New Gran Turismo 5 “PS Move” Rumors Emerge

May 24th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Gaming business news site MCV is claiming to have received word from a “source close to Sony” that Gran Turismo 5’s implementation of 3D technology and support for the new PlayStation Move controller are the reasons for the game’s extended development time. While 3D support has already been confirmed, until now PS Move rumors had been fueled by nothing more than some extremely vague statements by Kazunori Yamauchi early last month to gaming magazine PSM3:

“We’re always attuned to new technologies. If there are display devices or peripherals that seem interesting, I’m sure we’ll work to support them.”

I didn’t give those comments much weight when they came around the first time, but if MCV’s source is correct, there may indeed be something in the works. With just 22 days now until E3 kickoff, hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to find out exactly what that is…  Thanks to DonZonda for the tip!

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  1. May. 25, 8:58am

    This sounds MAD to me now – “We can release it at any time” OMG! 2008, 2009, 2010, 11, 12, 13

    “We can release it at any time”

  2. May. 25, 8:54am

    @Belino Bear

    Is your baby due to be delivered sometime between August 2010 and December 2011?

  3. May. 25, 8:25am
    Berlino Bear

    @ Smudgyboy. I have something else my wife can play with while I play GT5….. A baby. I wait all this time for GT5 and it turns out its going to be delivered about the same time as my first little one.

    I hope they like Cars and Games.

  4. May. 25, 8:17am

    NA you have all missed the point!

    It’s something for the wife to play with while you spend hours on GT5

    ..I take it vibrates!

  5. May. 25, 8:02am

    Oh, one thing I forgot. I always wanted to set up races in GT where I can choose which cars participate, how many, how long the race should be and so on. A real custom race and I don’t mean the arcade mode in GT. I want to race with a tuned muscle car f.ex. against exotics or whatever comes to my mind. That should not be hard to implement yet we can’t do it. But yeah Sony Move is important…

  6. May. 25, 8:02am

    I don’t care about the Playstation Move functionality, just release the game already!

    I wanna rock the Nurburgring Nordschleife in my 430 Scuderia, or M3 E30!
    Too bad that I won’t be able to get the taste of Porsche’s wonderful flat sixes in GT5, that sucks.

  7. May. 25, 7:56am

    Well, Sony has to keep up with Nintendo and Microsoft is also developing another input system. So from a business view it is obvious that they persuaded PD to integrate it as GT is a system seller. But as always, I fear some features the fans want will not be in GT because of 3D and Move. Instead of implementing simple things that will add atmosphere and a greater feeling of realism like skidmarks, reverse lights, impressing car and tire sounds, more options to customize a car (cmon, in GT4 you could not even paint your car afterwards) visually and integrating such things as tire wear that will lead to bursting tires like in GTR 2, LFS etc., oil temperature and engine failure from heat or from a crash, they integrate more or less useless features. The list of things that should be in the game is long and already discussed thousands of times, but still PD won’t listen and even if, they are still limited by Sony to some degree.

    One thing I don’t understand is that Kaz is a perfectionist but small things that are important are not in the game like in GT4 the lack of doing donuts. Far from perfection for a real driving simulator, but I still love GT4 :)

    Nevertheless, people are upset and so on, but in the end we will all buy this damn game and I’m sure it will have flaws that are known since GT4 or earlier. That is why PD or Sony won’t change their strategy a bit as long as people will buy the game no matter what features are missing. Forza in this regard is the same, they charge a lot of money for their DLC, but they won’t fix flaws.

  8. May. 25, 7:26am

    Just a sensible thought.. maybe, like the Wii rmote, you can use it as a basic steering wheel if you don’t want to purchase a 200 dollar one….. like most of us..

  9. May. 25, 7:15am

    By the way, who will win?
    2D trees vs 3D world vs. Pointed Stick

    Right, maybe Sony and the PD team really should eat more fresh fruit…

  10. May. 25, 7:02am

    OK, 3D is something I WANT for GT5 and I WILL use it. But I really, really, really believe that this Move stick makes ZERO sense for a driving simulator like GT5.

    Seriously, if it has to be an option to race with this laggy piece of sex-toy, I will not applause here or anywhere else. This is not the “innovation” I was asking for. It will improve nothing!
    The only option I can imagine this stick might make sense is for head tracking, but then head tracking should work withouth a stick on my head (EyeToy Demos showed that it works). Anyway, for pure pleasure, please Sony, show us that docking station for our forheads. UNICORN FTW!!!

    Well, it only does EVERYTHING.
    Not that we want it…

  11. May. 25, 5:14am

    We won’t know till E3 but my guess is as some of yours…livery design and possible handbrake implementation.

  12. May. 25, 5:09am

    Ah F**k this sh*t!! If they are going to work on a playstation move function, the gamerelease will be delayed more and more… They should better make an end of the production of GT5 and go work on GT6 or something… This takes way too long!!!

  13. May. 25, 4:28am

    Oh crud, it just struck me that if too many people mention how cool it would be to wash the cars, the next thing we’ll hear from PD is that GT is delayed yet another year to add close-up 3D support for hand buffing and toothbrush detailing via Move. That and that he’d like to have added “Bug and Tar remover support” but couldn’t due to liscense issues. (manufacturer not wishing to see their cans dented in game….) lol

  14. May. 25, 4:23am

    If this “anal probe” is seriously the reason behind the game’s prolonged delay, then I give up on GT5…

    jk :P

  15. May. 25, 4:11am

    Heck, if people want to wash cars, I’ve got a few in my driveway that I will let people wash till they turn blue in the face. And just to make sure it’s a good deal for all, i’ll only charge 25% of what sony wants for the move, plus wait, there’s more: you can pump my gas for me has well….;P

  16. May. 25, 4:04am

    It’s also been confirmed as rumour and speculation, so why cry about it? To be fair, I have no idea how they could integrate Move apart from as a pointing and navigating aid, but with a pad in hand that seems pointles. Maybe it’s used as a virtual hose pipe when you want to wash your car?!

  17. May. 25, 3:56am

    Pit Stop boxing using Move in GT5,and 2D public fight!

  18. May. 25, 3:53am

    GT5 NEED supports day/night cycle and dynamic weather system!!!!Move??Mehhh… copy Mario Kart?Toad WRC driver?Wario Nascar driver?

  19. May. 25, 3:49am

    Drivers gestures maybe? :-)

  20. May. 25, 3:21am

    AMG Says:
    May 24th, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Maby move to use for the menu or painting , carwash , cockpitvieuw butons ….

    its must be..or maybe ..^^

  21. May. 25, 3:14am

    Seems to me that Sony are so scared of this 3D and Move technology failing that they are demanding they get put in this game in the hope to shift units. The problem is most people who are GT5 fans aren’t that interested and what happens after it’s released, what other good games can be played in 3D with Move?

  22. May. 25, 1:22am

    Painting & washing your car with it would be sweet addition. But more important is: will there be refuelling? Also I want to use that dang HORN on my DFGT.

  23. May. 25, 12:47am

    Oh neat, a little blue flashlight for Nurburgring night races.
    Wonder if it leaves skidmarks when I throw it in the trash.
    I wonder if it has damage. Does the move count has a premium controller or not?
    Ohhhh,Mabey the blue ball works has a reverse light. That would be nice. Or mabey a turn signal…..
    I just hope the blue ball has dynamic weather and day night cycles.
    Lord help us. Just get the dang software out allready. Sheesh.

  24. May. 25, 12:36am

    Have your wand in your hand, and have a virtual “barclays bank” shooting your virtual load over your motors in your garage.

  25. May. 25, 12:26am

    YAY!!! Delayed the game to impliment two things most people don’t care about and both of which require you to buy more crap!

  26. May. 24, 11:50pm

    maybe hold the stick downwards and use it as a gear shift for the manual gearbox? hmmmmmm

  27. May. 24, 11:34pm

    Perhaps Yamauchi misunderstood when he heard we’d like them to ‘Get a move on!’…

    Have to echo the sentiment that all this is unnecessary and insignificant ‘accessorizing’.

  28. May. 24, 11:30pm

    It might be useful for navigation, use other buttons, i wonder if the driver can jerk off or just show a finger to other drivers lol

  29. May. 24, 11:07pm

    well,Move support is gimmicky any way you look at it.would be funny though if they let you use the glowing sphere as a shift light haha.

  30. May. 24, 10:15pm

    A 3D Wii version of GT5? No thanks… Just give me 1080p, 2D, and a steering wheel…

  31. May. 24, 9:58pm

    this is the solution for casual gamers lol.

  32. May. 24, 9:49pm

    Head tracking with the PS move and a Basball cap with a PS move clip and a 50″ tv to look left and right on …. i dunno what u guys think but it sounds kinda cool to me.

    a niche market
    but still cool

  33. May. 24, 9:45pm

    more pointless news!

  34. May. 24, 9:43pm

    Now if you could use it during pit work. That may add a new twist.

  35. May. 24, 8:44pm

    I think this is POINTLESS! Like you guys said, why would this be in the game, a driving simulator? The only reason I can think of- marketing.

  36. May. 24, 8:41pm

    Well, if you don’t get dynamic day and night cycles and/or weather, look no further for your culprits, “features” like 3d and Move. :/

  37. May. 24, 8:34pm

    I know, maybe somebody else uses the move stick as a lollipop man when you pit, to signal when you’re ready to go, haha.

  38. May. 24, 8:14pm

    But gt5 will be a huge game with many variations gtmode worldtour wrc, gt, nascars , f1 ……

  39. May. 24, 8:06pm

    If it´s for head tracking, 3d move will be usefull. Imagine being abble to look at every inch of the car´s windshield from the driver´s position. That would make the interior view even more realistic. In that case i´m for it.

  40. May. 24, 7:40pm

    Gt5 will be release december or Q1 2011

  41. May. 24, 7:37pm

    @icant55 Says:

    LOL, What he said

  42. May. 24, 7:34pm

    Sounds like the normal “GT Release Logic ™” in effect to me. If this ‘move’ controller in any way provides a more realistic interface than my GT wheel then I’ll “eat my shorts”. What will be the next delay people? Maybe something like a “facebook-plugin” or something just as pointless that will push back GT5 till 2011…

    “We can release it at any time”

  43. May. 24, 7:25pm

    It will be a bad E3 for Gt5 nothing new , they will show move and 3d nuburgring gp and tokyo

  44. May. 24, 7:09pm

    PS Move could be used in a track editor!
    So it might be included.

  45. May. 24, 7:07pm

    If the suggested price of the Move is anything to go by, I dont think i’ll be picking one up, unless you can buy it separate from the PSeye as I already have one….

    My thoughts are that it might be used for some mini games, like some have suggested, pitstops…could have an online challenge for who can change a car with 1/4/5 studs fastest, refuel the car etc?

    Alternatively, I was thinking maybe a little like pedals, where you angle each stick to be the gas/brakes (maybe clutch by holding L2 or something) while using either side movements or the d-pad to steer?

    Just throwing out some creative ideas…I’m just looking forward to E3, I hope they have some more recognised car championships like the FIA GT series’ and the Aussie V8 Supercars….above all of that I hope they have some real Australian tracks to race :)

  46. May. 24, 6:52pm

    3d tv is good buy over 4 years beter tech and cheaper without glases , the first samsung UE40C8700 is not good and expensive, 3d tv is not good for your eyes and brain

  47. May. 24, 6:43pm

    Quote from article “We’re always attuned to new technologies.”

    It’s a Wii controller that has been out since 2006. How is it new?

    I feel really cheated being used as a pawn for SONY’s new merchandise when all I want is my Gran Turismo!

  48. May. 24, 6:36pm

    the one thing i thought of of as a drifter was maybe we can set the motion sensetivity
    for use as a handbrake…. i would buy it then.

  49. May. 24, 6:28pm

    Damn it. Release a patch for that sh!t later. For the 3 people in the world that think it’s cool.


  50. May. 24, 6:26pm

    I’m not paying upwards of 100 bucks for stupid Wii rip off controller. Why spend that for this destined to fail add-on when I could put the money to a sweet racing wheel?? Release the flippin’ game Sony! Good gosh… bundle your stupid move controller with another Wii Fit game. Release… the… dang… game….

  51. May. 24, 6:26pm

    Next thing PD will wait to come to existence before launching this game is Logitech G2x wheel, which will have force feedback pedals. After all, GT5 has to be perfect (even if it never comes out) and will exceed expectations about the number of useless features in the game

    Can’t they release a DLC for PS Move support, sell it at 5$ and then send a free Mario Kart game to all the people (who will be no more than 53) who buy it?

    How can any company waste resources on utterly useless applications, knowing that this pisses of its customers….I am starting to think Homer Simpson is in charge of Sony

  52. May. 24, 6:18pm

    Seems pointless to me, I’ll stick with my G25 and keep hoping to see an actual GAME come out in 2010.

  53. May. 24, 6:11pm

    Sony if you want more of my money for gt5 just come out with dlc with more cool cars and great tracks ! thats all you have to do …… i dont see many people buying it for GT5.. we rather get the “real driving experience with the wheel…

  54. May. 24, 6:09pm
    Gran Turismo Vet

    could be a nice alternative for people who don`t want a wheel

  55. May. 24, 6:08pm

    Its used to flip the other drivers off! as you pass them LMAO! and you will be able to do it in 3D lmao!

  56. May. 24, 6:03pm

    This one is for the people who want to be the flag wavers on online racers….

  57. May. 24, 5:53pm

    You guys are missing the point here….

    I couldn’t agree more that Move for Gran Turismo is pointless, much like 3d is. I simply can’t see myself using either and would much rather have the game today than wait for things to be added that mean nothing to me.

    That said… Most everyone on this board including myself, don’t make up the majority. Sony is smart, if they can get a title like Gran Turismo to support this functionality then it helps drive sales for both Move and 3d displays. It’s all about the dollar and how they can get more of it.

  58. May. 24, 5:49pm
    Cletis Cassidy

    I’m waiting months on end just so the game will be compatible with a &@$%# stick?!

    “Let’s make the most accurate driving sim possible!”
    “Good idea! Now let’s take few steps backwards!”


    /rant over

  59. May. 24, 5:48pm

    I think it’s to introduce a new style multiplayer where you brings your friends over and they stand around for 20-30 minutes at a time, and then when you pit, they have to handle to pit-stop. It’ll be great too because your friends will be hacked and they’ll totally jack your pit-stop costing you the race, so you can then drive through the pits at mach 1 and hit your pit crew, at which point the MOVE controller will grab them and throw them to the ground.

    and when it’s all said and done, you can wash your car with it.

  60. May. 24, 5:35pm

    I believe head tracking is a feature that was both hinted (if not confirmed?) and would make sense with Move.

    Well, maybe not sticking something to your forehead, but the 3D tracking technology will be introduced with Move to the PS3.

    And THAT would be an incredible feature for me.

  61. May. 24, 5:29pm

    You can use it to make obscenities at other drivers.

  62. May. 24, 5:23pm

    The PS-Move isn’t going to be used for racing, it’s most likely going to be used for Pit-stops and some menu functions.

  63. May. 24, 5:22pm

    Smells like MARIO KART WII !!!!!

  64. May. 24, 5:16pm

    You guys are missing the point here….

    I couldn’t agree more that Move for Gran Turismo is pointless, much like 3d is. I simply can’t see myself using either and would much rather have the game today than wait for things to be added that mean nothing to me.

    That said… Most everyone on this board including myself, don’t make up the majority. Sony is smart, if they can get a title like Gran Turismo to support this functionality then it helps drive sales for both Move and 3d displays. It’s all about the dollar and how they can get more of it.

    I’m sure that Move will be used simply as a “wheel” much like the stick for the Wii is used…again nothing that you or I would use it for, but will target a lot of other non die-hard fans.

  65. May. 24, 5:09pm
    terminator 363

    well at least things are heating up for e3

  66. May. 24, 5:00pm

    It would be cool to use this controller to move the camera in photomode.

  67. May. 24, 4:59pm

    It could be used for several functions already mentioned, spray-painting, pit-stop/garage tools or even carwash, etc.
    Can hardly see it being used for driving though, think using Move will be optional perhaps only making certain movements required ( like painting if indeed included ) more fluent or detailed compared to the DS3.

  68. May. 24, 4:59pm

    Sorry for spamming, but this is so freaking stupid. Another area of use could be that the Move is a huge middlefinger which you can extend to your competitors if they drive bad during a race. Or you can put that glowing ball on the roof and pretend to be a cop and pull all your competitors over for speeding. Or you can place the Move on the road and run it over repeatedly with the heaviest car in the game.

  69. May. 24, 4:50pm

    Maybe it’s possible to be the band who plays the menu music in the game? And the Move can be used for other players to hold the cameras in replay mode. Or to stuff a banana in the exhaust pipe of their competitors before the start of a race.

  70. May. 24, 4:37pm

    @ erik

    that sounds like fun

  71. May. 24, 4:33pm

    Honestly, playstation move won’t add anything of quality to the game. It would surprise me a lot if it will be featured in any way. I mean, it’s about as likely as if PD would make the guitar hero controller work with GT5. (Well, maybe if they add a feature so you can be a spectator of a race, and chill out in the nice camping area around Nurburgring with a guitar, or maybe some badminton…)

  72. May. 24, 4:32pm

    this is getting obsurd, 3D, ps move…how many times are they gonna delay for things we dont need, and in some cases, even want, id rather be playing right now with no 3D or PS move, since i will be playing that way when it does release anyway…end nerdrage

  73. May. 24, 4:29pm

    Its for keyless entry into the sls! ;-)

  74. May. 24, 4:17pm

    are we gonna be able to chat while driving ??

  75. May. 24, 4:16pm


    if you have to open the door for the mail man with that thing!!!

  76. May. 24, 4:15pm

    remember that vid of ‘shudder’ nutal, and she was holding her hands up in mid air to drive a car, (that can only last 5 mins befor your arms fall off), or when she pulled into the pits and the dad changed the tire in a small mini game of sorts.

    its not beyond sony to take an idea. make it beter

  77. May. 24, 4:15pm

    It is highly likely that headtracking is going to be marketed as Move technology and likely the only reason that PD would delay GT5 for Move. It might be used for a lot of other little things but the headtracking is going to sell it.

  78. May. 24, 4:10pm

    i guess all sony are doing is maximising sales to the fullest. but to be fair who can blame them. with global hardware and software sales down.

    mainly its adults who buy ps3. move is geared towards kids/teenagers. all sony are doing is spreading the ps3 and games across all ages/genders and audiences.

    to be fair most people would be happy with gt4 hd, with weather, more race tracks and good online.

    but gt has always aspired to be the ultimate driving game… and i dont think sony are prepared to let forza take its crown….and forza 4 will likely be announced soon/ end of year on 4 discs. so expect a killer game from polyphony digital, which will take some beating in terms of content etc. with some insane extras.

    were already getting 1000 cars, rally, nascar, f1, gt etc. 100-ish tracks – top gear track, online community. night racing. gt mode. head tracking… which to me im assuming means you can put your face on your driver, as itll have to recogise facial features….id seen it mentioned ps eye can track facial features. ( all those features alone would be great)

    not confirmed or what its implementation is. move support, 3d support,weather effects, track editor, livery editor, number plate editor, vehicle customisation, full track list, damage, dlc, custom audio,

    regardless gt5 will be a monstrously huge game. with or without all features, and the more time they have. the more time they have to add further content.

    regardless of release. im sold. with or without move/3d.

  79. May. 24, 4:10pm

    I would play now instead of playing in 6 months with 3d and move … i dont give a jive

  80. May. 24, 4:09pm

    Nah thats not going to work out!

  81. May. 24, 3:59pm

    If the game features a track editor, then the Move would be a great tool.

  82. May. 24, 3:57pm

    maybe its for Painting your cars. cant think of any real advantage it might have other than that… i wont wear a glowing ball on my forehead. Thats for sure!^^

    and 3d looks bad and costs a lot of performance

    …yeah just imagine waering a glowing hat thingy + 3d glasses – thats gonna look awfull and drive worse than the lame a$$ 2d version :D

  83. May. 24, 3:55pm

    Perhaps it coule be used to simulate a beer can, in which you could post your drunk time laps around the Nurburgring!

  84. May. 24, 3:49pm

    I don’t understand delaying the game if all it’s due too the playstation move controller and supporting the 3D technology. Sony already is releasing a firmware update in june to all playstation 3’s during the E3 show so why not just release a patch for the move controller support once the game is out.

  85. May. 24, 3:47pm

    the MOVE implementation to the game is likely to be limited to painting, customizing(if their is a livery), and navigating the menu in the game. but i see no use for it in actual racing. although if it is anything like the Dualshock 3 it might be good.

  86. May. 24, 3:47pm

    No thanks, I’ve already got a wheel. How do you drive a car with a stick in your hand? Silly.

  87. May. 24, 3:44pm

    The game coming out is more important than move :P. But I do love the amount of stuff Sony are bringing in July, lets hope this is another addition to the gadget-fest this summer will be.

  88. May. 24, 3:43pm

    Why? Because it’s a selling point. Sony is doing everything they can to make sure the Move sells and doesn’t become a flop.

  89. May. 24, 3:38pm

    GT5 1080p dynamich day night weather and headtreaking 1080p is muts inportant then 3d and move

  90. May. 24, 3:30pm

    I wonder how effective it would be if they made a mount for it and used a wii-like plastic wheel. Hopefully it won’t be as gimmicky as Mario Kart Wii, eh.

  91. May. 24, 3:29pm

    I would love to flick through the menu’s and stuff like that , but because I already got the G25 wouldn’t use it for racing :D

    I’d rather use it as a Flight sim Joystick ;)

  92. May. 24, 3:28pm

    the PlayStation Move will be making an early move by July……this is from ps3 blog

  93. May. 24, 3:20pm

    Maby move to use for the menu or painting , carwash , cockpitvieuw butons ….

  94. May. 24, 3:16pm

    How would a driving simulator benefit from such technology ?
    I imagine a cheap plastic accessory wheel where you mount the wand vertically 90° to the wheel’s radios since the PS cam is able to sense rotation of the ball..
    still i prefer my beloved G27 :P
    and BTW there was a semi-official list of games that support the Move, and yah GT5 was in there!

  95. May. 24, 3:15pm

    GT5 combination with 3d move and headtreaking and Moving Chair the best gt5 experience to have i hope gt5 stays 1080p 2d and 1080p 3d

  96. May. 24, 3:11pm

    Yeah you have to tape it around your head. That’s why he’s holding it in his hands.

  97. May. 24, 3:09pm

    eh, i was hoping for better news. But its news to me nonetheless

  98. May. 24, 3:09pm

    Do I have to tape that thing to my head?

  99. May. 24, 3:08pm

    Who wants to/is going to play a racing simulation game with a freaking stick?!?
    Totally useless in my opinion…. shame it’s been delayed for this.

  100. May. 24, 3:06pm

    Very interesting. I did think that this was a possibility. Not sure how well it will work though. I already got my G27 so I guess it won’t really make a difference for me =p. Will be interesting to see what E3 brings. Can’t wait!

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