GT6 Sounds “Will Improve”, But “Major Update” Coming to GT7


Kazunori Yamauchi has made two interesting comments at the Goodwood Festival of Speed regarding one of the more controversial aspects of Gran Turismo: engine sounds.

While speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, he said “I think the quality of the sounds in Gran Turismo 6 will be improved, but most of the work will be done in Gran Turismo 7.” He echoed these remarks in an impromptu Reddit AMA, stating “the major update to the sound will be coming in GT7, so don’t expect anything on that front from the July update.”

While reiterating that Polyphony Digital is working on GT7, he made it clear that he “doesn’t think” the game will be released any time this year.

More detailed comments on the state of engine sounds in Gran Turismo are expected to come from the PitStop blog in the next few weeks, as he addresses the most popular questions from our Kazunori Yamauchi Q&A forum.

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  1. Ian_83

    For the love of god Kaz…… please start doing the things that you say, or keep your mouth shut and say nothing at all!!

    The problem with GT6/Kaz and the reason why the game gets so many negative comments is purely because Kaz gets peoples hopes up and then doesn’t deliver for whatever reason.

    The game sounds is a perfect example. We were told that the sounds would be improved in GT6, however with the exception to a few select cars, the engine sounds are pretty much the same as GT5 and GT5 was not renowned for good engine sounds. Kaz then suggested that there would be an improvement in sound on an update, which to be fair we may actually still get……but the problem is that people want it now, not next year when they’ve got bored of playing the game. Call in impactience on behalf of the gamer if you will, but I do understand why gamers are impatient, they paid their money, they are playing the game and they would like to enjoy the full experience.

    When I was doing A-spec, it felt just like GT5 all over again, until I got to racing the Red Bull Junior and then OH MY GOD. :D The sound of that engine was fantastic, it finaly sounded awesome and I was grinning like crazy throughout those races. The sound of the car made me enjoy the racing so much more than ever before, even now I go back to racing the RB Junior just for a laugh….. I want more of that.

    I personally think that the gaming industry is relying too heavily on future updates and DLC. The fact is that developers are able to launch a game withou actually finishing it first and then simply adding the missing bits or fixing the broken bits with an update. This is all well and good, but the public are paying money for what should be a finished game, a game which should have been thoroughly Beta tested for flaws and this isn’t what we’re receiving anymore….it’s such a shame really.

    Anyway, hopefully Kaz will improve the GT6 sounds, it would make a huge difference to the game, it would enable people to enjoy racing even more and it should help to guarantee future sales of GT7. Sadly, I don’t believe that Kaz will update the sound, the focus will be on the missing game content, some DLC and most impotantly for PD will be develioping GT7 for the PS4.

    1. MeanElf

      “The game sounds is a perfect example. We were told that the sounds would be improved in GT6…”

      Actually, we were told that they may be ready during GT6 but even back then, he said it was likely that they wouldn’t be fully implemented until GT7. Honestly it was your own expectations that did you in there.

  2. KoldStrejke

    Lo’Fing’L not getting it. I like to drive the cars here in the GT series. but Kaz is just not dedicated enough to the game. don’t see me getting GT7 when theres better that I am playing now on PC. but might get it down the road. when it hits bargain bin.

    1. MeanElf

      Yep – PC vs PS4 seems like a fair comparison…

      I also don’t really undestand the mentality behind dissing a game for whatever reason, then still buying it when it’s cheap. So what essentially you are saying is…you don’t mind whatever it was that you were all out of shape about; but you just don’t want to pay any real money for it.

      Call it like it is fella, people will respect that more than half-truths.

    2. KoldStrejke

      Well, I have most of the games in the GT series. so if one is coming out, in a collector’s sense. I will get it. But only When it’s at a cheaper price point. Maybe that will clear it up for ya.

    3. MeanElf

      So, I was right then. The fact that it’s cheap has more to do with it than your unwillingness to buy due to any feature that is missing or has been nerfed in your opinion?

  3. Cobra R 2000

    “I (THINK) the quality of the sounds in Gran Turismo 6 will be improved, but most of the work will be done in Gran Turismo 7.” ~ Kazunori Really?!? Wouldn’t HE be the one who would DEFINITELY know? The word games are real folks! smh….

  4. Cobra R 2000

    Listening to Kazunori talk about updating sounds on GT6 is like listening to a used car salesman convince you that the lemon he just sold you will eventually fix itself and expect you to be happy with that…..smh.

  5. Makes

    anybody know if GT7 will support G25/27 ?
    I’d prefer a sound update and proper clutch implementation.

    1. Aussie_HSV

      Nope, not yet.
      The only 2 wheels officially supported on the PS4 at this stage are both Thrustmasters.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      Yeh, time will tell.
      TBH I’m a little vague on the scenario, but I think it will take a PS4 FW update to provide the drivers for the legacy peripherals.
      So I guess that means a talk between SONY and Logitech.
      Then PD can follow suit.
      But again, that’s just my understanding and there’s every chance I’ve got that wrong.

  6. MarlonO42

    yo i got next gen and i would really like if gt7 could come out like forza 5 or even better like swaps, engine way better graphics and no standard cars . all gtplanet need to do is go way ahead of forza 5 and they would become the top dogs.

    1. MeanElf

      I think you are mistaking GTPlanet with the developer of Gran Turismo, which is Polyphony Digital…and some other stuff.

  7. Tenacious D

    PS3 is such an outdated system with such skimpy memory, some of us were dubious about any real improvements in car sounds in GT6. So whatever they can do will be cool.

    And just to remind some of you who insist that every other game manages to have awesome car sounds…

    What other game has nearly a thousand unique cars? Racing game titles have… what, between a handful and maybe 50? How many unique Formula 1 car sounds are there?

    The only other game remotely similar is Forza, and they fudge their car sounds. In F4, the only car with an actual high quality sound was the one the camera was focused on. Sports cars had generic low quality sounds, and race cars had general race car sounds. In replays, you could even hear your car over the others half a mile off. Plus, they didn’t even bother with stock sounds for sports cars. Every car sounded like it had a Borla on it. My Supra sounded like a little school bus, nothing like the roaring monster in Forza 4.

    So a little Snoping always helps.

  8. MigsRZXAdvent21

    GT5 took five walloping years to develop and its updates were also one of many reasons why. Same with GT6. So PD repeated their history with GT7, albeit a lot longer… But we shall wait and see. We can all speculate whatever we want to day for it, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to the finished product.

  9. jlmcmillan1978

    I don’t think we can expect too much for GT6, it’s possible that the PS3 is the limiting factor. I’ll hold judgement until I hear what cars sound like in GT7. By then it really should not be too much to expect that a car like the Sauber C9 sounds like a V8 & not like an electrical appliance. Even long term fans like myself have a limit to their patience, please get this right for GT7 PD!

    1. MigsRZXAdvent21

      From a saying I shared on my FB, if you don’t want disappointment, don’t expect anything at all… Or something along those lines…

  10. infamousphil

    “the major update to the sound will be coming in GT7…”? Seven has yet to be released! They already talking updates? Something must lost in the translation. Or is he saying improved sounds of will come as an update months after 7 has been released?

    1. MeanElf

      Nothing lost in translation, it can be read as both ‘at’ release or indeed ‘after.’ Both work as a sentence.

  11. Aventador2012

    They should get newer cars and when one brakes the brakes should light red showing that they are getting hot and in gt6 when You drift You dont see the smoke in the rear view mirror. I love the GT series that’s all I play on ps3 but they got to get focused on the quality of the game and should start putting in newer racing cars, when you watch motor sport on TV a lot of the racing cars have Grand Turismo stickers on the front window, so when I see that I’m thinking why can I not play does cars in the game?

  12. Ticaaal

    Its pretty amazing to see how brainwashed GT fans are, and I’ve been one to LOGICALLY defend GT to the grave. I called this as soon as it was announced. Sounds will not be improved for GT6. I’ve accepted that. I have been prepared by PD to learn to accept these short comings dating all the way back to the various release date changes of GT4. Its sad to see where this franchise has come. PD is catching up to EA very quickly. I feel embarrassed how far I got into GT6 until it bored me. I wonder what fanboys will say once the date for GT7 is announced and there is still no update to the sound for 6….But there is light at the end of that tunnel come November (hopefully)! Project Cars, I’m ready for change!

    1. sumbrownkid

      I think the problem nowadays with gamers is that they get too hyped for their own good and then get let down. I always go into new games with an open mind and so far the mindset hasn’t let me down too much.

      The only game that let me down really bad was Driver 3.

    2. Tenacious D

      Posting matters of fact don’t come from brainwashed fanboys.

      I’m not sure I’m going to go wild for P CARS. Thanks to the skimpy car list, it looks from videos that there will be a lot of one make racing. And I’m just not into the whole VROOM VROOM sound makes a game all better. And being able to mod street cars is nice, and the Livery Editor is supposed to be awesome sauce, but there are so few cars. And I’m kind of meh on half the car list. Bought the Assetto Corsa beta, didn’t care for it, bought GRID Autosport, kind of regret buying it, and the bots managed to be worse than the ones in Forza!

      Honestly, Forza 4 is enough of a diversion for me when GT6 gets old, and both games are so good, no other racers really seem to measure up to them.

  13. wudy201

    Not buying GT because of sounds proves nothing but exposing your foolishness. Sounds like you have nothing at all to complain about so you complain about nothing. Just make engine noises with your mouth when you play like vroooom vrooooom and whaaam whaaam etc.

    1. Ticaaal

      Question: Would you eat a steak that didn’t have a taste? or 30% of what it’s supposed to taste like?

    2. MeanElf

      Actually, my wife cannot taste food at all and yet she still eats. She’d be happy with 30% – so it’s a matter of perspective really.

  14. ADTR

    Lol, he “thinks” GT6 will have an update on sounds.. he doesn’t even know. It’s all the same since GT5 with unclear info leading to disappointment, he should learn to shut up.

    1. jhw93

      But if he says nothing then people like you would complain about the lack of communication…. And of course he says he ‘thinks’ what do you expect him to say? its far too early for anything to be concrete regarding GT7.

    2. ADTR

      Better say nothing than tell lies. And as far as I know, it’s not about PS4 he’s talking about but GT6 on the PS3. Don’t jump to conclusion saying “people like you”. Go look at all the features they announced for GT5 that were not there/didn’t work and/or look like they said it would. In communication you’re better just keeping it shut than saying “I think we’ll do this”.

      It’s sad to say but this game is joke getting bigger at each edition since GT5.

    3. jhw93

      Did you read the article by any chance? he did say that the brunt of the sound improvements would be a GT7 feature. And promised features? if your talking about a track creator…. just let it go man, let it go. It was never promised to be a launch feature, it was stated as a feature added to gt6 later on. Just because they have not said anything about it does not mean its not coming

    4. ADTR

      Wow, the dude’s been talking about sound improvments since last summer, now a years later his comment about a sound patch in GT6 BEGINS .. B-E-G-I-N-S with “I think”. Please don’t tell me i’m the only one seeing something is wrong here. Hell, there’s an article here from June 14th, 2013 saying there would be improved sounds in GT6. You guys keep buying what he’s saying. They are the EA of “driving sims”. Just move on and let the game die.

    5. jhw93

      The difference here is that kaz has actually given us some idea of what to expect…. and I am not surprised that he has talked about sounds for the passed year or so because a sound update is not something you can do in a few weeks… its a big update. He never said it will be in GT6 to my knowledge, he said it he was not sure if it would be in GT6 or not.

      And if you see kaz as I liar, then why get upset when ‘promised’ features don’t arrive? If you can’t trust him then take things with a pinch of salt and accept the game for what it is.

      Let the game die? why is it dying? I think its great and I love playing it. Just because you don’t have any appreciation for it doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy it.

    6. ADTR

      You have the right to play it if you enjoy it, I just hate (a lot) how he’s never sure about the game and where they want to go with it. To me it’s similar to what EA has done with Battlefield 4 with all the fake advertising. What happened with BF4 is indeed way worse indeed, but things have to change at PD .. GT7: The almost next-gen real driving simulator.

    7. jhw93

      Its far far too early for you to be worrying about the game… and you can’t expect him to be exact about all the details because well… that would spoil the fun. When GT7 is announced and the BMW M4 still sounds like a pissed off leaf blower that’s when you need to worry.

    8. ADTR

      We’ll see then. But still, my point is that they talked about it a year ago for GT6 and they are now even sure about it today. I guess that’s how they’ve always done it.. takes a lot of your credibility away, doesn’t it?

    9. jhw93

      you have to remember talking and promising are two different things…. im not defending kaz or PD but people often take things as a promise or confirmation and then blame the developer in the long run.

  15. JDM SRE70

    Well.. GT7 Sales will be under 100000 guaranteed. Rockstar’s developers are more rewarding to their automotive community than GT6 a so called ‘racing simulator’.

    Get out Kaz. Your time is gone. You’ve been in the spotlight far too long.

    1. sumbrownkid

      You mean the same Rockstar marketing that touted heists as the central component to online play, but after release has yet to give us heists but keep saying “coming soon”?

      Look I love GTA V, but they have stumbled too.

    2. ADTR

      Doesn’t change that fact that the marketing was perfect. They sold 35 million copies of the game on two platforms. At least, we know they exist and that they’ll be close to perfect on the release unlike you know who..

    3. sumbrownkid

      Rockstar also has the luxury of selling on multiple platforms.

      PD doesn’t. That’s a big factor right there. And another factor is that racing sims genre is not as strong as it used to be while GTA has always been a hot commodity.

    4. ADTR

      Compared to other games that sell on 5 platforms (Battlefield, Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed etc.) is it really a luxury lol Wait until they sell it on PS4, XB One and PC this fall.

      They sure have a bigger market since racing games are more restrictive, but still look how Rockstar teased GTA V with their trailers, their website, and social media. PD and other game developers can learn even though they may not have has much budget on marketing.

  16. SZRT Ice

    Wow… Nobody noticed these two telling statements?:

    “I think the quality of the sounds in Gran Turismo 6 will be improved, but most of the work will be done in Gran Turismo 7.”

    So there is still a sound update to come in GT6, but not the substantial improvement that will be found in GT7.

    “the major update to the sound will be coming in GT7, so don’t expect anything on that front from the July update.”

    THE… JULY…. UPDATE… ??? What is this July update he speaks of? I have a feeling we may be on the brink of our Zahara, Track Editor/Course Maker, Community and Club feature release! About Damn time!!! This July is gonna be a hott one!!!

    1. MeanElf

      I think the AMA gives a similar impression, I seem to recall he did write ‘big update’ for July.

  17. biftizmo

    Nice one Kaz it’s the way to go…never mind these lot here they’ll get over there loss..(or no loss as the case would be) keep bringing in variety new good quality cars and content…and if you should revisit some of the classics, could we also have the full synopsis of those cars…I love the encyclopaedic , museum,history aspect… Keep moving forward Dude….you dead right.

  18. HoneyBadger

    Good to hear that GT7 is in development but this long time fan of the series will not be a disappointed early adopter yet again. I do not intend to buy another version of GT on or shortly after release day given the experience with GT5 and GT6. Plan to wait at least three months for some of the dust to settle, bugs to get worked out, and other fans of the series on GT Planet to have their say before I consider purchasing the game.

  19. TheAdmiester

    Damn. I was hoping they’d make it to GT6, considering there’s no way I’m getting a PS4.

  20. kollosson

    Glad GT7 not being rushed out, they can’t have the standards as they are in GT6 ( the untouched ones ) nor can they really leave them out in terms of car count, I’m hoping they touch them up, infact that’s the only option if they are keeping them because GT7 will obviously be a graphical leap over GT6, if they didn’t do anything with the standards the difference in quality would be greater than we have now.

  21. jhw93

    Well… I knew that a sound update would only come to GT7… I guess I can say that my prediction was right :) A sound update would be a big complex job and all honesty I doubt you could implement it into GT6 without making changes to game itself so it makes sense to just prepare it for GT7. On the plus side its something to look forward to regarding future iterations.

    I’m kinda on the fence about returning standard car models… I have no doubt that some of them will return to GT7 as premium models but only a limited number of them will end up that way. PS2 quality cars in a PS4 game does not sound good to me at all, I understand that it gives people more choice but its not gonna look good in the eyes of critics and some GT players. The standard cars are also from the PS2 car list which has a lot of meaningless cars, I don’t need 30 MX5s for example and it justs adds a lot of clutter to the dealerships.

    PD should focus on modelling as many premiums as possible and pick wisely, for example, we have an S2000, so don’t concentrate on another standard s2000, turn the jag xj220 into premium instead.

    The good news is that they are making GT7 instead of a prologue title and at least everyone knows where they stand about sounds now.

    1. biftizmo

      Have you thought about the posebilaty that premium now includes Body, cock pit, specs, physics, modifying and sound upgrades..and that’s how all the cars will be from now on….including those to be revamped, as and when the get there hands on them again in the real world.?

    2. biftizmo

      You make it sound like there’s a big wait its a massive “patch” to fix all got to think like lots of patches…over time….we may agree the senna lotus sounds good now…but buy time the big wait for GT7 …it may become dated..because they found an even better way of doing it by then…I like the idea that all GT’s from now on will have a variety of started to get hard to recognise easily the difference after GT4 to be honest..any way we can look forward to the future big question …”which car would you like us to REMASTER from GT-4’5’6’7’3’8″? That’s all…

    1. MeanElf

      Don’t pay Husky any attention, he’s just bad mouthing PD again with no particular evidence – I’d say he thought the following: “the major update to the sound will be coming in GT7, so don’t expect anything on that front from the July update.” meant coming during the game’s life, instead of with the game when it comes out.

    2. MLRSparco

      GT5 unfinished,GT6 unfinished,I’m more incline to think that GT7 will be unfinished looking at their recent track record,doesn’t really matter if it’s on a different console their mindset is the same.

  22. HuskyGT

    More “Future Updates,” “I think,” “Probably,” “Who knows.” Just like in GT6’s “Maybe-In-Future Updates.”

  23. Apexmi

    More empty promises for “future product” we were sold an unfinished GT6 and it will never get finished because he’s already onto the next product GT7. We have become just a money stream so Kaz can afford go racing all the great cars for real

  24. Mulan

    Sounds was waited. I never believed GT6
    could get much better.
    And standards in GT7, Thank you Kaz…would be so boring if so many cars just dissapeared. Im happy with this info
    full focus on GT7 please.

  25. Lambob

    GT7 will release a full year after Project Cars. Corporate Greasing, and timing. The audience will be playing both in due time. Thank Goodness however, for Project Cars coming this Winter. Can’t wait to immerse myself in that title, as it deserves our time, as PD deserves time to get GT7 out by Q3 of 2015. We should tell Kaz to just forget about GT6 sounds, and get them out there in due time for GT7, as both games will be comparing Apples to Oranges anyhow.

    1. OpticZero

      Is ProjectCARS really coming out this year? I’ve been hearing about this game coming out for at least 3 to 4 years now. From what I hear, it’s the end-all-be-all of racing games. If that is true, it would be nice to check it out ASAP.

  26. Firedragon

    Any improvement is very welcome, as this is one area in which GT can make a lot of improvement. I’m glad there is a hint that GT6 will be improved slightly…let’s see how that turns out.
    Good to read as well that this time there is a confirmation that there will a big change for GT7, but again, let’s see what the result will be.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Would not at all be surprised if only the “new” premiums in GT7 had the so called “updated sound” Maybe they should just get on with it instead of using it as an advert..

    2. Firedragon

      There’s a good possibility in that being the case. Anything more is a welcome surprise, I reckon. At least the awareness is there now, more than ever.

    1. mwpuga

      Yup me too! All told lies I expected better from him concerning gt6. I won’t be buying gt7 anytime soon not even a ps4 until he corrects all the errors with gt6. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice your not going too do!


    GT7 won’t be coming until another 2-3years. People be talking about GT7 already when this game is still only 7months old and still improving.

    1. mickoafna

      I’d rather see it coming Christmas day 2017 and be very good if not perfect than a year from now. PD still needs to release a ton of stuff for GT6. Stop dreaming of GT7. It will come :)


      If you look at the years of difference between the releases of GT games, it’s always been 2-4 years apart… From GT4 to GT5 was 5 years apart!! So don’t all anxious about GT7 coming out. My guess will be 2016, just my thoughts :)

  28. Confi-User-3

    My guess is that GT7 comes somewhere in 2016. In 2015 I don’t speculate with a new GT because Kaz is a perfectionist in some areas. Also bringing out a new GT in 2 years distance is quite unusual.

    1. OpticZero

      So you say that “Kaz is a perfectionist”??? HA!!! He is in no way a perfectionist. If he were one at all, GT5 and GT6 would not have even been released as they were.

      Don’t get me wrong…the last couple GT games needed to be updated after release; but that’s the animal now in the gaming industry and I’m fine with it. But one would be wrong or lying if one were to call Kaz a perfectionist.

    2. MeanElf

      You can still be a perfectionist and a realist. The games came out in the best state he could get them to – ergo: the drive for perfection. He is also a realist enough to allow the games out, even though he isn’t happy with certain aspects.

  29. Organ-Donor

    I passed on GT6, the very first GT I didn’t buy. I really hope they redeem themselves with GT7.

  30. Magic Ayrton

    Shame about GT6.. but I still won’t be buying a PS4 or GT7 until I have proof that all premiums have accurate and updated sound not to mention Ai and all the other stuff we were promised.. I just don’t trust or believe them anymore.

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