the pattern you tried to point out, not the fact that it would be released two months after the previous one.

    3. hobanator24

      also, it said the dlc would be released approximately every two months. So it never said it would be on the 3rd tuesday, but anytime during that month. So if there is new content released along with GT Academy, Its not that late. I think people have no life if you just sit around waiting for dlc and complaining even after we get it. Read a book, call some friends, go outside. Its 80 degrees & sunny where I am. People need to realize that there is a real world outside ther door, not just what you see on the computer. So stop complaining and do something productive for once. Because frankly, we don’t wanna hear it. Bitching & moaning on your computer isn’t gonna get anything done.

    4. Pit Crew

      February the only month, according to the monthly pattern being upset by back to back DLC that we wouldn’t see any DLC. The 3 packs caused some online bugs, probably the reason for delay. In the future PD needs to just communicate better. Can we have some respect and stop calling each other stupid? or any name calling. We all purchased probably the best Racing/Simulator on the maret so none of us are close to stupid.

    5. teppischfresser

      @harvee you are still whining? Why complain about when DLC comes out? Go outside and play football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, or something. You need to take a break from video games my buddy.

    6. HKSBro92

      You know what’s funny? The people who complain about DLC will never stop complaining even after a new DLC comes out. They will either complain about the price or how the cars suck THEN complain about how the NEXT DLC is taking too long….it will never end. When the Aventador pack out the whiners were happy for like 2 weeks then all of a sudden “wheres the next DLC?” It’s hilarious. They must be rich or something because they just can’t wait to spend their money. I don’t understand how DLC is gonna improve the game unless if its new tracks. If its new cars then nothing about the game will change. Just give up and wait for GT6 or get Forza 4 where you get to spend money EVERY month :)

  12. danger23

    y don’t they just make every car a race mod i would love to c herby the love bug with the racing strip lol.another thing is that y do they have that weak azz ford selection “other than the “mach1,that premieum mustang they have on there is “sorry” when ford has many other more powerful mustangs out there.whay about the boss,shelby,cobra. they put the “weakess” one on the game,they probably don’t want to see that paticular car whipping the GTR ass.those mustangs r like the terminator doing gymnastics,what i mean by that is,a car with muscles and agility is a ill combo i’ve road in 2011 SHELBY GT its a amazing machine,the g force makes you feel like your eyes are going throught the back of your head. and those first two gaers ur going to need a neck brace “i’m dead serious”

  13. Pit Crew

    I can relate to using the leaf for this Academy event as the car is not in my GT5 (Disc) Garage but Kaz and PD please spare us the pain of making GTAcademy Nissan Leaf a free prize car wecan use on our main GT5 account. Just say no. Work on evolving those seasonal A Specs if nothing else.

  14. HKSBro92

    This is kinda off topic but does anyone remember the Nike one 2022 car in GT4? I’m surprised its not in GT5…

  15. Worldeater

    This will be my first go at this, I am loving the game, but need to better understand some of the more advanced settings. Can’t wait :-)

  16. topolino

    academy in a leaf wow Oo truly a slap in my face….i don’t wanna be a real race driver……
    they should put more than 30 new cars in the next dlc… otherwise KAZ fails again

    1. TokoTurismo

      I bet you the graduates and the others are ticked off, just holding it in. I feel bad for Bryan and them. Come on give them better Nissan cars, not a hybrid. o_O Why couldn’t they get the Nissan Juke-R Concept and the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC Concept into the game… Those were Nissan cars but NOOOO…

    2. young car joc

      Yeah. He fails you. So what. U think he can make a dlc with 30 cars in it. What about all of his other projects?
      He is still working on gran turismo 6 and he’s clearly working on his own reality. Racing. Bet u turned a blind eye to that. He has a racing career. Not just game programming.

    3. Quakebass

      It’s actually pretty challenging to get really fast lap times in low-powered cars… When you have a low acceleration, losing speed will cost you a LOT of time. This really will show the difference between the great drivers and the newbies.

    4. Pit Crew

      @Young car joc WE are aware of Kazs other ventures but unfortunately lack of news along with no DLC seems disenchanting on PD and Kazs part. They know what they led us to believe about the DLC. The last 2 DLC seem more like consolation prizes. 30 car DLC seems a stretch however give us something worthwhile and most of us will be happy with that. 1000 plus cars 800 cars from GT4 170 premiums developed for GT5 over a 4 year period. Yeah feels like a roaring success.

    5. gjeff12

      As far as I know, most racing drivers start out in smaller cars and move up. Plus, it says there will be 8 challenges or something which means the leaf won’t be the only car.

  17. Lazy Liquid

    Screw those marketing ventures aiming a very small public. I got GT5 since the release and i never cared about GT Academy, The Tester and any kind of ridiculous events / shows, and i bet that only a very small number of gamers care about it. I want new content!

    Where is my touge?
    Where is my drift pack DLC?
    Where are my new RWD cars?

    Jesus… this DLC is taking so long… Kaz said 2 months, 2 FREAKING MONTHS!!!

    1. TokoTurismo

      I really feel bad for Bryan and the others that were in the video. What happened. Kaz is moving on to 3 months now or what? I knew he couldn’t handle it, go figure he only said that to keep us shuting up and waiting longer. >_> If you can’t walk to walk, then why talk to talk. And I’ll the truth. *Sniff* I… Forced myself to like GT Academy. I just like Bryan and his friends who’re winners only, no GT Academy. It seems boring if you ask me. Mind blowing. Yeah okay there… Get them other Nissan cars too you know, and STOP forgetting about us already. The HELL! D:< Yeah I still play GT5, super cool game. ;) Can you please get us Event Creator and upgreaded Course Maker through update for heaven's sake! Seasonal events won't last forever and your just pissing off everyone.

    2. padix

      Kaz lied to us! Sad but true. PD has to restructure the production process or we´ll never see GT6 on PS4. T10 is pumping out the latest and greatest every month.

    3. Quakebass

      JESUS! THE DLC IS STILL ON SCHEDULE! The January DLC was a month early, so then if it were to follow the schedule, DLC 4 would fall about mid April.
      If you look at the schedule:
      DLC 1: October 18 = the 3rd Tuesday of October
      DLC 2: December 20 = the 3rd Tuesday of December (noticing a pattern?)
      DLC 3: January 17 = the 3rd Tuesday of January (this DLC was EXACTLY one month early)
      DLC 4: Following this pattern, the DLC will fall on the 3rd Tuesday of April. Let’s see what day that is: the 17th.
      Ok, now let’s see when this GT Academy comes out: May 1st. Hey, what do you know? THAT’S A TUESDAY! So, if we get some sort of a DLC along side of the GT Academy download, it’ll only be two weeks late. Remember, too, that we’re still waiting for the PhotoStream Update, and have no idea what’s going on with the NSX. For all we know, DLC 5 could come out early and re-set the balance. (or won’t exist). Everyone here is WAY over exaggerating.

      And Toko, I don’t see why you feel sorry for the GT Academy graduates. yo should be glad for them if GT Academy is still being supported; they’re putting them in the spotlight instead of the game’s DLC. And how can you “force” yourself to enjoy something? That doesn’t seem possible… If you enjoy it, you enjoy it, if you don’t, you don’t.

      My final statement: Would you guys start complaining if GT5’s DLC were to cease being made in order to allow GT6’s development time to be shortened? I GUARANTEE you that if the DLC was never made and a greater workforce was put into GT6, the Development time would be shortened, and we might’ve been able to see GT6 on PS3. Although I would rather have GT6 on PS4/Orbis for better content and capabilities, I’ve seen MANY people want GT6 on PS3. So, if we get less DLC and Updates in place of a shorter GT6 Dev. time, would you complain? The only reason I would is if PD kept quiet about it and told us nothing.

    4. TokoTurismo

      @RB26 2jz I know you were waiting for me to write some stupid stuff, but next time I’ll think better next time. Don’t come spying on my comments I write, low level. >:( You remind me of BWX…

  18. DragonGT83

    I’m pretty stoked gt academy is here, but dammit PD i want me some DLC, release a super gt pack, full list of 2011 500s 300s and the rest of them super gt tracks, i’ll pay 30 bux right now for it? PD READ THIS!!

    1. Neenor

      If you don’t mind paying so much you can buy mine too. Personally I think it should be free.

      Idiots like you saying we’ll pay for this and that when really game updates and patches should be free, or put into the next iteration of the series.

  19. iGoFast

    Leaving Canada out of GT Academy yet again must be a conspiracy of some sort.
    They know we’re faster up here ;)

    Been training almost full time for over two years for the Academy, i’ve won every seasonal special event time trial, every GTP WRS race i’ve entered, and still no reward. I thought for sure they’d let Canada take part in this one after seeing that maple leaf at the top of the leaderboard all those times. Maybe it’s not too late?


    1. Rutter200_VR46

      Seriously? You’ve won every single seasonal time trial? That’s pretty unbelievable! And all the weeks you’ve entered the WRS? Must get a look at this record…

      Seems you have two 1sts and two 2nds. Pretty consistent tup

    2. iGoFast

      Yes that is my record in the time trail section of the WRS.
      I was referring to the races tho, in which i’m 5 for 5 (so far).
      And I haven’t one every seasonal, just the special event ones like the David Couthard Challenge, the GT5 Time Trial Challenge, etc.

    3. iGoFast

      That’s my point, i’m not allowed to compete.
      They claim they want the best GT5ers but then set up all these restrictions. Super frustrating.
      7 for 7 now in GTP WRS :)

  20. Denilson

    Why are the Nordic coutries ignored….?? Canada?

    Canada and Scandinavia have some really fast drivers. To me, looking at some of the aliens around GTP, Canadians and Scandinavians are well represented.. French, Americans and Britts as well, but they already have access to GTAcademy.. Well, well, maybee next time… :(

  21. tpark103

    I know this isnt that mega dlc we’ve been anticpating, thus the disappiontment but, Four GT Academies at once seems pretty cool to me. We are getting four new members to the team this year. I can only hope that we’ll get rewarded as loyal fans some soon with more addition in game content.

    1. Quakebass

      ^ What did they “promise”? I don’t recall any promises, just a statement of “we’ll be releasing MAYBE every two months OR SO”.

  22. Dr.Frogg

    March 18, it is revealed that PD could not live up to their promise. Instead, DLC AND UPDATE is EXACTLY 1 MONTH LATE. However, it is replaced with a GT Academy race that is usually useless with the 20 million credit limiter. Can’t believe people could actually defend this, except if Silverstone is in the DLC track pack or American cars show up.

    1. another_jakhole

      Defend what? There’s nothing needed to defend. You’re the one blowing things out of proportion. If there was a message about a set date on the next DLC pack in the News in GT5 and nothing comes of it, THEN you could be angry. Stop being so damn picky. DLC isn’t needed. ME ME ME ME ME

    1. TomBrady

      haha I’m with you brah but it’s pretty obvious they already made it. You see the picture? I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to use it for the competition… Yes, I know how much that sucks. Even with comfort medium or hard tires that thing is a bore to drive. It might be ok at london but I just hate FF cars. There’s very few that I find even bearable, mid rear is the way to go

    1. hobanator24

      This is not the scheduled dlc. This is a seperate game created by the GTacademy and Nissan. So there may be a dlc in GT5 that can be transferred from this, such as the Nissan Leaf GTacademy version.

    2. Foxiol

      One thing is sure…the UPDATE for GT5 was delayed and we are going to have a new UPDATE soon.

      Now the DLC is supposed but NOT sure to come. PD never said to us the amount of DLC that they had prepared to GT5. I presume that we are going to see a new DLC soon or just not.

      Maybe with the upcoming UPDATE (NOT DLC) we are going to see the Acura NSX concept 2013 and because of the GT Academy a ‘new’ car or that Leaf with the GT Academy logo and hopefully the LMP Nissan´s. (free content)

      Again…DLC not sure to come.

    3. danger23

      lol “I KNOOOOOOW”,just being sarcastic,i can read lol.i just want that “super n.s.x.”,so something hast to happen soon.

  23. Youngun

    Testing the standard (yet tuned….. well wot ever is possible) round the pictured curcuits. Very borig but unlike high perormance cars, you could loose alot more time from a mistake. So guess its a good move as it will cut the field a bit more, 0-60 is shocking so its all about control, nice choice PD
    and the car is so quiet, u could fall asleep at the wheel lol

  24. TokoTurismo

    Would love to see how this turns out. PD should so add the livery editor in GT6, to make team designs based on GT Academy. That way, you’ll excite the graduates and everyone. ;) Don’t forget to upgrade Course Maker to make your very own tracks like in Modnation. You’ll excite them even more with that. Even me.

  25. racecar_fun

    Cool this is really great, 4 new GT Academy drivers in less than a year. Watching the process of each graduate becoming a real professional racecar driver is exciting to say the least. Although the chances are low, it’s still nice that no one really has to risk everything they have (home, relationships..etc.. ) to come up with the money to be even considered to drive for a team. Good luck to all competitors.

    It’s an amazing opportunity for all the countries allowed to participate. I’d like to take a go at it, but I do have one question though, If I’m in another country, say for example.. China, but I’m a U.S. Citizen. Can I still compete? Thanks

  26. bombe32

    The rest of Europe – UK & Eire, France, Spain, Portugal, BeNeLux, Poland, Switzerland and Austria

    I think there’s at least 50 countries in Europe, yet you decide to call these 10 countries “the rest of Europe”. No hate, but really?

    1. Famine

      Yes. For the purposes of this competition – the European GT Academy – these ELEVEN countries are the rest of Europe (with Germany and Russia excluded). Petition Sony and Nissan for a change to this situation.

    2. Louie_Schumii

      @Famine – How? We’ve tried to have petitions in this site and it either hasn’t worked or the thread was closed..

    3. BlindZenDriver

      @Fanmine. I’m sorry aren’t the words “The rest of Europe” yours?

      I know this is sort of going after the messenger but a different wording would have been better since those countries aren’t “The rest of Europe”. As it is now the words are a provocation to all those of us – not Cool.

  27. p10der

    Well they should let people like me in New Zealand or people in australia,brazil and canada have a go, give us differnt local prizes realitive to the market…..surely runing some one in the 6 hour at pukekohe or the 12hr at bathurst/eastern creek wouldnt be the expesive… prizes at all would be fine…….i just want to see how i rate against everybody else in NZ…..they could fix this by letting us change the times in time trials to local if we want…..

  28. Zamado75

    Can I get a couple of things clarified;
    1) I assume this ‘pack’ will be, based on the description, a separate mini-game?
    2) Are we getting any sort of GT-Academy DLC for GT5 by downloading this?


  29. Watt2159

    Is this what we’ve been waiting two months for? I gotta be honest I’m kind of disappointed, I was hoping for some gigantic DLC pack, or update seeing how we waited 2 months, but I guess I should just wait and see what comes out of this, really hope we get more than just a reskinned car.

    1. R1600Turbo

      If you know anything about the GT brand from the last 4 years, you would know that this was coming. It happens every year now so people should probably get used to seeing it. Kaz even tweeted about working on it so you should know what they were working on.

    2. Quakebass

      We’re not saying we didn’t expect GT Academy, PD just never said anything about the “March Update” that was delayed, and that NSX STILL hasn’t been released. The NSX is the sole reason why I think DLC 4 is somewhere out there, but I may be wrong. The DLC packs COULD come out along side of the GT Academy download… If they exist; I hope they do.

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ I’m thinking the same as you. They may also do it for those who can’t participate in this event. My fingers are crossed.

    4. Bom15

      @ quakebass. Do you remember the video they released of the FT-86 Concept II? That was out 6? months before it came to the game. Plus you only got it if you bought more than one of DLC 1. But it is trade able so anyone could get it. My point is the FT-86 Concept II wasn’t part of DLC. Yet we got it. Maybe the same for the NSX?

    5. Quakebass

      Actually, the GT-86 ’12 was announced in a trailer (much like the NSX was) on November 30, and was in the December update… so we knew about it a few weeks before it came to the game… But I could see the NSX coming in an Update like how the GT-86 did… It’s just taking MUCH longer to get it in the game compared to the GT-86, but that could be because of how much technology needs to be designed and programmed into the car…

    6. Bom15

      Actually If you read what I said. You would notice I’m not talking about the GT-86. I am talking about the FT-86 Concept II. The video which is nearly 2 mins long was released on GT-TV on 1st May 2011. The car was given to people the same time as an update and DLC 2. That was the 21st December 2011. There were 2 Versions of that car released that day. The GT-86 to everybody. The FT-86 Concept II to people who bought more than one copy of DLC 1. like 2 paint packs.

    7. Quakebass

      Oh… Whoops.

      Still, gotta wonder what’s going on with it, and when it’s coming out. There’s no point designing a car and not using it for anything…

    1. TomBrady

      probably, though the only new car we see is that GT academy Nissan Leaf and personally, I’m ok if they don’t add it LOL Leaf is better than the prius but even still, not an exiting car to drive

    2. Quakebass

      I think he means the GT Academy version; we’ve already got a GT Academy version of the Nissan GT-R in GT5.

    3. TomBrady

      LOL thanks Quake, you said it before I could. We have 2 GT-R GT academy cars in GT5 already and a 370z GT Academy. It looks like we’ll also be getting the leaf too.

      I hope this means they’ll be doing an update because this leaf still needs to be added to GT5 somehow, GT academy is a standalone game so GT5 will need something if we are to get this new version of the leaf

    1. gjeff12

      If they can have most of Europe in one academy why can’t we at least enter the US one? I mean if you click on Canada on their website we get the US site so…

    2. TomBrady

      yea I agree completely. EU has got what 5 GT Academies either that happened or are coming?

      I understand there’s tons of great racetracks in europe but everybody should have a shot, including Canada, and including South America. I mean for heavens sake the best driver ever is brazilian, and GT5 is very popular there, but they’ve expressed no interest at all there either. I’m american so I still get to participate but I can imagine how bummed you guys are. I have a lot of canadian friends on GT5 that are very fast so I think they deserve a shot too

    3. BWX

      Population Canada 34,108,752

      Population USA 311,591,917

      Population California 37,691,912

      Population Austrailia 22,328,800

      Population Brazil 194,946,470

      One of our US states have way more people than entire country of Canada or Austrailia. Don’t compare Canada to USA or other big countries.. as far as population goes, Canada and Austrailia are both teeny tiny little countries.

    4. Skython

      @BWX Wait, 22 million is teeny tiny? Then New Zealand must be almost non existent with just 4 million people populating it.

    5. R1600Turbo

      Sony North America hasn’t made any announcement yet. Be patient and wait, announcements are not over yet. You never know.

    6. daics69

      @BWX Atleast Australia doesn’t go around invading countrys that they THINK are a threat, or RUIN the worlds economy. Get over yourself

    7. GHOSTintheWIRE

      BWX, are you at all aware that you are feeding the stereotype that Americans are just rude, loud, ignorant, and arrogant? And on an international forum, no less. S M R T

    8. TomBrady

      @BWX uh, when did I mention Australia?

      Also, your argument is kind of invalid, have you seen the sales figures in America? They’re pretty bad compare to the rest of the world considering our population. That’s why I don’t like that argument. GT5 isn’t nearly as popular in America as it should be. Too many people here got suckered into buying xbox’s and totally forgot about racing games because their options were pretty piss poor on xbox.

      @daics69 you’re seriously no better than he is. Guess what, you don’t run your country, and neither does he. So all you did there is make yourself look worse than him with such an ignorant and irrelevant thing to say

    9. Quakebass

      ^ Thats what I was going to say… I’m American, and I apologize for my government’s and BWX’s stupidity. XD

    10. daics69

      @TomBrady – RE: @daics69 you’re seriously no better than he is. Guess what, you don’t run your country, and neither does he. So all you did there is make yourself look worse than him with such an ignorant and irrelevant thing to say.

      I beg to differ Tom. I didn’t mean to offend you or any other sane American but the majority of comments that i read online is how much better america is and americans are than the rest of the world. It might not be your own opionion but unfortunately it’s definitelly the view point of your populations majority. Also, please don’t argue with history. Trust me, we’re allies and i’m usually on your countys side so don’t think i’m racist or anti-usa. I was just trying to get a point across to BWX that his comment was unnecessary, uncalled for but most importantly that i wasn’t pleased with how he put down australia. My defence mechanism was to state some FACTS of my own. In my opinion and the opinion of others it wasn’t ignorant and definitelly not irrelevant. Sometimes the truth hurts mate, and this might be one of those time hey? P.S. I like how you turned defense to offense by immediately saying how “i’m worse than him”, that i’m “ignorant” etc. What’s next Tom, you’re gonna say i have weapons of mass destruction and barge through my front door? when you don’t find anything, what then? burn my house down, take it over for a few months than give it to another family before having me hanged or shot?? how’s that for irrelevant?? I do appologise for MY defence mechanism but guess what?? nothing personal mate, i don’t know you but you don’t know me either. We’ll leave it at that. PEACE

  30. TomBrady

    Wait so US is now getting another GT academy? Sweet

    I must say, making it a standalone free game is BRILLIANT. Think of all the people who haven’t played GT5 and will now get to try it at least. I always thought they should’ve released a demo for GT5, at least now they will finally. I’m gonna make sure to recommend it to EVERYONE on my friends list. And if they all don’t at least give it a try, I’ll cut their balls off (not j/k)

    1. TomBrady

      Harvee, burn in hell dude seriously. Have you actually stopped to think about all the things they added to GT5 compared to GT4? You’re just a crying little baby that didn’t get everything you want, tell someone who cares. This is a Gran Turismo forum, not a forza forum you fanboy douchebag

      GT5p wasn’t a demo, the physics and features are very different. GT5p was kind of like a super early preview packaged in a half game. Funny thing is it still sold 5 million copies.

      What I mean by demo is what you’ll find a ton of on the PSN store, free demos. Anybody can download them and keep them as long as they want. I’m betting like the GT5 time trial thing, you won’t be able to play it after the competition ends but even still, this is the closest thing to a demo GT5 has got. Even the GT5 tt demo wasn’t a real representation of GT5, they’ve changed a lot since then, not to mention the spec 2 physics improvements.

      HarVee, once again, die in a hole douchebag

    2. Quakebass

      It’s funny how you’re accusing him of being a “fanboy”, when you, yourself, are acting as one.

    3. TomBrady

      How? by pointing out facts? GT5 has almost everything that GT4 had and then some, so how is it not complete? Just because of a few things they didn’t include that people expected them to include?

      Seriously, there’s no end in sight for people like you guys. When would it be “finished” to you? have you thought about that? or do you guys just name off stuff you want and if PD doesn’t add it, that means it’s unfinished?

      If they give you one thing you want, I’m sure you’ll just something else that the game is “supposed” to have, and you’ll still have a reason to say it’s unfinished. Excuse me for realizing how many things you guys are all taking for granted, and calling you out for completely ignorant. By your logic, there’s no such thing as a “finished” game, so really why even bother to cry about it to people that don’t want to listen?

    4. Quakebass

      It IS unfinished though; What explains the standard cars? The low-resolution tracks? Extremely short A-Spec career?

      Theres man things that should/needs to be added/fixed, and some are very hard or impossible to do, but there are somethings that can EASILY be added to breathe more life into the game; a DLC full of events, for example. It really isn’t that hard; they already do this on a weekly basis. For a DLC pack, they’d just have to add a new tab in the A-Spec/B-Spec section for DLC packs. How about some trophy additions with the DLC’s? Objectives focused on the cars and/or tracks added would be a simple addition. LEADERBOARDS! The only real leaderboards we get is on the Drift/Time Trial seasonals. How about leaderboards for specific performance ranges or specific cars on each track? That may be a little difficult, but really, it would bring a whole lot of competition to the game.

      I agree, GT5 is a GREAT game, but, it truly is NOT finished, compared to the standards of the older GT games. I don’t need PD to “finish” it, they just need them to improve it in ways that give it a greater replay value; cars and tracks are just temporary replay value, maybe a week to a month. If something like a new leaderboard system is introduced, you’ll get ages of new replay value of competing against friends and trying to be the world record holder for a track/car/performance range. What PD has been adding right now is really great, but it doesn’t really add new “life” to the game. It also hasn’t been using a lot of the new inline capabilities of the PS3, or not to their full potential. Sure, we’ve got online lobbies, but we’ve got all of these connection issues and glitches, and to top it off, the physics are ENTIRELY different from offline play. Plus the leaderboards, as stated, are EXTREMELY under-used.

      Each GT game has been revolutionary compared to the last, except for GT5. It did have amazing new physics, damage, graphic detail, and weather/time change, but it seemed to be missing some of what the older games had. As you stated: “GT5 has almost everything that GT4 had and then some” – GT5 was missing some things from GT4, but had things that it didn’t as well. But it wasn’t MASSIVELY better than it, like how GT4 was to GT3 and GT3 was to GT2 etc. All of these new “physics, damage, graphic detail, and weather/time” features were almost expected on a much more powerful system, (much like with GT3 and 4) but so were Online features that didn’t happen. GT5 was a bit of a let down, but it truly WASN’T complete, like the last games.

      I would’ve liked to see PD getting their extra time to develop GT5 so that it got all of the content it deserved. How you were acting as a “fanboy” was that you were defending things without accepting any issues with GT5, and then blatantly insulted and stated that someone was a fanboy of another game when they just contradicted your statements with their point of view. You have to admit the downfalls and problems with your side of the argument, and give a proper rebuttal as to why they are there.

      Sorry I had to write a book…

  31. bprred6


    I haven’t touched this game since I got bored with the last DLC in January 2012 because there’s just absolutely NOTHING new to enjoy. I’ve fully leveled up and my credits are capped off, it’s a dead end now.
    PD keep adding stupid seasonal events but won’t take away the credit limit or increasing it significantly so at least there’s kind of a reason to still play. No new WORTHWHILE CARS added either. Stop adding damn Skylines/Beetles/Flower named cars and all such garbage too, they don’t really count as DLC cars, just stupid filler cars no one really uses.

    Also racing online is hit and miss. And the clowns at PD decided to remove the Custom PP selection you had in GT5 Prologue Arcade Mode. In GT5P I could select A.I at like 95 PP then use an M3 to try to beat cars like the Ford GT LM Spec II or the Enzo etc etc. That was so much fun and very challenging. Now in arcade on GT5 it always a race full of damn Citroens etc.

    ** Look you geniuses at PD do these 3 things for us PLEASE:
    1) Give us proper DLC like new high performance cars from Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevorolet, Dodge, Ferrari, Mercedes etc etc etc…. just too many options which never make it because they want to add stupid Skylines and Beetles.

    2) Introduce an update that allows us to select each individual car we want to race against in Arcade mode so we can challenge ourselves in custom races.

    3) ADD NEW TRACKS!!!

    It’s not like PD really listens anyways I’m probably wasting my time and energy writing this.

    1. TomBrady

      shut up dude. We all want DLC, but this has nothing to do with DLC and frankly isn’t gonna take away much of their time. I would prefer DLC now as well to another GTA BUT, this is a brilliant idea. It’s going to bring more people to GT5

    2. crcn11

      Maybe you should calm down and check out the feedback section and stop wasting MY time, yes MY time, by being a moron.

    3. bprred6

      Crcn11 think about it… YOU spent YOUR time reading my entire comment which was quite long now that I look at it. Anyway YOU spent YOUR time reading MY comment which YOU professed was a waste of YOUR time. Why waste YOUR time reading it then waste even more of YOUR precious time replying when you could have just IGNORED it?

      Sorry but you are the epitome of what a moron is. Just saying.

    4. HKSBro92

      Dude its not that serious. If you’re bored of the game then just play something else. No one is forcing you to play the game.

    5. bprred6

      Of course no one is forcing me to play and no one forced me to buy the game either; I chose to using my on free choice.
      I just wanted to mention three very simple things PD can add to breathe some new life in the game and bring back a lot of gamers who feel at a dead end with the game right now. Not to mention the tons of money they could bank by adding updates people really want.
      I see at as a win-win for them but I’m perplexed as to why they won’t do it. Anyways whatever at the end of the day it’s their company and they can do as they please.

    6. aronh17

      Once they do that to breathe new life into it you’ll be asking for more tracks and cars a couple of months later.

    7. BWX

      It’s pretty obvious Kaz and PD hate GT5 and want it to die. No A-Spec updates.. no Cr. limit cap raised, no lvl 40 limit raised, no A-Spec updated to use new DLC cars and tracks that I bought. Kaz wants GT5 to die and go away.

    8. Quakebass

      Basically, BWX, what you’ve said right there is that PD and Kaz are trying to make their own BUSINESS die, and are all trying to lose their jobs. PD doesn’t MAKE any other games, so attempting to kill their only franchise is like a car brand discontinuing the ALL of their cars, and only continuing to sell the current model year.

      Really, that’s the stupidest assumption I’ve ever seen.

    9. bprred6

      I like the sarcasm but the main point of your argument (if it can be considered one) is seriously flawed.

      Show me where in any of my comments I mention PD wanting GT5 to die. Yes I used the word “dead” but in the context it was used I was referring to the progress of the game as stalled. You’re making assumptions I never mentioned and that’s flawed logic. It might be an entertaining read but it’s pointless when you actually read it critically.

      The A-Spec updates aren’t anything new so I don’t see how that adds to GT5. I have not played this game since Mid- January so maybe, just maybe they have changed things in relation to Credit Limits and XP limits. If they have then I apologize for bashing the game on that category. Learn to read critically BWX, I think schools help in that aspect. Maybe.

      Yes and correct me if I’m wrong but was it not PD who mentioned a stream of updates every COUPLE of months. No one twisted their hand to say they’ll do this for us. They chose to and now their not living up to expectations. Tell me aronh17, am I no longer allowed to upset when I promised one thing by someone and then the person/entity fails to deliver. If I am wrong please let me know. Societies change all the time maybe it’s no longer socially acceptable to be upset in that situation.

      [Genuine Sarcasm in that last part. Just saying]

    10. Kilvoctu

      I’m amused that people treat this as an achievement game, but to each their own. I’ve had GT5 since day one and I still just drive the same car (Evora) on the same tracks(not even half of them), or on my own tracks. I get the DLC when they come out, but I’m plenty fine without.

      GT5 is just about the joy of driving for me, rather than owning everything and maxing stats. Then again, I’m from the gaming era when one’s car was depicted as a blob of pixels shifting left and right, and whatever is in a game one bought is all one ever got, so I’m able to appreciate the sophistication in games today and the advent of updates.

    11. R1600Turbo

      ^^^ Agreed. He’s completely missing the point of the game which is to DRIVE THE CARS. Maybe try joining some online series here on GTP and DRIVE THE CARS. This isn’t a Pokemon game, you don’t have to collect them all and “level up”. Enjoy the game for what it’s meant to be.

    12. aronh17

      @bprred6 Sure they said that, but if you think of it this way, the more you ask out of the game now the less you get out of the next game. Which in turn makes you complain that the new game needs more stuff. Not sure if you know but they are working on GT6 right now, so give them a break to make a great sequel. Gran Turismo 5 has been one of the most updated games of all time. You’d expect an FPS to be updated more, but no; PD actually cares for their game. Appreciate what they do now, and be amazed at what they do later.

    13. f1webberfan

      Spot on this:2) Introduce an update that allows us to select each individual car we want to race against in Arcade mode so we can challenge ourselves in custom races.

      This is A must!

    14. Pit Crew

      Though his post seems “angry” he has a point. To many Skylines/GT-R and Commuter cars in the game, and Kaz is an Automobile/Motorsport afficinado. He should know better.

    15. Pit Crew

      The DLC have been hit or miss so no real advancement there. If im not mistaken some countries have been racin for close to a hundred yrs, so no shortage of ideas there.that type of planning can go into GT6. Daytona Prototypes, Vintage Nascar Race Series European Race Classic and some kind of homage 2 Senna (prob not but hey). PDs seems like they only want to promote Japanese GT Racing, but these racers barely cause a blip in the world stage. Toyota was unsuccessful in F1 for years till they finally gave up so in that respect I believe they gave us to much.

      Europe has done more as far as brand names for Motorsports then any nation and they deserve that respect in this game. So GT6 should be way lighter on Commuter Nissans and Toyotas and heavy on sporty classics and modern from across the pond. Americas contribution could include 40s to 70s hotrods and a better more complete and accurate muscle car list from the era between 1955 to 1972. (Corvette is NOT a muscle car).

      Seeing as PD left out alot of Present Era European and American models from GT5 they have a very large lineup of Cars, Trucks to go back to. CadillacCTSV 2004-2006 Model can maybe get in GT5 Via Gran Touring Garage, leaving 2009 CTSV sedan and coupe for GT6. Consider bringing defunt brands in like MG Plymouth AMC Pontiac and Oldsmobile (prob more so forgive me)but call them Showcase Cars Dealership (Mopar Showcase,GM Showcase etc).

      If NASCAR is still in PD plans for GT6 .use pure NASCAR tracks not tracks they havent raced on in 30 yrs or a track they just started racing on in the last 20. Consider Vintage NASCAR for the old School Muscle Car Crew and bring in Riverside RaceWay and Watkins Glenn. Good Luck GTAcademy Participants. I apologise for long post.

  32. Youngun

    Gonna actually try this year, 1st year was to busy 2nd year couldn’t be bothered as had wheel not long and not much practice. this year hours and hours shaving hundredths and thousandths off the lap time now i have a descent set up and the football season will be over so saturdays will be gt academy day for me. Go BIG or Go HOME…..
    btw wouldnt of minded a gt academy juke-r (or nismo juke) lol, or nissan 370gt coupe (as we’ve had the 370z already), leaf still cool, Prius TC vs Leaf GT Academy

  33. Amac500

    GT Academy should just do it by continent and take multiple winners from each contenient, like the top however many. Then we don’t gott’a about which countries.

  34. Amac500

    What a lame car for GT academy, but I guess it does need to be a Nissian and needs to be kind of normal, so it’s fair I suppose, just wish it was a bit sportier. Would be cool if they coded the car the winner of GT Aademy would race, but oh well. High speed ring and London were weird choices for it though, Special Route and Toyko are fine though. Toyko is, in my opinion, the raciest street course in the game. Seems like any form of car are a riot, taking high speed corners right up by the wall, fun little track.

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE NEXT BIG UPDATE! Fingers crossed for free Le Mans prototypes and GT class cars!

    1. TomBrady

      agreed. Plus slow cars are REALLY not my forte. it’s all about keeping momentum, and scrubbing as little speed as possible with them and for some reason I struggle with that, especially with understeery front wheel drive cars. I hate FF cars, it should be rear drive only on comfort medium tires, that’s how you need to seperate the men from the boys.

    2. Amac500

      Yeah and thats another good point. Slow little electric cars at a place like high speed ring are totally pointless, there is hardly any breaking for car control. The throttle an braking reactions are totally different from in a racing car. It won’t show a drivers racing skills at all. Totally the wrong car for this.

    3. TomBrady

      agreed but I don’t see any indication that the leaf will be raced on HSR. That would be a nightmare lol I agree but if I had to guess, that’s why london is on there. It would make sense that London is paired with the Leaf. In that case, it’s not too bad but I would still prefer something else, like a lotus elise but I think it’s gonna be all nissans since they’re hugely sponsoring this whole thing.

  35. another_jakhole

    Australians, Brazilians, Japanese, and now that someone’s mentioned it, Scandinavians, should rightfully be the next “locations” for the following GT Academies.

    It seems logical to think the places with the largest populations will be chosen next. Greece might be too small, so a GT Academy Europe might be the only way for that to happen.

    1. another_jakhole

      hahahaha I forgot. I wonder how that happened when I saw so many people mention Canada.

      embarrassing :|

    1. another_jakhole

      As long as you can access the PS Store on the PSN, any person can play this. I don’t think Croatia will take part in this GT Academy though.

  36. Jump_Ace

    Debating not even trying it after last year. I probably will try it just to see if they learned their lessons. *rolleyes*

    So, are the finalists from last year DQ’d this year? Or is everyone but Brian able to qualify again?


    1. TomBrady

      I would think that they can do it again. Didn’t Lars and Luigi from the original GT academy also get back into the second GT academy?

  37. Monatsende

    Germany has its own Academy. Well, I`m not surprised. Vettel is not winning? Hey, we have Nico Rosberg. :lol:

    1. Amac500

      Interesting year in F1 isn’t it. Nice to see different guys contending for wins in F1 or once, and nobody is running away with the championship ever. Suprised Red Bull is a tick off, but not to bad, and Mercedes probably has the edge for the championship. I’m glad McLaren is fast though, proving F1 cars can still look sleek and compete, lol.

  38. GTP_geoff

    Which track is the first image of the 6 above called 02a? I’m thinking Silverstone, but the pit building isn’t the new “wing” and the tarting grid is facing the wrong way? So what is it?

    1. Amac500

      Even if we didn’t all obviously already know it was High Speed Ring because we own GT5, it clearly could never be Silverstone, the pit road and the grid blocks are on the wrong side of the track and Silverstone doesn’t have a long grid straight like that! What a useless contribution, play the ame before you come on GT planet.

    2. Amac500

      I mean what, did you think they just right now changed Silverstone over night and add it to GT5 that quick?

    3. GTP_geoff

      Amac500………Thanks for such a constructive contribution.(sarc.) I clearly had doubts it was Silverstone, I was just putting it out there. Having been there many times IRL I’ve enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait to get back. Have you been?

      As for your comment “play the ame before you come on GT planet.” I take it by your lack of attention you pay to what you type I can assume you are a teenager? I have played GT since it’s first release and know all the tracks inside and out. Your lack of tolerance only embarrasses me and any other reader who may glance over your angry little post. I race the tracks so I only get the cockpit view, so have never viewed the High Speed Ring from above.

      GTPlanet can only work if people are tolerant of others. You clearly don’t appreciate GTP, as your etiquette leaves room for improvement.

    1. TomBrady

      russia is awesome. Best fighter ever is russian. Fedor Emelianenko’s a beast.Not to mention all the hockey players, and the super interesting tunguska event. It’s massive too. Russia is a cool country.

    2. TomBrady

      @BMW Cmon man, you’re really making us Americans look bad here once again. I don’t like communism at all either, it “sucks” in my opinion but communists are only citizens of a communist country they were born into, so saying “communists suck” is pretty prejudice and unfair. Insult the government not the people. I wasn’t saying I was a fan of the government, just a fan of the country and the people. Just watch FPSRussia on youtube, I’m sure he will turn you into a fan of russians LOL dude’s a BEAST haha

    1. Amac500

      Lol, my sentiments exactly. Big race car driver competion get the exciting, monstrous, and racey…. Electric crap hole Nissan Leaf. Will the car even hold charge long enough to finish the event or do you need to stop at the charging station on the back stretch to let it charge for 8 hours? One of these days maybe we’ll have the Signatech Oreca Nissan LMP2 car that the GT Academy winner gets to drive at Le Mans, ya know, the big prize! Lol

  39. Peasantslayer

    I don’t see why Germany and Russia get their own, surely a country which has lots of fast drivers like France would get its own. Judging by the TTs France and Japan produce the most alien-like players.

    1. MightyJordan

      Personally, I think Finland should get their own one too, purely because of all the great racing drivers that have come out of that country.

  40. RB26 2jz

    I don’t know why every one is complaining about new and more GTR’s… we should be complaining about all the RX-7’s and Miatas lol… I love new GTR’s… soo.. bring em on!

  41. Marky264

    Screw it I’m still entering :) I recently moved to Australia. But have always used my UK PSN Account & UK GT5 to Play GT5 so this won’t be no different! Shame I’m not Home to actually commit as I got really far up over the last couple years I’ve attempted it.

  42. ImprezaAddict

    I can’t compete, but I’ll download and play it anyway. It’s not like I’ll get anywhere near 1st place.
    Also, I’m just going to assume this is why we haven’t gotten the next DLC pack.

  43. Tidgney

    At least this year my full attention can go on GT Academy so I will be putting all my effort in! A dissertation due in before the national finals last time was a bit of a killer for me!

  44. C-ZETA

    Finally people can stop complaining about some form of downloadable packs for Gran Turismo. Wonder if it’s gonna be worth the £0.00 asking price…

    1. Quakebass

      “The pack is FREE to download from PSN, starting on May 1st” Does that answer your question?

      I wonder if the delayed March DLC will be coming out along with this pack, or if it will come out in mid-april. If it comes out May 1st, then it’ll be 2 weeks late… But at least we’d have a confirmed release date.

  45. cally-dave

    Really looking forward to this :D

    From what I can make out on the video, we have to race Nissan Leafs (Oh joy of joys!), 370z’s (with Academy 2012 on the numberplate), and possibly a 2012 GTR event on the Nurb :D Oh, and something at Suzuka……. Can anybody confirm the track that the Leafs are racing at? Is it High Speed ring or something?

    Best of luck to everybody in advance of the competetion :)

  46. TokoTurismo

    Hey Bryan! :D I like that “happy go lucky” smile he has everytime you see him. Good luck to everyone on May 1st. :)

  47. Mac K

    Assuming there are no further details at the moment like minimum age, what’s required to participate, etc? And I’m assuming Canada is excluded?

    1. Famine

      Yes, that is odd. The Scandinavian drivers in 2010 were excellent on the track and great off it. As the saying goes, “If you want to win, hire a Finn”, but there’s nothing about a GT Academy for them yet.

    2. monoha

      Yeah it is odd. When you say ‘yet’ does that mean that you know something about something in the future when it comes to Scandinavia :D? Or simply because we naturally don’t know the future. Probably won’t get an answer if either you do or not ;)

    1. Famine

      GT Academy 2010 included Australia and New Zealand – holl01 and TiZzla were the finalists at Silverstone. What IS odd is that there has not yet been a GT Academy Japan…

    2. ZoidFile

      Was there ever a really famous and succesfull japanese driver outside of japan anyway? Can’t remember one out of the top of my head.

    3. Louie_Schumii

      Such a disappointment to find out that they’re not having it in New Zealand and Australia this year… We had 38 other national finalists from those 2 countries in 2010 who would’ve loved to give race camp absolutely everything they had if we’ve been given the chance in 2011 (which didn’t come).

      Not having it again in 2012 is just a massive slap in the face for NZ and AUS. I’m all for marketing products in such an innovative way but what was it that made New Zealand and Australia unworthy countries to hold such an event in especially when Nissan will be entering V8 Supercars (the premier motorsport category in this part of the world) next year?

      For the record the only reason I bought a PS3 and Gran Turismo in 2010 was to have a shot at becoming a contracted racing driver for Sony and Nissan. I feel cheated out of my time and money that could’ve been spent on other things that will ACTUALLY give me a better chance of racing professionally. This news is painful to take in and I’m sure there are many out there who feel the same…

    4. Famine

      Aside from Kamui Kobayashi (F1), there’s Ukyo Katayama (F1; Le Mans 1999 2nd overall, 1st in class), Keichi Tsuchiya (Le Mans 1999 2nd overall, 1st in class; Le Mans 1995 1st in class), Kazuki Nakajima (F1) and his father Satoru (F1), Aguri Suzuki (F1; F1 podium in 1990; F1 team owner) and, of course, Takuma Sato (F1; highest ever points total for a Japanese F1 driver; highest ever qualifying position for a Japanese F1 driver) who won his F1 seat after years of competition in European series, winning Formula Three in the UK.

    5. monoha

      I still remember Katayamas awesome puncture save doing the 1999 Le Mans in his Toyota GT-one… Beautiful

    1. Quakebass

      What’s the big deal about this “first comment!” thing anyways? It doesn’t make ANYONE special in ANY way.

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