Kazunori Discusses Vision Gran Turismo & The Future in Jalopnik Film Festival Video

Official videos from last week’s Jalopnik Film Festival have now been published, and include an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi and a complete recording of the panel session with Yamauchi, Jim Glickenhaus, Tamir Moscovici, and Ken Block.

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Comments (35)

    1. ibnumgt1

      Dude stop spamming the GT6 news.Why don’t you go sit at the dark corner and play your “lovely” Forza?

  1. chevyisawesome

    2 things, if u look at the people and staff on the stage, none of them are smiling ecxcept for Kaz, hes always clapping for them and everything,
    and what i also noticed he always weres that same outfit! not that it looks bad on him or anything its actually a nice fit for him!

  2. AllinWitJT

    I wonder if the theater will be limited to an audience of 16? Then after the film tries to start they will only allow 12 or the film won’t play after all despite the promise of 16. After the film starts and glitches the audience of 12 will have to get up and switch to a different theater. When the film is restated audio won’t be heard for a while. A few audience members will be asked to glitc….leave to keep the film running smoothly.

  3. lGNAl

    Only good thing about these videos, especially the second one, is how humble Kaz he is. He applauded other people on the pannel the most. Helping with the mic for Tamir. A very few people in his position and importance would do that.

    1. Neilson248

      If you read my comment you will see that it is a positive one and not negative and my “yes” is a sarcastic reply to your question. I search GTPlanet for information and was surprised that nobody ha started complaining which is generally the case unfortunately. I was pleasantly surprised. Jeez.

  4. tpark103

    It’s cool to see Kaz being recognized by the hardcore car lovers in the industry. Its a reflection of core GT fan base. With the wave of video gamers that have come along the nit-pick and forget what GT is and has always been about this is refreshing.

  5. Swagger897

    That’s extremely cool how he mentions “immediately”. The thought that multinational companies would take the time to make a car only for a single simulator is awesome… They know its a good marketing tool by making it exclusive, which means more people will want to get it to see what its like…


  6. Zuel

    Wow, I can’t wait for the film now to see how in-depth it will go. 22 manufactures said yes that they would build a car just for GT. On that note, I wonder if GT6 will be authentic to the true car culture or will it still follow what authentic means to people now playing GT5?

    So who’s the first person that will say “///////”

    1. SZRT Ice

      +1 @ Jeredin. I’m more into the hyper, super, exoti, and concept cars myself. I just hope they’re paintable/customizable for one -make/online purposes.

    1. Swagger897

      certainly because one can remember for long periods of time… Dont try to make yourself stand out as if youve never trolled or been accused of it before..

  7. SkierPS3

    Looking forward to what the future brings. This Kaz doc and the new movie are certainly interesting developments in GT’s brand…

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