GT Sport Pre-Order & Limited Edition Details Revealed

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It’s been a wild day. The big GT Sport Event in London just concluded its live stream, and we’ve been hit by a tsunami of new details. We’ve heard about the 19 tracks, we’ve heard the game will feature over 130 cars, and we’ve even got a date to mark on the calendar: November 15, 2016 (or up to a few days later if you’re in the Europe or the UK).

In the US, much like other recent Gran Turismo titles, GT Sport is launching with both a Standard version, and a Limited Edition. The collector’s choice, the LE comes with over $130 of bonus content according to Sony. Inside the stylish gold steelbook case, players will find codes for the following perks:

  • GT Sport Starter Pack (8x Cars) – Gain immediate access to cars within various race class, including GT4, Rally, and more
  • $1MM In-Game Credit – Build and customize your personalized garage
  • Livery Sticker Pack – Bonus livery of numerous brands and logos
  • 30x PS4 GT Sport Themed Avatars – Based on selected GT Sport featured vehicles
  • Racing Helmet – For your customized driver profile
I don’t know about you, but the idea of a Group B modern Mustang sounds… AWESOME.

The Limited Edition will retail for $69.99 USD, or $89.99 CDN.

26838004670_756e4be789_oEuropean GT fans get another, altogether more substantial pack: the Collector’s Edition comes with an exclusive model of the Mercedes-AMG GT-S, as well as a special automobile enthusiast book written by the folks at Polyphony themselves. European pricing is yet to be announced for this or the other two editions of the game.

As is increasingly the norm, select retailers will also gift you with unique pre-order bonuses. In North America, all pre-orders will get early access to three cars: the Ford Mustang Group B Rally Car; Toyota FT-1 Vision GT Group 3; and Peugeot 908 HDi FAP LMP1. The retailer-specific perks are listed below:

  • GameStop – 2x Early Access Bonus Cars
    • Chevrolet Corvette Group 3
    • Nissan NISMO GT-R GT3 N24
  • PlayStation Store
    • GT Themed PS4 Avatars
    • GT Sport Dynamic Theme
    • $500,000 In-Game Credit
  • Amazon
    • $500,000 In-Game Credit

You can check out these rides in full high-res glory below, and join in the festivities in our GT Sport forum section!

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Comments (51)

  1. SZRT Ice

    Anyone else think that the Mustang and the FT-1 look as if they may have been made using the in-game livery editor?

  2. KiroKai

    Your article is still missing the Digital and the Digital Deluxe Edition and their pre order bonuses. The amount of different editions/pre order bonuses is just silly…

  3. Lambob

    Please make the New forthcoming PS4.5 as a bunlde with GTS, and I’ll be one of the many dozens to buy that.

  4. WyldAnimal

    This is the worst part of GT that I can’t fathom.
    Why is there a limited selection of Cars to begin with.
    Just Make All cars available from the Start to everyone.
    DLC for Additional Cars is Fine.
    even Special Pre-order Cars is Fine.
    But why have you start with 6 to 10 cars, that you have to then try to Collect the rest.

    Sell me a DLC to unlock all the cars and all the Tracks.. that’s all I want.
    I want to Drive, not Jump through Hoops to try and get the car / Track I want to drive.

    Oh, 6 months down the road, All the Pre-Order Specials should be Made available to Everyone via DLC.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Objective. As stated below. The progression system is a means of entertainment, and the vehicles reward for doing so. You come to the track in a vehicle someone hasn’t unlocked/purchased yet, it gives you a sense of exclusivity and satisfaction. Even if only for awhile.

      Understand, not everyone plays the way you do. They often do give everyone the generic, untunable, loaner vehicles for online & arcade modes. So it’s a fair deal imo.

  5. Bearcat90

    When can i preorder the collectors or limited edition, havnt seen anything but the standard one for pre order

  6. gigio79

    GT Sport will be out for only one reason, justify the end of GT6 and PS3, of course all the GT6 players pass from PS3 to PS4 and buy GT sport. I don’t believe we wait much for the full game, maybe next summer or before will be available.

  7. TobbeGTE

    I just hope that we don’t have to wait 3 years like we did when GT5 was on it’s way!
    This look nice and all, but I’m gonna wait until the full title arrives!

  8. snaketus

    It’s just stupid these days. Customers can’t win. Anybody who buys the game should get the whole game, no matter which version he or she buys.

  9. Sasek

    The game is spin-off of the GT series. So why we need to pay a full price, like for full GT game? I just don’t get it… I think I will wait with buying console and this game after premiere.

  10. machine1121

    I guess I’ve got 6 months to save for a ps4/4.5/4k, a new wheel, PS VR?, and the limited edition from game stop.

  11. David Brooks

    Not a chance I will be preordering this time. I am sure I will get it at some point especially as the racing series I love is likely to use this as a platform, but I won’t be buying into the hype.

  12. celtiscorpion73

    Gonna wait this time around. It sounds ok to me, but I’m not super thrilled. The graphics look beautiful, but that’s not enough. I can wait for honest player reviews before making a decision.

  13. Sp3edst3r

    Was gonna go for the Limited Edition, with that fancy AF casing and bonuses..
    Then I saw the Collectors Edition.. Much like my GT5 Collectors Edition..
    My bank account is going to cry at the end of the year, because the Collectors for GT5 in Australia was around $150-200 at the time ^^”

    1. karelpipa

      Neo hasnt been announced yet, so they cannot obviously announce a bundle with it.
      (I personnaly hope that Neo is just a joke)

    2. SZRT Ice

      I personally believe that some of the screenshots we received are Neo screenshots. As the videos seem lower in quality (YouTube compression aside). We’ll see come E3, TGS, etc.

  14. TheGTGuy

    Quick let’s all criticise a demo of a game that’s 50% complete by watching a compressed video on YouTube. Some people in this community are so stupid, if you want to criticise GT then wait until it’s out in November.

    1. Mickeman

      I’ll tell you what stupid is, seeing a Group B Mustang and upgrading my pre-order to the Limited Edition which is exactly what I did.

      I think we all love GT but some of us are just more honest about it’s flaws. Don’t hate us for it ?

  15. FireEmblem10

    Ooh, that Limited Edition sounds promising… will probably pre-order from GameStop, since I know I’ll be stuck downloading if I go the PStore route.

    1. SZRT Ice

      “Build & Customize your personalized garage” likely is more in reference to “the cars you choose to add to your list of vehicles”, and the liveries & customizations you choose to add to your vehicles.

      “Car collecting” = “building garage”
      “Adding liveries + Bodykits*/rims* to your cars” = “Customizing your garage”
      “Having cars that you like, painted how you like, customized how you like, and is unique to your tastes and liking” = “Personalized Garage”

      I don’t think an actual “garage space” where you can “physically walk through and browse through your vehicles in a 3d space will exist in GT Sport. Although, it would be amazing if it did. Especially with the inclusion of VR.

      It would make using a livery editor and admiring the works of others THAT much more immersive as well.

  16. Nato_777

    Also $130 value extra content – overpriced micro transactions confirmed too then? I hope not. :(

  17. Nato_777

    So an ingame credit economy confirmed then – was kinda hoping we would move away from that. Hope they get the balance right this time.

    1. Coquico

      Yeah, i hate that. I love the project cars way: all the cars avalible at the very first moment

    2. Nato_777

      The credit system. I don’t mind if we have to unlock cars as we progress I just don’t like having to grind for credits. Much prefer to unlock cars by completing races or objectives.

    3. Toyota GT1

      I’m sorry wasn’t everyone complaining about the lack of a grind and everything being unlocked when project cars was released? It’s always been about the grind in gran turismo. If you so very want it to change, rest assured, it’s 2016 :). I’m sure there will be some micro transactions to boost that wallet for you!

    4. Chameleon

      EEEwww, never understood this way of thinking. I mean yeah, you get all the cars strait away, but then you take away the game completely! Don’t remove the objective from your game.

    5. Nato_777

      Agreed – I don’t want everything straight up, I love the objective of collecting as you go. I just think there are better ways of doing that than hiding cars behind a huge grinding for credits wall as was the case particularly with GT6.

    6. Rallywagon

      In game economy isn’t an issue so long as you can properly progress in the game without coining. GT has always been about winning races to earn credits to buy cars. It’s part of the strategy, especially when you’re first starting out. Limited funds, so should I buy this car or those parts. And the choices you make effect the races you can participate in. I’m not a fan of GTs, or really any racing sims, career progression. But this at least made you kinda choose a path. If they intend on making cars prohibitively expensive to make people pay… Well, I said my goodbyes already…
      But, I do have to admit. I didn’t play GT5 or 6 for the career mode. I took full advantage of the VGT exploit. I got into league racing with GT5, and is the only reason I got gt6. And after releasing the game with only half the content. Psshhhh. Good luck with this one. I went to the PC side and intend to stay there.

  18. BrunetPaquet

    So the part where it says…

    PlayStation Store
    GT Themed PS4 Avatars
    GT Sport Dynamic Theme
    $500,000 In-Game Credit

    …Does it mean the game is going to be downloadable from the PS Store? Someone please confirm, This would relieve my stress. I’m not a retail store buyer, but a digital buyer ever since my GT6 CD was partially melted in my PS3.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      I mean, I wanna buy it on the PS Store… I just wanna make 100% sure it’s buyable from said place. Cheers. :)

    2. BrunetPaquet

      Problem Solved. I read with more attention. Will be pre-ordering GT Sport from PS Store. I never had a careful hand enough for CDs… this or my original post’s happening.

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