GTPlanet Weekly Rewind: A Change Is Coming

March 8th, 2013 by Michael Leary

This weekend will mark the merging of ForzaPlanet and GTPlanet into one cohesive being, henceforth known as “ThePlanet”. I’m only kidding of course, as a great deal of you will already be aware that GTPlanet will remain GTPlanet but with even more bits. A never ending well of potential is how I would reference the upcoming merger. Of course it’s nothing like a law firm where the names can be partnered, because then you’d have Planet-Planet and that’s just confusing for everyone involved.

Nine days is all that stands between this space of time and the beginning of the 2013 Formula 1 season. I mentioned this last week and I’m definitely going to mention it again next week because it will officially be the weekend of the first race at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a bit difficult to hide the excitement knowing a new channel is providing full coverage for the next four years in the United States. That company being NBC, more to the point, NBC Sports.

Before I begin frothing at the mouth thinking about all things F1, I’ll take this opportunity to announce further expansion of the Weekly Rewind that will begin this very week: coverage of all things Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. For those of you scoffing right now you’ve nothing to worry your pretty little heads over because you’re free to zip right on past the news and continue to read about all things GT. Be warned though, the typical comments baiting for arguments will not be tolerated; I’ve come to expect quite a bit from those of you who read this week in and week out and now wouldn’t be the time to disappoint.

Without further ado, let the Rewind commence!

GTPlanet Picture of the Week

This week’s entry was recommended by ShaolinMasta, and is courtesy of zambuca and features the Honda NSX in a shot mastered in blue tones and overtones alike. The picture, aptly titled “Feeling Blue” is an entry in this week’s 3.0 Unlimited Photomode Competition. Best of luck to you, zambuca!

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured image? Drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Picture of the Week” and fill it out with your two choices and they’ll be featured in upcoming Rewinds. NOTE: You cannot elect your own work.

HDR and Tone Mapping Tutorial

If you’ve been following the previous two photomode tutorials featured in previous Rewinds, you’re undoubtedly familiar with, and perhaps even mastered, the art of reflections and cleaning up GT5’s many Standard cars and making them look Premium, but what if you’re looking for a new challenge? Well sixtoes is here to guide you in the right direction with his HDR and tone mapping tutorial, both literally and figuratively.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range is essentially the process of combining multiple images of varying exposure (and shutter speeds) into one image that highlights not only the vibrant colors but the lights and darks of the photo as well — bringing detail to your images that wouldn’t be otherwise possible, short of pseudo HDR methods, which aren’t as entirely efficient as the full-blown method being taught here. The tutorial itself is lengthy and for good cause, but it’s well worth the effort. It takes a bit of tweaking and getting used to even after the tutorial to get things right, but the journey is, again, worth the effort.

Having read the tutorial myself (you’ll see my comment in the thread, dating back to 2011) I can speak from personal experience: get to it! You can find the full-blown tutorial right here.

GTPlanet Weekly Race Series (WRS) Week 107 – 7 Gears for 107

This week you’re going in reverse—as in Grand Valley Speedway Reverse with the fierce-looking conceptual GT by Citroen Race Car of the dream car variety. With 611 horses under it’s bonnet (and more once broken in) and Racing Mediums, this is perhaps one of the best technical tracks to let loose on with the tool provided. For more, here’s the Steward’s Comments:

“This car is incredible. If you have not driven it, please know up front that it’s nothing like the Concept or Road cars. It does not have the unrealistic, F1 type downforce both of those cars are equipped with, and it has a proper, petrol powered motor. Best of all, it has a 7 speed gearbox. This is a great combo, the car it well suited to the flowing nature of the track, have fun out there.”

Stop by the official thread here and remember that you NEED to be registered before officially participating in the WRS, and that can only be done by submitting a time for the official GTP Registry Qualifier.

GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week

This week’s featured vehicle was first revealed in 2003 as the Le Mans Quattro Concept, and bears the same name as one of the most successful race cars of the 21st century – none other than the R8. Officially shown off the day before the 2006 Paris Motor Show, the car was presented in La Defense with speeches from Jacky Ickx and Tom Kristensen. The car itself began production at the Neckarsulm site, the same location where Lamborghini’s Gallardo chassis was being constructed at the time.

Power is delivered to all four wheels via Audi’s Quattro permanent four-wheel drive system and is attached to either a 6-speed manual or a shift-by-wire R-Tronic transmission. At the heart of Audi’s first foray into the world of supercars lies a dry sump version of the RS4’s FSI direct injection V8 producing 420 horsepower.

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured image? Drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week” and fill it out with your two choices and they’ll be featured in upcoming Rewinds. NOTE: You cannot elect your own work.

Forza Horizon – March Meguiar’s Car Pack Released

This past Tuesday, the fifth (sixth including the Rally Expansion Pack) consecutive DLC expansion was released, bringing forth six new vehicles to the virtual world of Colorado to race and customize:

2013 Audi RS4 Avant
2013 BMW M135i
2003 Ferrari Challenge Stradale
2012 Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG
1998 Nissan R390
2004 Peugeot 206 RC

And a seventh exclusive vehicle for Season Pass owners, the 2010 Joss JT1. The pack is available now for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) or free if you’re in possession of a Season Pass.

GTPlanet Tune of the Week

This week’s tune, recommended by danbojte for the third consecutive week focuses on the RM specification Chevrolet Corvette Z06 done by our resident tuner praiano63. The tune itself, as you can see, allows for a 650PP-based monstrosity at your outing of choice, and with Racing Mediums it’s almost assured to make short work of the competition – whomever they may be. The tune can be found here.

Exactly like the Picture and Vehicle of the Week features, if you have any suggestions for the upcoming Rewinds be sure to drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Tune of the Week” and let me know. NOTE: You cannot elect your own work.

GTPlanet Photomode Competitions

In Week 119 of the Standard and Advanced competitions you are to put your best foot forth and show the community just how seriously you take your in-game photography. All you need to know is as follows:

Week 119, Standard: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu – Zerox, take it away: “Alright, some may already heard of this one. Particularly, anime fan out there. Never heard of it? Just google it. Or just don’t mind about that. This week, I want you to take out a ‘certain’ same base model car that have multiple different manufacture badge. I think you guys know what’s coming….”

Haven’t gotten the entire picture? Then allow me: you have three choices here, the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, or the Subaru BRZ, take them to any location and capture the still life of either (or all) of these cars in all of their electrifying tenacity. The unique restriction is that the shot, as already mentioned, must be static (still; not moving) and no body modifications can be done outside of a tier 1 spoiler/rear wing upgrade and custom wheels/rims. Are you clear as to what your task is now? Good, get to it!

Week 119, Advanced 2.0: Other Feats of Engineering & Design – Be creative this week, but wait just one moment… you can’t use a vehicle! I’ve gotten your interest now haven’t I? Any location you want, whether it be a fantasy track, a real-world track, or a Photo Travel location, the objective is simple: capture something that’s simply not a car. Need a example? How about the coliseum at Rome or one of the many satellite dishes at Special Stage Route X? The scenic route is what this week’s challenge is about.

For all of the relevant information pertaining to this week’s challenges be sure to stop by here and here.

Closing Thoughts

Next week is time for another video and I’m letting you all know right now that it’s going to be F1-related, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it even if you’ve never cared to watch an F1 race. The magic can easily be heard in the engine notes, for that was the grace of Formula 1 once upon a time. Things could definitely go uphill again, just as I alluded to last week, I have absolutely no idea what’s in store for F1 in the years to come.

Another thing I’ll re-address is the addition of all things Forza to the Rewind; with the falling out of the official blog over at ForzaPlanet this is going to be the outlet for that part of me that still wants to talk about Forza, but I assure you all that it’s not going to overshadow anything else in the long run. There will be times where there’s simply more to talk about regarding Forza, but that’s simply the nature of things. Again, all comments derivative of causing sparks will be deleted on sight. I expect plenty of you all.

With all of that said it’s currently snowing outside and I’m going to go and stare, so until next week keep racing!

Oh! Before I forget, Knight Rider is still awesome.

GT5 Photomode images by StrayShadow, EDK and HaerBev.

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  1. Mar. 17, 5:01pm
    EL PresidentE

    Honda is the future

  2. Mar. 17, 12:05pm

    Long, long time lurker (and i even bought your book) but i gotta say. Not a fan of combining the planets.

    I don’t even know what games are being discussed in this article. The site was clear and had focus before. I could get mixed gaming news from anywhere. This was the planet for granturismo and I didn’t have to wonder what game was being talked about.

    Is the GTplanet tune of the week for the Vette in GT? Meguiers pack? I’m pretty sure one of the articles below this was talking about the F1 20XX game? I want to see my GT new at a glance in dig in if I want more info.

    The comment sections are a joke again….filled with tons of bickering that you guys will never moderate.

    I hope someone makes a proper Grand Turismo planet again. I’d be there in a second.

    • Mar. 19, 3:58pm

      I don’t understand your criticism. There’s never been an article on any F1 20XX game in the blog here, and everything else aside from the two Forza paragraphs above is all about Gran Turismo.

  3. Mar. 15, 3:08pm

    Yeah, really glad to see my yellow R8 picture featured in the GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week, even if I don’t know who choosed my pic, thanks to you.

  4. Mar. 12, 9:04am


  5. Mar. 11, 7:05pm

    As some one I who only uses iPhone its nice to have Forza planet in the App now.

    Thanks Jordan.

  6. Mar. 11, 6:10am
    Magic Ayrton

    I have both Forza 4 and GT5, Forza may have a better car selection.. BUT!! The engine sounds are altogether to much in the other direction, vroom vroom vroom all the time, some cars like the Ferraris and Porsches sound authentic enough though.. and secondly forza physics are clearly wrong and undo any good.. I’m glad real cars don’t handle like that.. and thirdly the graphics are inferior to GT5 in game, they are pretty cartoon-like.

    I play GT5 online most of the time, and forza to paint cars and mess about with tuning.. I have to say that Lemans in the right car on the right day is great in Forza, but I have to pay to go online which puts me right off it again.

    • Mar. 11, 9:43am

      awwwww the only thing that is clearly wrong is your statement about Forza’s physic. Its not that clear. Tire model for example is way ahead of GT. This has been discussed to death in both sites forums and just reading the openminded peoples comments will show you that its not that simple.

    • Mar. 11, 2:05pm

      @rocketcaron The tire model for Forza 4 is way ahead of GT, but the suspension and weight distribution models are way behind. I drove a Ferrari 458 in Forza once, and the whole thing just felt…off. The way the weight moves through the car is not at all realistic, and the suspension model accentuates it. It always felt like WAY too much weight was being put over the outside tires every time I turned, especially the outside front tire. Overall, GT is *much* more realistic than Forza.

    • Mar. 12, 6:08am

      @TeamCRZRacing: 1: You drove a Ferrari 458 ONCE. And thats how your opinion was made? Was it Forza Motorsport 4 ?

      You see, I don’t care much for the opinion of people going ”I tried it once and it was crap”. The forums are the place to discuss these things but, out of many things, how can GT5 be ”much more realistic” when it does’nt even model such a basic, simple thing such as torque steer with a fwd car? I mean just go right now and try it. Launch the fwd car of your choice with a good amount of throttle and see if it pulls to the right like a REAL car would do. Tell you what, it will not.

      That may seem irrelevant but indicates that GT5 does not take drivetrain effect into account within its physic formula. And thats just a start… I love GT5 AND FM4, I just don’t like ignorance very much…

    • Mar. 14, 8:14pm

      Well, by “once,” I really mean “several times, but on the same track and under the same conditions.” There are a few turns on the track (the one set in the Alps) that resemble certain turns in the GT series as far as radius, camber, etc. almost to a T, and one of those turns resembles the turn at the end of the back straight at Trial Mountain. I was able to hit the turn with basically the same line but without braking nearly as much as I would have had to in GT. Trust me, if I had hit that turn like that in GT, I would have been in the wall. GT is much more realistic as far as cornering dynamics is concerned. Launching? Well, the way the 458 launches in GT feels more realistic, but the front wheel drive cars in FM4 launch much more like they would in real life than they do in GT.

      And yes, this was FM4.

    • Mar. 15, 9:45am

      Just don’t tell me you did your ”test drive” with the ferrari 458 in the FM4 demo ’cause thats not valid. The physic update that happened afterward is where its at.

      Oh! Another thing. I’m not implying that you do but a lot of long time GT players are thinking that the game is the realistic benchmark by wich all other games should be compared. The only thing I compare my sims to is with real cars on real tracks, something I do regularly in real life.

      GT5 and FM4 both have good physic engines that are not perfect. To state that one is *much* better than the other is being either biased or clueless.

  7. Mar. 10, 2:30pm
    Fire Yoshi

    I REALLY hope that Forza 5 doesn’t go down the same path that Horizon did. I didn’t get Horizon because it just doesn’t feel like a Forza game to me. Forza Motorsport 4 is my favorite racing game so far. :)

    • Mar. 10, 5:00pm

      It won’t. Horizon is a spin-off series made by a different developer.

  8. Mar. 10, 1:54pm

    I’m going to say what everyone else is thinking.
    If we thought the forza series was any good..we’d all be playing it & hanging out on some Xbox site.
    It’s no good. We choose GT. THAT’S why we’re here!

    • Mar. 10, 2:28pm
      Fire Yoshi

      Speak for yourself.

    • Mar. 10, 4:59pm

      Agreed Fire Yoshi.

      @vrossi: You’re kidding yourself if you think you speak for everyone. Some apparently can’t grasp the concept that there are people out there that appreciate BOTH GT and Forza.

    • Mar. 13, 1:09pm
      Magic Ayrton

      haha so true, Forza is just a flash in the pan and has no real longevity, that’s why they make a new one every five minutes.

    • Mar. 13, 11:22pm

      Or maybe it’s because they have enough staff and resources to make new games more frequently. You might not have gotten a lot of longevity out of Forza perhaps, but I know have.

  9. Mar. 9, 4:54pm
    Ferrari Enthusi

    I like the fact Forza get so many cooler cars, like all those Ferrari models for example.

    • Mar. 10, 2:37pm
      Fire Yoshi

      Although GT5 has more cars than Forza 4, Forza 4 still has a better selection in my opinion. The regions are far more balanced as far as cars go. That and….there isn’t a million clone-cars, which kinda means GT5 has 200+ less cars than what it actually has. =/
      However, I do like GT5’s selection of pedestrian cars better.

    • Mar. 13, 4:01pm

      Yup, GT5 has over 1,000 cars, but the cars in Forza are just cooler! Forza wins with cars and livery maker. GT5 wins with physics and grafics. We could debate all day on who has the better track selection!

  10. Mar. 9, 12:24pm

    ROAD CAR! lol

  11. Mar. 9, 7:35am

    Knight Rider is the inspiration for my love of cars. That and Dukes of Hazzard. :sly:

    • Mar. 10, 12:57am

      Speaking of Dukes of Hazard. Its on right now.

  12. Mar. 8, 7:56pm

    My one suggestion with Forza is doing Forza Weekly Rewinds and GT Weekly Rewinds for the sake of keeping the comment section easier to read. I just foresee all the Forza and GT conversation on the same comment section getting a little confusing. Otherwise I don’t really have any legitimate gripes, clarity was my only concern.

    • Mar. 8, 11:54pm

      Yep totally agree, whether you like one or both, keeping it seperate benefits all, more focused comments, also have them on different days as well. I wonder if GTPlanet is properly reflective of the combined games now? Maybe ForzaPlanet wasn’t big enough to sustain, or there are futrher changes over the horizon (like a better forum system would be nice).

  13. Mar. 8, 2:51pm

    A Change Is Coming?

    does that mean they’re gonna fix Arcade Mode?

    • Mar. 8, 7:46pm

      Uhhh… No. A change to the GTPlanet website. This isn’t a news article.

    • Mar. 9, 3:11am

      Whats wrong with it? (I never play it, so i dont know)

    • Mar. 9, 2:27pm

      There isn’t enough freedom – I’d like to be able to personally set the race grid, for one thing. I’d also like to be able to set a time limit for personal endurance races. That’s just some things that come to my mind. Also, being able to use all of your cars from your garage would be nice…

  14. Mar. 8, 2:45pm


    • Mar. 8, 4:51pm
      SZRT Ice

      Rasen-Shuriken! Actually looking forward to the Forza info pouring in on GT Land. May actually make Kaz/PD take note of the competition finally. Which can be useful for some changes to finally be made.

  15. Mar. 8, 1:59pm

    I wish the Alfasud and the Alfa Romeo 75 were in the game. That Alfa pic is outstanding. Good choice of wheels as well :tup:

  16. Mar. 8, 11:37am

    Yeah, that Alfa os the best looking one here. Reminds me of a Lancia Fulvia… Wish the Fulvia was in the game. Kinda suprised it isn’t, considering its rally history.

  17. Mar. 8, 11:23am

    I’m flying down to Melbourne this morning. I’ll let you know how close the Erebus E63 sounds to the AMG F1. :)

  18. Mar. 8, 11:03am

    The big thing about this year’s F1 season is that it is the last one before they change regulations next year to turbocharged V6s… the FIA says they want brands like Toyota to come back as well as bring in new ones. They want to come off as more eco friendly (which I think is wussy crap).

    • Mar. 8, 2:10pm

      This eco-friendly push is not wussy crap, it is in fact part of the global green lie- where the rulers of this world try to make us peasants believe that our little cars are what is killing mother earth, while the biggest corporations with their river-polluting/air-poisoning factories, sea-emptying fisheries, rainforest-clearing mass farming operations continue on, business as usual.

      When polititians are pushing for something, it only proves how much the interest of the people AND planet are not in the conversation. Corporate law demands profit above all else. It is illegal, corporately, to do anything that might jeoperdize profit, in any way. Start looking into these things independently, and never go along with the group-think tactics used by these atonists.

    • Mar. 8, 2:59pm

      Whodoyouthink… The FIA and F1 have been “eco” since “mpg” came to be. Don’t matter to them what kind of engine they use as long as it attracts revenue.

      ResearchALLwars… say it like you mean it bro! Energy IS of national security. Not one corporation or person created what mother earth affords us.

    • Mar. 8, 7:25pm

      “Our little cars” x approximately 1 billion. It’s time for humans to step up and do the right thing, think about what the earth has given us.

      99% of people do not need a gas engine for transportation when/if electric or natural gas engines become mainstream… until then ANY effort to make a difference with turbo’d mini engines or hybrid tech is the most respectful thing we can do for “our” earth. And yes, transportation is only a tiny part of the terrible toxic, wasteful and greedy actions happening every day. I still think powerful sports cars should be available 20+ years down the road, but with a hefty carbon-tax and crazy gasoline prices. Should work. It’s only ethical.

    • Mar. 9, 3:18am

      Deeply agree with researchALLwars.
      I dont think we are killing our planet. If any we are killing its ourselves.

    • Mar. 9, 6:42am

      It is definitely true that there are much larger problems for the environment than cars (meat eating for one, but I won’t go in to that) and the huge focus on them is a bit ridiculous, but at the same time.. just because it’s not the biggest issue why shouldn’t we do our best to be kind to the nature in every aspect, even the small ones? Just seems stupid to be against it. It’s like saying we shouldn’t care about poor families in western countries because in Africa they have it ten times worse..

    • Mar. 11, 12:09am

      Oh, and…. MEETING IS A GREATER PROBLEM THEN THE DEPLETING OZONE LAYER!?!?!? Lol, I’m not into the Eco-friendly push but humans are animals to. If the cheetah don’t care about the squirrel then why should I care about the cow? I don’t even care what Morrissey thinks, lol.

    • Mar. 11, 12:12am

      Sorry to make a 3rd post, but the family analogy was accurate. To me it’s about controlling emissions, which we can do, and preferably finding a way to duplicate crude oil so that we have no concerns about running out and the fat cats at OPEC can stop robbing us. It is possible to clone crude oil molecules to, a group in South America proved it a couple years ago.

    • Mar. 11, 2:48am

      to researchallwars: listed companies having to make profit is a law in the US, that cannot be generalized. There are companies who are actually performing a usful social function too, apart from giving us work. You statement sounds like you looked abig US listed companies and generalized it across the global. Not the case, but sadly the case in the US

    • Mar. 11, 9:34am

      there might be a couple films you guys would like to see:
      Apologies of an Economic Hitman ***
      For the Love of Water
      Food Incorporated
      all the Zeitgeist films
      Ring Of Power

      …and for you bigtime readers:
      The Creature from Jekyll Island.

    • Mar. 13, 11:50pm

      Where did my post about F1 being boring because the cars have too much downforce go?

    • Mar. 14, 8:17pm

      It was removed because of the language contained within.

  19. Mar. 8, 10:47am
    Both Barrels

    I’m looking forward to the F1 season as well as your alluded to video in the next Rewind, I imagine it will be a good bit of nostalgia. Great stuff.

  20. Mar. 8, 10:12am

    Two planets merging means a BIG party is coming!

    • Mar. 8, 10:19am

      You mean BIG WAR is coming” Lol. I hope not.

    • Mar. 8, 10:44am

      That’s what I somewhat fear too. (-_-)

      Hope it doesn’t though.

    • Mar. 8, 2:52pm


      Hope not. After all, we are all car enthusiasts and both are great games.

    • Mar. 8, 4:55pm

      It’s like merging north and sound Korea. Yayy party…

    • Mar. 8, 4:55pm


    • Mar. 8, 6:19pm

      You are right ralph89..

      GTPlanet dare I say, encourages it too, as discussions are what make the “Planet” go round! ;)

    • Mar. 8, 7:29pm

      It’ll keep Kaz on his toes. In which case, GT6 will be better than expected!

  21. Mar. 8, 8:59am

    Dat Alfa….. :drool:

  22. Mar. 8, 8:25am

    soooooo the Citroen GT Concept and Road cars have f1-level downforce, but the Racecar (equipped with some serious aero parts) does not have such downforce?

    Also, these tunes that include Racing tires of any kind…. umm.. yeah. no.

    • Mar. 8, 8:54am

      I also wondered the same when I saw that.

      I’ll suggest a name to the new planet: Racing planet, mixed up planet, Console Planet…. Starting to think of it, keep GTPlanet instead.

    • Mar. 8, 11:43am

      I don’t understand. This tune is for an RM, a racecar. Why would you flat out reject race tires on a race car? I like to run tires appropriate to the car and the event. And I like yo sample everything offered in the game. Why limit yourself? I do like comfort tires too, and sport tires. When you have downforce, lightened-ness, race clutch, etc etc I think the race tires are good.

      The only thing I don’t get is rooms that say street cars only, with high pp and unlimited tune. To me, that is essentially an RM.

      Anyway, to each his own, and variety is the spice of life.

    • Mar. 8, 2:15pm

      sorry man, guess I was being a bit of a tire snob there. I operate under the assumption, perhaps mistakenly, that anyone doing such high-level tuning in GT5 will want the most realistic experience, and a quick visit to the forums will show that even the hard racing tires do not offer this, on any car. I apologize for coming of in such a way.

      I agree with all of your other points. Cheers mate.

    • Mar. 8, 3:11pm

      Fordskydog… A fully tuned street car may make more hp but never weighs less than it’s race car counterpart.

      I recall plenty of races back in the day that used grooved tires. Then there’s the big money tuners…

    • Mar. 8, 8:15pm

      The whole things out racing tires being unrealistic in GT5 is inaccurate anyways. Look at Le Mans. You take stock 908 or R10 and on racing softs is when you are closest to the real times run at Le Mans, maybe a bit slower then them unless your totally on your game. In fact, at Le Mans they run as quick / quicker and do it for 2-4 stints on 1 set of tires. Point being, when it comes to race cars, the racing softs are most accurate to the high quality racing tires developed by tire manufacturers for real world racing.

  23. Mar. 8, 8:20am

    As in the case with most mergers, it is out of necessity and usually includes a strong and weak partners.

    The weak (ForzaPlanet) survives in a sense, and the strong (GTPlanet) grows.

    Anyways, I guess you could also look at ForzaPlanet as a case of.. “well, that didn’t workout” all the while gaining some forum activity .

    Good times at the forums ahead.

    • Mar. 8, 10:01am

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Forza have a strong community on their official website? I don’t think the one Sony has is as popular as the one Xbox has…hence the need for GTPlanet for the GT community.

    • Mar. 8, 3:03pm

      The “weak” partner in this case has a tight-knit, more inclusionary core group. But like Jeremiah mentions, the main issues for ForzaPlanet were the two other big established FM communities already out there. GTP’s got a solid decade under it’s belt, and we get far more traffic here than Sony’s official GT forums do.

      That said, it was awesome of Jordan to create the other ‘Planet, and it’ll be great to have everybody under one roof. Hopefully it’ll continue to foster a sense of community instead of silly rivalry :tup:

    • Mar. 8, 6:10pm

      +1 @SlipZtrEm. :) I dislike rivalry, so lets hope this whole community works out great without neither fa***ying of which game is better.

    • Mar. 8, 6:15pm

      Hey, I wasn’t knocking Forza’s “tight knit” community or the fact that Jordan tried to make an alternative to the other Forza communities. Just stating the facts about how it was necessary, but not surprising.

      Oh, SlipZrEm, you know as well as I do the GT vs FM fighting won’t stop. Too many people post the word “Forza” in GT threads and too many people open the doors with all the “I hate this about GT” posts that have frequented this site.

      Plus, Forza and GT fans are defensive over which game they prefer and are more than obvious in doing so.


    • Mar. 8, 6:23pm

      @maxpontiac Okay I 100% agreed on what you said about “GT is this and GT is that”. Ahh man, now I’m worried about the merge again. >_>

    • Mar. 10, 12:17am

      Heh, you’re right Max, it probably won’t stop, no argument there. It’s a shame some people will always look at it as a “fight” to begin with though: hopefully this merger (and T’s awesome Weekly Rewinds soon incorporating FM stuff too) will foster an increased sense of community instead of split camps!

  24. Mar. 8, 7:52am

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Forza DLC show up here.

    It helps with GT-related dreaming. : )

  25. Mar. 8, 7:48am

    That is a very nice Alfa picture. The photo shopping makes it look like a premium car. I especially like the work on the fender (mini) flairs and around the windows. Spot on.

    And I have no issues with having Forza on board. Perhaps if they read GTP Polyphony Digital and Kaz will consider giving their gamers similar selection of cars and mechanical options.

    I find it hard to hate on racing games. I am however a true Grand Turismo fan since the original game was released on PS1. I welcome Forza and I still love GT.

  26. Mar. 8, 7:29am

    I love Forza and GT and I’m looking forward to seeing content about both :)

    • Mar. 8, 11:47am

      I am diametrically opposed to Forza. I don’t really know why. I have never desired a 360, because I have always played GT. Almost exclusively. So I have only wanted a PS. Iy is a feedback loop. I played Forza for about 5 minutes once. Just no desire.

      Let’s keep the races clean and pure. Keep Forza in it’s place. Segregated sites please. (sorry, i started with a pun and got carried away. I don’t practice or believe that. just a bad joke.)

    • Mar. 8, 1:32pm

      Because it’s impossible to have clean races in Forza…

    • Mar. 8, 1:45pm

      360 and Forzas 2&3 were purchased while waiting for GT5 and an interest in online racing… my computer screen isn’t big enough to enjoy stuff like iRacing?

      Good friendships were made at Forza and spent more time painting my whips than driving. But the single turn off for me was the childish acts of those folk who had no respect for my joy of clean racing. Forza actually had a room specifically for smash and crash competition? I feared that that attitude towards that kind of driving style was transferred in to their “clean” racing rooms. I miss my friends over there and wish them well. But, once GT5 was released, I’ve had no reason or desire to return to pay to play with children. Hope I get to apply livery in a GT series soon.

  27. Mar. 8, 7:19am

    The funny thing about law firms is when three siblings are partners…Williams, Williams, & Williams.

  28. Mar. 8, 7:12am

    Has the hybryding issue been adressed in one of these weekly rewinds?

    • Mar. 8, 7:16am


    • Mar. 8, 7:52am

      No, not yet, surprisingly. : )

  29. Mar. 8, 6:43am

    Now i’m excited to see which F1 video you’ll choose for next week. Hopefully it’s either a Senna video or a recap of the 2012 season.

    • Mar. 8, 7:23am

      Or some of the testing from the last few weeks. Maybe Hamilton’s new ride?

  30. Mar. 8, 6:42am

    Very sad the first comment had to be this.

    • Mar. 8, 6:47am

      Never mind. It was deleted.

    • Mar. 8, 6:47am

      Yes it was.

    • Mar. 8, 5:57pm

      Why is this so funny?

  31. Mar. 8, 6:42am
    The Stig Farmer

    Hopefully this will promote some understanding between the Forza/GT fanbase :)

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