New Ferraris Revealed in Project CARS 2 Content Leak

Project CARS 2 46 October 11, 2017 by

Yet more of Project CARS 2‘s potential future content has been revealed. Even if, just as before, it’s without developer Slightly Mad Studios’ consent.

Last week, upcoming DLC for a Porsche car pack was leaked. This week, Ferrari follows suit. Like Porsche, the Italian marque already has a presence in Project CARS 2, but more Ferraris could be on the way.

According to the game’s files, an ample brace of prancing horses will be galloping onto Project CARS 2 in the near future:

  • Ferrari FXX K
  • Ferrari F12tdf
  • Ferrari 488 Challenge
  • Ferrari 250 Testarossa
  • Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta
  • Ferrari 512 BB LM
  • Ferrari F355 Challenge

The leaked image below also shows a Ferrari F40 road car, the racing version of which is already in the game. The seven Ferraris listed above could easily make up the majority of the “Ferrari Pack” as DLC,  or be given away within another pack.

All seven are game worthy — from the modern F12tdf to the classic 250 Testarossa. The Ferrari FXX K is a mechanical monster attached to a chassis with four wheels, while the F355 Challenge will make a nice counterpart to other classic race cars already found in the game.

Ferrari had no presence whatsoever in the first Project CARS, so it’s good to see Slightly Mad Studios is ramping things up with Italian content in the sequel. When and how these cars will find their way into the game remains a mystery. But post-release content is always welcome, especially within a racing game that already boasts an impressive list of cars right out of the box. Plus, PCARS2 already has the best track list this generation.

We reviewed Project CARS 2 and found it a worthy successor to the first game, if a little rough around the edges. Additional content such as the Ferraris here will certainly bolster the game’s chances against the competition.

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