GT Academy 2012 Game Details & Screenshots, Brings Content to Gran Turismo 5

April 20th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As announced earlier this week, GT Academy 2012 is about to kick off next month in four different regions around the globe.

Now, more details about the free Gran Turismo mini-game through which the competition will be held are being released. The demo will consist of 8 weekly rounds of increasingly difficult driving challenges, starting May 1st.

Curiously, the demo will introduce several new analytic features not seen in previous games. According to the Japanese press release, the total number of challenge attempts and the total number of miles driven by all participants will be recorded and displayed in the game’s menu. Additionally, the number of players who achieve a “gold” ranking in each challenge from each respective participating country will be sorted and displayed on an international leaderboard.

The announcement also confirms that “rewards” or “gifts” earned in the GT Academy 2012 game can be transferred for use Gran Turismo 5.

Finally, the press release also confirms the mini-game will be available to players in Japan. Although they will not be eligible for the GT Academy Race Camp or Driver Development Program, top players will be eligible to participate in a “special event”, of which more details will be announced later.

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  1. May. 1, 5:11am
    blue cat

    hopefully its available worldwide, i don’t care if i’m not eligible for the academy i just want more GT

  2. Apr. 27, 10:00pm

    I hope cheating disqualifies people and Poly fixes cutting corners.

    • Apr. 30, 4:43pm

      Not saying short cutting is a good thing, but if you think that having more strict rules on penalties will change who wins, you are wrong. It’s not like some people can short cut more than others, and with the replay you can see exactly how they cut. Just changes the ideal line a bit, the fastest are still the fastest.

    • May. 1, 12:55pm

      Its enough to remove the extreme corner cuttings such as Indy and Top Gear Test Track. Other than that it’s ok!

  3. Apr. 26, 4:47am

    if Americans cant get in on the 2012 gt academy we should all strike everything about this game. theres no reason after we begged and completely complained about not being included in last years event that they couldnt get us in. now is your time to let your voices be herd north American.. think about it and make your stand.

    • Apr. 30, 4:40pm

      Jesus man do your homework!

    • Apr. 30, 7:52pm

      you’re an idiot

    • Apr. 30, 10:58pm


  4. Apr. 24, 10:37pm

    Fractured my tibia on my driving leg so I won’t be able to participate…

    • May. 2, 1:23am

      the finals arent till aug or so.. i think thats pretty close. you should be beter by then dont you think?

  5. Apr. 24, 9:33pm

    Has there been some software installed so people can’t run bots and get gold for all events?

  6. Apr. 24, 5:04pm

    Is this what’s holding everything up from us getting the new D.L.C.?”Maybe they need some help”.But i’m looking foward to this though.

  7. Apr. 24, 1:18pm

    Question, since this will be available as a digital download, this does mean we will not need the GT5 disc to run it? Here is my situation, my blue ray drive is dead. Everything else is working fine, but my blue ray drive will not read anything blue ray related, including GT5. I do not know when I will get around to getting a new drive, never mind a new system. But in the mean time, I still will be able to compete w/o disc yes?

    • Apr. 24, 2:12pm
      Pit Crew


    • Apr. 24, 4:23pm

      Good to know. Thanks!

    • Apr. 25, 6:51pm

      It’s time for the boss to step up and show em’ how it’s done!!!!

  8. Apr. 24, 2:37am

    its getting pretty bad when i see an advert on aussie tv for the new prius c,that’s what it is here,and telling people that it will most likely be the next dlc car in GT5

    • Apr. 24, 9:26am

      You know, I won’t mind a 2012 Camry as DLC…or even a Venza.

      Just not another Prius, unless we can swap out the CVT.

  9. Apr. 23, 3:35pm

    a men to that

    • Apr. 23, 4:32pm

      A men? You mean amen? I don’t see men posted anywhere.

  10. Apr. 23, 11:22am
    Pit Crew

    Forza seriies life expectancy per game (FMS1 2 3 4) every 2 yrs GT series life expectancy per game infinite. GT will always be Forza’s daddy.

    • Apr. 23, 11:57am

      Oh please…

    • Apr. 23, 11:59am

      Forza 4 = The Real Gran Turismo Simulator

    • Apr. 23, 12:02pm

      And we all know that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

    • Apr. 24, 2:39am

      i dont see a fight between these 2 games,same as rfactor-iracing,cars…..more choices for us,i like that!!

    • Apr. 24, 10:38pm

      Without market competition, games wouldn’t advance as they do now; each company tries to out-do the other, giving us more and better content. I’m glad Forza exists for that reason, among others.

  11. Apr. 23, 10:43am

    if you mean the GT Academy you will have to wait until the 1st of may

  12. Apr. 23, 10:42am

    how do you sign up to this site ?

    • Apr. 30, 7:54pm

      Go to the forum section using the tabs at the top and there will be options to create an account and sign in

  13. Apr. 23, 7:58am

    Dude this is my first time doing this how do you sign up or whatever

    • Apr. 23, 9:35am

      All you have to do is download the game from PSN when it’s released in May.

  14. Apr. 23, 2:54am

    I’m really hoping for the new Nissan V8 Supercar and the Bathurst track… how better for Nissan and Polyphony to introduce them to the world.

  15. Apr. 22, 10:36pm


  16. Apr. 22, 4:43pm

    @Dekropttiv yes your probably right about slight differences with the gt academy cars but people dont forget about the new acura NSX we still haven got that yet so maybe that’s part of what ever dlc that will be announced

  17. Apr. 22, 4:30pm
    i love gt5


  18. Apr. 22, 1:58pm

    See picture “Average Gold Ranking”: Germany on last position? And Japan #13? Hahaha. Why? Just a random display I hope…

    • Apr. 22, 3:32pm
      Mac K

      I’m assumjhg

    • Apr. 22, 3:33pm
      Mac K

      Sorry, I’m assuming that countries that are excluded can still play, just that their times won’t count officially.

  19. Apr. 22, 9:10am

    I was never interested in this but good luck to anyone competing :) I’ll be at the test track continuing my Saudi drifts. (If you don’t what that is then search it on YouTube…those guys are crazy!!)

    • Apr. 22, 2:27pm

      haha it’d be A LOT better with weather, be it Rain or Snow.

  20. Apr. 22, 6:19am

    This all looks pretty good.

  21. Apr. 22, 4:10am


    • Apr. 22, 12:36pm

      What? Why just say GT6?

    • Apr. 22, 12:39pm

      can you explain how your post is on topic please?

    • Apr. 22, 10:06pm

      I think he was making a joke that this is GT6.

  22. Apr. 22, 2:06am

    Looks like it might be the infamous ”Driver’s Club” that Kaz said was ”coming very soon” more than a year ago but never was heard from again. It looks like maybe some of that content was worked into GT Academy and had a GT Academy sticker slapped on it or something.

    ”GT Academy 2012 Game Details & Screenshots, Brings Content to Gran Turismo 5”

    What content?

    That misleading if what you’re talking about is:
    ”The announcement also confirms that “rewards” or “gifts” earned in the GT Academy 2012 game can be transferred for use Gran Turismo 5”

    Well if that’s all, then there isn’t necessarily any new content comming to GT5 and the title of this story is a farce.

    • Apr. 22, 3:34am

      Only says content, not new content. Tool.

      P.s. sorry for multi posts (if they’ve occurred, my phone is having a moment)

    • Apr. 22, 7:02am

      Stop bitching

    • Apr. 22, 9:11am

      Any NEWS banner with the words ”BRINGS CONTENT to GT5” better be talking about NEW content, or it isn’t worth mentioning, and as I said, misleading.. TOOL I explained in my post exactly why your predictable reply doesn’t apply.

    • Apr. 22, 12:40pm

      Wow calm down BWX getting angry won’t help you, it’ll only make you look like a tool.

    • Apr. 22, 12:48pm

      ^ lol. I knew BWX is “Mr. Angry or Mr. Grumpy.” Thank you for proving it BWX. >:)

  23. Apr. 21, 11:55pm

    I’m not complaining about what is upcoming but I’m assuming this is dlc-equivalent seeing that it’s announced roughly at the expected dlc release interval. I’ll take what I can get but I’d prefer to see PD spending money on dlc, gt6, instead of these gt-academies. Must appeal to the masses and whenever I scroll through the comments here in the
    news section, there seems to be 1000000
    people grumbling about dlc. Give the people what they want.

    • Apr. 22, 12:03am

      GT Academy is mostly controlled by Nissan and PD. Plus PD is such a small company that not many people are working on GT Academy, GT6, and GT5 dlc (I think its around 140 people total in PD). I think sice the gifts in GT Academy are transferable in GT5, than we should give PD some credit for the lack of info this past month.

    • Apr. 22, 7:03am

      Some people want gt academy

    • Apr. 25, 6:49pm

      See what happens and how many people start “grumbling” when GT Academy is canceled or delayed. People are grumbling because they were expecting some DLC and it didn’t come out… yet. If GT Academy is delayed, people will grumble about that, too.

  24. Apr. 21, 7:31pm

    Most Probably Gift car tickets paint items ect…………………. the cars that are in the screens are already in gt5 they just have a gt academy logo on so probably nothing new but theres only 1 way to find out bring on may 1st :D

    • Apr. 21, 8:27pm

      I heard somewhere that we are going to get a brand new 0 KM Fiat Panda 1000 Premium as a gift. With a livery from M&M.And the best part is that we can change the numbers!! ;)

    • Apr. 21, 11:14pm

      @Foxiol I hope you kidding. That sounds incredibly unrealistic. Plus, I’d be pretty mad if they wasted a premium car on a Fiat Panda.
      @DaScouser Actually, I think the GT Academy Z34 and R35 are slightly different since they have the GT Academy 2012 License plate on the,. So they probably have some slight differences. My best guess is we’re getting a GT Academy Leaf and a “New” GT Academy Z34 and R35

    • Apr. 22, 12:25am

      @Dekropttiv: Of course i was kidding. lol. “Incredibly unrealistic” in my mind means funny. That´s why i put those details. LOL
      You guys are so worried about a DLC or something that can´t get a simple and bad/low profile/idiotic joke. haha
      Imagine how lame could it be that car with an M&M livery…

  25. Apr. 21, 6:34pm

    “rewards” or “gifts” can be transferred… Does that mean we could get special cars from this app to GT5?

    • Apr. 22, 12:41pm

      Yes it looks like it, probably GT Academy cars.

  26. Apr. 21, 4:55pm

    until its delayed lol

    • Apr. 21, 5:34pm

      Speaking of delayed, any word on photo modes release outside of Asia?

    • Apr. 21, 5:35pm

      Speaking of delayed, any word on photo modes release outside of Asia?….

    • Apr. 21, 6:05pm

      I’m pretty sure it was said it’ll come with the update.

  27. Apr. 21, 4:43pm

    This looks like it’s going to be nicely organized event!

  28. Apr. 21, 4:43pm

    do you have to have a wheel to take part jordon ? you may think this is a noob question ?

    • Apr. 21, 4:49pm

      No. Last year out of the 32 first round winners only one qualified with a DS3, he didn’t advance to round 2 as he needed to familiarize himself with a wheel for the first time. They can’t expect every participant to own a wheel, but it goes to show that if you want ANY chance of winning…. you better have your skills sharpened with a wheel..

    • Apr. 21, 4:50pm

      Whoops. That quote was to answer your question, which is no, you don’t need a steering wheel to participate.

    • Apr. 21, 4:50pm

      Thanks, occasionalracer. I didn’t know about that.

    • Apr. 21, 6:22pm

      I also qualified with a DS3, i found i could get within about .2 ‘ish’ of would i could do with the wheel, but probably x3 the laps using it as i was just not consistant on the absolute limit with the DS3

  29. Apr. 21, 4:39pm

    i think kaz should become a member of gt planet haha

    • Apr. 23, 8:57am

      You never know. Toko Turismo may be Kaz in secrecy lol…. If so, Toko, can you let us know what new features are coming to GT5????

      Lol, just kidding, or maybe…..

  30. Apr. 21, 4:38pm

    about not needing another demo ?

  31. Apr. 21, 4:35pm

    what did he said another………..

    • Apr. 21, 4:38pm

      Read the Older Comments. It’s on the last page of comments.

  32. Apr. 21, 4:32pm

    That was to Kobooi.

  33. Apr. 21, 4:31pm

    This guy is truly pathetic. I don’t feel bad for him though.

  34. Apr. 21, 4:29pm

    am guessing they may not be allowed due to the fact they became finalists the previous year but thats just my opinion i would like to know the answer to your question to

  35. Apr. 21, 4:27pm

    i dont have a answer to your question but i just found a new use for my xbox haha

    • Apr. 21, 4:51pm


      Seriously funny.

  36. Apr. 21, 4:23pm

    I still can’t believe that some people are moaning about the amount of stuff that PD throw our way. So we don’t get monthly DLC like 4orza but I’d personally rather play a great game with over 1000 cars, infinite track layouts (via the course creator) and the best physics seen on any home console for free, rather than some arcade racer (in comparison to GT) that I have to pay a subscription to play online to show everyone that I’ve also paid for cars that look nice but handle like a well balanced sack of potatoes (but they’re still potatoes) on a console that’s best suited to holding fire doors open 8-P

    I’m not gonna get anywhere near the top but I’m gonna have fun giving it a go and seeing how I stack up against my mates. The other thing that I haven’t seen mentioned is if previous finalists are allowed to enter this year. If I remember rightly, previous finalists weren’t allowed to enter last years event, anyone got any info on this??

    • Apr. 21, 4:51pm

      Welll said. :tup:

    • Apr. 21, 7:08pm

      lol The GT defending on here is always comical.

    • Apr. 22, 7:11am

      Finally someone with common sense on the forum! Thanks for posting GT5_ProBob

    • Apr. 22, 8:25am

      Bash Forza and make GT seem so superior = common sense.

      You people’s view of common sense is quite frightening.

    • Apr. 22, 10:25am

      Other than monthly DLC, please explain what is so superior about Forza. F**k a livery editor, would be nice, but I can do without it. I have played both (as I mentioned in a previous forum), and I find that Forza is more of an arcade racer. It’s fun for a kid just learning how to play a game, but it quickly gets boring for me, and now apparently my brother (brought PS3 yesterday just for GT5).

      In no means is GT5 perfect, but it trumps Forza in the driving experience alone.

    • Apr. 22, 1:59pm

      THANK YOU^^^ I would have said that, but I didn’t know someone was going to bring Forza up again. The main reason that GT5_ProBob commented was about the constant complainers and bashers.

      And I guess Muonialiaasfsffs doesn’t think the constant bashing is stupid. I only defend GT/PD when people are saying ignorant things or are acting like jerks.

    • Apr. 22, 2:19pm

      You guys need too open your eyes and smell the coffee. Forza is infinitly better than GT5 by a long haul. You guys are really happy with the crap that PD throws at you? Hahah You guys are funniest fanboys ever. Always defending all the bull that pD made. (No i love standards blablabla) (O yeah another Sklyline raceversion woohoo) LMAO everytime i read this forum. Fm4 owned GT5 on very level. Simulation, Customization, Tuning, car selection, Porsche, UI, Community, Livery, paintbooth, Racing, Online, Autovista, Auction House, Rivals mode, Jeremy Clarskon, MONTHLY DLC (eat that), Physics and Tyre simulation is ten times better and more realistic than gt’s. By a big margin. Wake up you guys. This is not 1998. It’s 2012 and FM4 is king of the Hill now. Want open World? Not gonna Happen Forza Horizon is on the way and will be another deadblow too the gt franchise

    • Apr. 22, 2:26pm

      Your comment’s been wasted. I don’t think most of us take your first two sentences seriously. I stopped reading after that.

    • Apr. 22, 2:49pm

      Forza fanboy alert, Forza Fanboy alert, TAKE HIM OUT BOYS! Seriously King1982, if you love Forza so much. Do us all a favor, and leave GTP and move on to the Forza fourms. Your not wanted here period. I just stop reading your “wasted” sentence because to me, your nothing but a BIG fanboy of Forza and just want to spread the whole site that you are. So pathetic. I’ll laugh if Forza Horizon wasn’t what everyone was expecting it to be. HAHAHAHA! XD You’re like, so standard…

    • Apr. 22, 3:10pm

      Oh, and one more thing. You mainly like Forza because they bring DLC monthly, not because of the game. Which are always “CAR PACKS” and never “TRACK PACKS”. I agree with Turn 10 though. Because you guys didn’t bother with the track pack they released for FM3, so don’t count on getting any track packs or making Turn 10 struggle of getting you one.

    • Apr. 22, 7:13pm

      Very well put GT5_ProBob. Sometimes it is nice to hear the voice of reason among the crowd of haters.

    • Apr. 22, 8:55pm

      Ugh, again. I must sincerely question the thought process of you guys. How does basically bashing Forza and the 360 and putting GT on a pedestal equate to being reasonable and common sense? This may actually blow your minds, but Forza actually does a lot of things right too that GT can learn from.

      And if you want to say something against the complainers fine, but if you have to unfairly bash the competition to prove your point, it doesn’t make you look any better.

    • Apr. 23, 1:24am
      Pit Crew

      @king1982 what you been smoking exhaust fumes?

    • Apr. 23, 2:13pm

      Well, if you’re statement is true, why do we still have all these GT fans claiming GT5 is better?

  37. Apr. 21, 4:16pm

    chances of any one of us getting through all of the rounds are very slim but lets be happy that we are getting something new still want more dlc but anything new is a bonus

    • Apr. 23, 1:35am
      Pit Crew

      i bet king 1982 is a former gt5 player couldn’t tune couldn’t compete online so turned to forza to redeem himself yet still trolling gtplanet looking for gt5 info and thinks hes clowning us gt5 faithfull. is the circus intown missin one of their performers.

  38. Apr. 21, 2:52pm

    Very well put. What’s next indeed. If gt wasn’t around and always coming up with new things and pushing the boundaries of the technological art form that we call gaming. Well, there wouldn’t even be a gtplanet. Let alone a GT Academy.

  39. Apr. 21, 2:46pm

    It’s nice to watch the evolution of a franchise. I keep wondering what will come next. Not ever expecting anything like this. Some times I get board with GT5 and have to walk away, and race through other games just to realize my appreciation and respect for the title. And now we know what’s coming for the future, I can’t help but ask myself. “What’s next”.

  40. Apr. 21, 1:45pm

    What will the soundtrack be? Maybe there will be some nice jazzy lounge songs for unlock in GT5…

  41. Apr. 21, 1:33pm

    Oh! a Nissan Leaf in a separate game, just great!

    • Apr. 22, 2:21pm

      Haha yeah another Nissan what a surprise PD!

    • Apr. 22, 10:50pm

      Can you STFU King1982! What are you, dumn? GT Academy is GT AND Nissan, putting players to the test in GT5 AND real racing. If you can’t find anything better to say, then just get out of here. Honestly your “Forza Fanboy” attitude towards this is so annoying.

    • Apr. 23, 2:15pm

      What do you guys not understand about the “NISSAN” GT Academy? This racing academy is SPONSORED by Nissan, so obviously, there’s only going to be Nissans. And you’d be surprised how hard it is to get a slow car to get a quick lap time; this will really separate the winners from the newbies.

  42. Apr. 21, 12:56pm

    is anyone else having not able to connect to lobby servers ?

  43. Apr. 21, 12:56pm

    thanks Yamauchi_san

    • Apr. 22, 2:21pm

      Thanks yamauchi san for another Nissan…Meme worthy lmao

    • Apr. 24, 2:57am

      Why do you whine about the Nissans? That is an issue that can’t realistically be changed without a worse outcome. How about ask for more cars/features that you’d like to see, so that PD will have some sort of feedback to use to make GT better, not just a whining individual ranting on Nissan? There’s a few Nissans that would be nice additions, anyways; the Juke/Juke R, DeltaWing, and LMP cars used by the GT Academy graduates are prime examples.

      Make yourself useful, and stop wasting our time and space.

  44. Apr. 21, 11:40am

    I guess this is April’s “DLC” then?

    • Apr. 21, 11:46am

      Wow, still bitching.

    • Apr. 21, 12:47pm

      who cares bout DLC when you could become a real race driver…

    • Apr. 21, 1:16pm

      I care, i wont win it.

    • Apr. 21, 3:21pm

      i prefer DLC than demo.. We will play this demo 2 months.It means there won’t any dlc.:((

    • Apr. 21, 10:16pm

      Actually, it was a simple question. I don’t come here looking for digital confrontation. I come here for information. If you don’t have any, troll elsewhere.

    • Apr. 22, 2:01pm

      Yea he wasn’t complaining you guys. It really seems like he was wondering. BUT you didn’t really need to ask that question. If news of DLC comes, it will be posted on GTP.

  45. Apr. 21, 9:36am

    Can’t total wait for this excited :D I hope I win so I can become a race car driver :D my life long dream is about to come true if I succeed in this GT ACADEMY :D. I am really happy bout this hope I win because I always wanted to become a race car driver :D :D :D!!!!!:D Seriously happy

    • Apr. 21, 11:38am


    • Apr. 21, 12:44pm

      efactor88 how should I know… But I in USA and US can get in this :P I think…

    • Apr. 22, 2:23pm

      Dude….dream on… GT is not gonna make you a racing driver with those terrible tyre physics

    • Apr. 22, 10:53pm

      ^ Oh I’m sorry. I guess GT is to much of a “pro” for you to handle. No not Forza, play NFS intead. GT and Forza are to good for you to comprehend. Just a failure…

    • Apr. 23, 2:18pm


      And that’s what explains the GT Academy graduates.

  46. Apr. 21, 8:54am

    Have to say, does look pretty impressive at the moment.

  47. Apr. 21, 8:53am

    Does anyone know what courses will be used? Or even a new track that can be taken into gt5? Please PD, not a crappy course creator course!

  48. Apr. 21, 7:30am

    That is incredible. All 123,456 got a gold trophy. Hang on a minute, 123,456? Perfectly ascending numbers? I’ve been had.

    • Apr. 21, 12:28pm

      Those are just example numbers to show what it would look like… You get the same thing on credit card ads. If you notice, all of the numbers shown in the images are perfectly ascending or descending.

    • Apr. 21, 12:38pm

      yeh like john citizen pigville 555-5555

  49. Apr. 21, 7:19am

    Why o why a leaf in gt academy? Who want this car in the game? 100 horsepower 1500 kg. what a monster!! Why not a nice clio III rs (200hp) to make europian players happy? I have the latest dlc but didn’t drive the leaf (too busy with the V12 Jag xjr9)

    • Apr. 21, 8:36am

      Driving the Leaf is going to be the most realistic experience that you can have in a game. Driving faster cars that you don´t have a clue in how react in real life is way too surreal. I bet that if i give you that V12 Jag you crash in less than a minute and bye bye car and maybe you with it.

      Try this in the game. Grab a normal car. Use a wheel (for your statement probably you don´t have a wheel…not even a car…and less a real driver´s license) and use it in manual with clutch. Put Race X test track and try to drive as a real car in the highway with realistic speed limits. For example 120 km/h limit.
      Rev as you (probably i am wasting my time lol) do in real life driving in that highway.

      Then come here and tell me what do you feel. Realistic or not? O_o

      Well after you figure that yes it feels like the real deal… I think PD by putting in your hands a car that probably reacts (the behaviour of it) better than race cars or faster cars in the game (compared to real life counterparts) is the best way for everybody to learn in a realistic and well known environment more than using faster cars with surrealistic and not familiar behaviour.

      You may think that you are a beast in the game but are you one in real life?…This is all about.

      And of course having slower/normal cars gives the opportunity to a more wide range of people than people that it is used to the game physics. (One thing is to PLAY the game and other is DRIVE on it)

    • Apr. 21, 8:38am

      Because its the Nissan gt academy so why would there be a Clio. Also the leaf won’t be the car for all the events. And having a lower powered car means any mistakes costs more time so more of a challenge

    • Apr. 21, 10:31am

      Most realistic? What so now all regular people drive nissan leafs or cars like it? I don’t think so man. Maybe in your country but most cars here are at least twice as fast as that thing. I mean regular cars. 100hp cars aren’t the norm, and I don’t think it’s much to ask to get a car with 200hp or somewhere abouts. I’ve never owned a car that had less than 200hp, and I’ve never owned a sports car either. The leaf isn’t as bad as the prius but I agree with the original comment, the leaf is going to be boring and it’s a poor way to guage driving skill.

      And just because we may not get to drive supercars or race cars in real life, doesn’t mean it isn’t realistic to drive them in GT5.

    • Apr. 21, 1:03pm

      @TomBrady – Do you live in the US?… Because Foxiol is kinda right here. Although they maybe should’ve used a 150 hp car instead of 100, his point is still very valid.

      The Middle Class makes up the vast majority of this country (Myself included) and heres what we drive;
      Toyota Camry 150 – 180hp
      Toyota Corolla 130 – 140hp
      Honda Accord 170- 180hp
      Honda Civic 140hp
      Nissan Altima 175- 180hp
      Ford Fusion 172 – 175hp

      These numbers are according to Edmund’s and shows the hp range between classes.

      The typical individual would be completely overwhelmed by the power of a GT-R.(although I think that we, the GT5 players would cope more easily). I think starting out small is smart and transitioning from something we can relate to seems like the best option.

      Leaf, 370z, GT-R, Indy car, F1, x2011….:D….crash and burn!

    • Apr. 21, 1:24pm


      I don’t think we’ll be seeing any F1’s or X1’s or something like that, but here’s my prediction:

      Scenario 1:
      Round 1 – Nissan Leaf
      Round 2 – Nissan Leaf slightly tuned (aero kit, and a few performance upgrades)
      Round 3 – Nissan 350/370Z
      Round 4 – Nissan 350/370Z slightly tuned (much like the 350/370Z)
      Round 5 – Nissan GT-R
      Round 6 – Nissan GT-R Slightly tuned (much like the 350/370Z)
      Round 7 – Nissan GT-R TC or some sort of racing GT-R
      Round 8 – I actually have no idea… Nissan LMP additions? a higher-end GT-R? I honestly don’t know. We’ll see in a week and a half…

    • Apr. 21, 7:12pm

      @Foxiol: This boring uggly electric leaf car gives me no joy at all. Sure i enjoy the less powerfull cars in this game, even a classic fiat 500 (one of the slowest in the game) Gt acadamy = search for race talent. All (top) race drivers begin in a kart not a electric family moving shoe box.
      Btw i have a g25 for more than 4 years and before that several other steering wheels and my driving license for more than 8 years.

    • Apr. 22, 2:05pm

      That it’s a suitable beginners car, I completely agree with. This is going to be open to anyone who can use the PS Store.

      Asking why this car is in this game because it doesn’t bring happiness to you is like asking why do we have 1,000 cars in one game. It’s for variety. Not everyone agrees with you that it’s a pointless car in GT.

    • Apr. 22, 11:34pm

      Yes I’m from the US. I used 200hp just as an example, I know that the average car doesn’t have 200hp, probably more like 150-160hp like you said. To me, even that would be a massive improvement. Honestly, even very lightweight cars are sometimes not fun with less than 150hp. THe cappucino RM in GT5 is something I feel should be a blast to drive, but at 120hp max, I feel it’s not nearly as fun as it could be and that kills it for me. Same with any elise with only 120hp. I guess that could be fixed by using comfort hard tires but as you know, most people online don’t want to use those. I just think the leaf is an even further step down. It’s not light and it has no power but like I said, it’s still better than the prius.

      Caterham is really the only truly fun and exciting car even if you drop the horsepower down to 100-120hp. But it’s because it’s only 400kg, and it looks incredibly cool. If Chuck Norris and an F1 car had a baby, it would be a caterham lol

    • Apr. 23, 2:26pm

      @(a lot of people)

      Here’s the thing; I’m betting that we’re only using the leaf in the first round, and we’ve got 8 rounds. The cars will probably increase in power, (as I stated earlier [by the way, when it says “much like the 350/370Z”, I meant “much like the tuned leaf”]) so we’re not going to get stuck with an “ugly” and/or “boring” car.

  50. Apr. 21, 7:12am

    So this is what they have been wasting their time on, meh

    • Apr. 21, 8:22am

      Ignorant comment is ignorant. You have the possibility of being a real race car driver/pilot and all that for free… Waste of time you mean…Clearly you are just a kid waiting for your HotWheel´s DLC car pack.

    • Apr. 21, 10:25am

      lol is it? I was expecting something big like a premium treatment for some popular standard road cars

    • Apr. 22, 2:25pm

      @ FOXIOL Indeed timewasting why dont they make some Koenigseggs or model some porsches for that matter. Pd needs too step it up. Fm4 is already better and Forza Horizon coming this year..damn PD

    • Apr. 22, 3:32pm

      Forza only modelled 7 new porsche’s out of the 30 being added. The other 23 are most probably straight out of FM3. Most cars in FM4 were from FM3 anyway. Then they did an EA on you and kept half the content from you and sold it as DLC. One reason why it comes out so quickly. And another Forza already? So everyone who bought the DLC for FM4 are getting ripped off again. Forza Horizon is gonna be FM4’s ultimate edition with 3 new cars. Just like they did with FM3.

    • Apr. 22, 11:06pm

      ^ 100.000.000 Exactly. It’ll happen to FM5 as well. 2 years for each game, yeah okay, NO THANKS! I’m glad PD isn’t like that. I’ll hate to had finally bought a game from them, then the next 2 years, a next one comes out, with all the content in that one, and early DLC coming out after it’s release. And your right Bom15. I bet Forza Horizon is FM4′s ultimate edition, adding again, 3 new cars to get the people to buy their game, just for 3 cars. Yeah, whatever. I’ll laugh if Forza Horizon is only name that for “Kinect use.” XD

    • Apr. 23, 4:03pm


      EA’s got the exclusive license, and Turn 10’s been able to get a sub-license deal with EA. I’m sure PD has tried, but EA is the one holding PD back from getting Porsches in GT5. As for Koenigsegg, I have no idea.

  51. Apr. 21, 5:10am

    I wonder if silverstone will be a prize?

    • Apr. 23, 2:28pm

      I wonder if Silverstone will even be made…

  52. Apr. 21, 4:07am

    How do you get an account in a different country?

  53. Apr. 21, 3:56am

    You need a wheel right?

    • Apr. 21, 5:43am

      Why would you have to have a wheel? Does GT5 require you to only use a wheel?

    • Apr. 21, 10:36am

      no but guess what man, if you someone win with a controller and make it to the finals to narrow the drivers to the 16 that will be going to silverstone, THEY MAKE YOU USE WHEELS!!!

      So if you don’t expect to win or if you just want to have fun, it’s fine if you don’t have a wheel. But if you have a chance at making it to the national finals, it would be kind of stupid to do it with a controller since you’re going to have to use a wheel at the nationals, and probably get destroyed by everyone.

      Not to mention, why wouldn’t you want to use a wheel?

    • Apr. 21, 10:49am

      Several reasons. 1) I had a wheel and hated it – i’m much, much faster on a pad than wheel. 2) Not everyone can afford a wheel. 3) not everyone has the space for a wheel. Some of us here aren’t teenagers in our bedrooms with free space, some of us are family men with our PS3’s in the living room for the family to use where a large wheel and seat assembly is out of the question. 4) Not everyone entering it is doing it for the chance to be a real racing driver. Some of us are realistic and know our talents limits and that our age means we’re a bit past it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to take part in this great competition for our own gratification and to appreciate what the game developers have done for us for free, yet again.

    • Apr. 21, 4:30pm

      I think most of us are realistic enough to know we won’t even place in the top 1,000.

      This event/competition is open for everyone, even if you don’t own GT5. Of course, you won’t NEED a steering wheel to compete.

    • Apr. 22, 11:51pm

      Those are some of the dumbest excuses I’ve ever heard and I suspect you’re lying. There’s no way you’re an adult, and used a wheel, but “hated” it and went back to a controller. Only 2 reasons for that. Either it was a terrible wheel, or you have the patience, and intellect of a 6 year old. You didn’t give it a chance. Of course you’re going to be faster with a pad, AT FIRST. Even I was. That’s not the point of getting a wheel. You don’t buy a wheel to be faster. Even after 2 years, if I was still faster with a pad (which I’m not), I still would use the wheel, why? BECAUSE WHAT’S THE POINT OF PLAYING A SIMULATOR WITH JOYSTICKS!!!!!!! That doesn’t simulate anything. Not to mention, even arcade games are more fun with a wheel. You have no idea what you’re missing out on because you were too stubborn to give this supposed wheel you tried a chance.

      If you really have kids, how do you not realize how much they would love the wheel? It would be like having an arcade at home for them. Your wife would like it too for the same reason (my GF loves it). Most people say it’s like going to Dave and Busters (or whatever adult arcade you got in your area).

      And this “no room” excuse, is garbage too. Unless you’re couch is literally 2 feet from the TV, there’s no way you don’t have room. You don’t need a giant racing rig, and it doesn’t need to be set up all the time. Most people sit 5-10 feet away from their TV, if you do, you got room.

    • Apr. 23, 2:37pm

      I’ve got a wheel, and hate it. But that’s because it doesn’t function properly. (It’s a logitech Driving Force Pro, and it requires some sort of desk/table to have a stable mount point, which is a no-can-do for my living room TV). I can’t afford a new wheel, either, but don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE a proper racing wheel, it just needs to be space-efficiant, (as in easy to stow away somewhere) and won’t require any sort of mount point. (I’ve only got one TV, and I don’t have a computer monitor that I could hook it up to, unless a MacBook Pro laptop could work as one).

    • Apr. 24, 9:44pm

      @quake That’s too bad man. I hope someday your luck improves. But still, wouldn’t you say it’s still better than the controller? My first wheel was garbage, it was a logitech nascar wheel. It had a spring that would keep it centered (literally, a spring lol) and it rumbled but no FFB what so ever. Believe it or not, having that wheel and the pedals were so much better to me than a controller, that it got me hooked on wheels. I will never, and I mean EVER, go back. I’d rather not play. I only use that method when I have to (on PSP). Otherwise using a controller is just boring to me. It’s tough to explain how good using a wheel is. If you’ve never owned and got used to one, you’ll never know. Wheels are unbelievably better than controllers

    • Apr. 25, 7:19pm

      No, it really wasn’t better than the controller… I believe it’s a wheel that was out before GT5 even came out, that way be partly why. The main issue is using it; in order to use it, I need to set it on my lap; a large, heavy(ish), and uncomfortable hunk of jiggling plastic is not what you call “pleasurable”. I ended up attaching the clamps to a cutting board, which made it more comfortable to sit on my lap; but I know that a steering wheel’s mount and the gear shifter wouldn’t be moving and squishing into my leg in real life. When the steering wheel would give feedback, (or when I’d turn it) it would turn the whole set sideways and dig into my leg. That’s why I need a mount or some sort of STABLE lap attachment. Also, the wheel resistance and feedback is WAY too high, even when I turned the settings to the minimum setting. It’s slightly better on Motorstorm: Apocalypse (the only other game I tried it on, which WAS fun), but the game would freeze LITERALLY ever time I exited the vehicle customization menu with the wheel connected and turned on, and wouldn’t save the vehicle I edited. I had my dad try the wheel, and he felt the resistance was too high as well. This may be because I have no stable mount point, and therefore have to work harder to turn the wheel (since I end up turning the whole set and press it against whatever leg I’m turing into). A new wheel would be great; one with a realistic gear lever, and a HORN! XD My wheel has a “stick” shift that you just poke up or down to shift gears, and then paddle shifters on the back, (within convenient reach, fortunately) which also work as the R1 and L1 buttons.

      I do think that wheel vs. controller is all a matter of preference, but I REALLY would like to give a PROPER wheel a chance, so I actually see both sides.

  54. Apr. 21, 2:13am

    I already have GT5 Prologue, I don’t need another demo.

    • Apr. 21, 3:30am

      This is a GT Academy 2012 competition demo dumna$$. Read the damn article before commenting…

    • Apr. 21, 3:35am

      Most ridicules comment ever. Clearly you’re not good enough to compete in this if you’re too arrogent to even understand what this is. Stupid Comment.

    • Apr. 21, 6:37am

      Unfortunately I know exactly what it is.
      Maybe in 2013 we can use Forza 4 to compete in the GT Academy, as clearly GT5 itself isn’t suited for it.

    • Apr. 21, 8:19am

      @Kobooi STFU and GTFO GTPlanet.Troll.

    • Apr. 21, 8:43am

      Whaw I just miss another_jackhole for the top 3 here.

    • Apr. 21, 10:44am

      gt5p isn’t a demo. How many demos sell 5 million copies and cost $40?

      Oh and guess what, that “demo” sold 5 times as many copies as your precious forza 4 LOL

      THis isn’t just a demo, but if it was, it wouldn’t be meant for you dude. There are still people that haven’t played GT5 yet, and this is great for them to try it out and for us to have a chance to compete.

      Not to mention, GT5p is like a different GT altogether at this point. Sure the graphics are almost the same BUT, haven’t you realized by now the physics are totally different? Especially after the spec 2 update? Oh wait, your a forza fan so I guess physics is definitely not something you care or think about is it

    • Apr. 21, 12:17pm

      If you like to know whether you’re the 2,000th or 20,000th fastest guy going through 3 corners in a Nissan Leaf, then knock yourself out. If most GT5 fans do think that this is time well spent by PD, if they prefer this marketing ploy over a better game or more DLC, then yes I’d *wish* I was a Forza fanboy. I don’t own an xbox though. If I would own one, I surely would be looking forward to that Porsche DLC right now.

    • Apr. 22, 1:01pm

      @Kobooi, so, what are you doing here? There’s a chance for common people to become a real racing driver, you don’t feel excited about this? jeez, and did you read the damn article? the leaf isn’t the only car in the academy, also, why forza is more suited for it than gt? lol, forza physics are a joke compared to gt5 (gt5, not gt5p).

  55. Apr. 21, 1:52am

    That look sweet,
    I cant wait not being able to play it :\

    • Apr. 21, 4:33pm

      “That look sweet,
      I cant wait not being able to play it :\”

      How is that?

    • Apr. 23, 2:39pm

      No internet connection?

  56. Apr. 21, 1:10am

    Finland excluded again:( Ok it would not be fair for others if country only with 5M people but three current F1 drivers took part.(actually we have four if test driver Bottas is included)

    • Apr. 21, 10:45am

      really? I didn’t know that. Maybe it’s because they know you crazy fins would win lol

    • Apr. 21, 12:02pm

      lol !

    • Apr. 23, 3:15am

      Stop…who is the third driver after Heikki and Kimi?

  57. Apr. 21, 12:38am

    Amazing!! But I´m brazilian and play in a portuguese account because br account is lame, I received the gt academy news on gt5, what if I win this!? oh crap XD

    doesn’t matter, I´ll try it, and I might say, it´s gonna be awesome, good luck to everyone.

  58. Apr. 20, 11:47pm
    i have a flat

    I’m not interested…..but I just have to do it for some reason…

    • Apr. 20, 11:58pm

      umm….what you NEED to do, is change your tire for christ sake!!

    • Apr. 21, 1:28am

      At first I had NO idea what you were talking about… But then I saw his username… XD

    • Apr. 21, 2:28am

      So it should be easy to tell that I’m a fan of Lamborghinis then? LOL…You guys are a riot. I can always get a good laugh reading posts.

  59. Apr. 20, 11:22pm

    YES ! I really wanted to hear that We’ll get gifts/Rewards for Participating ! :D
    I’m sure the Nissan Leaf GTA 2012 Edition is one of the Gifts ;D
    I just want that car LOL.
    Hopefully getting all the Rewards/Gifts that Are transferable to GT5 aren’t going to be hard to Get :)

    • Apr. 21, 12:51am

      I just hope they’re not car tickets.

    • Apr. 21, 2:20am

      I just hope the people who didn’t buy the DLC don’t get it.

    • Apr. 21, 5:45am

      Stupid comment – if you read it all correctly you’ll know that you don’t even have to own GT5 to enter the event.

    • Apr. 21, 4:35pm

      No one mentioned anything about that.

  60. Apr. 20, 9:43pm

    Man there goes the hands and feet again, getting warm.

  61. Apr. 20, 8:34pm

    Can’t wait for May 1st.

    I really like the menus and the user interfaces. Hopefully GT6 will have something a little similar to this.

  62. Apr. 20, 8:29pm

    It would be funny if after gold all events in the GT Academy ,we go back to GT5 and when we start it appears a message saying: “Thanks for participate in the GT Academy 2012 as a gift you´ll receive these cars: Nissan Leaf GT Academy 2012 edition and Nissan GT-R 2012 GT Academy 2012 edition”

    Oh man, i gotta tell you guys, i´m going to feel so special that day. LOOOOOOOOL

    • Apr. 22, 2:08pm

      I REALLY, REALLY hope that happens.

  63. Apr. 20, 7:51pm

    Looking at the top left image, I’m assuming we’re getting around 40 events. Round One appears to have 5 races/challenges, so 8 of those gives us 40…

  64. Apr. 20, 7:38pm
    Maddens Raiders

    The Drive of Your Life.

  65. Apr. 20, 7:35pm

    My chances are 0,0000001%. Where the DLS?

    • Apr. 20, 9:50pm
      RB26 2jz

      You do realize no matter how many 0’s and commas you put in front of “1” it’s still “1” no matter what… And what’s DLS?

      Youre taking 420 too seriously, smoke a little weed and get over it buddy

    • Apr. 21, 5:06am

      Commas are used as decimal points in some countries.

    • Apr. 21, 10:48am

      GT academy is a cool thing but I’d much rather have DLC. I’m a little annoyed that they’re just ignoring the DLC. I don’t like forza but I’m definitely jealous of them getting DLC every month. Though I’m not jealous of fm4s physics, I’m allset with that crap LOL

  66. Apr. 20, 7:31pm

    I wonder what these “rewards” are…

    • Apr. 20, 7:36pm

      New paint colors, a GTR, a 370z…..or maybe its something cooler than that.

    • Apr. 20, 7:43pm

      Yeah, I was thinking that too. We’ll probably end up with a GT Academy Leaf, too.

    • Apr. 20, 7:49pm

      Imagine if it was an Acura NSX (the new one) lol that would be so random yet epic.

    • Apr. 20, 7:56pm

      I doubt they would give you a Honda in a contest using Nissans.

    • Apr. 20, 9:04pm

      Im not that stupid…i was kidding.

  67. Apr. 20, 7:15pm

    That looks… AWESOME!

    PD, you are excused of lack of DLC.

    • Apr. 20, 11:24pm

      Hell Yea ! I was about to say the same ! :D

  68. Apr. 20, 6:51pm

    Oh great more skylines and nissans keep it up Pd jeesh

    • Apr. 20, 7:30pm

      What don’t understand about the “NISSAN” GT Academy?

  69. Apr. 20, 6:43pm

    Wow… really can’t wait, this actually looks awesome. Normally I hate thinking about the future cause it just means I’ll get older and fatter but I really can’t wait for this.

  70. Apr. 20, 6:05pm
    GTP Sifer

    I’m from Venezuela.. damit

  71. Apr. 20, 6:02pm

    I don’t fully understand….this is standalone for anyone, not just GT5 owners?

    • Apr. 20, 6:26pm

      Correct. It’s a free downloadable game for everyone. You’ll be able to use the “rewards” that you acquire in this free game in GT5, if you have it.

  72. Apr. 20, 6:01pm

    Can’t wait simply.

  73. Apr. 20, 5:33pm

    Even though me and the others are in Canada, are we able to join GT Academy 2012? I’m actually loving this. No wonder Kaz said it’ll be full blown, it is! :D Slap me in the face multiple times for everything I said if allowed to be a part in this academy event. :)

    • Apr. 20, 5:51pm
      Mac K

      I’ll second this, j have my doubts though.. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Apr. 20, 7:26pm

      Okay. I hope us Canadians are able to join GT Academy 2012, it looks so much fun. :D Waiting will have to do.

  74. Apr. 20, 5:31pm

    Great news! I see cones… I know what that means…

  75. Apr. 20, 5:31pm

    ehm.. Spec 3.0 is coming?

    • Apr. 20, 6:46pm


  76. Apr. 20, 5:19pm

    YES YES YES YES, Getting excited about this!!!!

  77. Apr. 20, 5:11pm

    This is awesome !!
    I’m looking foward to experience this new type of GT Acadamy

  78. Apr. 20, 4:58pm


  79. Apr. 20, 4:57pm

    My life when GT Academy starts: Get up –> Go to work –> Get home –> Eat –> GT Academy –> Bed for 8 weeks. Not to bad I suppose, enjoyable actually :)! But a second chance for this dream is what I was always hoping for and after as I can fully focus, especially after last years national finals!

    • Apr. 20, 5:47pm
      RB26 2jz

      No “hang out with friends” or anything included? Try adding “get laid” to your life schedule if possible.

    • Apr. 20, 5:57pm

      Lmao yoo its not that serious bro. I guess you really want to be a race car driver….good luck I suppose

    • Apr. 20, 6:13pm

      wish you all the best the best bro…. don’t have the persistence and determination ….nor the time, but if you do, follow your dream. I didn’t get laid or hang with friends when I did BTC….but it was fun!

    • Apr. 20, 6:40pm

      I don’t have the time 6am get up, get home from work 7pm, but as all friends and family know already its a dream I want to become reality.

      @RB26 What are you 12? The trolling of ‘Get Laid’ stopped in the year 2000 when trolling became old. Keep trying though :). I’m sure you’ll succeed at something one day!

    • Apr. 20, 6:49pm

      @MyFavoriteGame Cheers man, If you don’t chase a dream you’ll never see it, at least attemping something you get closer. What was the BTC, might I ask?

      As for the friends and such comments from the troll above (RB26), just generally ignore them I forgot I had to write down a minute by minute basis to allow his mind to comprehend that there are 24 hours in a day, and that the gym/ seeing friends/getting laid also had to be written down :P. But I think if I wrote it out again I would have to include toilet breaks, what I ate, calories, how much I paid for fuel, where, when, from where etc :D so that every troll was happy, but I’d miss out something and a troll would then comment ‘LOL NOOB FORGOT SANDWICH’ or something of that nature :P.

    • Apr. 20, 7:24pm

      Oooo RB26 2jz you just got told by Tidgney’s 2nd comment. XD

    • Apr. 20, 8:34pm

      Tidgney, Nothing ever dies. Even a man that has died is still alive somehow or somewhere.

    • Apr. 20, 9:35pm

      (BCT) LOL SORRY. Army basic training….

    • Apr. 20, 9:53pm
      RB26 2jz

      I’m 16 buddy, last knewbtrolling started in about 2011 and is only getting bigger? You may also want to add “get out of the house and learn some street smarts”

    • Apr. 20, 9:53pm
      RB26 2jz

      last I knew* sorry my iPad be Effin up

    • Apr. 21, 5:12am

      @MyFavoriteGame O wow, congratulations on doing this! I’m sure it was a lot of fun and a good feeling of achievement at the end of it!

      @ Harvee Ye that’s right but (Might sound philosophical) you have 2 choices. An opportunity to fight to stay alive be alive live it and die and be remembered, or just die and be remembered (A chance a dream can stay alive and true, or a dream which will only ever be a dream), it really is upto the person. For me a chance at my dream to race as a hobby or professionally is something I’ve been constantly chasing, I continue to search for scholarships, competitions or any form of way to get into racing, I already help out in motorsports by marshalling and helping set up events. I know eventually I will race, it’s a fact I could put a bet on, but at that point in time is something I’m willing to challenge!

      @RB26 Trolling isn’t getting bigger (Relative to the amount of new users on the internet) you should realise this, it’s actually getting more frowned upon and further more trolls being ridiculed themselves. I know when I started e-sports in 2000 when trolls were just popping up, it was funny at the time not to serious, and people general had a laugh ‘feeding trolls’ and all that jazz. Once trolls started to try out do themselves they started being hated with comments gradually getting worse, and more boring by the second. Nowadays it’s boring and dull.

      I could have guessed 16 if I was to put an actual guess on it, as your main focus in life at the moment is to impress the ladies and get as much ‘action’ as you can. Once you gain a little more respect for people and realise that ‘the bird your banging’ is actually another human being you may realise getting laid isn’t actually an achievement in life, its a shared moment between 2 people. I work in a college so I generally know ‘Street smart’, being 16 I think you should go out and learn a few things about life before trying to play out you have all the experience. I know I don’t have all the experience (Nobody does) and life is a forever new experience but you will learn, hopefully you have learnt from this one!

    • Apr. 21, 1:31pm
      RB26 2jz

      You just may be gay sir, you’re in college and you’re worrying about respect? And love? Dude… Get some help

    • Apr. 21, 2:13pm

      @RB26 2jz you sir, seriously need a life. If you didn’t understand what Tidgney met, then your are pathetic, sorry but that needed to be said. And no I’m not gay, no ones gay but if one is, don’t make fun of them period. If you continue to talk like that, then you’ll never get any respect from anybody, including me. Starting understanding that, “if you want anyone or anybody to treat you good, then you start treating them good.” So do yourself, and the entire site, a favor. Go do something, that doesn’t involed with the internet. Okay? Bye.

    • Apr. 21, 2:54pm

      @RB26 That’s just your immaturity speaking my friend you’ll realise in 10 years time what we are talking about. I don’t go to college either I work at one, there’s a slight difference there. But I think you’ve had enough time from me and anybody else who’s been following this rather pathetic attempt at trolling. I do wish you luck with that attitude though RB26 as I’m sure it will get you into trouble at some point, I just hope it’s not with the wrong people!

    • Apr. 23, 2:48pm

      It’s funny how I’m 15 and agree with everything that Tidgney has said…

  80. Apr. 20, 4:53pm

    But… what about Latin Amercia?

  81. Apr. 20, 4:52pm

    Global Leaderboards, but much more complex. Maybe this is why PD was soo silent recently.

  82. Apr. 20, 4:51pm

    [ “rewards” or “gifts” earned in the GT Academy 2012 game can be transferred for use Gran Turismo 5]……. i like it!!! :P

  83. Apr. 20, 4:51pm

    Ooeeeeee i am ready

  84. Apr. 20, 4:49pm

    Nice!! Can wait this to be realeased. :D

    • Apr. 20, 4:59pm


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