GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: Greatest Hits Races 3 & 4 Livestream

Round Two! Well, rounds three and four, actually. Today will see the second half of the 2015-closing Special Event XV from the Weekly Race Series Online folks. The first two rounds took place yesterday, with the pack hunting at high speeds in a Ferrari GTO at Monza, and dancing a classic first-generation Miata through the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca.


Today’s races are different beasts. First up, starting at 17:00 GMT (check local), the Miata’s older, rotary-powered relative will be flung around a course that was a surprise addition to GT6 in 2015. The RX-500’s wild breadvan shape was built for speed, and the classic Midfield has lots of opportunities for just that. As before, you can catch the action up top, care of PASM.


The second race ensures the day wraps up dramatically: the racers will be reliving Le Mans 2013 – on a much shorter scale – from the perspectives of Mardenborough, Ordóñez, and Krumm. The Zytek Z11SN will be the ride for all drivers, so close racing and thoughtful strategy will be the order of the day. This combo was first visited in Week 77 of the WRS. The race kicks off at 21:00 GMT (check local), so don’t miss it.

The official thread for the event is located here. Interested in joining the WRS? Start here!

GT6 Photomode image by MedigoFlame.

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