New “Supercar Festival” GT5 Seasonal Event Now Available

May 26th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Another new Seasonal Event has been added to Gran Turismo 5: the “Supercar Festival”. Open to all cars up to 700PP (with no tire restrictions), get ready to bring out some of your biggest guns for these five new races:

  • Tokyo R246 (5 laps)
  • Tsukuba Circuit (8 laps)
  • Trial Mountain (5 laps)
  • SS Route 5 (5 laps)
  • Eifel Circuit 104A (5 laps)

As of writing, the Online Car Dealership has not been updated to include cars for this event. Thanks to all of you who sent this in so quickly!

GT5 Photomode image by Spark_GTP.

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  1. Jun. 15, 3:24am

    Best car to use?

  2. May. 30, 4:33am

    I made over 3million credits doing this I used the fuari concept on the tokyo track and I won normally by up to 15seconds

  3. May. 28, 1:51pm

    Red bull x1seasonal event next with the nurburgring circuit lasarthe suzuka eiger nordwand and autumn ring

  4. May. 28, 7:24am

    I’m wondering if this is the ‘big’ update thats being hold back?
    or is there something bigger coming up?
    i sure hope so :D

  5. May. 27, 3:40pm

    I’m seriously about to do this in the 96 Elise rm. Now that we’re getting online races for the ones we care about, i see no reason for pd to include anymore ingame races.

    Say, since im b-specing Le mans(5 hours through), what cars do show up?

  6. May. 27, 1:41pm

    I don’t like any of those tracks, I am not a big fan of the fictitious tracks only real life track is Tsukuba.

  7. May. 27, 10:49am

    Kaz should make the seasonal events available as online events that we could enter.

  8. May. 26, 10:05pm

    On 5 lame tracks. While Monza, Nurburg, La Sarthe Daytona Road Course collect dust. game will remain in closet.

    • May. 27, 7:45am

      Agree on track selection, trial mountain is decent and that’s it.

    • May. 27, 8:37am
      HKS racer

      Just 5 tracks, simply not enough! PD why avoid people to run their Supercars at the Northschleife, Monza, La Sarthe, Daytona, Indianapolis, Laguna Seca… ??? That’s LAME PD as always.

  9. May. 26, 9:00pm

    Now I must say that is the best picture I have ever seen. Looks so perfect.

  10. May. 26, 8:42pm

    Great work PD with another fantastic seasonal roundup! The A.I. actually put up a good fight with my cars. I’m hoping for NASCAR or a revised Like The Wind seasonal next.

  11. May. 26, 6:51pm

    Muscle, Trucks, and K cars are done, now it’s supercars. Great! How about the Tuners? :D

    • May. 27, 7:42am

      I think PD are slowly working their way through the original A spec events…so hopefully the tuners might be next. :)

  12. May. 26, 5:34pm

    nice, But i am still waiting to race LONG races whit tyre/fuel changes.

    And/or on tracks that usual don’t gest used. (like SS7, London, reversed tracks, Top Gear) or long races whit tracks that almost aren’t used i offline A-spec (Eiger Norwand short, Indiana road course, daytona road course, Autumn Ring, Côte d’Azur)

  13. May. 26, 5:31pm

    good to see their on the ball with the events, thanks PD

  14. May. 26, 5:10pm

    Good seasonal… My Veyron was very happy destroying the competition in this one :)

    However, I’m still waiting for PD to give us a new race in Monte Carlo ¬¬

  15. May. 26, 4:33pm

    Too busy playing DiRT 3 to care.

    • May. 26, 5:05pm

      troll off

    • May. 27, 7:41am

      ^Indeed….go play it and stop trolling here

  16. May. 26, 3:59pm

    What’s with the japenese tracks in a super car festival? Do they even have an legit super cars? It should be mostly European tracks, like Monza, Nurburg, and Madrid. Then throw in Laguna Seca and some where else.

    • May. 26, 5:11pm

      Montecarlo… this seasonal would have been excellent with a race in Montecarlo… but it seems PD forgot they put the track in the game _-_

  17. May. 26, 3:56pm

    cool just wish they give us a dlc

  18. May. 26, 1:53pm

    already made…… good races except the last one…(eiffel)

    • May. 26, 2:28pm

      Man that blind corner was awful.

    • May. 26, 3:31pm

      I hate the eiffel tracks they are so narrow lol

  19. May. 26, 1:05pm

    What is the best car to use for this event?

    • May. 26, 2:57pm

      check the forum

  20. May. 26, 11:34am

    I just wish they would give us some longer races, double or triple the laps.

  21. May. 26, 11:30am

    Just got gold in my Caterham, very satisfying!

  22. May. 26, 11:01am

    I prefer low PP races. But this will do as well!

  23. May. 26, 10:51am
    Jon T

    Mmmmmm, super cars. Not gonna be good for grinding though! Doh!

    • May. 26, 4:16pm

      Why wouldn’t a Supercar seasonal be good for grinding? The races don’t seem that long but pay lots. Are you worried about using up your supercars and needing to overhaul?

      To keep these seasonals interesting I usually don’t use my best car. I try to win it a few times with slower cars since they pay well even if you don’t get 1st. If I can’t win with a certain car I try one that is a little faster. I try to use just enough car to win it instead of one that is overkill.

    • May. 27, 2:46pm

      Grinding these events works great. 8 laps at Tsukuba in a winning car go by in under 8 minutes and pay $141k for $17,625/min. In A-spec events the most generous payout is High Speed Ring in Turbo Sports and it pays $12,000/min. Looks like I’ll be able to afford a F2007 faster than I thought.

  24. May. 26, 10:49am

    Sounds like fun!

    I wish I could run my bobs again :(

    Seems I can’t log in on any regularity to run the widget or from the website manually.

    I have enough cars in teh 700 PP range already though! :D

  25. May. 26, 10:44am

    Experience points still low on these races?

  26. May. 26, 10:43am

    Nice event but no drift? omg /cry /cry /cry

  27. May. 26, 10:09am

    Nice payouts. I need the credits.

  28. May. 26, 10:08am

    Goody, can’t wait, I just love Tsukuba…again…with a super car (kind of like a Cobra on a go-kart track. Someone that works at PD, his Uncle must own Tsukuba or has a life-time membership. Maybe, KY was born in a Datsun in the parking lot outside of Tsukuba, that would explain a lot.

    Oh well, look on the bright side. Coulda’ been 25 laps at Tsukuba in a midget…

  29. May. 26, 9:44am

    is that all ??? a new seasonal event???? WTF

    • May. 26, 12:39pm

      yes, its not what we all hope for, but i think they will bring a proper update when the network is back up 100% fingers crossed old chap.

  30. May. 26, 9:17am

    Tokyo R246 was supposed to read Cr.148,300

  31. May. 26, 9:13am

    Just in time for me to ignite the BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car ’97. Thank you PD, I do look forward to major major DLC soon?

    • May. 26, 5:08pm

      Sorry meant to be comment before

  32. May. 26, 8:54am

    Guys… I still cannot Sign In to PSN Network…. O.o still on maintenance… aaaa!!! WHy oh why?

    • May. 26, 5:07pm

      Me too

  33. May. 26, 8:45am
    Tonnie 073

    Does anybody know the payouts?

    • May. 26, 9:16am

      Tokyo R246 – Cr.148,3000
      Tsukuba – Cr.141,000
      Trial Mountain – Cr.143,900
      SS Route 5 – Cr.149,200
      Eifel 104A – Cr.163.500

    • May. 26, 11:51am

      Sweet, because I need money!!

    • May. 26, 7:00pm

      The seasonals seem to pay ore and more each time…

  34. May. 26, 8:32am

    Great seasonals! The AI was a challenge for me on this one. I’m looking forward to what the OCD will bring to our doorsteps.

  35. May. 26, 8:24am

    Same s**t, different day. Yawn zzzzz

    • May. 26, 10:21am

      I don’t get it, if you don’t like the game anymore, why do you still come to GTPlanet?

    • May. 26, 2:55pm

      Go A-Way, then.

  36. May. 26, 7:59am
    Brad Kinder

    I did one race, but I realized that they still won’t let you play it simulation style with tire wear on. So I’m going to pass on the seasonal events yet again.

    • May. 26, 1:49pm

      Tyre wear? The race is like 20 km long!

    • May. 26, 2:55pm

      Really. Why would you even play?

  37. May. 26, 7:43am

    Sweet I have been waiting to do some serious races with my production super cars

  38. May. 26, 7:00am

    I love GT5

    • May. 27, 3:03am

      Same :)

  39. May. 26, 6:49am

    What are the payouts?

  40. May. 26, 6:46am
    HKS racer

    Well, better late than never, finally they did it!

  41. May. 26, 6:15am

    Good news! If we can run anything up to 700 PP then I can see a ‘giant killer’ challenge coming on…

  42. May. 26, 5:37am

    What range of PP is the AI in? Can you do this in stock supercars?

    • May. 26, 7:44am

      You would be better off modifying the stock cars asthey might nit be powerful enuff

  43. May. 26, 5:18am
    The R!CE Guy

    I had a gut feeling a supercar event was coming :D

  44. May. 26, 5:10am

    Just finished all of them (sick day FTW!) and you get about $140,000ish per race. I did it with a Mclaren MP412C with 700hp, but you could do it with something a bit slower without too much hassle.

  45. May. 26, 4:39am

    Somebody knows how much you can earn per race?

  46. May. 26, 3:25am
    Jon mason

    Now I can’t wait to get home from work. Makes a nice change that the first four comments are positive. Now I’ve just got to decide what car to run. Mclaren I think. Maybe if I win then it will bring mclaren luck at Monaco this weekend

    • May. 26, 3:49am

      This comment stinks! When is Jon gonna give us REAL comments, and not these stupid positive ones no one wants. And it should be longer. How about more detailed words? When is Jon going to update those? And more periods, need MORE periods, REAL periods, not just generic periods ported over from his last comment. AND WHY CAN’T WE CHANGE THE FONT? STUPID FONT CHIPS! AAAARRRRGGGH!. OMG, I HATE JON! I’m selling my site login info. This is crap.

    • May. 26, 3:51am


    • May. 26, 3:51am

      Erm….someone’s got issues, lol

    • May. 26, 8:43am
      Rob Haswell

      I was hoping there’d be a Monaco race this week in honour

    • May. 26, 9:17am

      McLaren… nooooo, i’m hoping for a Renault upset (though its not going to happen). Too bad Kubica is done. My money is on RedBull, though; as long as Vettel bests Hamilton i will be happy with any result.

    • May. 26, 10:19am

      Nice one, Joe.

    • May. 31, 12:33am

      are you on drugs joe? :p

  47. May. 26, 3:15am

    Very cool!

  48. May. 26, 3:12am


  49. May. 26, 2:57am

    Great news!

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