Live Stream Endurance Race: 12 Hours of Brands Hatch in GT6

*Note: The broadcast is now finished. See here for official results.*

london-12-hour-gtpGTPlanet is excited to host a 12-hour online endurance race at Brands Hatch in Gran Turismo 6! The event will be streamed live in its entirety, right here via YouTube, with commentary throughout.

Six teams will be competing, featuring over 17 individual drivers from around the world. Check out the official forum thread right here for more details on the teams, competitors, the event format, and lots more discussion as the race unfolds. Good luck, everyone!

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Comments (21)


    It’s an awesome idea, it really is. I’d even like to be involved in something like that myself.
    It’s just a shame that it’s likely that 30% of the players involved will have a 50% chance of being disconnected from the server in that time frame.

    Having had been involved with racing in a few different online racing leagues, I know how hard it is to get a 90 minute race completed without at least 2 or 3 disconnections, from a full lobby of 14-16 anyway.
    Even myself, whilst being on super fast cabled internet, I still suffered from a few disconnections over a couple of seasons of league racing when the race duration was only one hour.

    Being a magnet to bad luck in life in general, I could see me after 9 out of 12 hours getting disconnected from the event.
    I don’t think all the so called undelivered promises you all moan about from PD and the GT franchise could possibly even come close to letting you down as much as having that happen to an online league racer would.

    Good luck none the less for those involved and thumbs up to the team behind organizing an event of this magnitude.
    I’ll definitely be tuning in, it’s bound to be an excellent watch.

    1. Lion-Face

      Its run in open lobby, so if you disconnect, you can simply rejoin a resume. Timing is based on photos from your stints. The drivers are swapped out by one driver leaving the lobby, then the next driver entering the lobby. So, in the case of this 12 hour race, we are running 2 hour stints per driver. Your connection doesn’t have to hold for a full 12 hours, just the length of your stint.

      Get a team together, get in the next one!


      Ahhh Greasy, always something to say.
      Tell me mate, how do race so well while never being quiet lol?

      Hi Lion, been a while mate.
      As always, I commented without reading the whole story, some things never change, but cheers for the heads up none the less.

      I’m just glad that that factor wasn’t overlooked.

      That’s great news, cheers.

      Oh, and Greasy, you may leave now!

    1. Egbert

      The first time they say it will be released at the 6st of September ant it’s still not here… please hurry up, I’ll can’t wait any longer.

    2. Hentis01

      Who said it will be out September 6th?
      There’s been no official PD announcement as to when patch 1.12 is released. All we have been told is that September GT6 will see a big update.

      What was said at the PD event last week was from someone other than a PD employee.

      There are still 17 Days of September left.

    3. TRLWNC7396

      Someone I know who has some pretty solid ties with PD (not @Jordan) says that the “Planned” date is late Monday.

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