GT Academy on Spike TV: Season Finale

GT Academy 4 December 19, 2014 by

There’s one last episode of GT Academy 2014 to be aired on Spike TV at 11:30pm ET tonight, and it’s a big one, with the conclusion of the competition and the revelation of a new GT Academy champion from North America.

Last week’s episode featured great wheel-to-wheel racing in beat-up Nissan Micras on a short oval track. Next, the competition moved back to Silverstone for one of the most difficult driving exercises in the competition: the high-speed braking challenge. The threshold braking maneuver (with ABS disabled) into a small pit box resulted in some pretty dramatic spins and failures… watch the full episode below to see how it all played out:

Once again, finalist Tommy Gontkof is hosting a special viewing party just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, complete with a GT6 racing competition, door prizes, and a fundraiser for the Armed Forces Foundation. You can also chat with many of the competitors here in our GT Academy forums.

Enjoy the show!

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