GTPlanet’s New Gran Turismo 6 Forum Now Open

July 31st, 2012 by Jordan Greer

GTPlanet’s Gran Turismo 5 forum was a critical hub of activity for news and rumors in the months and years before the game’s release. Now hosting over 2.2 million posted messages, it’s a massive resource, and continues to be the ultimate source for breaking news of game updates and downloadable content.

With GT5: Academy Edition right around the corner, there is apparently much more to come for the game, but Gran Turismo 6 is also lingering somewhere over the horizon, as rumors of the next flagship title begin trickling out.

That’s why I’m excited to launch GTPlanet’s new Gran Turismo 6 forum, which is already bustling with activity. If you’re not yet part of our community, get registered here (it’s free!) and get ready for the next chapter of the Gran Turismo series!

GT5 Photomode image by jBhlpS.

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  1. Aug. 31, 4:41am

    Wow im shocked to see people talking about gt6 and ps4 when ps3 announced that ps3 was it lol and everything to improve the ps3 was going to be downloadable. Plus they aren’t even close to using all of ps3’s potential or even blu rays yet or the tv’s yet either so ps3 will be around till a new cartridge or disc like design comes out and gt6 lol dont get me started took like ten years for gt5 from gt4 im not including pro logue it was a joke but keep ya pants on ps4 is no time soon.

  2. Aug. 8, 1:17am

    Either way if gt6 comes out for ps3 or ps4 I hope it will be better than gt5 but who doesn’t? the only thing bad is that this new ps4 will be way overpriced of it even comes out and every1 will want to get a Xbox and play forza horizon witch will blow any racing game away.

    • Aug. 9, 10:42pm

      Only time will tell what the future holds. Most of are excited about GT6 buzz however, having a hard time being patient as F4 is in its fullest glory.

  3. Aug. 3, 9:23am

    Aren’t we just repeating history here? Opening up a forum for GT6 when the game hasn’t even been officially announced on any platform at all, and we don’t even have an announcement trailer? This sort of building up hype is what caused a lot of people to feel let down by GT5.

    • Aug. 3, 8:30pm

      If the forum wasn’t opened, every last thread in it right now would be in the GT5 forum.

    • Aug. 4, 12:54pm

      Lock those threads and tell people to calm the hell down until there’s something to actually talk about.

    • Aug. 4, 3:33pm

      History only repeats itself to those who allow it to.

  4. Aug. 3, 8:55am

    Erm…ignore that thing I said about Jordans’ posts. :P

    The page wasn’t fully loaded so the yellow wasn’t showing. I thought it was some idi*t pretending to be Jordan. XD


  5. Aug. 2, 5:15pm

    gran turismo 6? …just lmao….

    • Aug. 2, 11:08pm


  6. Aug. 2, 1:45am

    F*ck this! When will we get gt5 dlc! Thats all we need! No more gt6 BS! Who cares about gt6! We wont even play it! Doesnt anybody remember the world ends in december??? Just give us some f*cking dlc! DAMN!

    • Aug. 2, 8:28am

      u can see into the future, wow dude.
      if you do not want to take part in things about GT6, then why not ignore them and more on?
      there are sooo many forums on here that may interest u

    • Aug. 2, 10:58am

      As long as you don’t have any proof about the world ending I will continue to dismiss your claim. Hundreds of thousands of people care and even more will play it. Your crudely expressed opinion is not the opinion of the masses.

    • Aug. 2, 12:03pm

      Oh WOW a predictor… If YOU. @japlkofk69. Don’t care much about GT6, then stay with GT5 which is finally going to end. >:) *Latest News*

      And the world ending part. I’m laughing at how predictable you are to think you can see the future AND complain about a new game which is better to stick with. All in your head. Now zip it.

    • Aug. 2, 4:44pm
      e30 freek

      @jalapeado69 W@nker

    • Aug. 2, 11:10pm

      Yo can you check my lotto tickets for me?

    • Aug. 4, 3:36pm

      japlkofk69, take a chill pill.

  7. Aug. 1, 11:11pm
    Pit Crew

    Off Topic but New Seasonal and Online Car Dealer is up.

    Japanese 80s Festival.

    Level 9 17 19 23 cars

    • Aug. 2, 12:22am

      Have you tried it yet i tried Tskuba with 390pp as to try an double down but i cant break into the top 3 on the stock tires in the miata

  8. Aug. 1, 11:07pm
    Raditya Awesome

    i hope gt6 more better than gt series in the past………….

  9. Aug. 1, 10:20pm

    It will definitely be release for ps5. That’s for sure. I don’t see why it take 6 yrs to make a game that you already have saved to your files. It just don’t make sense. I mean do they start from scratch everythime or what? Just another disappointment for me.

    • Aug. 1, 10:24pm

      Yes, they do start from scratch every time. They had to build TWO new engines for GT5, and they are going to have to do that again for GT6. I say 7 years, no less.

    • Aug. 1, 10:30pm
      e30 freek

      I think that’s a bit daft not 7 years. I see it just around the corner and anyway they already have the base program to work off

    • Aug. 1, 10:40pm
      Pit Crew

      @Stiggy Where is your proof it will jump over PS4? Your probably gonna say “look how long it took to make GT5”. You should just leave that opinion bottled up, Its baseless, and carries no weight. Its just an off the top of your slam at PD that makes no sense, but I will be playing GT6 on either a PS3 or PS4.

      Its best you do some research and actually take in the information you are reading before making half baked assumptions like that which will definitely make a glutius maximus out of you not me.

      Hey GTPlanet fans Baltimore Gran Prix starting soon, August 31 to September 2nd. Hope to see you there.

    • Aug. 2, 8:23am

      Guys guys, do some research plz,

      GT4 took 4yrs!
      GT5 just added 1 more yr,

      GT5 did not take GT4 as the base to develop GT5 so they have to start from scratch which takes longer
      GT6 will use GT5 as its base so it will not need to make another Physics engine or redesign all the tracks
      this will mean like GT2 and GT3, GT6 will not take longer than GT5.

      you have no proof to support ur argument”Stiggy” cus you have just seen what happened with GT5 and are taking that as what will happen in the future and ur forgetting: GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, TT, GT-HD and the prologues which didn’t cause any of what GT5 did,
      so based on what happened with GT5, PD do not have a chance to make up for it in the upcoming games eh???

      what about the lack of workforce? now they have more developers for GT6

    • Aug. 6, 11:07pm
      young car joc

      Just putting this out there put Sony is on a 5 year plan with play station so if ps4 is determined to be released in late 2013 of early 2014 that means that the ps4 will be around untill 2019 so that means that it could come out on the ps5 seeing as the gt6 title is told to be a system opener Also the 7 year estimate could be correct because they’ve already been having trouble with the CPU converters and theyve switched to the hit and miss aprotch so I think that once they get the right CPU converter then get the engines working properly with the CPUs then put all their rendering, car, and track data on there. That could be a 7 year timeline

    • Aug. 7, 4:43pm
      Pit Crew

      @young car joc read above post

  10. Aug. 1, 9:18pm
    e30 freek

    I agree with marktyper i want something simple i dont want 500 menus to get to where i want to be plus i dnt think gt6 take upt

    • Aug. 1, 9:21pm
      e30 freek

      ^ up much space becuase weve already installed gt5 that is if its released on ps3 which im 100percent sure

    • Aug. 2, 12:06pm

      It’s a new game. Sure, it will be based off of the GT5 engine, but they’d have to redo most if not all of the 3D models to take advantage of all the graphical improvements I’m sure they’ve got lined up for GT6. Fortunately they won’t have to do much to the physics – maybe a couple of tweaks and bug fixes, but nothing much. They’ve also got all the proper software and development kits already (which they didn’t before GT5), so that’ll save time too.

      Still, like I said, it’s an entirely new game which will probably take up more space than GT5, due to the fact that the new game can’t interact with any of GT5’s files as well as the new higher-resolution car models.

  11. Aug. 1, 6:19pm

    In my opinion, I know everyone wants something simple about GT6 and it MUST be in PS3 platform.
    Why? It’s a MUST knowing that every GT series must be TWO per consoles.

    any wishlist goes on and on.

    End of Story

    • Aug. 1, 6:57pm

      If GT6 is released on PS4 it has potential to be a huge game. The game wont be limited to the space available on a blue ray disc, because the games will be download only I hear.

    • Aug. 1, 7:21pm

      I detest when someone claim they know what “everyone wants”. It’s something politicians do when they have an agenda and try to push it without admitting they have their own opinion. Nobody knows what everyone wants at the most they may have an opinion as to what everybody wants.

      Personally I want GT6 to be on the next platform because I want the tech to be so much better then the good one we have in GT5. So there you go – you clearly don’t know what everybody wants :-)

    • Aug. 1, 7:45pm

      Also, GT5 only took up ~HALF of a single-layer Blue-Ray, which is ~1/4 a double-layer. Even if GT6 is on the PS3, it could easily end up being FOUR times the size of GT5.

    • Aug. 1, 7:56pm

      Whatever platform just bring it on!! If it’s not ready then give us some crumbs to satisfy our appetite while we wait for the next version.

    • Aug. 1, 8:51pm

      How about GTHD-II and then GT6Progouge before GT6? That would be great! Even a TT-II would make my decade.

    • Aug. 1, 10:48pm
      Pit Crew

      @70 Chevelle8 That Download only theory for Next Generation Consoles has been debunked. We got CD base gaming for a lil while longer.

    • Aug. 2, 1:50am

      Am i the only one who dislikes non CD based games

    • Aug. 2, 8:13am

      japlkofk69 no ur not, i prefer CD based games, cus ur satisfied with a physical object that u’ve brought rather than it being there where u can’t really keep a collection… people r still under estimating Blu-ray, it has a long way to go i mean xbox has only just got out of DVD Drives lol.

      CD’s are just better & i know soooo many people who would prefer it.

      If GT6 was on PS3:
      they would have followed a trend that they have with previous games.
      Fans will not need to purchase another console.

      If GT6 was on PS4:
      It would be supported with better & advanced hardware.
      Fans are more likely to get what they want.

      Im seeing this as a balanced argument but I think we would all have more advantage of a better gaming experience if it was on the PS4 cus Its what we really want as gamers

    • Aug. 4, 3:42pm

      ^ Why must you generalize the word “we”?

  12. Aug. 1, 6:11pm

    gamerdog give me a break im new to forums lol

    • Aug. 1, 9:25pm
      e30 freek

      Welcome dinky07 to gtplanet

    • Aug. 1, 9:54pm

      Yes, welcome…

  13. Aug. 1, 5:59pm

    Classic cars please

  14. Aug. 1, 5:59pm

    New Cars please

    • Aug. 1, 6:27pm

      Of course, there will be new car:)

  15. Aug. 1, 5:58pm

    You also need to get rid of B-Spec races because they are boring replace them with classic car races they would be more fun and people would want to race them more often I personally would

    • Aug. 1, 6:26pm

      B-Spec gave me the XJ13 and 13,566,800 creds so I’m not complaining.

    • Aug. 1, 6:47pm

      ^ Yeah, too bad that there isn’t much things to spend that money on once you have all the cars in the game.

    • Aug. 1, 7:23pm

      B-spec has great potential and there is no reason B-spec can’t exists next to other stuff.

    • Aug. 1, 8:21pm

      would have to disagree Sens, i thought that the b specs would bore me but i’ve thoroughly enjoyed competing in the races, think it adds a new dimension to the game

    • Aug. 1, 8:45pm

      As a whole I like the idea of BSpec. I just think it went backwards in GT5 in some aspects. I like the way that you keep your driver timper in range in 5 however, in 4 you could speed up realtime making it a little easier to tolerate gameplay.

    • Aug. 1, 8:57pm

      I think they should B-spec along with A-Spec like in GT4 but B-spec drivers only being able to race for a certain time & not start the race & change over the following pit stop, this will make B-spec interesting, handy & fun again as well as preventing people from taking advantage on completing the game quickly by just putting on B-spec & not driving for themselves…

      PD should always stick to their roots as their features such as B-spec have been liked by many fans over previous games & they can develop on these rather than get rid of them

    • Aug. 2, 1:52am

      I liked the B- Spec of gt4 better where you could drive yourself then change the driver rather than seeing your idiot driver get beaten by some miatas while he is in a veyron or something like that

  16. Aug. 1, 5:57pm

    Come on Kaz we need equal cars from each country, People want the new Boss 302, Boss 302 Leguna Seca, and Camaro ZL1 please add them

    • Aug. 2, 4:29pm

      No we don’t

    • Aug. 4, 11:12am

      Yes we do.

  17. Aug. 1, 4:20pm

    Off topic: sorry to bring this up but on the August 7, I just happend to notice that T10 is coming out with there next DLC featuring the Boss 302, ZL1, 2013 Genisis Coupe, etc

    Come on Kaz let’s get this go!!!! We’re ready to have some FUN!!

    • Aug. 1, 5:20pm

      Yeah, Camaro ZL1 & Genesis Coupe looked awesome…

    • Aug. 1, 5:31pm

      I hope that they include Ford SYNC® with the car.

    • Aug. 1, 6:10pm

      Haha that would be hilarious.

  18. Aug. 1, 3:51pm

    i mean kaz wanted to make a F1 game and FIA told him no the official F1 game and the ones made by codemasters are nothing in comparison with any gt game so why not let kaz have a go at making a real F1 simulator. iv tried gtp gt5 f1 championship edition F1 2010 and F1 2011 with the g27 steering wheel and gt feels more real out of all of them

    • Aug. 1, 4:58pm

      1: Don’t use txtspeak, it’s against the AUP.
      2: That is wrong. Kaz wanted the F1 license for GT and he said it’s to complicated to get in to. On top of that, it would cost a lot of money for the license, money that could be spent elsewhere, such as hiring more staff to get the game done quicker and better. He talks about it here:
      In the interview, he says and I quote: “We were interested to create a game with the Formula 1 license but had to withdraw. That industry is a monster, so big that any agreement you want to get forces you to make a financial outlay that we can not afford.”

      That is what Kaz himself said about F1.

  19. Aug. 1, 3:26pm

    does any1 know if its true or not that kaz asked the FIA to make a F1 title and they refused there’s an idea for gt6 (full seasons) F1, DTM, super touring cars, all rally groups, and because of PD’s ability to make games look and feel perfect world super bikes

    • Aug. 1, 3:33pm

      There already is an F1 title by the FIA.

  20. Aug. 1, 1:49pm

    I like the picture used for the article!

  21. Aug. 1, 1:02pm
    African Kat

    …the madness starts again….:)

    • Aug. 1, 8:53pm

      yup! and especially more madness on:
      how long it will take?
      If it will be on PS3 or PS4
      if the DLC’s for GT5 will end

      rather than what features we would like to see in the upcoming game

  22. Aug. 1, 12:24pm

    I will only look at GT6 when it is physically available; I do not want to take part in in all the speculation as what happened around GT5!

    • Aug. 1, 12:35pm

      Well Said M8 – I feel the same way..
      Today I’m 50, and i wonder how long i will have the passion for driving My Race Simulator setup, and To be honest, I actually don’t think that i will put the money on a new Console and game like a PS4/GT6…

      I made sure to be ready for the Biggest promise in Race gaming – which were PS3 ( as they showed us in 2005 ) and with a game like GT5 and a Playseat system, and 42″ 100hz and DFGT .. and i will not do that again, that’s for sure.. It cost a fortune, but i’m ok satisfied with it as it is now – I can always race I-racing and that’s a comfort when thinking about real Race Simulation :o)

    • Aug. 1, 2:09pm

      I’m must admit I am not in a rush to start all over and buy everything from scratch again as that’s what I did in the case of GT5. I hope that’s its mind blowing and that it doesn’t take years to show its face!

  23. Aug. 1, 12:01pm

    What ever content we all would like, incl K.Y in The GT-Series is all based on the Deals that can be made between PD and the Owners rights..

    We have all learned through time, and by the words from K.Y regarding the Formula 1 License – that The work of creating all the content that comes on the Release Disc and in further DLC’s isn’t the real issue to make it, it’s the Licenses and deals that is made between PD/K.Y and the companies that owns the Tracks and the Cars, and the Real life Drivers Cars ( Livery) Sponsors that is the hard Part, and sometimes it’s to expensive, because other side will pay more, so it’s like an the highest bidder gets the deal..

    I’m sure that if PD is paying a high amount of money for some Real track/car licenses, then other Race game Developers can’t have that particular item in the Game, that would be a agreement in the deal and that is also the other way around.. and that is why lots of our suggestions/Demands can’t be fulfilled/Met even though, that K.Y would love to have it in the further GT series, and BTw No doubt that some of the old Licenses are run out.. Ex: Silverstone

    So The Hard Part of putting together a Race game like the GT series And Forza and so on and to make it a full Game with all the Cars, Race Cars with real Livery, and Race styles, Sponsor Stickers and real life tracks, ETC, is Pure business, and to be honest! No Company will ever be able to have it all in the game, because of the deals that is made.

    You have to understand that in a deal between PD and ? or Forza and ? There is also an agreement, that they own the licenses and rights for a period of time, so no other can release a game with those particular items, and that is the case of many of the struggles to create a Race Game of this magnitude :o)

    Lets just hope that we the GT-serie Fans and Lovers will be a lucky as we can, and that K.Y makes the best Business decisions on the way..

    last thing – I think that why some of the Tracks hasn’t been released. Like the Gran Canyon – New york track is because of the limits of the PS3, and why not. Some of the Tracks would be so poor in graphics that it would cause nothing but, bad reviews if they were released for GT5/Ps3, but that is just a thought i have regarding the missing promised stuff ( PD used the Gran Canyon Track in the advertising/teaser for GT5 and PS3 6 years ago, but we have never seen’it since that !!

  24. Aug. 1, 11:12am

    guys answers me this! (especially people complaining)…
    how long did GT4 take to develop????

    GT6 will be based on GT5/ GT5 is going to be the base for GT6 meaning its not going to be a completely new game from its predecessor,

    GT5 to GT6 is like GT2 to GT3…
    (GT5 was not a developed from using GT4, it had a new engine for physics & graphics etc. so thats why it took sooo long)

    guys u cannot tell the future so from what is said now & what has happened in the past is suggesting otherwise so predicting what will happen is pointless really…

    • Aug. 1, 11:30am

      Exactly right nobody can “tell the future” as you say so why do you state that obvious fact and then also say in the same post that,

      “GT6 will be based on GT5/ GT5 is going to be the base for GT6 meaning its not going to be a completely new game from its predecessor”


      Those are not facts and putting them in capital letters doesn’t make it true either.
      Make your mind up either you can predict the future or you cant!?

    • Aug. 1, 12:52pm

      if u read the rest of the post: GT5 was not a developed from using GT4, this is why GT5 took long, GT6 Won’t take long as it will develop by taking content from GT5…

      making a completely new game takes the time which GT5 took… GT6 as stated by KAZ will not be a completely new game as it will be based on it’s predecessor, so from which is said & what has happened in the past (e.g. GT3 not taking long to develop)…im not predicting the future but saying what how the past related to what KAZ has said about GT6’s development, none of which supports what people say about GT6 taking longer or just as long as GT5…

      GT4 was like GT5…
      GT6 is said to be like GT3…
      check out the release dates & u’ll see what i mean…

      & I put things in caps cus it sums up what the comment is about & a sentence which is supported by rest of the comment, in other words the title… if u r 4 some reason concerned why the title is not at the beginning, then im sry…

    • Aug. 1, 2:26pm

      I do hope that you are just using a mobile phone for your comments sibbystiggy. I see enough of that sort of writing at school, I don’t want to see it in a more civilized area as well.

    • Aug. 1, 2:42pm

      @sibbystiggy & ps3finest

      I agree :)

    • Aug. 1, 3:15pm
      lancashire lad

      If it’s based on GT5 i wont be buying it.(Lego shadows,duff sound,pants AI)

    • Aug. 1, 6:59pm

      “GT5 to GT6 is like GT2 to GT3…”

      Uh, GT3 was bad compared to GT2, so by saying that GT5 to GT6 is like GT2 to GT3, is basically saying that GT6 will be even more worse than GT5 is. I’ve noticed that all the odd numbered sequels were worse than the even numbered sequels. Hopefully GT6 will continue the tradition of the even numbered sequels being better.

      GT5 to GT6 will hopefully be like GT3 to GT4..

    • Aug. 1, 8:48pm

      being based on somin doesn’t mean taking everything from it & then changing aspects of it, it takes all the general things from the game which include engine for physics, maybe tracks & cars, PD full well know what was bad in GT5… they r likely to make shadows from new as well as Ai’s and damage…these were just features in GT5 not to be the base of which GT6 is being built on…
      if u think of this as a car, it has the same engine, gear box & mechanical bits but a different interior, electrics & design…

      & GT3 was a masive success for PD, not sure why u don’t like it, GT3 A-spec is so far the game with the most units made:

      & 1 important thing u’ve all missed off on this debate of why GT5 took so long to develop, GT4 took 4yrs to make, GT5 added just 1 extra yr so why was there such fuss over this “very late” release? I wish they took an extra yr so there would be less patches.

      & yes im using a xperia x10 mini pro,

    • Aug. 3, 12:04am

      I personally am not a fan of GT3 because of lack of content and the lack of certain features compared to GT2. Yes, the physics and graphics were better compared to GT2, but that is to be expected from a then-next gen game, no?

      I’m aware that GT5 only took as long as it did because PD were working with an entirely new game engine, and I’m also aware that GT6 shouldn’t take as long because they already have a base to work with.

  25. Aug. 1, 10:57am

    I’m going to guess that GT6 will be selling around fall 2013 – summer 2014. Somewhere then is when GT6 will be released. GT5 took so long because PD made a couple other games and made one physics engine and then made another one basically.
    I expect GT6 to have GT5’s physics engine with slight tweaks and have a bigger event selection, better car selection, and a better track selection.
    I would say GT6 would be a launch title for the PS4, but it just won’t because PD has for years now released 2 Gran Turismo games per Sony console (ie GT1 & GT2 for PS1, GT3 & GT4 for PS2). They make a simple game first and then make a better game after that.

  26. Aug. 1, 10:56am

    A bit early, not? :P

  27. Aug. 1, 10:30am
    The piston

    If there’s one thing I want in GT6 the most, that is a BIG A-Spec mode. GT5’s A-Spec was too short. PD needs to make GT6’s A-Spec as long as GT4’s or GT3’s. And NEW features like deeper tuning, livery editor, more cars (NO Standards), better visuals, new online features to maybe make races a little more fun, more real and original tracks e.t.c.

  28. Aug. 1, 7:25am

    economycally impossible for me at ipotetical launch PS4-GT5. I have to wait 1 or 2 year after the PS4 launch… i Hope a GT5.8 on PS3 :)

  29. Aug. 1, 6:43am

    in advance: sorry for sarcasm…

    -> Let’s start the countdown to GT6:
    4 years
    4 months
    23 days

    (x-mas 2016 ;-) )

    • Aug. 1, 8:25am
      Pit Crew

      The games been in development for close to 2 yrs, so you wait till 2016 while the rest of us are playing GT6 in 2014.

      We can negatively (because it’s easy) assume that due to GT5 long development cycle that GT6 will take another 6 years, but thats just not feesible. We bash/praise Kaz and PD for alot of GT5 shortcomings, as we should IMO, but with all that bashing I gotta believe they understand what is at stake, and what will get them back on course.

  30. Aug. 1, 4:51am

    I want to platinum gt5 soon but forza has dragged me away…

  31. Aug. 1, 3:04am
    lancashire lad

    Here we go,
    More chance of Elvis coming back to race at Le Mans than GT6 coming out on PS3
    It will be launch title for PS4
    I’ve said it before and will repeat,the sound of the cars is pants and needs to be at least up with Forza for me to even contemplate buying GT6.
    Never had an Xbox but thinking about it after seeing Forza.
    Please PD get your act together or i for one am finished with the GT series.After buying every GT game i feel they are now the PES to the FIFA.

    • Aug. 1, 4:23am

      I’m with you.
      But not just launch, but a pack-in game! “Special Edition GT 6 PS3.”
      That would sell.

    • Aug. 1, 8:36am
      Pit Crew

      IMO making GT6 a PS4 launch title will guarantee low sales figures for PD for at least a year maybe more. The global financial situation needs to really improve to invigorate consumer confidence, and a few present GTP have said they have no Idea how they will be able to afford both, plus honor family commitments in the launch year.

  32. Aug. 1, 2:37am

    Stunning image right up there! Hopefully GT6’s photomode will include more customizable filters where you can sharpen contrasts, also place a lens flare and such. It should be an option so people still can take realistic pictures but more artistic ones are easier to do too.
    Less post editing needed then. GT5’s later added lens flare was a nice beginning. :)

  33. Aug. 1, 1:51am

    why do so many people want livery on cars so badly? They make cars look bad most of the time. Instead people should want more detailed tuning. ugh

    • Aug. 1, 2:33am

      people you mean they are teenagers :)

    • Aug. 1, 2:39am

      Creating your own skins for the cars adds huge amount of content and massively extends the life of the game in some cases. Painting in itself can be really fun thing to do and you can spend lots of time doing it. Or you can just buy some skins from others like in forza.

      More detailed tuning might add some nice metagaming aspect but at the same time most people just want to adjust hp and pp to certain level and just race. While more detailed tuning might add something positive to the game the real effect of it is rather small. Painting on the other hand opens a totally new gameplay area of the game.

    • Aug. 1, 2:43am

      Because I’d love to paint the roof of my 458 gray for example. Adding black accents to some other cars would look cool too.
      And for the race cars it means less work for PD, do it like Turn 10 did with the MP4-12C GT3 recently: release it with one basic livery and let the community replicate or even better create their own liveries on it, creating enough new cars to fill complete racing series.

    • Aug. 1, 2:50am

      Don´t forget about the possibility to customize the car for your own teams over the net to make great championships and that kind of stuff. It is way better than just simple colours. And this game is about driving and racing.

      More Race Modifications emulating real world championships and leagues like Fia GT and categories alike (example Gallardo Trophy), Touring cars (WTCC, BTCC, etc using Honda Civics, Toyota Avensis, Vauxhall, Opel, Volvo, etc Gran Turismo regular cars with RM alike and then you make your liveries = WIN and no licence needed for PD!!!) and so on.

      This will be the best that could happen for GT series and all of us. Livery Editor + RM´s of almost every car and then more tuning options having to do with racing as GT4 (each brand had its own specific manufacturer for parts…like AMG for Mercedes Benz).

      It´s all good man…

    • Aug. 1, 8:47am
      Pit Crew

      Bro you gotta consider the fact that alot of GT fans are also Real World Autosport fans also. Tuning shop guys, Auto Mechanicsetc. My buddy in South Carolina has a drag tune shop and plays GT5 religiously. It’s a style of detailed visual customization many are used to seeing when it relates to MotorSports. Nothing immature about that at all.

    • Aug. 1, 10:43am

      For my GT6 has to have more hardcore physics to get closer to IRacing . and Livery so i can have a Belgium team with the Belgium colors
      but for me more hardcore physics ar a MUST

  34. Aug. 1, 12:52am

    5 Main things I’m looking for.

    Better Graphics
    Flexible Customization for Tuning and Racing Modification for most, if not all cars.
    More Cars
    More Race Tracks
    Selecting Music while Racing

  35. Aug. 1, 12:14am

    yet another car pack for fm4. At this rate, FM4 is gonna have more premium cars than GT5 has cars in the near future. V’mon PD. Get your butt into gear and start pumping out cheap DLC for your fans to enjoy!!!

    • Aug. 1, 12:50am

      does this not show us that our team at PD have respect for us , instead of turning out new cars every other month & making us a cash crop , plus most of you on here want ridiculous cars anyway , seems like you have forgot the whole concept of GT , for those who forgot …. ” I want to drive my car in a game ” ….. i wander who said that , answers on a post card to We hate gran turismo , care of gtplanet …… i wander sometimes if this is actually a site full of FM players trying to damage GT , ….. All hail PD , one day players will believe again !

    • Aug. 1, 1:06am

      people just don’t know what they want. they have everything so they to tend to bitch and whine.

      i for one don’t want constant DLC’s. i really love that GT is still kind of old skool.

    • Aug. 1, 2:32am

      I, unlike you guys, would love consistent DLC packs. I also, unlike you guys, hate that PD are “old skool”. Times, they be changing, and it’s about time for some to get with the program.

    • Aug. 1, 4:16am

      This is not the right change. The higher DLC count is not progress.

      I would rather see, that PD improves AI in GT6, gives tracks like there were in Need for Speed 1 (Alpine and likes), less Real world tracks, more Original ones. More championchips (like JGTC, DTM, BTCC, WTCC etc.) and of course old classics, and tracks more suited for them.

      Higher count of DLCs in just milking us of cash. And don’t u think that i haven’t played FM, i played FM1, FM2, FM3 but i missed on FM4 on purpose. DLC is just illusional bigger content, but in reality it’s not.

    • Aug. 1, 9:05am
      Pit Crew

      @KingDejch Less Real World tracks, lol palm to face, there arent enough real world tracks. I miss the old skool tracks too but this game series has gotta evolve and more real world tracks would not hurt for GT6.

      DLC is good when balanced with a good challenge/mode that allows usage of the content.
      Every DLC pack should have an update that gives a seasonal, updated bi weekly till next probable DLC but updated nonetheless that is indicative of those cars/trucks/rally vehicles to keep our interests high in those cars.

  36. Jul. 31, 11:42pm

    Remember “Kazunori stated that work on GT6 began immediately after GT5 was finished.”

    • Aug. 1, 12:05am

      Thats already 2 years ago:)

    • Aug. 1, 2:34am

      When was GT5 finished? It doesn’t look like it is..

    • Aug. 1, 2:43am

      Oh snap!

    • Aug. 1, 2:47am

      Funny word he/the translation has chosen. “finished”. They are still working on GT5 and it’s still not ready, probably won’t ever be complete, they will just stop to care at some point and concentrate on GT6. Immediately after GT5 was RELEASED would rather express what he obviously means.

    • Aug. 1, 5:08am

      It’s shouldn’t take long since he already has the tracks and cars saved to his hard drive. But I guarantee gt6 won’t come out until 2018. Just like gt5 reusing gt4’s crappy cars, and it still took them 6 yrs. Don’t waste ur time like I did, just to be disappointed! :(

    • Aug. 1, 5:13am

      It will definitely be release for ps5. That’s for sure. I don’t see why it take 6 yrs to make a game that you already have saved to your files. It just don’t make sense. I mean do they start from scratch or what? Just another disappointment for me.

    • Aug. 1, 9:20am
      Pit Crew

      @Stiggy You realize you basically said and posted the same overall opinion twice.

      You can’t guarantee you will wake up tomorrow, so don’t guarantee a product being finished you have no actual hand in developing. PD wouldn’t be able to survive that long developing one game over such a long timeframe, twice, in this globally receeding economy. Sony wouldn’t stand for it and neither would most present GT5ers. You guys sound like a broken record with these overly negative barely intelligent release date predictions. 2018, PS5, give it a break.

    • Aug. 1, 2:45pm

      @ that Stiggy dude

      You really don’t have an inkling as to what game developers need to do. You’re only thinking about one aspect and it makes me laugh.

  37. Jul. 31, 10:51pm

    Please Please Please PD make it available for the PS3 and have a full livery creator. Also the usual: nothing short of perfect game play, awesome cars and tracks all premium and extensive tuning like body kits/splitters/spoilers and well as engine swaps, engine parts, suspention parts, etc. etc. etc

    • Aug. 1, 2:49am

      Loving Forza much?

      Then again it would be great to have these additions, but GT6 should be it’s own game, not just trying to be like Forza 4.

    • Aug. 1, 2:46pm

      haha Loving FM much or not, those are still qualities of a car game that a lot of people would appreciate. I don’t care for a livery editor.

  38. Jul. 31, 10:47pm

    I still think it’s a bit too early to open up an entire forum for a game that hasn’t been anywhere near announced yet, but at least it will be a proper place to see what the most recent rumours are instead of them being spread across the other forums :)

  39. Jul. 31, 8:16pm


  40. Jul. 31, 8:09pm

    I like the acknowledgment that there is indeed a GT6 coming. Also like keeping it separate from GT5.

    Hopefully there will be sections for GT6 track updates and additions. Many of the players I know will not race or hot lap any
    track other than the ring. What track could PD make (Real Life) that could even rival the ring and make folks actually want to race on it? I’m thinking Silverstone, Watkins Glen, Zolder, Road America and Brands Hatch to nave a few. But they have to look good and drive realistically. The must have weather day/night and all configurations. How many hard core ring masters would even want to take on Bathurst or Phillip IsLand?

    Race modding and liveries as well as physics and tire ware. And please stabilize the sounds. Answer the Porsche question once and for all. Just say GT will never have true Porsche cars and be done with it. Give us some LMP and GT1,2 or 3 cars and screw Porsche and EA games. Do a Aston Martin DB9 GT car. Add Some V8 supercars for God’s sake.

    I know there are more issues and we have plenty of folks who will not be shy about posting them. Very cool and a good way to maintain interest in both games as well as the PS4.

  41. Jul. 31, 7:25pm

    Lets start the wishlist countdown …… again !!! You thought the GT5 forum was full of wishlists, give this a week or two and lets see them fly !!!

  42. Jul. 31, 6:59pm

    It’s good. So PD can CHECK that forom and see what players really want. (just don’t listen to those GT4 tracks and Drag racing wish lists PD!!)

    • Jul. 31, 7:33pm

      I disagree with the GT4 tracks part.

    • Aug. 1, 12:00am

      A yeah I’m guessing someone here has never played GT4.

  43. Jul. 31, 6:58pm

    Great. Now we have to ensure 2 years of stupid threads like –

    Will it have engine transplants?
    Will air pressure affect performance?
    Will paint have metallic particles in it?

    Oh joy.

    • Jul. 31, 6:59pm


  44. Jul. 31, 6:39pm

    yeah agree with gunz huh

  45. Jul. 31, 5:39pm

    Little bit early for GT6 forum, don’t ya think???

    • Jul. 31, 6:41pm

      Though, it’s too early yeah. But having the news or just talking about GT6 should be separated from the GT5 section, making it easier in that part of GTPlanet. And another thing, the GT6 section is opened on my birthday today!!! :D

    • Jul. 31, 7:34pm
      Pit Crew

      We post about GT6 in every news thread anyways. This is cool.

    • Aug. 1, 2:54am

      The GT6 section has not been opened today, it’s been there since a week or so and moderators moved some recent related threads into it, actually I was wondering if it’s getting announced at all, on the one hand being something good for GTP, but the flood of complaining/whining threads and all these people asking for stuff they want in GT6 will kill several mod’s free times I guess… announcing it on front page might make this even worse.

  46. Jul. 31, 5:29pm

    Give me a Porsche 917 and I’ll be happy. Seriously though, I would like all cars to be premium, more body and cosmetic upgrades available, and just more cars (including Porsche) to be in gt6.

    • Jul. 31, 6:17pm

      There’s a GT6 Forum for this ;)

    • Jul. 31, 8:19pm

      That’s my point.

    • Aug. 1, 2:49pm

      I know. The “seriously, though” part told me that. I wasn’t coming down on you.

  47. Jul. 31, 5:12pm
    Lazy Liquid

    Ok, so… thats IT for GT5?
    No more updates nor DLCs?

    • Jul. 31, 5:16pm

      No, were simply getting this forum as a place for all our GT6 discussions.
      As opposed to them being littered around the GT5 forum n

  48. Jul. 31, 5:01pm

    A GT6 Forum?, hmm…do you know something Jordan? : )

    Amazing photo btw.

    • Jul. 31, 6:12pm

      That’s what I was thinking, but then I saw how many GT6 related threads there were. He’s only making sure to keep the influx of GT6 questions from going into the GT5 section.

    • Jul. 31, 6:37pm

      I only know there’s a a lot of people who want to start talk about GT6, regardless of when it’s going to be released.

    • Aug. 1, 1:33pm

      @’Jordan’ – You do realize that ‘Jordans’ posts are in yellow, yeah?

    • Aug. 1, 2:27pm


    • Aug. 1, 4:43pm

      ‘Cause Jordan’s the site founder… *facepalm*

    • Aug. 1, 5:49pm

      Yes, comments made by the author of the blog post are highlighted in yellow.

  49. Jul. 31, 4:42pm

    We need GT6 feedback :)

    • Aug. 1, 2:56am

      FeedBACK means you give your opportunity about a product after testing it…

    • Aug. 1, 4:37am

      Hmm, translating to my language it also means: to be improved or what you want to have. We could have something like this too for GT6, showing what we want most in GT6.

  50. Jul. 31, 4:40pm
    GT5 Level 41

    I’m gonna have to wait for the band wagon to go a few more flips of the calander before I get on. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  51. Jul. 31, 4:35pm


  52. Jul. 31, 3:40pm

    Oh Come on, please jumping the gun a tad too early… all you will get is rumour after rumour and Wishlist after wishlist and Will Forza be better than gran Turismo 6 and all that crap.
    Yep its a good site and the info here is top notch but the backbiting and constant argumnets are really putting me off coming here on a more regular basis. :s

    • Jul. 31, 4:29pm

      Thats exactly why they put a sub forum for gt6.
      So if you dont wanna see people babbling about gt6,
      just dont click it.

    • Jul. 31, 4:44pm

      Being better than Forza is a given. Why would people bother asking?

    • Jul. 31, 6:37pm

      ^^ If you’re a GTP member, the odds are that you’ll enjoy the next GT over FM.

    • Jul. 31, 9:22pm

      ^^ Wasn’t true with me and GT5.

      @Sauber: There are some of us on here who like FM4 over GT5.

    • Aug. 1, 1:18pm

      ODDS ARE

      I didn’t say everybody.

  53. Jul. 31, 3:37pm

    at this point in time, I no longer care if GT6 is out on PS3 or PS4, so as long as I hear different sounding cars than I do today, it’s all that really matters at this time.

    • Jul. 31, 4:30pm

      I agree! I dislike the fact that a fully tuned Camaro sounds like the XJR-9

    • Jul. 31, 6:10pm

      I never use racing exhausts, because of that. Sometimes the sports exhaust sounds a little too deep for my preference.

    • Aug. 1, 12:32am

      Same here jakhole. I never use full exhaust because it can destroy the cars sound. Although there are some cars that sound good with full exhaust. Like the Honda s2000 or RSX/Integra R.

  54. Jul. 31, 3:22pm

    Dude, too soon.

  55. Jul. 31, 3:19pm

    just give us the next DLC…
    D1 cars, please..

    • Jul. 31, 4:34pm

      I didn’t know that GTPlanet released the DLC!

  56. Jul. 31, 3:13pm

    It’s 2007 all over again! Let the waiting, hype, rumors and everything that surrounded GT5 prior its release begin for GT6.

    • Jul. 31, 3:27pm
      HKS racer

      The hype/rumors pre GT5 era + GT5 Prologue and the online match maker was kind of cool era to be honest.
      Only premium cars, cool menus, interesting challanges… ah good old Prologue.. how cool it was.

    • Jul. 31, 5:00pm


    • Aug. 1, 12:04am

      I agree. Prologue had a soul of its own. I don’t know what it was, but I will never forget that game.

  57. Jul. 31, 3:11pm

    Somewhere over the rainbo… oh wait.

  58. Jul. 31, 3:01pm

    Wouldn’t be surprised, if we saw the 6th series out next year…

  59. Jul. 31, 2:57pm

    Wuuuuut!? That’s pretty cool.

  60. Jul. 31, 2:57pm

    I’m confused amused and full of other feelings

  61. Jul. 31, 2:55pm

    Where’s the Gt7 forum at?

    • Jul. 31, 2:57pm


  62. Jul. 31, 2:49pm

    Noticed it last night, fun section.

  63. Jul. 31, 2:42pm

    GT6 forum nice :)

  64. Jul. 31, 2:27pm

    Isn’t it a bit early for this?

    • Jul. 31, 2:38pm

      Is it ever too early? If we have a forum for GT6 that we put our ideas and thoughts into, then it will very likely be the place that PD looks at for our expectations. This isn’t just some site.

    • Jul. 31, 4:34pm

      hope your right. They obviously didn’t do that for GT5.

    • Jul. 31, 6:08pm


      slightly negative comment to negative comment

    • Jul. 31, 6:16pm

      Oh, and you obviously are only taking into account what you can see. There’s more to it than the number of tracks, cars, and content overall no matter how strongly you claim otherwise.

  65. Jul. 31, 2:27pm

    Only 4 years premature lol, thought GT6P would be a better start…

    • Jul. 31, 2:38pm

      haha ha haaaaaa

  66. Jul. 31, 2:26pm

    It begins.

  67. Jul. 31, 2:25pm

    Well that was late this came!

  68. Jul. 31, 2:18pm

    Even though the game hasn’t been announced officially, people will start counting development time from now, and then on release date complain about how many years it took to make and how its not good enough -_-

    • Jul. 31, 4:20pm

      But we know that the development started before GT5 was released, (likely somewhere in the summer of 2010 or early fall), so if GT6 disappoints after 3-5 years of development, then complaints make all sorts of sense.

  69. Jul. 31, 2:17pm

    Yeeeees! Finally :D:D:D:D:D

  70. Jul. 31, 2:17pm

    Let the moaning and groaning begin!

    • Jul. 31, 2:18pm

      Haha :D

    • Jul. 31, 2:36pm

      No need for that. Just let it be.

  71. Jul. 31, 2:16pm


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