SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo Revealed, Coming to GT6 This Summer

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has fully revealed the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo concept car today in Detroit. Developed by the combined efforts of SRT’s design and engineering departments, the Tomahawk is the result of ideas and technologies that go beyond those implemented in modern day racing cars; the best possible driving experience for Gran Turismo users.

“We had fun stretching our minds to create the SRT Tomahawk for Gran Turismo 6. The game places a high emphasis on capturing reality in a virtual environment; our goal was to respect that philosophy by focusing on plausible future technologies that could achieve our vision of extreme performance. Everyone can appreciate an exquisite design and something that is beautifully engineered; when those two things are brought together in a fusion of cooperation, there is nothing more exciting.”

The Tomahawk will be made available in three exciting builds, separated by the level of engine tuning and device controls, allowing players to choose one most suited to their own skill set.

SRT Tomahawk S Vision Gran Turismo

SRT Tomahawk Vision GT_10

The entry level machine meant to prepare players for the incredible performance of the Tomahawk series. Powered by a 7.0L wide-angle V10 tuned to deliver 792 hp, with an additional 215 hp derived from the pneumatically-driven front wheels for a total output of 1,007 hp. This is the heaviest variant in the Tomahawk series at a curb weight of 2,026 pounds, and yet it has a top speed of 250 mph.

SRT Tomahawk GTS-R Vision Gran Turismo

SRT Tomahawk Vision GT_18

Race tuning pushes the power of the V10 engine to 1,137 hp, with an additional 313 hp from the air-driven front wheels for a total output of 1,450 hp. Aggressive weight-cutting takes the curb weight down to an impressive 1,459 pounds making it the lightest of the three, with a top speed of 300 mph.

SRT Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo

SRT Tomahawk Vision GT_27

The ultimate version in the Tomahawk series that employs a number of experimental technologies. With a redline of 14,500 RPM, the V10 engine is now capable of outputting 2,168 hp, with an additional 422 hp from the front wheels for a total peak output of 2,590 hp.

Due to the extreme performance and its 404 mph top speed, the driver is required to wear a G-suit to withstand the extreme cornering forces.

The SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo will be made available as a free download for GT6 sometime this summer, and you can discuss the full reveal in our forums.

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Comments (91)

  1. Speed Fiend

    Wow absolute car porn!! very impressed with Chrysler/SRT immersion into the VGT concept. I think they did it just right! multiple versions might be considered duplicates to some but I like the ability to choose this model regardless of road or race restrictions(so long as PP is met) made possible by multiple models.

  2. Amac500

    Ehhh, this car is going to be too fast to be anyone to drive. I’ll do the events and then it’ll probably only come out for Photomode, lol.

  3. gt3_racer05

    simply just by looking at the appearance, it’s ready to fly with other 1000ish HP cars. Lol

  4. Hastatus

    This is what I was hoping for with the VGT program: car manufacturers competing to impress, and thereby taking the process very seriously. SRT has upped the bar with three versions of a car. For those complaining about the realism aspects, that is not what VGT is about…nor is it really about these fantastical cars which some of us do get to enjoy; it is about getting the manufacturers more directly involved with the video game industry. PD is getting cooperation with these companies and in so doing future iterations of Gran Turismo may get more manufacturers wanting to actively participate in placing their real life products into such games. It used to be about PD and other developers seeking rights to place cars into their games, but imagine what if more manufacturers start seeking permissions to place their cars in such games.

    1. Tenacious D

      Well, this is about getting manufacturers involved in the gaming industry – and with the most popular racing series on the planet, demonstrating how relevant it is for both sides. I don’t think enough people are aware of what an amazing achievement it is for Kaz and his team that Gran Turismo is now the concept car simulator for these car companies to create working models that can attract current and future car buyers to their brands. We’ve always gawked at these concepts from afar. Now we can race them!

      This is yet another reason I put Kazunori and his team, and Gran Turismo, on such high pedestals. Love them or diss them, there simply aren’t anything like them, and I’m glad to be a fan.

  5. Andefir

    Finally an american VGT. Nevermind the Chapparal. Just hope it doesn’t sound like a vacuum but the last few didn’t so they probably have it figured out. Can’t wait to drive it.

    1. Blood*Specter


      You have expressed what I think is true and expressed when VGT started. This program is designed to get car companies exposure to a vast pool of young and older buyers.
      Perhaps one day a certain German manufacturer of rear engine rear drive vehicles just might take the bait. No matter how much you sell your product for, publicity and exposure are hard to pass up if you’re in business. Perhaps the EA license might not apply to experimental vehicles……..?????????

  6. pakicote

    They need to make this car for real!! it is so amazingly cool!! oh and the racing suit… oh man! The racing suit!!!

  7. MarchingSaint

    The one with the livery is just awesome. Glad the SRT guys took the VGT program so seriously.

  8. GTdarjan

    New pit crew! Two members with car jacks, member with fuel hose and two members change one wheel! And the SRT is amaizing!

  9. dylanlikes88

    The white one looks like an active aero fanatics wet dream!! 404 Mph!!?? Not sure about this. If it handles anything like the Red bull, or drives like the 2x, I can see lobby titles for track days saying “no RB 2x or Tomahwk” in the future.

  10. Donnced

    Really sad…what a f… Is that? And you call that a real driving SIMULATOR…i now there no more ridge racer an wipeout on sony PlayStation… So now its time for GT and his unrealistic cars and arcades super speed…it a real shame…

    Now i go to PC and Assetto Corsa for sure..
    Bye bye PD…R.I.P

    1. SergioTurbo

      Goodbye then, one less chronic complainer to deal with.

      I admit that I’m baffled with the X version – the GTS-R already qualifies as the “extreme” one – but I think I’ll have fun with it. I just like to try out outrageous, out-of-this-world cars.
      I’m the kind of player that also loves working on a tune to get to 300 kph with the Fiat Panda Super ’90, though…

    2. Donnced

      I’m not a chronic complainer..?I have all de GT games at home,and for me the GT4 is Still the Best…
      I find GT6 unfinished..with practical most of the same cars still in the game from GT1 till now.

      I love sim racing,but the new path PD took with the Visions is for me not a simracing game,yet not even a simcade…only a arcade game like need for speed

      Why he don’t fix the Camber? why black inside view in most of the cars? where is the super fantastic course creator he promise in 2013? and when he go to fix the aumount of bugs in the game?

      For me its really sad,because i loved the GT series till GT6,and i really think that GT7 will not be a very good simulator.

      I want realism and real cars,good fisics,and more things than just a red dot in the car if something’s broken on it…so i have to move to real simulators on PC..

      And this is just my point of view from a ex fan of the GT series.

    3. SergioTurbo

      Oh, sorry then. I’m afraid I misreacted.

      But, even as fresh as I am as a GTPlanet member, all this dissing towards GT6 is grating on my nerves. My personal point of view is: it has flaws, some aren’t that forgivable anymore, we know it, there’s no need to keep going “X/Y/Z is better, I’m outta this because Kaz went retard and GT is sh*t now”

      … I admit it, I freaking want my full interior on the AE86 and the Alfar Romeo 155 Ti though.

      Sorry again dude, I hope I haven’t offended you.

  11. FLX1981

    It looks nice but nothing about it says “Dodge/SRT” to me. It looks like a Renault LaFerrariTheMcLarenLeCitroenGT.

  12. Kovu

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. Unrealistic, but beautiful. It’s one of those rare VGT cars worth to be driven!

    Can’t wait for its release…

  13. RodolphoPNeto

    Now THESE guys got the right idea. I’m speechless, i absolutely love this. How can some of you complain about it??? Are you insane??? Your inner child should kick you right in your balls.

    PS – the full description (in-game news) talks about how the info is displayed and even a fancy carbon-derived material used inside… and considering how they went nuts with these cars, designing suits and all, i’m pretty sure they would insist on making them full on premium with interiors.

    1. KiroKai

      We’ve been through the same with the Aston VGT. If you get your hopes up you ask to be disappointed


    Mclaren P1 Fusioned with GT by Citroen + Alpine air brakes + an engine beyond SRT Hellcat = Fighter Jet on 4 wheels X)
    I thought Nissan GTR VGT was a fighter Jet on the road but this one takes the cake X)

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      My armor is contempt
      My shield is disgust
      My sword is hatred

      In the Emperor’s name, let none survive.

  15. anthonylu

    Just make sure you add the improvement where the favourites roster has increased the number of cars to 200 cars because I don’t have enough room to store even more cars in the favourites roster. And don’t forget it!!

  16. PikachuRacer11

    As a person who is not as much interested in the unrealisticly fast cars (like Red Bull X-Series fan cars) but still accept them, the SRT Tomahawk looks like a seriously badass car.

    The Tomahawk-S is nice and the Tomahawk GTS-R is pushing a bit past current realistic limits (but may be possible 10-20 years from now at the rate of current hypercar speeds). Then I look at the specs of the Tomahawk-X…and see that it’s way too outrageous!

    2,590hp in a V10-powered Gas/Air (2,168hp V10 + 422hp Pneumamic Motor) Hybrid Hypercar capable of 404mph? I know the “X” for that variant of the Tomahawk means eXperimental, but those specs absolutely blow the Red Bull X-Series Fan Cars away on high speed circuits like Daytona, Indy, or Route X (though the Red Bulls may still be faster on tighter techhical race tracks like Silverstone, Nurburgring, and Autumn Ring)!

    It’s like SRT has intentionally made the Tomahawk-X as a tribute to the GT5/GT6 Hybriders who loved making unrealistic 400+mph cars! I would likely go for all 3 cars, but of the bunch I am likely to use the Tomahawk-S the most and the Tomahawk-X the least.

  17. Kurei

    Just when you thought the 2X couldn’t be topped, here’s a Tomahawk to the head, haha.

    This might just be worth updating GT6 for, though I can’t imagine the FPS will stay steady when all those air-brakes deploy.

    Still, haven’t been this interested in GT since the LM55.

  18. EliteBeast55

    WHAT!?!? 2590 HP!? WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE ****?! This is gonna get epic. X1 and X1 2011 edition are gonna have quite a challenge.

    1. Andy GT

      Quite a challenge? The Tomahawk GTS-R is a close match for the Red Bulls. The X makes any Red Bull driver wet their pants. The car is so fast that its gameplay looks sped up.


    If they don´t care about a interior, i don´t care about that car.
    Besides the Vision GTI from VW, all those Vision Cars are only half done, like GT6 itself.
    But i still like GT6 a lot.

  20. =drifting24/7=

    WTF, 2590hp?!?! Good lord! Looks like the X1 and 2X are given a run for their money :D

  21. Eager Snake

    I haven’t seen any comments regarding this, so, I’m going to ask it:
    Does this mean that update 2.00 is actually REALLY close to be released, containing, as it was in GT5, some major overall improvements to the game?
    You can only hope for that, but, I think about that theory all the freaking time. It makes sense…
    Let’s just wait and see, but I can’t avoid the constant thinking of a new intro with a better song (the current is not bad, but it doesn’t have that emotion the one in GT5 had), course maker, endurance races, the ability to have damage in offline mode and more stability while playing online…
    It’s not crazy to ask for that… right?

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      No, it does not mean that at all. All this means is that the SRT Tomahawk is coming to GT.

    2. Eager Snake

      Why not, at all? Correct me if I’m wrong, but every new update brings, in the majority of cases, cars, content and some bug fixes. The SRT is coming soon, and thinking about it for just a second, the new update is 2.00. I’m not saying that this is what is going to happen, but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it “logically” (logically being similar to GT5). That was all I was saying.

    3. TeamCZRRacing

      No, the next update will most likely be 1.20, since it follows on from 1.19. We COULD end up getting Spec 2.0 in the near future, but who knows when or if that will happen.

      And yes, I retract my statement about this definitely not meaning Spec 2.0. It’s a possibility, however small.

  22. Skyline_77

    Looks amazing, can’t wait to give it a go.

    But.. what of the Bertone VGT? has that been scrapped? it’s been months since its unveil

    1. Chameleon9000

      The bertone VGT was never actually unveiled, it was leaked. Bertone is dead, so it is probably not coming to GT ever unfortunately.

  23. TeamCZRRacing

    Everything about this is just insanity incarnate. The new uniform looks like a Storm Trooper suit. I’ll probably put it on first thing and never wear anything else in the game again.

  24. ALB123

    Am I mistaken, or did they mention that we are getting THREE different versions of the car? I watched the video and came straight to the comments, so I haven’t read the GTP article yet — maybe it’s confirmed there. But, if you watch the video again, they mention 3 different versions of the car and what the differences are between each. So, that sounds like we should be getting three different cars — kind of like how we just got two different Alpines.

  25. TomBrady

    Great. No cockpit view. I’ll probably drive it twice and that’s it. So sick of Vision GT. It’s torture seeing these cool cars come to GT unfinished.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Amazing how you continue to dismiss the fact that a) the VGT project is something no other game has ever done *ever,* and b) these are concept cars, which are frequently designed without interiors at first, so of course it’s not going to have an interior. So despite the fact that this is a part of the design process and is clearly out of PD’s contol, OF COURSE it’s Kaz’s fault.

    2. TomBrady

      I could care less if it’s the first time this has been done in a game. What’s the point if they’re gonna do it so half assed?

      Stop using the concept car excuse. It’s rubbish. There are plenty of concept cars made with cockpits. The Red Bulls have interiors, GT by Citroen have interiors, all the concept cars in Driveclub has interiors, same with Forza, and many of GT’s own concept cars from the past as well. On PS2 they had an excuse because no cars had cockpit views, but now its just laziness.

      PD easily could’ve asked these manufacturers to create interiors, even basic ones but they didn’t bother. Why? because Kaz doesn’t use cockpit view and that’s why PD has never been too concerned with cockpit views. If you followed GT5 when it launched you’d know that. It took a year of complaining before standard cars even got the blacked out interiors that GT PSP have had since 2009.

      Why do you think bumper cam of all things is the default view in GT? It’s because that’s what Kaz likes. News flash, a lot of things that Kaz likes and cares about is what ends up in the game. It has always been like that and it always will. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not. This is one of those times that it’s not.

    3. charles98

      Who cares if this car or any other VGT is “half-assed” did you even bother to look at those stats?! 2590 combined horsepower! 404mph! When your going that fast, you ain’t lookin at pretty gauges, you’re looking at the blur of a road.

    4. 0r3n

      What does “Kaz liking bumper cam” have to do with anything??? Are you really surprised that the ideas the “boss” of the game developer likes make it into the game???
      I get the frustration about lack of interior… but in the case of VGTs. .. I’d say it forgivable. .. these are clearly works in progress… no wonder they haven’t designed an interior… but seriously… do you really think Kaz made it mandatory that no interiors be made…?

    1. theformidlog

      Exactly what I was thinking. The Tomahawk X could blow the Redbull away like it was a turtle.
      But the aero panels, man. That makes it even more ba.

  26. Tunerguy21

    Well, they sure do like their V10s over at SRT. Guess I was right about the cylinder count at least. Now, if we forget about all the fancy “never-gonna-happen” pneumatic drive for the front wheels and over the top aero bits, the Tomahawk S could be a relatively viable uber-flagship for Dodge (SRT, whatever). Produce it in limited quantities and sell it on the market; don’t let the design go to waste.

    1. littleregret265

      The S would make a wonderful hypercar. But is it feasible? I know both of the other versions are a touch* ludicrous by today’s standards.

    2. Tunerguy21

      littleregret265: I would expect so. On the power front, 790+hp from a 7.0L V10 is very possible. We’ve already seen amazing things done with the Viper’s V10, and that one is even OHV. They could even use the Viper’s V10 if they feel developing a new engine is too much, just tuned to the correct power output. On the styling front, its not out of line with the majority of highest-end stuff out there, and a scaled-down version of all the active aero shouldn’t be too difficult considering the size of the company in charge of producing it. I think the biggest obstacle to it reaching even limited production would also have the possibility of being the best opportunity to put it into production, and that’s the Fiat ownership of Chrysler. Since they also own Ferrari, they wouldn’t want an American hypercar to even have a chance of beating their prize pony.

  27. SkilledRacer

    This is easily my most hyped VGT. I absolutely adore it. Correct me if I am wrong but wont the X version be the most powerful car in GT6?

  28. smskeeter23

    It’s as if the VGT project is simply becoming a game of “who can dream up the most outrageous numbers” and then draw something resembling a car. Just think of all the online Route-X Tomahawk rooms now… 4 pages of RX Tomahawk followed by 1 dirty NASCAR. Fun.

    1. Terronium-12

      That’s looking at the glass half-empty.

      I’ll admit this is the only VGT car that’s actually piqued my interest considerably, but the entire point of the VGT project, or at least how I perceived it, was to construct extreme vehicles under the guise of “no holds barred”.

  29. MiniM00S3

    It has a 7 liter V10 and weighs less than 1500 lbs. What the heck did they make the body out of to make it that light? Styrofoam???

  30. GT5 Level 41

    Crumpling paper and a “we’re starting over boys” can be heard at all of the VGT studios that have not yet released their machines.

  31. hankolerd

    Wow, that is just incredible. Good job SRT, I am impressed. Now just make a two seater version with ~300-400hp that comes in under 2500lbs for real life.

    1. hankolerd

      I also like that they got around needing mirrors by just making it faster than any other car :P

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