Official GT Sport Interlagos Trailer Released

Gran Turismo Sport 27 October 5, 2017 by

Polyphony Digital has finally come clean on its worst-kept secret: Interlagos circuit is (officially) coming to GT Sport!

Of course, avid GTPlanet readers have known this for months. We first spotted Interlagos in a quickly-deleted image way back in April. Then in August, the Brazilian circuit showed up again, this time in a Polyphony video. Still, the company played it cool, not actually acknowledging the famous track.

But that all changes today. It’s short, at just under a minute long, but here’s our first extended look at the track in action:

The late afternoon setting certainly paints Interlagos in an impressive light. We get a variety of shots: close-up racing action complements the high-flying helicopter shots. Interlagos certainly looks to have a solid amount of atmosphere, with full grandstands and the cityscape visible from the track. It will certainly present a challenge to players over the course of its 15 corners.

Interlagos joins a track list that includes real-world circuits like Brands Hatch and Nürburgring, as well as PD-designed tracks like Dragon Trail. For the complete list, look no further than GTPlanet’s track list.

It won’t be long now until GT fans can drive the track themselves — the game launches in only 12 days. Before that, we’ll be getting a limited-time demo early next week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Interlagos will be a part of that demo. Then again, good things come to those who wait…

As the first Brazilian track to appear in GT Sport, fans are curious to see what ties Interlagos will have with Ayrton Senna. After a special mode dedicated to the F1 champion in GT6, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed Senna will also be a part of the Sport experience. We’ll find out soon — stay tuned for more GT Sport news.

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