GT5 Update 2.09’s Improved HSV-010 Engine Sound Videos, Endurance Race Fuel Bug Acknowledged

November 6th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As you have probably heard by now, GT5‘s 2.09 update launched last night and brought with it some of the most interesting changes to the game in quite some time, addressing many common player complaints, including the sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010.

Comparison videos of the car’s new engine sounds have now started to hit our forums, and offer a straightforward comparison of the changes. You’ll find two of the best examples embedded below.

Kazunori Yamauchi has also acknowledged via Twitter a critical bug introduced in 2.09, which negatively impacts car fuel consumption in endurance races in which players saved their race progress before initiating the update.

For now, the only solution is to stop or ignore the 2.09 update, or perhaps wait until the next patch is launched which will hopefully be able to remedy this issue.

As always, stay tuned to our Gran Turismo 5 forum for more community analysis and discussion.

GT5 Photomode image by Loading.

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  1. Dec. 19, 2:29pm

    Yes, with most of them they’ve got a lot more work to do on car sounds. Ex: Veyron sounds terrible; nothing like the real thing.

  2. Dec. 13, 10:08am

    @Polyphony Digital

    it sounds soo much better now could you please please do this with all cars well most cars anyways

    also cars with exhaust on one side (Castrol Supra) in external views the sound coming out only one side one speaker is wrong and vary annoying please fix or give an option.

  3. Dec. 7, 11:21am

    when is the fuel bug going to be fixed, I’ve done 14 hours on Le mans, such a stupid fault!

  4. Dec. 4, 8:39am
    Ferrari Enthusi

    Sounds like an F1 car now. Pretty cool.

  5. Nov. 22, 7:28am

    I downloaded this and when I went to another profile, that I was 4 hours into the Le Mans 24 hour race, and the fuel instantly drained on all cars. I tried going back around to the pits and doing it again but it wouldn’t fix itself

  6. Nov. 17, 2:59am

    But what about those of us who are in the middle of endurance event and have downloaded this update? I’m 100 laps left and right now one lap take me almost 7 minutes instead of 1 minute :-(

  7. Nov. 15, 11:38pm

    I’ve even playing It. It’s still feels the same to me haha

  8. Nov. 10, 1:42am

    if people were unhappy with the difference between the online and the offline physics engines, wouldn’t it have been cheaper and easier, and made everyone happier two choose one of the two existing PE’s to use for both than to develop a third?

    • Nov. 10, 12:11pm

      ??? they took the practice physics and put it online they never made a 3rd

    • Nov. 10, 3:03pm

      ^ People keep saying that. But, all my cars still handle differently online, than they do offline.

      They didn’t make both the same. They only changed the online slightly so it is similar to the offline one, but still isn’t an exact replica.

  9. Nov. 9, 11:14pm

    Sounds are like 400x better on the cars I’ve driven so far tonight. MORE PLEASE!

    Either I just can’t get it to work right now or the Awheiler st backcloths photo glitch has been “fixed” :-( :-( :-(

    Also I seem to notice some wheels now respond to different (or correct) offset and have a better “dished” effect. Can anyone confirm these so I know I haven’t just had to much to drink or something?

    • Nov. 9, 11:15pm

      Should be “Backlot” not backcloths lol

  10. Nov. 9, 10:47pm

    200th comment!!! i win lol

  11. Nov. 9, 4:54pm

    This update added some grunt to the noise. Need some more. C’mon PD!

  12. Nov. 9, 3:44pm

    Cant belive all this moaning and sobbing, like a bunch of skirts on their period. You can get the game for around TEN dollars now.

    Its been out for a few years and packs an incredible experience for its money. The fact that you guys have a moan fest is due to addiction to crossdressing. Save up a 100$ and buy a white box with Forza in it. Enjoy your NFS physics and hillariously exaggerated car sounds.

  13. Nov. 9, 1:55pm

    Wow ^___^

    My photo. THANKS !!!

  14. Nov. 9, 11:18am

    so, who is the idiot responsible for the physics update?

    • Nov. 9, 12:31pm

      ummm everyone that complianed about having to deal with 2 different physic models (ex:me)

  15. Nov. 9, 6:38am

    ok they have the negine tone mostly right now just to get the exaust tone right what gives the car its high pitch is the resonance of the exaust. its hard to explain..

  16. Nov. 8, 11:26pm

    NEW Bug ? : In Replay Theatre> replay online race> car camera view – NORMAL View! I can’t hear the opponent Horn? WTF? BUG? (my english bad sorry)

    • Nov. 8, 11:44pm

      P.S. When I look online race replay.

    • Nov. 8, 11:48pm

      Camera view-“normal view”

  17. Nov. 8, 5:47pm

    Im having a problem with the update. Everytime i try to update it it freezes my system and restarts. Please help :(

    • Nov. 8, 8:07pm

      Are you using wireless? Hardwire it if u haven’t succeeded already.

    • Nov. 8, 8:10pm

      It did that to me the first try, second time it worked fine

    • Nov. 10, 10:05pm

      Mine is doing the same I’m not wireless I’m using my dsl box. What the hell is going on???

  18. Nov. 8, 2:02pm

    Good job with the new sounds PD!

  19. Nov. 8, 12:26pm

    The HSV sound B Spec in Nordschleife, its completely out of sync, you ear the car shift up or down, and after almost a second you see the gear indicator shift up or down. I’ve done a gear box setup

    I don’t even want to talk about physics online, when the ride height don’t influence in anything its all said…

  20. Nov. 8, 6:01am

    Lots more understeer for every car and more grunt in the sound department is my report!

  21. Nov. 8, 2:43am

    gave the 3D Improvements a good look over last night, not much to report, the in-car premium view is still broken, you can either have the car dash focused or the track but not both, weird as in every other view it’s just fine, bumper cam, roof cam etc etc. The replays do look a bit better, and i think they adjusted the gamma setting when you flick to 3D mode as things seem slightly more washed out.

    • Nov. 8, 4:28am

      Thanks for the report.

    • Nov. 8, 12:09pm

      Funny….In car view is fine (not broken).. The people who can’t/don’t use it are what’s broken..

    • Nov. 8, 2:38pm

      playnthru – twat! i use in-car but in-car in 3D is broken.

    • Nov. 8, 2:45pm

      i think if they used the 3D track render from bumper cam and laid a 2D premium in-car view over the top of it it would be fine. the problem seems to be they render far objects and the track side as further apart the greater the perceived distance from the car, instead of further apart the nearer they are. not sure why it looks fine rendering the 3D in all other views then. I tried the same car/track set-up on my external 2D to 3D converter and it did exactly the same thing when converting a straight 2D input from the game in that view.

  22. Nov. 7, 10:07pm

    Hey new Seasonals are available! & your gonna love the the featured car! Honda Civics!

  23. Nov. 7, 9:56pm

    Halfass game, halfass update. whats new?

  24. Nov. 7, 9:25pm

    @zondaman2 It’s like that in real life.

  25. Nov. 7, 9:18pm

    It sounds more like a Formula GT.

    • Nov. 7, 10:02pm

      It’s like that in real life.

    • Nov. 8, 7:59am

      NEVER! The Honda Weider sounds in real life more spectacular and more brutal. I was disappointed to hear it in GT5 after the patch. 1 Euro for nothing! Polyphony Digital has to improve the sounds for GT6…

    • Nov. 8, 9:56am

      Some people are never pleased.

    • Nov. 8, 1:32pm

      When you provide something that is inadequate, of course people aren’t going to be pleased. One of the best parts of the hsv is its incredible sound, so GT’s normal rubbish will disappoint those who want to experience that.

    • Nov. 8, 2:25pm

      Watch these videos. The sound in GT5 is never awesome or realistic.

      In GTR2 the Honda HSV-010 sounds more powerful.

  26. Nov. 7, 8:37pm

    I love the Weider sound especially in the Cockpit view :) If PD record the sounds and then tamper with or develop them for GT6, then ill be happy.

  27. Nov. 7, 7:57pm

    …and why oh why with standard car interior views have we not been given the use of windshield wipers? Ever try an endurance race in the rain without wipers? You are of course forced to use another view or a non standard car. We’re given working headlights with standards so why not wipers?

    • Nov. 7, 8:07pm

      Because PD probably either overlooked it, or just got lazy. Regardless, I do think we might get function wipers on standard cars in Spec 3.0.

    • Nov. 7, 10:48pm

      I didn’t know Spec 3.0 was confirmed. Oh wait…

    • Nov. 7, 10:53pm

      I did say might, after all.

    • Nov. 8, 9:39am

      Sorry harvee, bur you are the first one I saw wanting functional whipers on std cars.

    • Nov. 8, 2:25pm

      I know, I always end up wanting things that most others do not. I’m just different that way. :p

    • Nov. 8, 8:13pm

      For what it’s worth I want to flash my headlights on standard cars.

    • Nov. 9, 1:54pm

      You can see just fine in a standard car without windshield wipers. Even when following another car it never makes visibility very bad, it’s just a little annoying. Would it be nice if they had wipers? Sure. Then again, it would be nice if the wipers on the premiums didn’t break into 2 or 3 segments while they are running. But neither should have any impact on your driving, and you most certainly are not forced to use another camera view.

    • Nov. 10, 12:38pm

      “We’re given working headlights with standards so why not wipers?”

      *Just to point this out, you only get lights that turn on when it gets dark in standard model cars… You don’t have control over them like in a Premium car.

  28. Nov. 7, 7:50pm

    anyways if you compare both of these audi R8 race cars together the only one with a clear interior dashboard is the red, white and blue one. But the cockpit is identical to the blurry out of focus yellow / red and silver ones… why wouldn’t both be of the same quality graphically???

    • Nov. 7, 8:05pm

      Because PD overlooked it.

  29. Nov. 7, 7:43pm

    Yes @QuikSlvr223 the silver/yellow and red audi R8 were in gt4 but I’m talking in gt5 those standard (open top) race cars were all given interior cockpit views. It’s the close top standard race cars that still only have the black cut out shadow interior views.

  30. Nov. 7, 7:28pm

    Am I the only one peeved that

    The [Tire/Fuel Consumption] settings under [Event Settings] of the Online Lounge can now be set in four levels; “None”, “Normal”, “Fast”, and “Very Fast”.
    Is ONLINE only?

    Would love to do this in Arcade mode… especially as the two physics models are now the same…

    • Nov. 8, 2:09am

      I am too. And FYI, it’s always been one model. It performs differently on and offline.

  31. Nov. 7, 7:16pm

    Sounds like a Prius TC giving birth.

  32. Nov. 7, 6:53pm

    Gran Turismo 5: The Real Update Simulator

    • Nov. 7, 8:51pm

      Believe or not, GT5 is actually the most updated game in history, alongside The Sims 3.

    • Nov. 7, 9:50pm

      No HarVee, I think Dota is the most updated game in history.

    • Nov. 7, 11:05pm

      ^ I meant to put the words “one” and “of” between ‘actually’ & ‘the’. But you are correct though, DotA has a larger update history than those two games combined.

  33. Nov. 7, 5:28pm

    …Second thing I’d like to see in the next update is finally a pit crew for Tskuba.

    • Nov. 7, 5:37pm

      What a frustration. I am facing difficulty to update. It goes 50% and then an error occurs. I am almost giving up

    • Nov. 7, 5:53pm


      That’s a problem that has been affecting us since the GT5 Prologue era. I wonder why is this the only game that has problems updating?

      Thankfully I didn’t have any problems with this update. But I remember v2.07 taking a few tries before it worked.

      Just keep trying. Eventually it will go al the way through.

    • Nov. 7, 7:11pm

      You forgot Need for Speed: Shift. Especially with the bigger updates, my PS3 would error all the time.

    • Nov. 8, 6:07am

      Finally I did it. I needed to set up my internet connection. (error 80710736)

    • Nov. 8, 2:27pm

      I’ve never had any trouble updating this game, ever. Get some real internet connectivity, stop stealing your neighbor’s Wi-Fi :P

  34. Nov. 7, 5:02pm

    One thing I’d like to see in an update next are a visual fix of the audi R8 race car (silver and red / yellow) cockpit is so blurry. Yet, the exact same audi R8 race car (red, white and blue) has a completely in focus dashboard.

    • Nov. 7, 7:12pm

      Isn’t the silver/yellow one from GT4, and therefore a stnadard car?

    • Nov. 7, 8:03pm

      All Audi LMPs except the R10 are standard.

  35. Nov. 7, 5:00pm

    My 1st impression of the new sound was bad until I watched some real life footage of the HSV and it is surprisingly similar. Best sounding car in GT5 is still the z4m with a sports exhaust though.

  36. Nov. 7, 4:59pm

    I love MotogamesTV, and that sound is amazing(for GT5)

  37. Nov. 7, 3:46pm

    How does it sound in a replay?

  38. Nov. 7, 3:23pm

    as far as the cockpit camera, the wide view setting seems to be more zoomed in than before 2.09 and well less wide if anything. On my same TV screen as before I no longer have a full sized rear mirror, even if it now isn’t blank like it was in 2.08

  39. Nov. 7, 2:51pm

    Anyone else noticed that after this (2.09) update, Chevrolet now has 17 cars listed as available for purchase at level 40, despite only a total 16 cars actually being available within the dealership?

    • Nov. 7, 6:03pm

      possible DLC coming (maybe)

    • Nov. 7, 7:13pm


    • Nov. 8, 7:40am

      @Quiksilver just a fix its Corvette ZR1 and Camaro ZL1

  40. Nov. 7, 1:54pm

    How aboht they fix b-spec so i can run at côte d’azur without all that crashing. Or maybe i gould do something useful with my lvl 40 drivers other then grind for cash. Yes i am ranting.

    • Nov. 7, 1:59pm

      Wrong thread.

    • Nov. 7, 3:18pm

      Lower your gear ratio…this will cure crashing of the wall on cote de’ spec requires the same setup as you would when raceing..

    • Nov. 7, 11:15pm

      Monaco and the oval races are the only ones that seem to require careful coaching. Make sure your driver stays at blue (opposite of excited) and pray he doesn’t try to overtake in one of the handful of dangerous spots after the tunnel and before the finishing straight.

  41. Nov. 7, 12:05pm

    Excellent, it sounds like an F1 car now just like the real HSV-010. :D

    I feel bad for those that were partway through endurance races and updated but tbh they should have known better then to update until after their race.

    • Nov. 7, 2:03pm

      Most people on this site and in other GT forums should have known if they’d been following the feedback to the updates. Other than that it’s probably the kind of people who overcharge their phones and wonder why their batteries are weak. :D

  42. Nov. 7, 10:28am

    It’s not just the Honda that changed, something changed across the board, it is very apparent with the Ferrari 458 as well, stock noise. Especially 4th gear, in both cars. I didn’t test anywhere else, but I am not especially fond of 2.09 in terms of feel at the wheel around the Nur 24hr, it feels like they removed some nice subtle feel, and slapped some arcade feel on it instead. Perhaps it just requires relearning this new patch, is it is with every other patch.

    • Nov. 7, 1:04pm

      Does the 458 sound any better? Because in real life the 458 has a lower pitch, in the game it has a higher pitch.

    • Nov. 7, 2:05pm

      That’s what Kaz was talking about. The sounds are too clean and don’t have any feel to them. Sexy-time.

  43. Nov. 7, 9:23am

    The improved engine sounds is great news but PD didnt mention in their patch notes that they have greatly improved the stability of online racing.

    I raced for about 4 hours online this morning without one disconnection from the server. I also noticed very little lag, even with 16 racers !!! before this patch once the room got full I nearly always got some lag. PD have also cured the black screen bug!. I chatted to a few people online and they are experiencing the same improvements.

    Thankyou Polyphony Digital, I had stopped playing because of the disconnection problems but now GT5 is running like a dream and I am loving it. SEE YOU ONLINE !

    • Nov. 7, 10:03am

      I will try it out.. hope my online lobby will not freeze anymore..

  44. Nov. 7, 8:58am

    The Weider actually sounds really good, I’m happy with that. Good job PD.

  45. Nov. 7, 8:03am

    Very, VERY glad I happened to be browsing the forums yesterday and found out about the endurance race glitch, as I’m 16 hours into the Nurburgring race. If I hadn’t I’m pretty sure my copy of GT5 would be in a landfill right now.

  46. Nov. 7, 6:07am

    really disappointing
    the honda now sounds like an electric car on steroids
    come on this car in real life sounds close to an f1 car

    • Nov. 7, 1:05pm

      Shut up, stop being pesimistic, it sounds much better.

    • Nov. 7, 3:38pm

      Iisten to it in a real world video then listen to it in a GT5 video, it sounds the same

  47. Nov. 7, 5:59am
    Escort mk1 yum

    This game could be the best driving game ever, but it’s lacking loads, ie NO MK1 ESCORT!!!!! A Legend of a car that’s not in the game, being able to do what you want, like driving a Ferrari F1 car Against other cars, being able to keep your Convertible roofs down, I’ve spent days of game time on this game, but now I can’t even be assed to put the disc in, think they should Employ a lot more people and get gt6 out ( and finished ), and stop with the Seasonals on gt5 and just Knuckle down and get on with gt6, I want that Feeling back of rushing home from work to put my ps3 on and kill hours of racing time.

    • Nov. 7, 1:28pm
      Tenacious D

      Two points.

      Cars need to be licensed as well as modeled. Getting several hundred – perhaps a thousand – car licenses is an ordeal. The ones from GT4 most likely needed to be re-licensed. Developers have to work out a “completion path” of least resistance. Trouble, work, all that.

      Working on online gaming aspects like Seasonal Events only takes a few programmers, NOT modelers, which you’re actually talking about. But GT5 could use some additional work done on it because it’s not perfect enough for many of us. Just listen to the sound hounds, who want more engine sound updates like the Honda HSV got. Or the paint people like me, or the event people, again like me… there are a dozen little things which could use a fix in GT5 to make us universally happy and push a few more copies into gamer’s hands and out shop doors.

    • Nov. 7, 3:43pm

      How about a MK1 Ford Fiesta? Lol, my first car. I think one of the most important experiences in a sim racer like Gran Turismo 5 is being able to drive your dream car. That car that you dream of having but never will because, well, in most cases dream cars and dang expensive. We need more of those kind of super cars in Gran Turismo! My dream car is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, and if not that a Ferrari 250 TR is alright, lol. I want more of those sports prototypes that were made mostly by the Europeans like Ferrati and Lotus and company, Ford/Shelby in later years, but mostly Ferrari. But yeah, from the 50’s to about the mid 60’s, sports prototypes of the day were awesome, I want those!

    • Nov. 7, 11:20pm

      Amac500, your opinion on what a sim racer should be is extremely agreeable, but getting those dream cars modeled for the game is one thing… and getting them licensed in the first place is another!

    • Nov. 8, 4:56am
      Escort mk1 yum

      Amac500, the escort mk1 is my dream car lol, I want one bad, but I haven’t got £30,000 to get one, but man would I love it if gt5 had one, because that’s all I would drive

  48. Nov. 7, 4:56am

    Because of good opinions due to new car sound of the Honda Weider I will buy the car. I’m interested in this car. 1 Euro is too much but this time I make an exception.

  49. Nov. 7, 4:41am

    Just another 300+ car sounds to get right and we’re nearly there :)
    I wish these guys would make a rally game.

  50. Nov. 7, 2:44am

    Oh yea, that’s more like it!

  51. Nov. 7, 1:57am

    They just made the sample higher pitched and mixed it with the FGT/X1 sample. But I must admit the effect is rather impressive. PD, you’ve managed to sell me the Honda!

    Now, if you could only put the Viper SRT/10 Coupe sample into the Viper GTS. PD, please?

    • Nov. 7, 2:34am


    • Nov. 7, 3:28am

      Buying the Honda now.

  52. Nov. 7, 1:10am


  53. Nov. 6, 11:47pm

    Oh wait, does anyone know what driving level you have to be before you can use the vehicle? My Playstation’s hardrive failed so all of my GT5 data is gone. :'(

    • Nov. 7, 2:01am
      GT HP Nut

      You mean the HSV? You can drive/use it once you bought and installed the HSV DLC, no matter which level are you on. ;)

  54. Nov. 6, 11:38pm

    Wow, it’s so much better! Even when the car is idle it sounds more realistic.

    Thank you Polyphony Digital! I wanted to get this car day 1 of its release, but when I first heard the engine sounds, I quickly changed my mind. I’ll definitely be purchasing it now!

    • Nov. 7, 2:37am
      Tenacious D

      Oh, good grief…

  55. Nov. 6, 9:08pm

    once im done with the update and continue with my 4 hours endurance at Nurburgring, i realise that after my pit stop with full tank, when i exit, the car cant go any faster than 80km/h and every other car is the same (the one in front of me can’t pull away and i know he is too… 80 km/h) and the fuel tank is red empty (was full tank remember?)… after crawling along the track for 20 minutes and finally back in pit and suspend the race, i restart my PS3 and load the game, it’s the same! full tank and exit pit, same 80km/h with a red empty fuel tank. What’s going on?

  56. Nov. 6, 8:31pm

    anyone notice that when your car hits the wall it rolls somewhat over?

    • Nov. 7, 5:26am

      Rollover still happens offline, just rolled my Aventador. Still not possible online but aside from that the physics feel the same as offline. Now I just need to check the 3D mode for improvements. This is a great update.

  57. Nov. 6, 8:01pm

    I just noticed something else just now. I was driving in my ’71 Mustang Mach 1 and I noticed that the odometer was working. And it kept my miles when I switched tracks. I never noticed this & I’m not sure if this was working before the 2.09 update.

    • Nov. 6, 10:56pm

      the miles will not go up if you use the arcade mode. They only go up if you use it in GT Life mode.

    • Nov. 7, 11:06am
      Pit Crew

      Have to check that out today. Havent played much for 2 days (U.S. Election).

      I remember GT having a working Odometer in other titles.

      @Rushton OP doesnt mention Arcade Mode, only that he saw working odometer.

    • Nov. 7, 3:09pm

      I mean the actual odometer in the car. How can GT have a working odometer if this is the first game in the series to have an interior view? Other cars don’t have a working in-car odometer.

    • Nov. 7, 10:33pm
      Pit Crew

      @ Hobonator GT3 has a working odometer when viewed from outside car view

    • Nov. 7, 10:36pm
      Pit Crew

      Not disputing your seeing odometer working inside car. Not what I said at all. Only that working odometer has been featured in previous GT titles…

  58. Nov. 6, 8:01pm

    Kaz probably stormed in to the offices , made the receptionist lady cry, flipped a table over , fired the lead sound designer and pointed his finger while yelling at the sound team and said FIX THE SOUNDS.. right after the interview.

    • Nov. 6, 8:06pm

      Sure. We’ll go with that.

    • Nov. 6, 9:55pm

      YEAH LOL

    • Nov. 6, 11:39pm


    • Nov. 7, 1:13am

      Seems legit

    • Nov. 7, 1:34am
      Pit Crew

      Quite plausible

    • Nov. 7, 2:07pm


    • Nov. 7, 2:08pm

      haha my name goes so perfect with this.

  59. Nov. 6, 7:48pm

    Any one else notice the cockpit view has been enhanced too?

    • Nov. 6, 7:48pm

      I mean for the HSV. Look at the comparison video

    • Nov. 6, 7:57pm

      I know what you mean, the rear view mirror is now reflecting after v2.09.

    • Nov. 6, 8:21pm

      It also seems that view point has been lowered slightly.

    • Nov. 6, 8:28pm

      yeah i noticed that to.

    • Nov. 6, 9:58pm


    • Nov. 7, 2:10pm

      The cockpit view is so much more dramatic now. I have a feeling that they won’t be stopping there. If they go even further, I actually expect to see different options available.

  60. Nov. 6, 7:05pm

    …or is fuel bug strictly caused by using a suspended 2.08 endurance race with the 2.09 updated version???

    • Nov. 6, 8:23pm

      From what I’ve read, it only affects saved endurance races from version 2.08 and then resuming them after updating the game to version 2.09. Starting and saving an endurance race after updating to 2.09 does not seem to trigger the bug.

  61. Nov. 6, 7:02pm

    Does anyone know if starting a new endurance race with the 2.09 update causes this fuel bug to still happen after suspending a race and then continuing after re-entering the pitstop at another time???

  62. Nov. 6, 6:57pm

    1 down, 1000 to go

  63. Nov. 6, 6:12pm

    Hey guys. This is a better comparison video for the HSV-010 engine sound. It has the pre and post 2.09 sound cutting back and forth to get the best contrast. Check it out:

  64. Nov. 6, 6:10pm

    Engine sounds are my biggest disappointment with this game. Sounds like they carried over the original sounds from the first Gran Turismo game.
    The WRX engine sound, for example, sounds nothing like a boxer engine – Worst engine sound in the game IMO.

    • Nov. 6, 7:50pm

      the premium WRX do not have the 2.5 liter engine, they have a 2.0 and sound extremely close to the real counterparts.

    • Nov. 6, 8:25pm

      Everything you just said is wrong.
      2 of the premium WRX’s in the game (’07 & ’10) are 2.5 litre.
      I own an 2009 WRX. I can tell you for a fact, that the car in the game sounds absolutely nothing like the really thing. Regardly of engine size, the engine sound in the game sounds nothing like a real boxer engine. Not even close.

    • Nov. 6, 8:29pm

      none of the cars sound like the real thing

    • Nov. 6, 8:35pm

      True, but the WRX/boxer engine sounds are the worst.
      I seriously think they have just used the engine sound from a Yaris for the WRX.

    • Nov. 6, 8:47pm

      i own a evo 9 and buddy has 07 sti and even without his uneven length headers his car still hass the sti rumble somewhat and neither of those cars sound correct in game

    • Nov. 7, 1:54am

      The ’07 and ’10 sound wrong. The Spec C Type RA sounds as real as it can get.

  65. Nov. 6, 5:33pm

    Thanks PD for these updates. I’m sure alot of us needed these changes. Hopefully someday the online races “slipstream” can be optioned to: None or Real.

  66. Nov. 6, 4:57pm

    I hope that the next car to have its sound improved be a lamborghini murceilago? because this car sounds astonishing in real life. it really gives me and adrenalin rush!

  67. Nov. 6, 4:12pm

    Acknowledged: The sound Of the Chevrolet Camaro SS’10 has been improved. Thanks to hobanator24 for the advice.

    • Nov. 6, 5:12pm

      Your welcome

  68. Nov. 6, 3:46pm

    Hey Guys i’ve driven the Weider with its new sound and my HIGH-TECH sound system AND WOW!!! What a difference!!!

    • Nov. 6, 3:47pm

      *sorry i didnt drive my sound system, i played the game’s sounds with it*

  69. Nov. 6, 3:29pm

    Finally a car that sounds right! Only a thousand odd cars to correct, and would it kill PD to add some new cars? Also had an interesting online experience, logged on to a room only to find it was still being configured, couldn’t exit or change settings. Anyone else had a similar thing happen?

  70. Nov. 6, 3:14pm

    Too bad … I heard too late of this bug so my GT5 was updated automatically.
    I was 9 hours underway in the last A-spec 24-hours Nurburg … damned !
    Thats 9 bloody hours wasted on a stupid bug !!

  71. Nov. 6, 3:04pm
    Japan Hayai

    They should improve on the rest of the game, i hate PD they put a new car in the game and act like its god like vehicle, its just another super gt car, i rather they build more new premium cars that came out this year rather than improving on a single car

    • Nov. 6, 5:16pm
      HKS racer

      WTF you’re saying dude? The HSV sound fix was absolutely needed.

    • Nov. 6, 7:13pm

      ^ +1 Agreed.

      @Japan Hayai You need to calm down and stop, seriously. THE NEW ENGINE SOUNDS FOR NEW CARS ARE BEING SAVED FOR GT6, NOT GT5 THAT HAS STANDARD CARS. Just be thankful that the HSV had its engine sound changed, because it SERIOULSLY needed it. I’m very happy and thank Kaz and PD for listening to us and changing it to sound better.

      IMO. That’s really thankful of them to do something like that to put in with this update, after many have complained about it sounding bad before, me included, which was good to get their attention and learn that engine sounds are important to cars. Since Kaz said him and PD are wanting the engine sounds “sexier”, you have nothing to worry about but DON’T have your hopes up for it.

    • Nov. 7, 12:40am

      Y’know… You’ve kinda contradicted yourself here, Japan Hayai… This update DOES improve/fix portions of the game, especially the variating fuel consumption/tire wear options – these are one of the few things I’ve actually looked forward to in an update in a long time. I’m not sure how extensive the online physics have been changed, but as soon as they replicate the offline physics, I can probably live with GT5 until GT6 is released. I just feel like I’ve done pretty much everything the game has to offer right now.

      And as for “rather they build more new premium cars that came out this year rather than improving on a single car” – it’s FAR simpler to adjust the audio and slightly adjust the physics of one pre-existing car than to build multiple new cars from the ground-up with PD’s current resources. I’d rather have this content wait for GT6, and have the game be released as soon as possible, but as late as what can allow the game to be completed. I don’t want another GT5, I want something reminiscent of the classic GT’s where everything feels completed and meant to be in the game, and not rushed.

  72. Nov. 6, 2:41pm

    I dunno, From listening to the videos up above I can tell the difference. But not overly convinced.
    will run the update later. Have a scenario to build.

    Until then Drool at this HSV Footage

  73. Nov. 6, 2:38pm

    Im anxious to try this new sound with my 7.1 channels Onkyo and “Large Theater” setting. Thanks PD!!!

  74. Nov. 6, 2:31pm

    WOW, Thats a big sound improvment!! Really. Now it sounds like a real v10!!!
    I’d like that the next GT5 update comes with a REAL sound improvement for all premium cars..!

    • Nov. 6, 2:34pm

      Actually, alot of premium cars sound a bit better after this update. I just drove a stock ’10 Camaro SS and it has a more throaty V8 sound than it did before

    • Nov. 6, 2:40pm

      Really..mmh i think thats one of the unnanounced changes PD did incorporate :) Gonna Try.

    • Nov. 6, 2:40pm

      Baby steps, my friend.

    • Nov. 6, 3:05pm

      Uhh, it’s a 3.4 litre V8 that revs to 10,000+rpm, not a V10 ;)

  75. Nov. 6, 2:21pm

    Gutted about the fuel bug. I was just reading this article while I was loading up my game after updating,… 16 hours into the Le Mans 24 hour race in A-Spec,.. I hope it’s fixed soon.

    Is my game save ruined or do I just have to await a fix?

    • Nov. 6, 3:46pm

      Your game save isn’t ruined, only your progress throughout the Le Mans race. Exit the race and restart over, and the bug should be fixed. You can try waiting it out if you want, but I don’t think PD is going to be releasing a fix anytime soon.

    • Nov. 6, 11:05pm

      I think you’re missing the point. I think the point is that he just potentially spent 16 hours for nothing.

  76. Nov. 6, 1:56pm

    This update ruined my endurance race! After pitting the fuel is gone right away… All cars have this during this race… So 14 hours to go… Driving really slow…

    • Nov. 6, 2:09pm

      Well, that’s no fun… After another pitstop, restarted the game and my PS3… I cancelled the race… Thanks PD

    • Nov. 6, 2:17pm

      It’s unfortunate, but blaming a developer for updating their two year old game? If I were you, I’d be more angry without caring to blame PD. Just weird.

    • Nov. 6, 2:17pm

      Should have disconnected from your network/internet before resuming your game, it would have kept your game safe! Did you really think that you could resume perfectly fine after an update?

  77. Nov. 6, 1:46pm

    The sound has improved substantially. Thanks PD.

  78. Nov. 6, 1:24pm
    Tenacious D

    I think it’s sad that so many of the fans here put way more interest in the sounds of a GT game than the actual driving experience. To me, this is proof that for many people, peripheral things matter more than the substance. It’s why the same liquor put in a bottle that looks more appealing, “tastes better” to most people, even though it’s the SAME stuff.

    At least some of you VROOM VROOM fans are happy now that GT5 is a “much better” game.

    • Nov. 6, 1:32pm

      You are aware that good car sounds add to the driving experience, right?

    • Nov. 6, 1:40pm

      TOTALLY disagree with you.

      How can you possibly divorcee the sounds of GT5 from the driving experience when the sounds of the engine revving, snarling and barking on downshifts is such an integral part of the experience? Let’s be honest for a moment: there isn’t that much that differentiates the cars we virtually drive from one another other than sound and handling. If all cars handled the same or the difference between how each car handled was minor would you continue say that GT5 was a great driving experience?

      Of course a rational person wouldn’t .

      So to further the illusion that I’m driving a ’69 GT40 with a big American strait pipe V8 I need to hear the sound of that engine and it needs to be distinctly different than the sound of a muffled, suppressed and tuned exhaust Ferrari V8. When everything starts to sound the same, it starts to be the same.

      Those of us that think PD has laid out on the sound aspect of GT5 would agree that an $80 million dollar game that models nobs and instrument dials on its premium cars to exact perfection could at the very least also treat the sound of the game with equal care and diligence without thinking that’s too much to ask.

      Oh and I’m REALLY still worn out that adding a custom gearbox makes you hear NOTHING but custom gear box after FIVE generations of GT.

    • Nov. 6, 1:59pm

      I disagree with you. Sounds are important, and part of the driving experience. I want better sounds! They are too digital. They don’t sound analogue. I guess they sound fake is what I’m saying, like someone digitally modeled what they THOUGHT the engines should sound like instead of actually listening, recording, etc.

    • Nov. 6, 2:09pm

      You’ve been up for debate alot lately lol but, I have to disagree with you because car sounds adds to the experience of driving as HarVee already said.

    • Nov. 6, 2:15pm

      I’m going to say this a bit rudely, but..

      You don’t say! And I’ve been listening only to the tire sounds this whole time!

      It’s only to express that it’s understood that the cars SHOULD sound realistic. The way a lot of people make it sound, PD are the devil for not doing the sounds how they’re “supposed” to sound like.

      “Well, at least PD is making some progress. They could do better, obviously, but at least they’re actually trying now.”
      Well, yea. They’ve never tried. They didn’t try to improve the sounds with Spec 2, then again a couple of updates after that, then another time, then once more. They never tried well to capture all of the sounds. They cared only to change them.


      WTF!!! That last quote, it got me.

    • Nov. 6, 2:30pm
      Tenacious D

      Since some of you have totally missed the point of my post, here’s some clarity.

      I’m not “divorcing” sound from anything. I’m saying that for too many of you, lameish sound = bad game. It doesn’t matter how good it is otherwise. And worse, to many of you, even close to real sound = bad sound. And sorry, but that’s just dumb to me.

      I happen to own a stock Supra MkIII. And yes, it sounds like a VACUUM CLEANER in real life. It DOES whoosh and whine, it doesn’t roar like that fake distorted mess in Forza 4. It’s pretty much right in GT5, and I bet many of you think it’s limp. Oh well.

    • Nov. 6, 2:32pm
      Tenacious D

      One more thing. I’ve even read knot-heads around here who say that Gran Turismo pretty much sounds like it did throughout the series. Don’t scoff, I’ve read the posts.

      Excuse me for not having a slash-n-burn approach to everything, where it’s pass or fail.

    • Nov. 6, 2:41pm


      Here is the points you’re missing:

      1. GT5 took five years and $80 million to develop and STILL the sound is mediocre at best. During 5 year nobody thought to bring the sound up to the same standard as the graphics and physics?
      2. Grand Turismo was supposed to be a COMPLETED game on release day and as such, the sound on release day should have been more than what it has been so far. We the consumer – the people who PAY that $80 million to PD – should receive a better product if PD expects us to keep buying their product.

      Responding to our concerns of the sound?


      It’s been fifteen YEARS since the first release of Gran Turismo and in all the various incarnations of the game not one time to my recollection has the gaming community positively responded to the sound in the GT series. Quite the opposite actually. Every release brings the same hope of better engine sounds and the same disappointment.

      When a company expects me to hand over $50 for a game I don’t have to be grateful or appreciative or understanding that they are working on improving it. It should be right the first time especially in light of the fact that this has been an issue for over a decade.

      Please understand I’m saying this in all due respect

    • Nov. 6, 2:47pm

      It sounds very dismissive of the people who are concerned about sound realism in GT5 when you group them together into “…some of you VROOM VROOM fans…” who also happen to think the game is improved over previous incarnations.

      We are not all “ VROOM VROOM fans” because we expect a higher level of realism from a game the touts its realism so often and loudly.

    • Nov. 6, 3:32pm


      You’re definitely not who Tenacious D is directing this at. I don’t disagree with you.

    • Nov. 6, 3:55pm

      @ another_jakhole

      Ahh, what’s the matter? You forget to take your chill pill today?

    • Nov. 6, 5:03pm

      if you want a realistic driving experience, go to your local race track ( if you have one) get in one of the available exotic cars and take a couple of laps. trust me its much more better than sitting on a couch and playing gt5. now lets hope PD improves the sounds of all premium cars. you have to agree that adding a realistic sound to the cars gives a more enjoyable racing game experience!

    • Nov. 6, 5:19pm
      HKS racer

      Have a break Tencious Trollacious.

    • Nov. 6, 5:50pm
      Tenacious D

      Sorry, if some of you think the only words you can say about GT5 are negative. And I’m also sorry that some of you can’t understand that being critical of a game is one thing. But to carry on with the attitude that Polyphony does nothing right… I have to ask again, as another_jhole has on more than one occasion, “Why are you here, if you don’t like PD, you don’t like GT, and you don’t like people who have good things to say about this game?”

      I have no problem with sane, reasonable sound critics. You know, people who are smart enough to describe shortcomings in terms other than, “These sounds blow, PD will never get this right.” Heck, I periodically bring up the screwy things Kaz included like the XP/Level system, the paint chip collecting, car horn and other Pokemon trinkets… the things that have NEVER been in a GT game, and usually aren’t in ANY racer. And were really bad, silly game elements which I don’t like dealing with. Do you know ANYONE who likes the paint chip system?? I saw ONE guy.

      Yes, there is a lot of ACTUAL trolling around here, but it’s going one way. Excuse me if I want to steer things in a direction that’s more thoughtful and less full of BS.

    • Nov. 6, 5:57pm
      Tenacious D

      One more thing.

      “It’s been fifteen YEARS since the first release of Gran Turismo and in all the various incarnations of the game not one time to my recollection has the gaming community positively responded to the sound in the GT series.”

      It depends on who you’re talking about. If you mean the gaming press, you’re wrong. I read a number of online articles in which the author remarked about how much better then sounds are. A few liked them overall. And yes, these are two year old stories, but no one remarked that GT5 had the same “vacuum cleaner sounds as always,” like some of these guys around here do.

      If you mean the fans, sorry, wrong there too. A number of us have remarked how happy we are with GT5 overall. Sorry if our votes don’t count in your poll.

    • Nov. 6, 6:26pm

      I own a WRX. Part of the enjoyment of driving it is the low rumbling engine sound it makes. In GT5 it sounds like a standard Toyota Yaris. It sounds nothing like a WRX does in real life (outside the car or in the cabin). It takes away massively from the enjoyment of driving it in the game.
      There are generally 3 basic things people like about sportscars: Looks, performance and sound. Is it really too much to ask that they replicate the sound better in the game? Other games have been doing it for 15 years now!

    • Nov. 6, 9:17pm

      Tenacious D,

      You have great points. BUT, FMS, Horizon and NFS have nailed vehicles sounds down to a T. I have not heard the same sound on any 2 cars in those titles as I do in GT5. Put game play, online play etc. aside, and you can hear the difference between those games mentioned. NFS even nailed the sounds on the PS2 titles as well. IMO, I prefer sounds to be in the top 3 in what I look for in a sim. I am not disapointed with GT5 at all. The game is great. The sounds, from what I understand are not recorded the same way as the above, therefore, a bit substandard.

    • Nov. 7, 6:12am
      HKS racer

      Typical Tenacious D post:

      bla bla bla GT5 is so damn good
      bla bla bla I don’t want they improve sounds
      bla bla bla I use tyre squealing as grip reference
      bla bla bla engine and exahust notes louder means I won’t hear my lovely squealing anymore :’-(
      bla bla bla FM4 is crap
      bla bla bla Sony is out of money
      bla bla bla I complain about GT5 complainers.

    • Nov. 7, 10:25am

      “HKS racer
      Have a break Tencious Trollacious.”

      This right here, is such a great man.

  79. Nov. 6, 1:23pm

    It’s better, but they still haven’t record the shifting gears sound, but not bad

    • Nov. 6, 1:36pm

      Well, at least PD is making some progress. They could do, obviously, but at least they’re actually trying now.

    • Nov. 6, 1:37pm

      do better*

  80. Nov. 6, 1:02pm

    Nice sound, that’s the way they have to do. Only listen to your fans Mr PD. They know much more than you think about how to do a better game. Congrats.

    • Nov. 6, 1:03pm

      EDIT: i still don’t have the HSV for sale in Brasil
      This is not good.

  81. Nov. 6, 12:56pm

    PD did a great job. Nice that they are listening. New sound is much much better. Thanks PD!

  82. Nov. 6, 12:55pm
    GT HP Nut

    There is still some difference, but this time it’s very close to the real sound. Good job PD.

  83. Nov. 6, 12:44pm

    Dash cam sound is so much better than outside cam. Nice work PD!

  84. Nov. 6, 12:34pm

    damn that HSV sound good….. this time PD nailed the sound for 1 car… I wonder if the other car sounds like, say VTEC crossover sound…. I haven’t update to 2.09 =)….

  85. Nov. 6, 12:25pm

    Yeah the working rear view monitor is great. The car sounds 100% better, thanks PD.

    Maybe it’s me? But the roll cage bar (in cockpit view) seems less obtrusive? Maybe they repositioned it slightly?

    • Nov. 6, 12:56pm

      YES! They move the rollcage a bit. Now its a little bit higher.

  86. Nov. 6, 12:25pm

    They just replaced bad with other kind of bad. And if you ask to me to the worse!

  87. Nov. 6, 12:23pm

    Looked up the real sound…it’s close.

  88. Nov. 6, 12:22pm

    It says on the actual News when on GT5 that the ‘scoring method has been changed to stop cheating’. Don’tknow how that’ll work but YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I hate those people who cheat the drift trails, especially when you watch their videos and they’ve just gone round getting 1000’s and 1000’s of points when everyone else gets 100’s and that’s it. I also hate it when they ‘drift’ by using an horrifically carp car and steer from side to side, somehow gaining them LITERALLY 1000’s of points. Hope this blatant cheating in both senses I’ve metioned has been fixed by this system.

  89. Nov. 6, 12:17pm

    I have another bug with this new update:

    DLC is installed but I still get that.

  90. Nov. 6, 12:10pm

    Don’t forget the working LCD Monitor for rear view on the HSV!

  91. Nov. 6, 12:03pm

    That thing sounds like an F1!

  92. Nov. 6, 12:00pm

    The labels are switched around in the second video.

    • Nov. 6, 12:07pm

      Nope, sounds right to me.

    • Nov. 6, 12:07pm

      Sounds nice

    • Nov. 6, 12:08pm

      You sure?

      Then again I haven’t played GT5 in awhile.

    • Nov. 6, 12:17pm

      Yep, new sound is on the right. (2.09) I’m wearing headphones so that might help.

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