Latest Assetto Corsa Trailer Highlights Tracks “Laser Scanned To Perfection”

The folks at Kunos Simulazioni don’t seem to understand what rest is. During E3 last month, where every single developer was vying for the spotlight, Kunos announced arguably the biggest, most surprising sim racing news: a little company named Porsche would be joining Assetto Corsa’s stable.

This was followed by info on the upcoming 1.7 version of the game, relayed to us by Kunos’ Stefano Casillo during a livestream. A hint about an upcoming ‘Italian Pack’ was confirmed not even a week later, with the newly-christened ‘Red Pack’ set to arrive a week from today, led by Fangio’s 250F. We’ve now got a new trailer to take in, in preparation for the game’s console release next month.

As expected, the trailer leans heavily on the realism side of the equation, focusing on the accuracy that laser-scanning has provided. Kunos takes us behind the curtain, showing the tracks being built up from scanned data to completed asset. The trailer also highlights the simulated tire buildup, ambient track temperatures, and time of day.

The Youtube description name-checks Spa, Silverstone, Monza, and the ‘Ring, though many more of the game’s tracks are visible at various points. We spotted Mugello, Brands Hatch, Catalunya, and Vallelunga, for example. What’s sure to grab the attention of those looking for more authentic vintage races is Monza’s historic banked section – complete with period-correct open-wheelers – at the 1:30 mark.

Assetto Corsa releases on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One August 26 in Europe, and August 30 in North America.

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  1. 2clickswest

    Does this game have tires deforming? It hurts me to see now when wheels go through the track. And also, how many other racing games actually have this feature? I’m not sure, but NFS Shift got it. At least the second one.

    1. stupidstormy36

      I can’t say whether or not Assetto Corsa has it or not because it won’t work on my rig for some reason.

      I’m pretty sure Forza had it at one point, if it still doesn’t have it. Live for Speed is another one, as well as rFactor 2. Not sure if there are any others. I’ve heard Project CARS does, but I have personally not seen this, but I haven’t been looking either.

  2. I_Cameron_I

    Is this game worth getting? I have a ps4 and project cars, and im more into serious wec 24 hours of le mans and 24 of nurburgring type stuff. Ill obviously do research, but can anybody give feedback.

    1. ralph89

      As a fellow enduro racer, probably not if you’re really into 24 hours racing. AC only has a daylight cycle so probably a 4 hour to 8 hour enduro race. But AC has a very good driving physics, so it’s up to your needs. AC features focused on driving physics and track accuracy, so it’s up to your needs.

  3. hobanator24

    I think I cried alittle when I saw a glimpse of the oval at Monza in the trailer. After all this time, they finally add what I’m sure is going to be, a favorite among many racing enthusiasts. Now if only it could be brought back in real life…

  4. Andyc709292

    Do we have any evidence that links this amazing video with what to expect from the PS4 version? I ask as I noticed elsewhere that there was comment that the graphics engine had to be re-written for the PS4 and wonder if we’re an uncompromising version of PC Assetto (almost certainly) and what the gap will be to the somewhat relatively constrained PS4.

    Hoping like hell that the PS4 version looks and plays as well as this video infers though as it will reset the bar I reckon!

  5. SavageEvil

    This video looks very good, promising stuff. Will definitely get it for PS4 due to it having time of day change, which GT Sport lacks. Sorry but I don’t like static times of day or weather, the bar has been raised and there is no reason why simulations on console or PC cannot have them included. The vehicle movement looks so good you can taste it. Drops the last week before class starts though, ugh.

    1. brownninja97

      Yeah on the downside every now and then you get some nutter that breaks the time of day multiplier on their server its blowing through 12 hours of light in 2 minutes.

  6. JASON_ROCKS1998

    With every trailer I get more and more hyped for AC on PS4. I just wished it had a few more tracks.

    1. B.K

      They released Black Cat track for free and Spielberg A1 Ring is coming. So i dont know what you guys want? They also upgraded all tracks.

      I rather have less tracks in high quality than Premium and Standard tracks like in gt with Trial Mountain etc.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Since release they’ve produced Barcelona, Nurburgring, Black Cat County, Zandvoort and now Spielberg, all in 18 months. They also added the GP and Sprint layouts at Nurburgring with the alternate chicanes. They also updated the graphics at all tracks. They are the most productive track making team in all of sim racing to my reckoning.

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