Japanese Drift Machines Take Over FH3 Forzathon, Highly Requested S14 at Stake

Dylans1o takes the widebody 240Z out for stroll in the Land Down Under.
Dylans1o takes a modified 240Z out for stroll in the Land Down Under.

Last seen in Forza Motorsport 4, the cult classic 1994 Nissan Silvia K’s is back with the franchise, but only for those who manage to drift their way through week two of Forzathon.

The inaugural set of challenges kicked off last week, rewarding comedic car horns to those who managed to complete online adventure tasks. This time around, Forzathon puts drivers’ drifting mettle to the test with three skill-based activities:

  • The Drift King: Get 3 stars on 3 Drift Zones with any Japanese Car to win 15,000 CR
  • AKA D.K.: Bank 100,000 Skill Score in a single chair with a Japanese Car to win 15,000 XP
  • Initial Drift King: Score 35,000 Points in a Drift Zone with the Toyota Trueno to win the Nissan Silvia K’s ’94

Without much reason for doubt, the latter should spark the greatest amount of attention. The car universally referred to as the S14 has been one of the most requested vehicles within the Forza community. Virtual wheelmen and women who succeed in the Initial Drift King challenge will garage the car which is wildly synonymous with drift and tuner cultures.


To complement the week’s tasks, a 30 percent discount is applied to the 1998 Toyota Supra, 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer MR, and 1992 Honda NSX-R, all accessible in the Autoshow.

Seeing the Silvia K’s make an appearance as a winnable content was anticipated when Playground Games’ Ralph Fulton briefly mentioned the new Forzathon feature at this year’s Gamescom showcase.

Forza Horizon 3 owners on the Xbox One and PC who are looking to snag the S14 will need to be quick with the hooning action. This round of Forzathon closes at 9 a.m. UTC on Oct. 15, according to a Playground Games tweet.

So, how do you feel about seeing one of the most demanded vehicles being introduced as winnable content? Provide your feedback in the comments section below, then head over to the Forzathon Discussion in our forums to share tips and tricks to checking off all challenges.

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Comments (10)

  1. HarlemG27

    Does it offer a widebody kit. After my monalisa im not too impressed. But since its at 35k drift points. I snatch one up tonight. Cant wait for some new bimmers though

  2. MLRSparco

    Got mine, although I do think putting a car behind a challenge like this is a pretty shady thing to do as everyone isnt into drifting yet like the car for different reasons.

    1. Harakudoshi

      35k points is not hard to get. I’m not good at drifting and I managed it in a nearly stock Trueno. Engine swap and 4×4 swap one and do nothing else, and just pin the throttle, and a chimp could get 35k. I could understand if it was the 100k they originally proposed.

    2. imported_KingK76

      @ImaRobot… Yes, the answer to that is yes you can. But someone would have to put theirs up for sale. And the price you would likely pay would be HUGE! These are basically “Unicorn Cars” from days gone by but by another name. I liked the whole “Unicorn Car” thing because you had to work for it and it made those cars extra special.

    3. FuzzyFassbender

      I haven’t tried yet but from what I understand it’s not a hard challenge. I actually like this type of thing, gives you more reason’s to play the game (not that it needs more!). I’m not a big drifting guy but sometimes challenges force me to try thinks I normally wouldn’t, and sometimes I’ll glad I tried. Or, just buy the car with fake currency – not a big deal.

    4. Master Weasel

      Shady? This was the most requested car in Forza. They could have easily put it up as payed DLC if they wanted. And I’m not the biggest drift fan either, but I easily did this challenge. There’s no room to complain about this.

    5. MLRSparco

      I said it’s shady as in not everyone is into drifting I have plenty of friends who hate drifting that’s just my point, but I agree it’s definitely not hard at all, I’m just saying for those people who don’t drift it may be a pain,Is that to hard to understand?

    6. Master Weasel

      @MLRSparco: I understood you, because like I said, I don’t care for drifting either. But it won’t hurt anyone to leave their comfort zone for a little bit to do this challenge. It’s not time consuming at all.

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