More Details on GT Academy 2012 Qualification Rounds

The first batch of GT Academy 2012 details raised almost as many questions as they answered; most importantly, how would the competition evolve and how would competitors advance over the 8 weeks of competition?

Today, we may have an early answer to that question from GT Academy 2010 winner Jordan Tresson, who shared the following information via Facebook (thanks to Yinato for the tip and French translation!):

That’s 8 events over 8 weeks with only the latter that counts. But be the minimum time (bronze) on ALL the tests before.

In other words, you’ll only need to get the “bronze” time in each event to qualify for the next round, until week 8 where only the top competitors will advance to their respective regional finals.

This would be an interesting new format for GT Academy, ensuring that everyone is able to compete and enjoy the competition throughout its full duration. This will also extend GT Academy’s marketing potential for the Gran Turismo brand and the program’s sponsor, Nissan.

Keep in mind Tresson’s comments may not necessarily apply to all regions of GT Academy, so be sure to keep an eye out for more local details as they’re released. GT Academy 2012 kicks off worldwide May 1st. Thanks again to Yinato for the tip!

GT5 Photomode images by Des Foley.

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    1. delayedreaction

      It would be nice if we could give it a go even though it’s not being staged in Australia. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if the Oceania (AUS/NZ) store doesn’t get it at all.

  1. Maddens Raiders

    Just found out that my business trip takes me out ’til at least the 7th of May. No matter how fast the plane flies I will not get home until the 9th.. I am more sad than angry. I’m only getting older and the competition will pass me by yet another year. God, why…why? I wish there was another way for me to get in on this competition. *sad face* *snapping pencils*

    1. tpark103

      That stinks my friend!!! I hear some guys upset about holiday or as we call it here in the states vacation, I have to b honest, I could certainly use one and I would probably sacrifice this for it. A business trip on the other hand I could do without. “Ouch”

    2. biftizmo

      maybe as its a free could get a mate to log in (you have got maximum friends aloud on PSN) and complete the first round for you…as you only need bronze to qualify to next round..if i’m right in thinking the first round is only small sections to complete 10 in all..
      Also it says once all sections are cleared you can move on to next round. start of by attempting round 1..more rounds will be coming available over time…so maybe you’ve got until week 8 to catch up..maybe..

    3. another_jakhole

      The first round shouldn’t be difficult to get passed. No way you can spend a few minutes using a TV during the time you’re away?

    4. jgancherjr

      Take your PS3 with you! Yes I realize it is a business trip and you should probably be on your best behavior but you will still heve your “me time” at night at your hotel! Correct?

    5. biftizmo

      Great you can play catch up when your back..Having a life and playing GT5. This game is for grownups too.

  2. iGoFast

    What time will the download be released on Tuesday?

    Not sure if this has been answered yet. If so, I couldn’t find it.


  3. mobiletone

    are they going to gyp joypad users like last time by locking the ABS and TCS to the max settings?? this gave a totally unfair advantage to wheel users AFAIC.

    1. mobiletone

      i’m sure the people that govern gaming and competitions would think it so. giving certain contestants a greater advantage over others isn’t playing fair by any account. add to that the fact it wasn’t mentioned anywhere by Sony or PD and i think we have a case.

      Oh, and i have a Logitech Wheel, in case you were wondering.

    2. occasionalracer

      I don’t think this is unfair at all, think about it… whoever makes it to the final round with a controller, WILL have to then keep competing against the other finalists in front of judges with a wheel. So what’s the point?… it’s like wanting to apply for Engineering at a University when you haven’t completed Physics and Calculus in High School… you simply don’t have enough background knowledge.

      If you’ve never done those lap times with a wheel, you can’t just convert those superior thumb flicking skills to match the full use of arms and feet with a 900 deg. wheel. Sure it’s not impossible, especially if you have real life driving experience, but chance is you’ll need at LEAST 1 month practice… GT5 has been out for 1 and a half years, so anyone who hasn’t felt like buying the DFGT at least, is likely not that hardcore of a player.

      I’ll even go as far as saying anybody who is achieving top times with a controller, is cheating, not that those people don’t have serious skills and understanding of how to move a car forward, but simply because it’s proven that controllers aid the physics a lot, and it’s almost impossible to consistently turn those lap times with the 1 inch range of motion of a joystick.

    3. Mer1nza

      Wow .. so if somebody turns in average times with a controller, they’re just a casual player, but if they turn in top times they’re cheating. Incredible deduction.

      I agree that anybody doing well with a controller will likely struggle in the latter stages of the tournament using a wheel, but calling them cheaters is a little over-the-top .. yeah?

    4. another_jakhole

      It’s not exactly cheating, but how do you consider it fair when the competition is for people that dream of becoming a race car driver? I assume if it’s you’re true dream you’ll go through with buying a steering wheel. You’ll have to end up competing against people that used steering wheels for GT5 for experience. You can’t gain the necessary experience using a controller.

    5. another_jakhole

      Doesn’t matter if he called them cheaters or not, it isn’t the best for someone to take a final spot if they don’t even know at all if they can compete. There’s rules where you have to be a near complete amateur in order to join the GT Academy competition. I don’t know the specifics, but you can’t have been in legitimate races if you want to be a part of GT Academy.

    6. occasionalracer

      @Mer1nza – I din’t quite phrase it like that did I? Those achieving top times with a controller are far from casual, they’ve likely spent just as much time perfecting skills as wheel users, and to an extent, yes it is cheating because contoller physics are more “forgiving” and are aiding the driver slighty. Again, a really good controller user does have definiite understanding of car balance, but if that person can’t do the same lap times with a wheel, they’re done.

      Last year 31 out of 32 that advanced to the finals used a wheel, and I’ll let you guess what happened to the “other” guy. It’s quite simply a prerequisite to own a wheel for this competition, really isn’t GT Acadamy’s fault, they’re giving ALL a chance.

  4. MantC20

    Cant wait for this, first time trying GTacademy as only bought GT the start of the year. Pretty average at it so just doing it to see how i rack up against the best :)

    1. another_jakhole

      It’ll be in the PS Store, so whenever that updates. It should be around 6pm/18:00 “average”. It could be a few hours before or after that time.

    1. SimonK

      Still seems pointless to me, just dragging it out. It’s like setting the qualification time for the 100m sprint at 20 seconds so everyone can get through and then in the final qualification round you have to be under 10.5 to qualify for the final.

    2. DustDriver

      What if it the quali time gets quicker every week, and it’s not a 100m sprint but an obstacle course that gets harder every time.

    3. DustDriver

      + they might be looking for people that actually want to put in the effort to compete for 8 weeks.

    4. another_jakhole

      The way the old GT Academies were done wasn’t the best way to measure people’s skills.

      DustDriver should be right. Each event will become more difficult and will be more fair in the end, plain and simple.

  5. i love gt5

    If I can’t read how can I read your comment? Tell me that. And yesterday it wasn’t saying first May

    1. Strunz1098

      Did you read the article at all? WTF! I hope you are not going to play since you can’t even read.

  6. tpark103

    I wonder what kinda gifts will we get? Will it be cars like that GTR we got a few months back or will it be the standard Suits, Helmets, and Horns? Hmmmm?

    1. Escort mk1 yum

      Lol horns, think there’s about a 100( not sure) but they all sound the same, but wish gt5 had a Dixie horn.

    2. TomBrady

      @HKS haha I’ve been saying that since they first announced horns would be in GT5. That and the ooga horns. I used to have one on my car. It was funny as hell

    3. Quakebass

      Theres a prank where someone put 3 train (yes, TRAIN) horns on their car, and started scaring people… It woulbe hilarious sneaking up on someone in a Tesla or other silent hybrid/electric car on a night race track with you’re maps and lights turned off, and then, HOOOOOONNNNKKK!!!

      XD That’ll never happen…

    1. Quakebass

      Uhhh… Where’d you get that from? The previous articles CLEARLY state a European, German, Russian, and US GT Academy, among others… The Russian and German ones are significant due to the exclusivity… Where were you for the past 2 weeks?

  7. another_jakhole

    Two more full days, until the competition starts. Seemed like it was yesterday when the first announcement was made.

  8. danger23

    red..rum… red..rum…red…rum…red…rum…red….rum,;((that’s what it goin to be if i don’t get the D..L..C..))

  9. BuddhaRock

    I wish I could enter this with hopes of making my racing dreams come true but I am far too out of shape. Still, contests like this just motivate me more to get into shape. Gotta think positively right?

    1. another_jakhole

      Physically, obviously.

      Bryan Heitkotter, the US winner, was one of the more out of shape guys in the competition, but his skills overshadowed that. You can always get stronger like you mentioned, so there’s no reason why you should rule yourself out. Try your best! Are you as big as Buddha? If yes, then best of luck!!!!

    2. teppischfresser

      I broke my foot last march in a lacrosse game. It’s still broken. I used to run 10 miles every day wiht my best friend, but now all I do is cycle. So I’m not in hte best shape anymore either.

      P.S. The reason it’s still broken is because I need surgery, which I’m not going to pay for.

    3. another_jakhole

      P.S. People like you inspire me to become something more in life. I have a lot of time to start, but I procrastinate and failure is the fear I have about life.

  10. ThaSyn

    “The announcement also confirms that “rewards” or “gifts” earned in the GT Academy 2012 game can be transferred for use Gran Turismo 5.”

    I’m curious to see how that turns out. Do we need to understand rewards as credits, paint chips, helmets… or would it unlock extra content on your GT5 disc when you manage to qualify?

    1. hairystig

      Gtp should have a sister site, Gt widows where all our wives and or girlfriends where they can discuss their lose when we all end up stuck to our wheels for 8 weeks solid endlessly trying to improve our laps time on academy.

    2. occasionalracer

      Don’t be harsh like that larsh… at least use the clamping mechanism… for the sake of the table at least… :-)

    3. TomBrady

      they don’t hate it. Just let her use it when she wants. Most girls see it as stupid but then have huge fun when they actually use it. Don’t hog the wheel brah!!

  11. MadmuppGT

    I’ve just been thinking I dont know if I can really be bothered doing the Academy, I mean there is ZERO chance of getting anything from it unless youre a die hard wheel user, who enjoys the (unrealistic in my view) real grip settings and have played the game enough to know all the racing lines and braking points… but the main reason I dont think I’ll be playing it is I just remembered the last GT Academy, I played it once to get the GT-R became so frustrated with it that I never touched it again… and the one pre GT5 was so infuriating that I nearly didnt buy GT5 at all because I thought thats what the game was going to be like… Thank god it wasnt or I wouldnt have a TV, ps3 or face anymore I think haha

    1. occasionalracer

      Good thing you’re disqualifying yourself ahead of time, people such as yourself are the ones to be weeded out in the early rounds, after all, the prize is to step into a real car and compete against some of the best racing teams from around the world. It is a true privilege to walk away as one of the 2 winners.

    2. TomBrady

      why was it infuriating? The first GT academy was really similar to GT5, I find it hard to believe you could hate that but not GT5 altogether. The difference is minute.

      And you are right about GTA, and no having a hweel. If you were good enough to make it to regional finals, you would have to use a wheel so really what would be the point? I think if you can’t get a wheel, you should just do it for fun but that’s me.

    3. MadmuppGT

      I could get a wheel, its not a financial problem but a space problem for me, as I live in a shared house so really only have my bedroom for the cool stuff. which isnt the biggest :(

      while its true that there is no way I will progress in the competition being a controller user, which isnt down to skill but more down to not having the same access to equipment as other people, I think thats whats more frustrating.

      There was quite a different feel to the 1st academy and gt5, I even yesterday for an experiment used a 370z on comfort tyres, real (black ice) setting and was lapping a good 4 or 5 seconds quicker than I was with my laptimes from the 1st academy, the car wasnt squirrelly or twitchy.

      Ive always found the real grip setting and comfort tyres to be laughably slipperly, like Ive said before if real tyres reacted the way GT5 makes out everyone would be crashing and dying… like everyone! haha

    1. Quakebass

      you aren’t allowed in the finals, but you can complete all of the rounds in the GT Academy download… I don;t know what would happen if you got in the top times and are not old enough; if you’d have to report you’re ineligibility, or what.

    2. zzz_pt

      There are T&C to enter the competition that you have to agreed with. Tow of the most important are:
      18+ and Drive License. :)

  12. Metallica81

    I have a DFGT that I bought for $80 and it works fine, you dont have to have these crazy priced wheels to do good.

    1. Quakebass

      They’re more “realistic”, for more hardcore players. They’re more centered towards simulators, and the less expensive ones are kind of all-rounders and basic. I should get myself a DFGT; I’ve got an out-dated DFP (Driving Force Pro) that doesn;t work well, and doesn’t feel realistic… I don’t even have a proper mounting spot for a wheel… I’ll also need to come by a “lap attachment”.

    2. Serjury

      I have a DFGT and I have a G27. The g27 being around 200 bucks is a major improvement over the DFGT in my opinion, feel of the wheel, it doesn’t scream at you when you turn the wheel, H shifter, heavier pedals… just all around better and very very much worth it.

  13. Quakebass

    I hope we get o find out what cars will be used (of course we will when it’s released), I’m hoping we use different cars each round, or at least different variations or different tunes. I’d LOVE to see a new Nissan introduced into the game; the Juke/Juke R, DeltaWing, LMP’s, something other than a new GT-R or Z variant.

    1. Zoomie

      I’d love to see the Juke and Juke R as well! I created a feedback vote for it a while ago — if you’re interested, please vote!

    2. HuskyGT

      Isn’t the Juke basically a GTR with different bodywork? The car would be a nice alternative for the GTR, but I think that we will be getting a GT Academy Nissan Leaf and/or probably the New GTR with GT Academy badges as a replacement of the old Spec-V. Aside from that, I don’t think the “special prizes” will be nothing more than a couple of cool new outfits and helmets.

    3. Quakebass

      ^ It’s a mini-SUV, and has no inspired a MASSIVE boom in this kind of car; Lambo’s making the “Urus”, Vauxhaull’s releasing the “Mokka” this year, Peugeot has an “Urban-Crossover concept” that their pushing to release soon; the Juke is almost an IMPORTANT car now, not to mention good-looking, and surprisingly quick.

  14. Youngun

    nooooo i go on holiday on the 14th, lets hope i can do week 2 before i go and week 3 wen i get back. cant miss out 3 years in a row

  15. mcfizzle

    Unfortunately for me I will be going on a 3 week vacation starting June 5th and won’t return until the 26th, after the competition is over. Looks like I will be competing to see how I do up to that point and nothing more. Not that I could make the National Finals but I did want to see where I place overall. At least I can still see the new rankings system and community features, hopefully a peak of what’s to come with GT6.

    1. TomBrady

      you’re really fast too, I bet you would have a good chance. I’m going on vacation june 12-16, so I won’t totally miss that round

  16. NewCadillac

    They should make two classes, one with $400 wheels, and the ones who use the dualshock controller. I guess having a wheel makes you a race car driver or something??? I like taking my RX7 to VIR when I get the chance, which would give me a lot more experience than most of these guys.

    1. Maddens Raiders

      I’m not sure if you’re in the States or not, but there are wheels that cost less than $400.00USD.

    2. mcfizzle

      DFGT is a good wheel and can be found for around $100. There is nothing stopping someone from turning fast laps with it, in fact many of the US Finalists last year used one.


      real cars are driven with wheels, not dual shock 3 controllers last time i checked, the DFGT is like $150

    4. Chad D.

      I have to agree with ROYALEFATALE, cars ARE driven with steering wheels last time I drove my car. BUT HEY! Anything could of changed between now and 5 minutes ago…………

    5. deviln3

      Picked up a DFGT refurbished for $69.. almost the same price as a controller. It took me months to learn how to use it, and put in better times than using a dual shock. It doesn’t instantly improve your lap times, it actually makes them worse when you first use it. Good luck with the GT challenge!

    6. MyFavoriteGame

      i make faster times with my wheel, but I am much better at spin recovery with my DS3, So when I’m racing on “Comfort: Soft” or “Sport: Hard” I tend to hold back so I don’t spin, cuz once the back gets loose I’m done for.

      Also I drift with my DS3….exclusively

    7. RB26 2jz

      I forgot the part where GT5 was a car and not a game so you MUST drive it with a wheel -_- BUT HEY! Anything could’ve changed in the past 5 minutes

    8. lebes14

      Sure it’s a game but the end result of this competition is not a game. Gt academy with a ds3 is about the same as playing rockband to win a chance of playing live with Metallica.

    9. another_jakhole

      ^^^ :tup: Well said.

      They’re referring to the competition and the fact that you’ll have to use a wheel in the end.

    10. TomBrady

      Yo know if you learned how to drift with your wheel, it would massively improve your driving skill. In simulators and real life. It helps you become much better at countersteering, and that’s very key. I didn’t drift for a while. It was difficult to learn at first but I kept at it, made a huge difference. Really, it’s not just me. It’s a very helpful skill

  17. Maddens Raiders

    I cannot wait for this competition to commence; however, I do have a question and would love if someone could answer it if they truly know. I am currently away traveling and will not be back home until ~ May 5th or 6th. Does this mean that since I might miss spending any loggable time behind the wheel the first week that I’m automatically DQ’d? I hope this isn’t the case b/c I’ve been waiting to enter this competition since the last time I missed out. I had to go overseas at that time and missed :( Please help & thank you GTP community.

    1. Jordan

      According to the data contained in these screenshots, the first round will end on May 8th, and will consist of a time trial through a single turn in a Nissan Leaf. According to Tresson’s comments above, you’ll only need to get a bronze time on that time trial round to advance, which I assume will be very easy to achieve in the few days you’ll have for the competition after you return home.

    2. Maddens Raiders

      Thanks Jordan. So if I don’t get that hot lap in by the 8th I’m dq’d? Is that how you understand it?

  18. rol

    This is great but i think all who has an a copy of gt5 deserves to be in that gt academy no meter from which country they are but remember they all ready buy gt5in all that parts of the world well good luck to all sorry for my English i hope u comprehend my idea

    1. Pit Crew

      The GTAcademy competition is a stand alone free download available in PS Store May 1. prizes associated with download will be accessible in your disc base GT5 game.

  19. Chiochan

    this will be fun for 2 months. i’m already driving the S15 RM like it’s my job, bring on the Nissans.

  20. Rob-F1-Fan

    This competition is only for people with expensive steering wheel set ups. I cant compete with the times with my dualshock, which is understandable really as its about becoming a real life racer not a gamer.

    As long as theres new content that i can move over to GT5 i’ll be happy to take part !

    1. HuskyGT

      Totally agree. Also for people who spend more than half of their day (if not all of it) going around tracks as fast as they can. I simply don’t have the time or patience for doing that.

    2. mef

      Husky, I have good news for you. You don’t have to spend that much time behind the wheel to have good lap times. Without going into detail being fast is more about understanding what makes you fast though, and then putting it into practise. I guarantee there are thousands of people out there playing x hours each day yet would not be able to explain why ‘slow in fast out’ is a good way to minimise lap time (just to name one example)

    3. mef

      So in short, you can play less and still be fast, if you analyse why you’re being slow in parts of the track and then focus on those areas in practise

    4. MyFavoriteGame

      “Slow in, Fast out” is not always applicable, its just a theory (A good one), but not applicable to all corners. Neither is “out-in-out”, sometimes taken a turn wide is fastest….somehow.

      P.S why do all the guys with fastest lap times have Active Steering set to ‘Strong’ ….like for recent the SPA TT

    5. teppischfresser

      @HuskyGT Time? really? I’m getting an engineering degree and still get in a couple of hot laps. 18 credit hours plus studying is quite a lot of time

    6. Strunz1098

      Also most of these fast guys can’t even race fast without using any assist e.g. abs, traction control, active assist, etc.

    7. another_jakhole

      Well, you can’t really say “most”. ^^^


      You lucky son of a gun. I wish I had the capability of being engineering smart. Math is too exact for me lol.

  21. dudeondacouch

    Ah, in true PD fashion, even the academy has been dumbed down so that everyone gets to “win.” I’m surprised there aren’t B-spec events.

    1. another_jakhole

      It’s called “accessibility”. B-Spec in GT Academy? I’m surprised someone brought that up, period.

    2. another_jakhole

      *”being accessible to the masses” would have been better.

      They even made it so that you don’t have to own GT5. If it were for advertising/marketing purposes, I would have seen commercials about GT5 being released more than just two times. I only saw the “We Love Cars” commercial one time on TV.

  22. another_jakhole

    I hope, even though it probably is going to be this way, that we’ll still get to try out each event if we don’t get Bronze or better.

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