More GT5 Online Service Maintenance Coming Feb. 19th

February 15th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Just hours after this week’s two unusual maintenance periods concluded, Polyphony Digital announced yet another round of scheduled downtime for Gran Turismo 5‘s online services next week.

The servers will be offline for approximately two hours on February 19, 2013, starting at 03:00 GMT/UTC.

Unlike the previous two maintenance periods, which saw little to no service disruption for most players, this announcement confirms the game’s online services will be unavailable during the scheduled time.

Although this notice shares characteristics typical with those that precede the release of GT5 game updates, it is important to remember that does not always hold true.

Curiously, this maintenance period will occur just one day before Sony’s major February 20 press event where they are widely expected to announce the next generation PlayStation console.

GT5 Photomode image by jus1029.

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  1. Feb. 18, 11:22pm

    After installing 2.11 only thing that I am currently aware of changing is the pp system going back to how it was before 2.10. Which is rather annoying as I just finished setting up my favorites list with the quickest cars at each pp :(

  2. Feb. 18, 11:17pm

    PS4 Will cost $400 in the u.s,it will unveil in new York on the 20th.sine the last GT5 mentainance my cars don’t drive properly.

  3. Feb. 18, 11:15pm

    Hmmmmm anything?

  4. Feb. 18, 10:41pm

    Just installed update 2.11 nothing new. Still can’t connect to server. It’s probably just online adjustments & bug fixes

  5. Feb. 18, 10:35pm

    what happen my ps3 itself restart gt5 2.11 update not work

  6. Feb. 18, 10:28pm

    And now the waiting begins!……..que da music!

  7. Feb. 18, 7:36am

    why would the service will go down to anounce gt6 on day 20th that makes no sense at all, ps4 isnt released yet i don’t know how can people speculate on that, and something to do with GT vita? why would it go down also? only if they are going to release one update for gt5 that would make it compatible with remoteplay. i don’t believe in one GT for vita in the near times. but i’m curious about this

    • Feb. 18, 9:27pm

      I’m thinking it could be a GT5 update of some sort. The timing and frequency are just too suspicious.

      The first two maintenance periods weren’t making me think this way, but then this set popped up…

  8. Feb. 18, 4:10am

    What do they do in these maintnence’s anyways. Seemed no different last time

  9. Feb. 18, 12:49am

    Breaking: Sony announced something to do with the Vita, possibly a slew of new games, for the 18th of Feb (today). Maybe PD has made GT Vita, and this new update has something to do with Vita compatibility. Speculation, speculation…

  10. Feb. 17, 3:35pm

    i wish PD would re-make the PP system, so that for example a 600PP sportscar is +- so fast than a 600PP race car, the cars with the same PP level should ve on the same performance level.

    we had a Time Attack race going on yesterday, which clearly showed, that from 550PP on, people only used racecars.

    on Grand Valley Speedway, 600PP streetcars were (even with suspension, transmission, LSD tuning) over 2-4 seconds slower that a 600PP racecar.

    the FWDs should be on the same level too, they should clearly lower the PP of those cars, because they are 1-3 seconds slower too.

    I really hope that PD will revise their PP system, so that everycar with the same PP level has the same performance,
    FWD needs a chance!


  11. Feb. 17, 3:05pm

    I have not been around here in a bit and I saw all these maintenance notices and I was getting hopeful for a new track (willow). But after reading about the hacker/hybrid cars I feel like PD is patching it up to stop these hacker/hybrids.

  12. Feb. 17, 3:38am

    Ok here you go so you don’t all get hyped up as to server maintenance and “The Meeting” happening in days of each other.

    GT5 Maintenance – probably to release a patch to pee off all the 3000 up Civic owners out there. No DLC included.

    The Meeting – To Release details about the PS4 (anyone been seeing the Playstation Evolution videos appearing on Face oil and YouTube? Go check them out. They’ll announce the release dates that the PS4 willl be released in the US and Japan around No ember 2013 and in tbe EU terrotories (as we get EVERYTHING last ) around March 2014 with xxxxxx amount of titles . That’s it nothing more nothing less.

    • Feb. 18, 11:59am

      Face oil lmao ah man I hate auto-correct.

  13. Feb. 17, 2:58am

    gt6 on ps4 YES please ;)

    • Feb. 17, 3:39am

      Facebook and not Face oil, damn iOS predictive text!

    • Feb. 18, 1:53pm

      No no i don’t want gt6 on ps4 cause than I have to buy a $500 console :(

    • Feb. 18, 5:13pm

      And every time someone says that, Sony execs pee themselves with glee, over the thought of all the money to be made from throngs of GT addicts, helplessly compelled to buy PS4 consoles to get their fixes on the next GT….

      ….Just like every time a new GT comes out on a new console.

      They know we want it bad, and they know it’ll sell consoles. Better start saving up now.

    • Feb. 18, 9:30pm

      The PS4 will likely be around $400-450 (USD), so you can be a little more happy. In the long run, it’ll be worth it if you’re getting the next-gen console for games other than GT6…

  14. Feb. 16, 9:01pm

    All i want is a decent online service, gt mode is practicly dead since you can earn a million in less than a minute on drift trials, i use to grind on like the wind for hours on end just to get about 3million for a half decent race car, now you can get that in no time at all :/

  15. Feb. 16, 2:58pm

    What about the data logger??

  16. Feb. 16, 2:51pm

    What happend to dlc coming approx. 2 months??

    • Feb. 16, 2:59pm
      Pit Crew

      Oh here we go again… It was estimated three months, no promises were made and to be blunt,if your still harping on that, well you havent been paying much attention to the facts.

    • Feb. 16, 3:02pm
      Pit Crew

      no it was estimated 2months…I think, been a year since that story had wings.

    • Feb. 16, 7:06pm

      Actually, we’re back on track with the original dlc schedule. The Corvette C7 prototype was released in November. The C7 final prototype in January. If my calculations are correct, our next dlc should come around in the middle of March.

    • Feb. 16, 7:15pm

      Actually, it goes even further back than that. The BRZ, HSV-010 & GT-R N24 GT Academy race car were released in September, 2 months before the Corvette C7 prototype. If you count the 8 GT Academy cars as dlc, you can include those too, since the began releasing the prizes in July. Then, the FR-S & Twin Ring Motegi was released in June. The only long wait for dlc was from January 2012-June 2012.

    • Feb. 16, 10:08pm

      It wasn’t even a steadfast schedule. It was stated by Kaz tha he’d like to get content out every 2 months, not that PD would be able to. Nothing was ever confirmed.

    • Feb. 17, 9:28am

      I just put it out there to see if it would get people attention and it worked! It’s as if there was conflict or someone will say there was no conflict. REMEMBER ITS JUST A GAME :)

    • Feb. 18, 7:46pm

      +1 (just a game)

  17. Feb. 16, 10:40am

    Roll on the 20th

  18. Feb. 16, 10:33am

    Guess the previous maintenance didn’t work then?

  19. Feb. 16, 10:24am

    Clearly on 20th we will hear about GT5 spec III or GT6 not PlayStation 4 :-P

    • Feb. 16, 10:40am

      yes, maybe then all of this constant bickering will end? not likely lol

    • Feb. 16, 2:54pm
      Pit Crew

      Its a Sony Press conference, not a PD Press conference. Im not getting where you figure its all about GranTurismo news.

    • Feb. 16, 6:39pm

      ^ +1 I know right? Where on earth did he even thought it was about GT? Seriously… >_>

    • Feb. 16, 10:12pm

      If any GT news comes on the 20th, it will be GT6. There’s no point talking about PS3 content there, basing on all the fingers pointing to a PS4 announcement. And, as some already said, it’s a Sony/Playstation meeting, not a PD meeting. So there’s a chance that GT6 won’t be there, but the maintenance and other previewed content is leading me to believe it will. I’m still a little on the rocks about GT5 content… But I’m starting lean towards a possibility of some minor DLC…

  20. Feb. 16, 8:56am

    Seeing as PD have been saying since gt5s launch that gt6 will be an evolution of it I can’t see how theyd have changed so abruptly and castrate billions of sales!! The number of ps3s in use at gt5s launch is less than in use today!

    My prediction: ps3-gt6 / ps4-gt6 4k

    • Feb. 17, 6:00pm

      If im understanding what you are saying, then I agree.

      I wouldnt be surprised if GT6 is released on the ps4 AND ps3. The ps3 version would most likely be a lower quality version or something.

      Of course, it all depends on GT6’s release date. Sony stated that they would still support the ps3 until 2014 (source: G4 channel). So, if gt6 is released on or by 2014, then it would probably be for both consoles.
      This happened whenid the ps2 was released too… But not with gt sinc

    • Feb. 17, 6:03pm

      (sorry, i acciidentally pressed the post button too early thanks to my phone)

      …since gt was not a launch title.

  21. Feb. 15, 11:37pm

    for those who think and want GT6 to be complete and expect it to release with PS4, I dont know about you but I dont have $800 to spend on a 8gig PS4 just for GT6. And for all the people who think they will get it in 2 years think again. I would be sleeping on the couch for months if I bought one

    • Feb. 16, 1:15am
      Pit Crew

      800 bucks? No PS4 aint gonna be that steep. Forecast is closer to 450 or 500 benjamins. The tech according to some blogs out there, seems to imply its stronger then the upcoming rivals but not over the top.

    • Feb. 16, 1:36am
      Drag Labs 101

      @ Pit Crew.. That’s all I’ve read everywhere to.. G4, IGN.. Ect. I don’t know how or why ppl keep coming up with figures larger then a PS3 release.
      I think the advancement in technology making it cheaper has a bit to with it but I also believe they know last time was over priced.

    • Feb. 16, 3:01am

      A lot of the extreme expense was Sony’s Blue-ray and Cell processor tech (which was also harder to code for, but that’s another topic). Sony is using a more conventional PC set-up, and they’ve already got their Blue-ray sorted. So it’s DEFINITELY going to be cheaper than the PS3.

      There was also a (I believe) Japanese leak on the price – the PS4 was listed as 40,000 Yen, which is around $420. But I don’t know how trustworthy that is, and if there will be cheaper and more expensive models with more/less HD space and included items.

    • Feb. 16, 10:21am

      I want it to be on ps3 also

  22. Feb. 15, 10:32pm

    As a few other posters have been saying – I think the PS4 and possibly GT6 ( as a launch title), will be announced at the sony event on the 20th of february. As there cannot be a prologue edition of GT6 because of the release of GT6 full version at the same on a new console, I think the maintenance updates for GT5 are of a prologue of sorts for existing customers of the GT series. Possibly some new gaming content and probably a new GT6 video to watch and download on GT TV on GT5.

    I think sony and PD are trying to make up for the fiasco of GT5’s delayed release and incomplete and promised but unreleased content. Also trying to make the GT series the playstation flagship once again as GT5 was a slight slip up.

    • Feb. 15, 10:47pm

      Gran Turismo has always been the PlayStation flagship, and (hopefully) it always will be.

      Who knows why they’re scheduling more online service? It could be for more content, but I doubt it, and even if there is, it definitely won’t be all of that. Developing this stuff takes time and money. You can’t just click a button on a computer and 15 cars are ready to be added to the game five minutes later.

    • Feb. 15, 10:52pm
      Pit Crew

      DLC Content wasnt promised…Maintenance seems to just be a server thing as others have stated. I thought we would see new content also, but PD must be stabilizing them for maybe the Next Community GTAcademy???…a reach on my part, but 1 things for sure, Kaz sure knows how to stir the pot.

    • Feb. 16, 2:01am

      PD making up for shortcomings? That’s new… I’m still waiting for a quick options menu for B-Spec so you can change sound and display options like in A-Spec. I must admit that when GT5 first came out, I expected PD to periodically release additional tracks updated from original ones such as Motegi, Citta di Aria, Pike’s Peak, Grindelwald and many more. It’s the biggest disappointment to me to see favorite tracks such as Apricot Hill and Midfield simply discarded and not carried over into the next title(s). With the hdd standard in the PS3, there’s no excuse why we can’t download old tracks that have been “converted” into GT5 environment data.

      And there’s so much more on my list of “missed opportunities to make it the best racing game ever” that will forever be unsaid…

      I’m not deluding myself, PD will NOT make up for its shortcomings as far as I’m concerned. I’m still excited to see what’ll come.

    • Feb. 16, 12:43pm
      Both Barrels

      What SynapticGap said. Pretty much all of it. Simple stuff, not like asking for every new car under the sun with Mimosa in each cup holder.

    • Feb. 18, 7:49pm

      PD probably see it as “progress” but we don’t. PD please give us all the old tracks if not in GT5 then in GT6 (wasting my time)

  23. Feb. 15, 9:10pm

    Perhaps due to lack of sales globally the company are due to go into administration.

    Microsoft then offer a takeover bid soon after, tada! Surprise!

    • Feb. 15, 9:26pm
      Pit Crew

      No way…Im gonna guess OP is a Joke…

    • Feb. 16, 12:07am

      Lack of sales?

      “Not sure if just trolling

      Or just really stupid.”

      It works better with the picture

  24. Feb. 15, 6:24pm

    I’m going to go out on a whim and predict that actually PD are finished with gt6 and that the Sony event will be not only a demo of the new ps4 but also news that it will be available to buy sooner than you think WITH gt6. Just a guess :-)

    • Feb. 15, 7:22pm

      Lol. GT6 is still at least a year off. PS4 won’t be released prior to GTA5 coming out in September.

    • Feb. 15, 7:59pm

      I’m inclined to agree with you, I beleive GT6 is done or 90% there because its been in Development since November 2010. So I reckon it will be a PS4 Release title, I don’t beleive Sony and Kaz will delay the game. Especially considering they’d sell millions of PS4s with GT6 as a launch title.

    • Feb. 15, 9:18pm

      But shouldn’t they release GT6 prologue then?

    • Feb. 15, 10:51pm

      @HKSbro92 If GT6 is ready to go (which I hope it is, but it probably isn’t, let’s be honest), then they wouldn’t have enough time prior to the PS4’s release to slap together a prologue version if they wanted to keep it as a launch game.

    • Feb. 16, 11:39am

      “go out on a whim”? Ha! That’s a good one. Next time, try going out on a limb; it’s much more fun.

  25. Feb. 15, 5:46pm

    theres to many service maintnences… there actually anything special going on here? what’s the big surprise?!

    • Feb. 15, 8:19pm

      yep, something must be going on. Home come we get these ‘service updates’ (which means we cannot play) yet we are not told why?

    • Feb. 15, 11:08pm

      @mef You can play the game while the servers are down for maintenance/updating, just not online. :)

  26. Feb. 15, 4:52pm

    It really doesn’t matter as to what happens with this next maintenance schedule, it is going to upset someone…

  27. Feb. 15, 3:25pm

    i hope the “Alfa Romeo/Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Disco Volante” actually doesnt make it. its a ugly car. -.- would rather have new NSX which i still feel has evolved too much from the old just a little too fast…as did the new corvette. O well ='(

  28. Feb. 15, 3:00pm

    Another one? It seems sort of odd that we got two random ones, and then one a few days after.

  29. Feb. 15, 2:39pm

    I don’t know why people are so obsessed with the NSX. Sure it’s a nice concept and it looks fun to drive, but not only it doesn’t really deserve the NSX name, but I’m sure there are other cars PD should’ve added to the game already. Besides, I highly doubt it would even be tunable, which I don’t really mind since I don’t really tune my cars, but I’m sure others will.

    I’ll just wait for GT6… If it’s for PS3 then I’ll get it on release. I’ll even sleep outside the videogame store if necessary. If it’s for PS4 then I’ll wait a couple of years and play something else in the meantime. I love GT, but it’s no longer a console seller for me.

    • Feb. 15, 10:22pm

      I agree, I honestly think the new NSX is a disgrace to the old. The old one was all about being a lightweight drivers car, the new one isn’t like that at all. They only called it the NSX because they couldn’t think of anything else

    • Feb. 16, 12:59am

      Can we tune the New NSX???

    • Feb. 16, 6:09am

      @HuskyGT, there’s a reason we should shift our focus to the new NSX, i’ve watched Honda Motorsports press conference and they’ve have announced that Super GT 2013 will be the last season for the HSV-010, will be replaced with the new NSX, 2014 onwards.

    • Feb. 16, 1:37pm

      I’ll take the HSV-10 all day. We should have that gorgeous animal in Road Car form.

      @huskyGT, that was some cold honesty, bro. A gaming PC may be a more efficient way of getting our racing-sim experience for the forseeable future. GT is a beautiful girl with no ability to conversate. Fun for a minute…

  30. Feb. 15, 2:23pm

    Maybe they’re preparing GT TV for videos of GT6 for download. :/ Maybe a live stream for when GT6 might be announced.

  31. Feb. 15, 2:13pm

    Really dont see all the hype about the new nsx. Its just another electric car that will ruin the name of the car for what it was. Hopefully they bing in Willow Springs though, im in need of some new tracks haha

    • Feb. 15, 4:36pm
      e30 freek


  32. Feb. 15, 1:30pm
    Both Barrels

    On Feb.3 Terronium-12 confirmed that a new Alfa Romeo would be coming to GT5. The *draws deep breath*
    Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Disco Volante. Doesn’t anyone read the Weekly Rewinds?

    • Feb. 15, 1:46pm

      Speaking of Weekly Rewinds. Can’t wait to see what T-12 has in store for us, haha. :D

    • Feb. 15, 2:13pm

      Forgot all about the new Alfa

    • Feb. 15, 2:21pm
      Both Barrels

      Right on Toko, I look forward to it too.

    • Feb. 15, 2:28pm

      I’m pretty sure T-12 said that it wasn’t a confirmation of any kind.

    • Feb. 15, 2:30pm

      Yeah, I read. That’s why I know that only the POSSIBILITY of the car being added was mentioned:

      “Uncovered just this past week, and then perhaps proven not long after having been brought up, lies the possibility of a new vehicle making it’s way into Gran Tursimo 5. What car you ask? The Alfa Romeo/Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Disco Volante (what a mouthful), a two-seater coupe styled after Alfa Romeo’s own 1953 coupe of the same name. Note, this is not confirmation of any sort. Whether the car actually makes it’s way into GT5 remains to be seen, but for the time being it’s definitely something to think about.

      If you’re unfamiliar with the Disco Volante click here for the original coupe, and here for the 2012 part.”


      In fact, he specifically says it’s NOT CONFIRMATION that the car would be added….

    • Feb. 15, 3:30pm
      Both Barrels

      NA, I stand corrected. “confirmed” and “possibility” are the key words.

    • Feb. 15, 9:29pm
      Pit Crew

      ‘Loud Cheers for Terronium-12 can be heard in the Distance’…

  33. Feb. 15, 12:22pm

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Y U NO GIVE AMERICAN MUSCLE!!!!

    • Feb. 15, 12:55pm

      y u no stop whining?

    • Feb. 15, 1:05pm

      Uncalled for!

    • Feb. 15, 10:25pm

      Because there’s already plenty muscle cars in standard and premium. What the game needs is more super cars, track day cars, open wheel, and european cars. Muscle cars is almost last on the list of what GT5 needs, stop being biased, you got plenty of muscle cars

    • Feb. 15, 11:02pm

      @TomBrady GT5 needs more European cars? We’ve got Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Citroen, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat, Jaguar, Lancia, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes, Mini, Pagani, Peugeot, Renault, TVR, Volkswagen, Volvo, Vauxhall, and probably a few others I can’t think of. I don’t think we’re lacking for European cars.

    • Feb. 16, 4:54am

      I dunno… I think we’re a little low on Japanese cars…

  34. Feb. 15, 11:55am

    Probably they are going to ban hybrids. I am just hoping that they arent shutting online for forever.

    • Feb. 15, 2:05pm

      They wouldn’t shut down GT5’s servers at LEAST until a new game came out. Direct evidence with prologue…

    • Feb. 15, 2:09pm

      Prologue servers were up for a long time after GT5 was out and we even got a six month warning of cessation.

    • Feb. 15, 2:15pm

      They wont do that. Look at how lon prologues online was still up even after GT5 full was released. Online will work until at least the release if GT6 i not longer

  35. Feb. 15, 10:53am

    update NASCAR plz

  36. Feb. 15, 10:28am
    Lee glass

    An update for the v-tec cross over on the hondas

    • Feb. 15, 10:40am

      Yes please!!!!!!!

    • Feb. 15, 11:41am

      Completel agree

  37. Feb. 15, 9:53am

    I can’t believe people are actually hoping that GT6 to be released on the Playstation 3. I find it completely preposterous. Can’t we all see how glitchy GT5 is on the Playstation 3? And think of it this way, Kaz himself said that PS3 wasn’t powerful enough to pull off the graphics he had ALREADY built for the game and they had to remove quality from the models, track scenery, etc. I think most of us agree GT5 was a bit of a disappointment even though most of us still play it. GT6 has to be a PS4 launch title and it will obliterate any other racing game in existence (I hope).

    • Feb. 15, 10:04am

      i find $500+ for a new console preposterous tbh

    • Feb. 15, 10:37am

      ^^ Very much agree! Gran Turismo has had an unprecedented amount of affiliations with auto manufactures and high end sponsorship deals within some of the best motorsport events for many many years. To top it off now, GT Academy has been shown to produce some great racers, and I think PD are OBLIGED to pump out a true high-end racing simulator game with:

      – Quality physics/force feedback that rivals iRacing’s standards
      – Completely overhauled sound reproduction
      – Super stable and option-rich online racing experience

      I feel PD/SONY would be wasting a lot of potential if they don’t capitalize on the excellent previous achievements and assets they’ve reached to pump out a next generation game/simulator that WILL set the standard… I have a decently good feeling we will see a very big step in the right direction with GT6 running on PS4.

    • Feb. 15, 11:12am

      Personally I would rather it were on PS3 only because I cant see myself buying a PS4 at this point. It would really have to wow me for me to even consider it. I got my PS3 mainly for GT5 with the hopes I would find other games to play but at this point most other games are a huge disappointment. So unless that all changes its a new gaming PC for me next time around.

    • Feb. 15, 1:00pm

      ^ Sorry the three of you, but GT6 is NOT going on the “limited” PS3 PERIOD, PS4 is where its going to hopefully the launch title. Keep dreaming though.. Either you go next gen or don’t go, simple as that. U_U

    • Feb. 15, 1:53pm

      I have to agree, pure common sense tells me GT6 is a must for the next gen upcoming PS4. I highly doubt it will be a dual PS3/PS4 title either, as I highly doubt the PS4 will even have backwards compatability to PS3 games, don’t be mad people, this is two completely different architectures in CPU instruction code. PS4 is a breath of fresh air to Sony, as it is more of an appliance close to PC World, (Featuring AMD BullDozer inside), so we should get every single game developer on the bandwagon full steam ahead, for this coming Winter 2013. (the 2nd winter, lol)

      Don’t fret if you can’t afford a PS4 rightaway either, it is a luxury item afterall, but it is well worth the cost, if you divide that by the number of years of enjoyment it will give you, and divide that number further by the replay value GT6 will ultimately have!

      If you had any idea how much it costs to be a professional race car driver, you will probably thank yourself for having this as a virtual hobby for a mere fraction of the cost of the real thing. Start setting aside $1.50 each day (A Cofee? 3 cigarettes?), you’ll have $400 under your pillow for the PS4 :)

    • Feb. 15, 2:09pm

      I don’t mean to burst bubbles, but there was a leak for the price of the PS4 on a Japanese site – something like 40k yen, which is around 420 USD… It’s going to be quite a bit less expensive than the PS3 was, partly because Sony has the Blue-ray all sorted out. Quite a bit more affordable than what most people were speculating.

    • Feb. 15, 3:03pm

      ^ Yeah $420 for the console, and $80 for the game. It still comes out to a total of $500.

    • Feb. 15, 5:22pm

      Grand total – he said for just the console. And unless you get a special edition of GT6, wouldn’t it be $60…? In my eyes it would be worth it, since I’m going to be playing other games than just GT. And if it’s a launch title, there could be a GT6/PS4 bundle for around $450… Just ready to go…

    • Feb. 15, 5:50pm

      $500 is not a lot for a games console. A lot of people spend a tonne of money on custom pcs/macs/smartphones etc so you can understand why they price consoles so high.

      I agree with you, although it would be nice to have GT6 on the PS3, it would just feel like a GT5.5 because by the sounds of things it sounds like the PS3’s hardware isn’t up to speed to play GT6. The closest we would probably get to GT6 on the PS3 is a prologue of some sort.

      In regards to this article, I think that this service maintenance is just server maintenance and nothing special. The fact that the maintenance is on the 19th is because we’ve got a weekend in between the last maintenance (14th) so that’s probably why they’ve got maintenance on the 19th. If it is something to do with the PlayStation meeting on the 20th then it’s probably something small like preparing GTTV for game trailers.

    • Feb. 15, 10:33pm

      releasing only 1 GT on PS3 is what would be preposterous. The PS3 has been around longer than the PS2 or PS1, each of those had 2 GT’s, the plan was to release GT6 on PS3, and Kaz said there was a ton of things he wanted to do with GT5 but ran out of time. Plus the first GT’s on the console is usually lacking, so unless they put GT6 on PS3, we’ll get 2 lacking GT’s in a row. Screw that.

      Screw having to pay for a brand new console just to get a GT game that isn’t fully realized. The graphics on PS3 are more than good enough, no other racing game looks as good (not pCars either) so there’s no need for it to be on PS4. Some of the best sims out there don’t look nearly as good as GT5, there’s no need for better graphics and the PS3 can easily handle better physics, look at netkar pro. Phenominal physics and will run easily on computers that aren’t anyhwhere near as powerful as the PS3.

      GT6 on PS4 would be good for Sony but not for the fans or PD in my opinion. It would be the second GT in a row that isn’t “complete”. Don’t get me wrong, I love GT5, I honestly think it’s the best racing game of all time and makes the other GT’s look like a joke but it could easily be better and GT6 on PS3 would be the best GT so far if it was on PS3

    • Feb. 16, 2:06am

      @ Quakebass

      I said $80 for the game because every time a new generation comes to fruition, the prices of the games seem to get more expensive. With the PS1 games were only $15 average, with the PS2 games were $30 average, and with the PS3 games are $60 average.

    • Feb. 16, 3:06am

      ^ Really…? I started with a PS2, and at that point the PS3 had just been released, and the PS2 game price had dropped… But I was seeing old used games at $15-25… And this was a good retailer. (didn’t overprice used stuff). I was seeing newer PS2 games for $45+ – things like NFS Carbon… I never saw what they went for before the PS3 was coming out…

    • Feb. 16, 10:27am

      you all sound so sure it’s not coming out on PS3. Truth is NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE!!! You should all listen to yourselves. it’s hilarious

    • Feb. 16, 10:30am

      2004 – GT4 came out on PS2
      2006 – PS3 came out

      that’s only 2 years difference.

    • Feb. 16, 10:19pm

      With the likelyhood of a PS4 announcement in the coming days (EA statements, GameStop statements, leaked specs and price details, 1st party developers making statements on the event, and more…), it’s nearly a 100% confirmation on GT6 on PS4. Considering that GT is one of the biggest series on Playstation, I doubt Sony would want it to be ported for both consoles, detracting from the PS4 sales. So yes, nothing has been OFFICIALLY confirmed, but there’s all sorts of evidence pointing to GT6 on PS4.

      And what does GT4’s and the PS3’s release have to do with anything…?

  38. Feb. 15, 9:37am

    GT5 : now Y2K compliant!

    I’ll be enjoying an extended long weekend with my wife . You kids behave and play your game quietly! :)

  39. Feb. 15, 9:36am

    Stop speculating . Gt5 is like that really hot blond chick you want and will never get her they way you want. So just enjoy her or go find someone else

  40. Feb. 15, 9:26am

    hmmm, testing GT6 on the servers?
    Testing PS4 network stability for GT6?
    Uploading a new GT5 update?
    Announcement of GT6 on PS3 on the 20th Feb?
    Announcement of GT6 on PS4 on the 20th Feb?
    Fixing the PP?
    Fixing the SRF problem?
    New cars?
    New tracks?
    Just maintainance?

    Wow that’s a lot of possibilities my head might explode.

    • Feb. 15, 9:46am

      surely people don’t REALLY expect PD to do ALL this? these are just a few of the questions the speculators are asking, i was merely listing some of them ;)

    • Feb. 15, 2:13pm

      You don’t test servers of new hardware and software on the old hardware… Both games and consoles… There simply won’t be a GT6 on PS3. The timing is horrible, and even a multi-platform game would be a bad idea, (for Sony, at least) since it would detract sales from the PS4.

      Considering the timing, I think it’s gonna be a content update, but I don’t want to get my hopes too high. Likely between 1-5 tracks and the NSX at the most.

    • Feb. 15, 2:47pm

      I think Steebz is just being ironic about all of the (no)hopers on this thread.

    • Feb. 16, 10:38am

      yes, i was just listing all the demands people seem to be making lol. I hope there will be an update though but we can only guess what will be contained in any such update.

  41. Feb. 15, 9:02am

    Maybe just maybe they are setting up for PD to test the PS4 online without showing it being PS4. You might be racing against one of the new SEMA cars in the near furture.

    • Feb. 15, 2:22pm

      What? Has your head fallen off? I’m sure Sony can afford other servers to test the online capability for PS4 so they don’t need those currently in use for GT5. Anyway, these are two different architecture structures and to race against any PS4 demo you would need it loaded onto your PS3…

      Beyond that, words fail me…

  42. Feb. 15, 8:36am

    Ps1: GT/GT2
    That’s how I will think it will go feel free to disagree but this is what I think

    • Feb. 15, 9:30am

      I hope this is right, i’d like to think the old girl has some life left in her yet, plus a new console is a hell of a lot of money. I’m nowhere near being able to go next gen yet lol

    • Feb. 15, 9:35am

      +1… Follow it’s history. Think GT6 will be all they hype it to be? I’ve been let down upon every release including GT1.

      Want GT6 ASAP? Follow it’s history. The sooner they release it, the more jacked up it’ll be.

      Think the pp system sucks… You ain’t seen nothing yet. PD inherently trips over it’s own feet because they don’t like it when their universe is hacked.

    • Feb. 15, 9:49am

      Oh yeah, I gotta race meet at noon today… ;) lol

    • Feb. 15, 10:00am

      GT6 wont be on the PS3, read about it on the GT website, it a PS4 release

    • Feb. 15, 1:09pm

      What dreamers… Time to wake up boys, GT6 is going on the PS4 !00%, Kaz himself doesn’t want GT6 on the “limited” PS3, and thanks to that, GT5 itself was “limited”. So PS4 it where GT6 is going, get over it already.

    • Feb. 15, 2:20pm

      There’s no point in releasing GT6 on PS3 at this point. The code environment is more conventional, and there would be less hardware limitation on the PS4.

      And history of past releases doesn’t dictate anything. PD released 4 excellent games before, and only now one got a bit sloppy. There’s plenty of chance for a revival. Same goes for wthe amount of games released in a console generation.

    • Feb. 15, 3:04pm

      FYI, the PS4 will be just as ‘limited’ as the PS3 was when it was released, so there’s nothing to get over… GT5, GT6, PS3, PS4… We all care because what ever they decide, we’ll follow or get the he’ll out of the way. As of now, nothing has happened yet. Another update w/o clarification… Speculations? Why else would Sony announce it? GTPlanet, like any other information and social driven bloggosphere, offers us a chance err choice to ocomment on what we want or what we believe will and/or did happen.

      That said… I hope I live long enough to sit in my favorite crushed velour (’76 Olds Saloon) seat, donning W.T.Ribbs’ MotorCraft garb and with Momo steering wheel in hand and CME 6D wear on my head… well…, I’m ready for Tamburello and Cowards’ corners now. ;)

    • Feb. 15, 4:49pm

      Probably GT6 might break that trend, GT6 won’t be able to pull much out of PS3 without it having to skimp somewhere else. Phil, you are such a bad liar, how can you even say you were let down by GT1 release, exaggerate much? There was absolutely nothing on any console that was like GT 1 and you know this is fact, trying to make yourself sound educated perhaps?
      I don’t see Kaz or realistically Sony even allowing GT6 to launch on PS3 considering PS 4/Orbis is soon to be announced and when a game like GT5 draws in over 5 million in sales as an exclusive, there is no way Sony would let that slip through their fingers and not hammer home an easy home run out of the gate. Kaz and PD missed PS3 launch due to the utter stupidity of Sony and their meddling(suits usually don’t know jack about what’s trending). Don’t think they’ll make the same mistake twice. GT5 will probably culminate with a Spec III update and thank you’s from Kaz and company for those who supported the game and possibly a teaser of GT6 running on Orbis hardware with even more wow effects than GT5 has. PS3 has had it’s time to shine, PS4/Orbis will need to come out of the gate with guns blazing showing that they mean business and PD is one of those teams that can dazzle the eyes, along with Naughty Dog and a most of Sony’s inhouse 1st party teams. It will be up to Sony, do you put the well known console seller newest on the outgoing system or unleash it with a brand new system with a fresh set of legs?

    • Feb. 15, 7:46pm

      Easy Savage. I don’t think GT1’s game play came close to it’s Nismo R33 LM intro. Which was is still beautiful today. Do you think GT5’s actual game play, video wise, comes close to it’s ‘Earth to Machine’ intro movie in any way?

      I will admit to being somewhat gullible and I know their’s fortune in ones’ front. But I cain’t help but to expect the same video quality in actual play mode.

      Heck, I’ll be surprised if the next GT release on the PS4 matches that absolutely beautiful piece of work. The colors!

      I’m sure whatever PD and Naughty Dog (Bandicoot?) present to Sony will be wonderful.

    • Feb. 15, 9:17pm

      I doubt it. We most likely have less than a year before the PS4 comes out. Why bother?

  43. Feb. 15, 8:17am


    • Feb. 15, 9:18am

      Abandon the pp system… Are yall too lazy to figure out hp/kg ratios?

    • Feb. 15, 2:23pm

      It’s not just weight and hp – there’s also torque and aero factors.

      You have to be a serious math whiz to figure those out to calculate which car is better. And even then it would take a few wasteful minutes.

      And how do you suppose PD organizes seasonal events? You can’t just have a HP limit – again, there’s torque, weight, and aero factors to put in. PP makes everything easier to organize.

    • Feb. 15, 3:05pm


    • Feb. 15, 5:06pm

      Stop driving on those god awful Racing tires and perhaps you’ll see the joys of PP. Those tires grip ratings are too damn high and thus ensues cars with loads of power can easily apply it to the road and pull away easily. Stick to Sport Hard and Lower for best results, you might also want to set the course grip to real too. I use PP all the time and what is an advantage on Racing Tires isn’t nearly as pronounced on Sport and Economy tires, heck it becomes a bottleneck of sorts as you can’t just floor it all day everyday.
      Also use some sense, just because two cars PP match do not mean they are equal, you need to know top speed and acceleration and brake accel brake abilities of the car to make better judgement. Speed 12 at 580pp stock versus the XJ220 at 575pp stock, on racing tires the Speed 12 would easily beat this car, but put on sport hards and watch the Speed 12 catch it’s ass trying to keep up let alone get ahead. Leave the Noob tires out of the mix if you want to race, people complain about SH tires but I enjoy them as you have to pay attention to a lot more now, just wished PD did something about that insane draft boost(should not be so pronounced).
      PD should just give us stat bars like FM since plenty of people have problems choosing the correct car for different races. Although I swear with the last update, the PP has resembled FM when racing online. Cars same PP but one has worse handling but will go like greased lightening on the straights…freaking hilarious to watch though, just have to turn those corners.

    • Feb. 15, 10:20pm

      QuakeBass… If I remember correctly, you could sort your garage by kg/hp in the earlier GT releases. That was the way my friends and I fielded some epic split screen races. No, we weren’t pitting v-techs against RBs.

      It would have been nice if PD and Kaz had granted us the ability to control a field’s power, torque, areo and even suspension and era factors. If it was their intention to control these factors, with the PP system, then that would explain why so many folks have such a terrible time with it.

      Savage… I know most folk prefer not to be limited with their choice of whip when they enter a room. Unfortunately, most I figure, are not car collectors as I am. Which I believe is a major theme of GT throughout the series. I have 2 to 4 versions of the same car in my garage… stock, street tuned (street tires), race tuned (race tires and wing) and RM/TC… all sorted by hp and kg. While restricting the era of an entry and introducing tire wear, fuel economy and pit strategy into the mix, you’ll get loads of competitive fields.

      If I could find those folk who collected these whips and modified them as I do, I would be an extremely happy camper with GT. Nineteen Ninety’s 2.0 liter FF coupes, 90’s 2.0 and 3.0 liter na and turbo coupes, RX-7 vs NSX, GSR vs WRX, Z33/34 vs M3, Vette vs Viper, V16T vs XJ220 and R390 vs Speed 12 are just a few examples of the supremely competitive, era based classes that could be run. The versus examples I sited can be expanded by the shear multitude cars presented in the game. The era and layout, I find, is key to great matches. Which tires are used becomes a mute point when tire wear comes into play.

  44. Feb. 15, 8:11am

    Okay now, this is a normal maintenance where it’s during the night. But, 3 three maintenances, somethings wrong here.

  45. Feb. 15, 7:43am

    Oh the speculation continues unabated

    Give it a rest.

    If it happens it happens if not well then no one will be disappointed.

    Geez some people here are ready to keel over from an anxiety attack WTF??!!

    • Feb. 15, 8:33am


    • Feb. 15, 8:38am

      +1, too many idiots about

    • Feb. 15, 9:12am

      Yall think there shouldn’t be a place to comment on this subject???

    • Feb. 15, 12:47pm

      +1, I think we’ve heard it repeated enough.

    • Feb. 15, 5:28pm

      What, like, the forums…? Isn’t that what they’re for…?

  46. Feb. 15, 7:15am

    It’s possibly just work on that horrendous mistake of a PP adjustment they did a while back. And maybe to fix that little block of code that is eluding Kaz and that has been leaving SRF on for the past few Seasonals. That’s why details have been secret… maintenance to fix PD muckups.

  47. Feb. 15, 7:02am

    I also bet on something involving PS4 and GT6.
    It would be amazing to have all of those tracks we saw last video coming next year in a future GT6 + PS4 with better graphics, less memory issues and responsiveness.

  48. Feb. 15, 7:00am

    I predict we’l get nothing as I did & was right about the 2 recent scheduled maintenance. The clue is in the word Maintainence & why people think this means new game features or items is beyond me.

    • Feb. 15, 8:38am


      if half of these people acted like they do on here offline then they’d probably be ashamed of themselves

  49. Feb. 15, 6:44am

    I hope it’s something worth wild! I don’t mind waiting if this leads to something.

    Didn’t PD use to annouce what we would be getting BEFORE a DLC. Now it just seems they want it to be a secret and a surprise to us ALL.

    Just waiting patiently….

  50. Feb. 15, 6:30am

    OK here goes my wish list!

    Premium Pontiac Aztek (GT please!), Chrysler Sebring Convertible Touring, Buick LaCrosse CXL & LeSabre Custom (in the Sandalwood paint) and the Chevrolet Uplander LT!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PD!!!!

    As far as tracks go, oh I don’t know…

    The local Wal Mart parking lot with day/night transition as well as weather change and also snow (Oh how many sweet memories of tire burning dough nuts and wild drifts in the snow). Maybe a few stray shopping carts thrown in before the last turn to the finish line…

    For the ultimate driving simulator, I think that’s as real as it gets. Maybe throw in a few Check Engine Lights and some rust on those premium cars up there and it’s a wrap.

    • Feb. 15, 6:48am

      ^ haha… also have some of the crowd in pajammers. That would make it complete!

    • Feb. 15, 10:01am

      ^^ Great thoughts there dragos…. The Real United States of America Driving Simulator… coming soon to PSN.

  51. Feb. 15, 6:28am

    SpartanUk said 2.11 coming, bug fixes and improvements :) but no DLC :(, not sure what to believe …

  52. Feb. 15, 6:11am

    3 periods of maintenance, this has got to be prep work. Also, the day before the PS4 announcement, very fishy!!!

  53. Feb. 15, 6:06am

    Why is there another maintenance period scheduled?

  54. Feb. 15, 6:02am

    What’s the chances they’re testing GT6 on the servers during all this maintenance?
    Also if PS4 is to be announced next week how long until its released for sell, surely no more than 6 Months?

  55. Feb. 15, 5:24am

    Why they can’t tell us what the maintenance are mean?
    Finally they whant our Money :-D

  56. Feb. 15, 5:18am

    MY SHOT MADE IT!!!!!!! :D

    Anyways, NSX, Willow Springs and Seattle, please!

  57. Feb. 15, 5:10am

    Not really a fan of Mustangs after 1969. imo those were real Stangs.

  58. Feb. 15, 5:09am

    We get a spaceship!

  59. Feb. 15, 4:25am
    Flying Scots

    New DLC. New Big DLC. For the joy of us and PD :-)

  60. Feb. 15, 4:10am

    list of DLC cars that i would love.Mugen rr,Mugen si,S2K type s,NSXR GT,original nsx concept,new NSX,Mugen ep3,98 Mugen accord SIR f20b,98 Mugen ferio civic sedan,2000 si,Mugen ek,Mugen Prelude,Mclaren MP4/,Spoon k20 ek,Spoon b18c EF,Spoon Nsx,Mugen EF,Mugen teggy dc2.dc5,HSV,Nismo R34 Z Tune,Nismo 350z.370z,Nismo skyline aka g35,Mazdaspeed rx7.8,Mazdaspeed protege,Keiichi Tsuchiya TRD86,TRD Supra 3000gt,Ferrai 358,575 Maranello,Lambo Diablo SV,chevy Iroc Z28.trans am KITT lol,camaro ZL1, plymouth Duster,Evo fq400,cosworth sti,Bmw m3 E30,E36.M5 E28,E34,E39,Original M1,Benz c43 AMG,94 Porsche 964 Turbo,997 GT2 rs,all GT3s,1st and 2nd gen eclipse Gsx,67 Shelby GT500,Jaguar XK180 Prototype,De Tomaso Pantera SI,Mitsu Starion,Dodge Viper gts-r new and old,…………… cmon Kaz plz.
    Just a peek of the cars id want in a DLC.What a Dream!

    • Feb. 15, 4:47am

      Forgot the new Shelby GT500, Camaro 1LE, Cadillac CTS-V, and the new ATS’s. Not to mention a lot of European cars I would like to see as DLC too.

    • Feb. 15, 7:50am


  61. Feb. 15, 4:10am

    Well somethings going on deep in the offices of Polyphony Digital, and I am confident this will be something rather quite big.

  62. Feb. 15, 3:37am

    Speculation…Maybe the McLaren P1 Concept and the Acura NSX, as long as it’s not another Nissan.

    • Feb. 15, 3:44am
      Drag Labs 101

      I thought about that today.. The McLaren with what I figured would surely be the NSX.

      Idk.. It’s very strange all this..
      I think it’ll be even more so if we don’t end up with something after all this.

  63. Feb. 15, 3:35am

    Oh FFS here come the delusions of grandiuer,
    As well as 370+ useless comments of what they think will be in a Update, sprinkled with a few get real comments for good measure, just glad Jordan never built a “subscribe to post” option in really!!!!

  64. Feb. 15, 2:57am


  65. Feb. 15, 2:54am

    PD is trolling us

  66. Feb. 15, 2:53am

    Spec III

  67. Feb. 15, 2:53am

    On my birthday.

  68. Feb. 15, 2:50am

    It’s odd. I don’t think there will be any update or extra stuff, but I’m wondering what is happening.

  69. Feb. 15, 2:38am

    Let the speculation begin.

  70. Feb. 15, 2:33am

    Maybe the NSX Concept and Corvette C7 with Willow Springs. Again I’m Speculating. Can’t wait for the 20th.

    • Feb. 15, 2:27pm

      Why would PD re-release the Corvette…?

  71. Feb. 15, 2:32am

    Maybe NSX Concept and Corvette C7 with Willow Springs. Again I’m Speculating. Can’t wait for the 20th.

  72. Feb. 15, 2:30am

    Maybe NSX Concept and Corvette C7 with Willow Springs. Again I’m Speculating. Can’t wait for the 20th :)

  73. Feb. 15, 2:27am

    Maybe NSX Comcept and Final C7 with Willow Springs.

  74. Feb. 15, 2:26am

    I hope that the game just gets better not that it isn’t. Is anyone other than me having connection issues? I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work.

    • Feb. 15, 3:25am

      Same here. Modem reset, emptied cache, fiddled with network settings but all to no avail. Funnily enough the chances of me not getting a disconnect or incompatible servers is higher in the morning. Come afternoon and evenings I often wondered why I even bother to try.
      It would be so great if PD could fix that. The game is so incredibly good, clearly the work of perfectionists, and being able to race online gives it almost infinite lifespan.

  75. Feb. 15, 2:24am

    Let the speculation begin……

    • Feb. 15, 2:39am

      I guess I should have scrolled down a bit.

  76. Feb. 15, 2:02am

    2 hours + all the hours they had just recently. Im guessing a major DLC or other gameupdate to keep us
    happy. And a GT6 trailer would be nice.

  77. Feb. 15, 1:53am

    Would be funny if they finally gives a nice track pack at, let’s say 20$? Just to announce GT6 would be a launch title on PS4 the day after. Highly unlikely I know but I wonder how next week gonna pan out for PD & Sony.

  78. Feb. 15, 1:48am

    It will be GT6 with all premium cars and tracks from 1-5 + it will come with helicopter landing pad courtesy of old spice double sun power

  79. Feb. 15, 1:43am

    Maybe a new trailer will be implemented. Just guessing. All I can do is sit and wait…

  80. Feb. 15, 1:39am

    Ok, NOW I’m thinking there could be some sort of update with some sort of content, considering the timing and frequency… But it’s hard to say what it could be. The most I could see would be 1-5 new tracks and the NSX, but there’s just about always been more than one car released at a time, (excluding the FR-S), so the question is, what else? Maybe even those leaked performance upgrades, but then again, that could be excess code from a dropped project.

    It’s still hard to know, and I still don’t want to get my hopes up, but it really is looking like there’s something coming.

    It really is too bad that my ps3 is dead, and it’s hard drive won’t be able to hold enough data for the last few updates…

  81. Feb. 15, 1:32am

    It is also on a early Tuesday morning, which if there are new contents, it would make it in time for the PSN update.

  82. Feb. 15, 1:21am

    What a tease you are PD, haha

  83. Feb. 15, 1:11am


  84. Feb. 15, 1:10am

    Can only be good news

  85. Feb. 15, 1:09am
    Both Barrels

    I predict this news story will have 400+ comments. And tons of bickering LOL

    • Feb. 15, 1:15am
      Pit Crew

      LOL I wont be assume this time. Servers getting some much needed attention. Im leaving it at that.

  86. Feb. 15, 1:03am

    First in woohoo…I hope it’s actual content this time.

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