Must-Have Mustang Returns to This Week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange

Gran Turismo Sport 16 September 18, 2018 by

Another week, another set of special items in the GT Sport Mileage Exchange…

Yes, as usual for a Tuesday, Polyphony Digital has updated the Mileage Exchange. It’s sticking to the long-term format of alternating major/minor updates, so this week is all-change. That means we’ve got different cars in addition to all the other items.

For this fortnight, the Exchange features the Ford Mustang Gr.3 Road Car and the BMW M4 Safety Car. They sit at 4,000Mi each, with the Mustang available in black and the M4 in Munich Taxi Beige.

As happens every week, there’s a change to all of the other items too. We’re still seeing the same handful of helmets and decal recycled, but there’s a new pose this week, which should complete the pose selection for now.

Unusually, the Mileage Exchange devoted this week’s wheel selection to a single manufacturer. If you’re short of a couple of the Advan wheels, now’s your chance.

There’s a little more variation in the paint choices this week than the last few. It’s still heavy on the green and purple options, but there’s more new paints and fewer returning ones. This fills in some of the gaps, and we’d expect a few more new green, purple and blue paints over the next couple of weeks. The manufacturer paint choices are Porsche Ultraviolet and Nissan Aurora Flare Blue Pearl.

These items will remain available until 0859 UTC on September 25, at which point the Exchange will refresh all but the cars.

If you still need to pick up some Mi points for the Exchange’s items, check out our tips and tricks on how to get quick Mi points via the Achievements.

GT Sport Mileage Exchange – Sept 18-Sept 25

Special Cars

  • BMW M4 Safety Car – Gr.X – 4000 Mi
  • Ford Mustang Gr.3 Road Car – N500 – 4000 Mi


  • ADVAN Racing RG-D (Gold) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RG-D (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RS-D (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RS-D (Black, silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RS-D (Chrome) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RS-D (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RCIII (Gold) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RCIII (White) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RZ (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RZ (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RZ (Bronze) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RT (White) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RT (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RT (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RZ-DF (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RZ-DF (Black) – 100 Mi


  • Kill Switch 01 – 100 Mi
  • Extinguisher Switch 01 – 100 Mi
  • TOW 08 – 100 Mi


  • Arai GP-6 Metallic GT – 2000 Mi
  • Arai GP-6 RC Carbon – 2000 Mi

Profile Poses

  • Driver Pose 22 – 500 Mi
  • Driver Pose 23 – 500 Mi
  • Driver Pose 2 – 500 Mi
  • Driver Pose 3 – 500 Mi

Special Colors

  • Ultraviolet – 500 Mi
  • Aurora Flare Blue Pearl- 500 Mi
  • RGB Colorshift – 500 Mi
  • W1 Small Flakes (Silver) – 500 Mi
  • G1 Large Flakes (Green) – 500 Mi
  • G3 Small Flakes (Green) – 500 Mi
  • G7 Small Flakes (Green) – 500 Mi
  • P4 Small Flakes (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • P4 Dark Flakes S (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • P5 Matte Metallic (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • P6 Aluminum Met. (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • P8 Large Flakes (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • P9 Fluorescent (Pink) – 500 Mi
  • P9 Half Matte (Pink) – 500 Mi

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