GTPlanet’s SRT Tomahawk X Challenge Results: Congrats to Our Winners!

SRT Tomahawk Vision GT_32

When we announced GTPlanet’s SRT Tomahawk X Challenge just over a month ago, it made one of GT6’s toughest Seasonal Events even more competitive, as hundreds of GTPlanet users sent in their lap times to win exclusive posters signed by the SRT design team – the same people who conceived one of the craziest Vision GT cars yet.


Our two fastest winners, @Krl_fight and @Killerbee2U, scored posters with an extra signature from Kazunori Yamauchi himself! Unlike most time-trial competitions, our challenge featured a blind leaderboard, so the contestants didn’t know where they stood on the leaderboards until the very end of the competition.

18544541573_59a4033262_k-1Without further ado, here’s our top 12 poster winners, and a ride-along video of the insanely fast lap set by our top competitor, @Krl_fight:

  1. Krl_fight (Krl_fight) – 3:19.091
  2. Killerbee2U (killerbee2u) – 3:34.330
  3. Kinderknect (Cam-Caster) – 3:37.794
  4. GTracer22 (GTP_GTRacer22) – 3:41.626
  5. Sier_Pinski (XizangM1) – 3:44.564
  6. BEBOP_Bill (BEBOP-zero) – 3:55.043
  7. Razgriz8492nd (Raz8492nd) – 3:57.013
  8. GTP Ziggy (zplay24) – 4:01.567
  9. TeamCZRRacing (TeamACRZARacingo) – 4:20.196
  10. Jbaffoh (Whisper_Crew) – 4:29.889
  11. RacingChamp30 (RacingChamp30) – 4:41.927
  12. ccaranna (cjr3559) – 4:45.904

Unbeknownst to many competing in the Seasonal Event, SRT Vehicle Integration engineer Jeff Reece (Ishmael13) was setting hot laps, too, and ultimately finished with a 3:25.901 – one of the fastest times in the United States! Nicely done, Jeff – it’s great to see someone involved in the car’s development also has some serious driving skills in GT6.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks to the SRT team, Kazunori Yamauchi, and Polyphony Digital for their help in organizing this contest!

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  1. Killerbee2U

    It has taken a couple weeks to bring my brain back to a pace to be able to drive my normal cars comfortably after the Challenge….a peek at the future….good stuff….a chance to drive something like the F1 guys get… wish I was younger….to all the “Vision” folks…we are watching and waiting…press ever forward….good stuff!

  2. Sier_Pinski

    A big thanks to the SRT team for designing this awesome experimental machine – It was really fun to drive and master, and it says a lot when you guys manage to make a virtual car so insane that it ends up destroying my physical steering wheel controller – but not before scoring 5th in this challenge and winning your 97th poster! ;) Not to mention it also says a lot about the potential future of pneumatic power for hybrid cars.

  3. Razgriz8492nd

    I had a great time doing this. I have since beat my time I posted just for fun. That was only my 4th completed lap time that i posted. I am no where near Krl_flight, though. Awesome job man.

  4. Kinderknecht

    if you think reading and following directions was complicated and difficult good luck in the real world.

  5. XtremeEdward

    Why can’t someone just look on the leader board and get the top 12 times? Much easier isn’t it?
    But no, they had to do this complicated process instead. Submit and whatever. Just look at the LB at the end???

    1. Lunar MechaG

      While those times may be the best, those people have to be registered members of gtplanet. Which is why the times had to be logged in on the site.

    2. Jbaffoh

      Complicated process? It’s easy for racers to read the simple rules and submit their times. But for GTP to verify which top 12 US citizens are 1) GTP members by cross-checking their PSN name against possible GTP names, 2) somehow verifying the true domicile and US mailing address when people might be racing under different flags (which has occured), and other complications? Why would you expect GTP to do ANY of that?

      That’s absurd! You want a prize? Sign up!!!

  6. Lunar MechaG

    I made a gtplanet account because of this post. I had a time of and I totally could have qualified. No hate towards the post or the users or anything, congratulations to them!

  7. Anthony Olivo

    I wonder where is my 3:57.671 Laptime and my friend’s 4:03.1! He’s going to be disappointed. Oh well. Congratulations to the winners!

  8. vegamarks

    I actually feel quite disappointed that I didn’t know we had to post our lap times to enter, when I did the event I thought to myself that it was it. I gotta 4:34 I think, I don’t remember. Ehh whatever… next time. Congratulations to the winners though!

    1. Jbaffoh

      Yeah, the announcement was very clear about the entry requirements.

      Early on I picked up a hint that people weren’t following the rules–and that’s the only reason I bothered submitting my time. I figured that hint would clue people in, so I didn’t even bother trying to improve my time–because I should not have been even close to the top 12.

      Oh well, my poster should be delivered any minute now. :)

  9. XtremeEdward

    I still think the ten fastest in the world should of won the posters. They put the effort in their laps more, and their time shows it.

    1. Jbaffoh

      Or even the top twelve in the US! The only reason I got a poster is because faster eligible people did not enter the contest. Some of us won by default. I completed only two laps on this account, and I left at least 30 seconds on the track. But even if I had reached my modest potential, there are plenty of Americans who could have blown me away if they simply entered.

    2. Jbaffoh

      I counted 274 US flags above me on the leaderboard. Some, like Doodle, are GTP members. There’s no way I deserve a 10th place finish. I hope we get more participation in future contests!

      BTW, the SRT guy was the fastest inder the US flag. I think that’s pretty cool.

  10. GTP Ziggy

    Props to everyone that took this challenge. We all had great runs. Extremely thankful for this SRT and Gran Turismo collaboration to make up this car in the game. To you guys working diligently in SRT: You guys arguably made the best car in this Vision GT project. It takes hard work and thought to make a truly unique car. The style of the car is perfect. With active aero, systems to keep the grounded, and an V10 hybrid engine, the Tomahawks are truly a masterpiece and one of my most favorite cars of all time. Hopefully we can see the street version in the future (maybe 2035) and then race version, and possibly the X! Again thanks to SRT and keep making more innovative technologies!

    1. Johnnypenso

      There’s more backpatting here than the GTAcademy graduates get after racing in the real world…lol.

  11. racingchamp30

    Congratulations to all of the winners in this challenge. It was one hell of a challenge to do on the Nurburgring and want to thank everyone on the SRT Team for this contest. Really cool poster as well.

    1. TrueLife

      I was choose for the Top12 for my 4:12 but i’m Italian so No prize for me and NO name on the Top12 neither… wow… Open Challenge, only US people can win…

    2. SlipZtrEm

      It’s more than a little offensive to suggest the limitation has anything to do with a member’s race. It was quite clearly stated in the original blog post:

      “Due to the complexities and legal restrictions of international contest laws, prizes can only be awarded to United States residents, age 13 and older. Winners under age 18 will be required to present a document signed by their parent or guardian before prizes will be awarded.”

  12. ccaranna

    I’m excited to learn about placing in the contest and winning the prize. Without a doubt the Tomahawk X Challenge was an extreme event. Thanks so much to everyone that made the contest possible; GTPlanet, PD, and of course the team at SRT for their amazing concepts.

  13. YZF

    After watching that youtube video I am sad….sad because Polyphony Digital just ruined the game. This is 100% arcade game. “the real driving simulator” is gone. No more.

  14. infamousphil

    WOW! My phone warmed at least 10° warmer after watching the video ;)
    Amazing car and driver… reminds me of the Speed Racer episode on the ‘Fastest Car on Earth’.
    The GRX was so fast it drove the drivers insane and to death (after crashing). The guy that built the car buried the engine to save other racers from killing themselves… enter Speed’s youthful attempt which ended in Pops tying his son to a chair, forcing him to watch a video loop and going cold turkey from the adrenaline rush. It was scary for me to watch this episode… especially the cold turkey part ;)

    Always drive like you give a damn… kiddies! And congrates to the Planet’s quickest.

    Q: how many times did you kill yourselves before posting a clean lap?

  15. Krl_fight

    Amazing!! Thank you so much SRT team, and GTPlanet, I’m Super glad that spending so many hours battling such incredible car had a great outcome! Thank you Jordan! And Congratz to everyone who made it to top 12 :D

  16. GTRacer22

    Wow! I can’t be more happy with my result. 4th place?! You’re kidding! I’d like to thank all that made this event possible, including the SRT team in whole, and our very kind webmaster, Jordan! Congrats to everyone else who won a prize. The poster is awesome, it will have a special place on my wall.

    P.S. – To any SRT team member who may stumble upon this, my mom is a really big fan of the Dodge Magnum. Make it happen! Pretty please? :D

  17. Jbaffoh

    After thanking God and the Academy, and my deseased parents, I’d like to thank PD and SRT for my carpal tunnel syndrome–I mean nerve-wracking challenge, and GTP for these 30 seconds of fame. But most of all, I’d like to thank the 2996 people above me on the leader board who lacked either the good sense to live in an eligible country, or to actually submit their physics-defying time.

    Humbly, I bow.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      And also thanks to the SRT guys – you’re all truly insane and that’s why you’re awesome. :)

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