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Forza Horizon 3 Up for GOTY Award

It would not be the end of a calendar year without the proverbial “best of” lists; and, lo and behold, one such list has emerged with a contender from the racing genre in the mix.

GT Sport Audio is ‘Big Improvement’ says Eurogamer Editor, Yamauchi Comments on Efficiency

Last month, the GTPlanet community was quick to take note of what sounded like an improvement in Gran Turismo Sport’s vehicle audio design. Sure enough, amidst all the latest conversation about image resolution, HDR, and PSVR capability, a report from Sony’s PS4 Pro event in London seemingly confirms Polyphony Digital’s progress in the audio department.

New Trailer for ‘The Grand Tour’ Teases a Familiar Formula

If you are the slightest bit like the crew here at GTPlanet, you have already dreamt of teaming up with a few cronies for a no-holds-barred cruise around the globe, driving whatever and wherever your fancy desires. And, if like us, those dreams are no closer to reality, then it’s time to live vicariously through the white-knuckle antics of three petrolheads playing out that very fantasy.

Five Forza Horizon 3 Features You Ought to be Psyched About

Earlier this week, the Forza Horizon 3 demo drifted onto the Xbox One with a teaser of the acclaimed series’ third installment. Like many of you, we at GTPlanet have taken the preview for a spin (or two, or three) and, now that we have our breath back, we would like to share the five features we are most looking forward to upon the Sept. 27 worldwide launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.