GTPlanet’s SRT Tomahawk Challenge Starts Today


If you’ve had a go in any version of the SRT Tomahawk – the newest Vision GT concept car in Gran Turismo 6 – you know how crazy it is. The “X” model takes things to the furthest extreme, producing over 2,590hp with the use of “experimental technologies”.

As if that wasn’t enough, Polyphony Digital (or perhaps SRT?) created a special Seasonal Event in GT6 for the car at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, one of the most tight and technical circuits in the world. Put them together, and you have a brain-melting virtual driving challenge that will challenge anyone.


To give you some encouragement, we’re hosting a special competition within this Seasonal Event, with one-of-a-kind prizes up for grabs. The fastest 12 drivers win exclusive SRT Tomahawk posters signed by the car’s design team, and the top two drivers score an extra signature on their poster from Kazunori Yamauchi, the Gran Turismo series’ creator himself!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Sign in to your GTPlanet account (if you’re not a member, create a free account here).
  2. Add your PlayStation Network username to your account information.
  3. Enter your lap time for the Seasonal Event into the “GTPlanet SRT Tomahawk X Challenge” field on this page.

That’s it! You can update your registered time as often as you like before the challenge closes with the Seasonal Event on July 24, 2015 at 02:00 EDT. Unlike most competitions, this one uses a blind leaderboard – you won’t know exactly who else has entered or what their time is; just go as fast as you can.

Once it’s over, we’ll verify your time with the in-game leaderboards, and the fastest players will win their exclusive posters. Good luck!


Official Contest Rules

Due to the complexities and legal restrictions of international contest laws, prizes can only be awarded to United States residents, age 13 and older. Winners under age 18 will be required to present a document signed by their parent or guardian before prizes will be awarded.

Lap times may be submitted and edited through July 24, 2015 at 02:00 EDT. After the contest is completed, winning users will be contacted via GTPlanet’s private messaging system with further instructions on how to verify their time; failure to respond to this message within 24 hours will result in forfeiture of the prize, which will be awarded to the next eligible competitor. Winners will be required to send a PlayStation Network friend request to a specified account to verify their username. The Seasonal Event leaderboards provided by Gran Turismo 6 will be used to determine player ranking. If a competitor is found to have reported a faster time on GTPlanet than the one associated with their PlayStation Network account in the game, they will be disqualified.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. GTPlanet reserves the right to exclude any competitor for any reason. Prizes offered “as is”.

GT6 Photomode images by TheChallenger.

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Comments (42)

  1. Razgriz8492nd

    I was 524th in the world as of last night,. 3:57.013. That was fun even if I did not do good enough to win.

  2. Lambofanghini

    Since the camber adjustments are locked, count me out! I like oversteer, but these cars feel too touchy for me and need some camber adjusments. Love the cars tho! ;)

  3. Ayhancan1998

    Make some real car time trial then take top 16 and make online final race with prize. Its really bad see some competition with car like this, unrealistic

  4. FerrariFXX 07

    US only? There are better and faster drivers in this car throughout the rest of the world (Japan, UK, Germany etc)

    1. NW48

      Australia has some of the very best and we haven’t had a single competition asides from GT Academy, so you can probably see how GT players Down Under feel.

  5. Musazaki

    You know what… I’m just gonna sit this one out..Maybe in a week I’ll get it.. But that car just renders me emotionally bankrupt..

  6. doblocruiser

    I can’t even drive this car without crashing on high speed ring, so I’ll pass to take this devil back to hell. Have fun everyone :)

  7. SVPSkins

    awarded to United States residents only? well that seems a little unfair for the international fans. O well not the end oft he world

  8. PASM

    My first clean lap was a 3:51. I’m gonna leave it at that, because I’m not from the US. That said, the current overall leader has an insane time of 3:11!

    1. GTRacer22

      I was at a 4:11. And then something possessed me to run a 3:41. I saw your time and I was like, “How in the world will I ever beat that?” And then I did and I almost had a heart attack!

  9. Pseudopod

    You’re in luck, americans. 12 prizes is like half the amount of people able to finish the challenge!

  10. Lille B

    Go through hell for an autograph by the ppl who made that hellish event – hmm think I’ll pass…

    Now, if the price was a PS4 with a GT7 game… I’ll bang that car around.

  11. ALB123

    Will there be any prizes for the people who threw their SRT Tomahawks into their Stockyard the fastest?

    1. vrossi

      I AGREE!
      These cars are worthless. Not fun to drive. Like driving a stone across a frozen pond.
      2 minutes of WTF…Yeah RIGHT. Then, into the bone yard they go.

    2. nowcontrol

      I was considering finding the SRT Tomahawks design team and parking them all somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine. :O

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