Just in Time for E3, A New GTPlanet

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With the announcements and interviews expected to begin pouring out of E3 2010 on Tuesday, next week could be the most exciting ever for GT fans around the world. To kick things off, I’m proud to launch the first major revision to GTPlanet in more than two years. Over the past 6 months, I’ve personally crafted this custom set of templates for our news blog, forum, and guides, and I hope you’re as happy with the finished product as I am. As you look around, watch for these new features on the blog:

  • You can now reply to specific comments on blog posts by clicking on the “Reply” link below the comment text. Your post will then appear immediately below it, indented slightly. This will make it easier to directly attack trolls and answer questions. My comments will also be highlighted.
  • “Previous” and “Next” links are now available when viewing image galleries posts, so you can just keep clicking the link without having to track down the thumbnail of each image you want to see. Here’s a good example.
  • The most popular posts, as judged by the number of comments over the past 30 days, are displayed in the sidebar.
  • Links to related posts are now displayed above the comment section, which should help draw your attention older news, screenshots, or videos that you may have missed.

As always, please let me know if you spot anything broken or out of place. Meanwhile, I’ll be composing a post for tomorrow that provides everything you need to know about E3, including links to all the live streams and a word about what to expect from GTPlanet’s own exclusive coverage (yep, we’ll have our own man on the show floor this year!).

And yes, as of posting we’re still waiting for video of the Le Mans demo to be uploaded from France. For now, enjoy these two pictures:

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