GT6 Update 1.08 Released: Ayrton Senna Tribute Content, Mitsubishi Vision GT Car


A new version of Gran Turismo 6, update 1.08, has just been released – and it’s a big one! Weighing in at 1.4GB (with a 20+ minute installation time), it brings the highly anticipated Ayrton Senna Tribute content and a surprise in the form of an all-new Vision GT car.

Mitsubishi Vision GT

Mitsubishi has just released their Vision Gran Turismo project car, the “Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision GT”, an all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid with a 8-speed dual clutch transmission and S-AWC vehicle dynamic control system.

The car is available to purchase in GT6 from the Vision GT menu, or you can win the car in a new Mitsubishi Vision GT Seasonal Event which has also just been released.

Ayrton Senna Tribute

Ayrton Senna’s DAP Racing Kart, West Surrey Racing British F3 car, and Lotus 97T F1 car are now available in the game (check out the new gameplay videos here), along with his 1980, 1983, and 1985 driving suits.

They can be earned in the new Senna Tribute special events, which challenge you to beat Senna’s pole position times on 1985 versions of Brands Hatch and Monza which are also now available in GT6. The new content brings two new PSN trophies, a “Hero Trophy” for completing all of the Senna events, and a “Senna Master” trophy for earning gold in all the events.

Additional Changes

  • When any “Qualifier” race is selected in the “Room Mode” option under [Basic Settings] and [Race Alone] is selected under the “Race Format” option under [Qualifier Settings], the Ghost line can be enabled or disabled by pressing the Up Button (default button settings).

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Comments (175)

  1. Fordguy1997

    Can anyone help me? My PS3 won’t download this update. It starts to download and then says “An error occurred during the download operation. (8001050F)”. This is very frustrating, any help would be appreciated.

  2. wvmgmidget

    Nice work PD! Lots of fun but still struggling to get gold with the lotus on brands hatch. Kind of wish his 190e was part of it. Hope to see a 2nd part with the 1988 MP4/4, 1991 MP4/6, and the 1994 FW16. RIP Ayrton Senna

  3. youssef tarek

    i updatd it to 1.08 but i cant find mitsubishi in vision gt section is there is any one can help me

  4. 3LV10

    Lol, the 97T is a joke. It feels so fake. For one, when you get under steer going into a turn the tires light up and you keep going faster even though you’re experiencing under steer? That makes no sense. Also the downforce is fake. If you’ve watched actual videos of senna driving this car, you’ll notice the car is very unstable at the rear. Anyways, physics wise this car is fake. For what it stands for, and who drove it, I respect that. RIP Ayrton.

  5. BroccoliRob

    Anyone who is complaining about this doc should be slapped. These cars and time
    Trials are intense fun! Double thumbs up pd

    1. TheProRacer

      I agree, they are fun! But, they are a pain in the rear when you constantly tap the grass and spin out with AIDs ON! Ha, nice work Polyphony!

  6. kratosismydad

    Sorry, this is probably the wrong thread to put this, but I noticed the other day that the 1970 chevy nova had appeared in the Chevrolet dealership. I’m certain it wasn’t there before though. Has anyone else noticed this?

  7. mikronimo

    The Lotus F1 is really a tricky car, powerful, slippery, but… two hours gone without any sense of it, cause the immersive attention i gave to it; i’ll keep trying: i’m only at 0,3 sec to Senna best lap time… this time i have to be grateful to PD. Keep on this way.

  8. beseiden

    After having a great experience with the great Ayrton Senna’s cars (still waiting for McLaren…),
    I can say that im amazed by the level of immersion that it provided me.
    With DAP Racing Kart I began to think i couldn’t beat the 1:00:00 time but finally i realized that its mostly flat out and ended up beating the time with a 59.2**.

    The drive with the West Surrey Racing British F3 car was a unbelievable drive. By the second try I beat the clock by .700. A great little car (Later i tried it in Bathurst, it’s a must try, even with the AI its a nice experience) The car has a very high limit, i pushed and pushed and it always seems to get the job done, the tail only went away when I was exagerating too much.
    Great. The diferences in the layout of Brands Hatch Indy are subtle but very interesting, the left corner after Druids much more faster. Its a great adition the game this new tracks :D

    The Lotus 97T F1 car made feel even more respect for the drivers that had to tame this beast(s). In Monza, when i looked at the speedometer before the first chicane… 360Km/H wf??? Needless to say, crashed and burn and retry, but as the lap times went down and down i began to understand how to balance the turbo input not to have big drops in revs and the lap i manage to get gold it was very very satisfying, i could feel the adreneline kicking in hehehe.
    Brand Hatch GP it’s another story, I manage to get silver but 1.07 seems almost unreachable for me, im terrible at the three right hand turns after the backstraight. If anyone has suggestion of how to take those corners, please feel free to share.

    It’s funny because i too think that these time trials are a little boring usually, but in this case it makes all sense to me, Ayrton Senna was a qualifying genious, so we get to experience it.

    Can’t wait to go online with the Lotus, 16 guys flying around it will be a blast.

    Have fun eveyone.

  9. fideles1986

    Very awesome content! Kaz, all we need now is for you to bust out that surprise MP4/4. I haven’t played in months, but as soon as that Senna content was up, I dusted off the old DFP, hooked it up to my desk and bamn! Give me a reason to keep playing Kaz, please!!!

  10. Spannermonkey33

    Very happy with the DLC, well worth the wait! Getting silver so far, going back in for gold after work.

  11. ProfBlocks007

    I selected the Lotus 97T at Brands Hatch GP event (Stage 4) to have another go this morning. It worked fine. An error occurred and I was signed out of PSN, so I quit the event to sign back in and reactivate the 200% login bonus on the home screen. When I entered the event again, the car showed as the “Z34(370Z)GT”. There is also Japanese writing and “2013” after it. There is no image for the car shown.

    I searched the dealership and the car does not seem to exist.

    Selecting “Driving Options” causes the screen to go black and exit the event, the screen flashing a “corrupt multicolour effect”.

    This has affected all events in the tribute. I have not tried starting any of the events like this, as I do not want to risk data corruption, although I suspect it will quit the event like it does with “Driving Options”.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. ProfBlocks007

      Sorry for the confusion, I was refering to the “Z34(370Z)GT” that had replaced the Lotus when I re-entered the event. The “Z34(370Z)GT” does not exist in the dealership. Everything else is fine.

      Anyhow, I rebooted the game and I haven’t seen the problem since.

  12. DYLAN777-is-not

    Wooohoo pd doesnt dissapoint again! No other game gives this much free content that is this good!

  13. chrisspeed281

    Just a few more Time Trials . Racecars without any Races ? That sucks. GT5 is offline so i wait for something to come . Seasonal RACES !

    1. ninjaboy_85

      Good point, I miss seasonal race events were you actually race a couple laps instead of these time trials! come on GT6!! stop doing this to the fans!!

  14. SavageEvil

    Must be me but why the hell is that Mitsu listed as SH-AWD when it’s bloody rear drive in the time trial, the car handles like a dog. Did they break the AWD system again?

    1. SavageEvil

      Ice is your car showing 100 torque to the rear? Mine is when I pull up the active controls, this seems like the old bug that made AWD cars rear wheel and should actually be something you can set instead of that 10/90 split which is unrealistic as all hell.

      I love that Lotus 97T, it’s massive turbo kick in is ballistic makes for fun driving, but not sure how this car is rated higher than the FGT as this car has really horrible straight line braking as it feels like the tires go mushy but it has this pliable feel as you go around corners though I like. Not sure about the rating though.

  15. hankolerd

    Bravo Polyphony Digital, bravo! The racing cars feel right at home here. The turbo lag under throttle out of low speed corners on the 97T creates a great challenge. The cars sound great, look amazing, and feel very special to drive in the game. I really hope this is the start of more race cars and racing heritage in Gran Turismo!

  16. vicgtr

    Nice surprises, and paintable XR Vision, SWEET. Two new tracks cool too. Lets keep it up PD, well done.

  17. TheProRacer

    Awesome update! This morning, I let it update while I headed to work. I’m playing it now. Wow.

  18. VicV8V

    Wow, thank you so much PD for giving us this amazing FREE content. I think the best stuff here is all Senna’s story. Very emotional, made me cry.

    And of course that documental about the institute and his family. My respects PD!

  19. F1guy

    I’m in love with the way the F3 car jajdles and sounds. I love that car.

    As for the Lotus, is it the aids, or does that car have serious turbo lag?

  20. Sick Cylinder

    Tried the 97T in Arcade Mode and was very disappointed – the AI drive it like they are on a cool down lap. This car could have been a lot of fun in Arcade mode.

    Tried an online race in the 97T, but the game started all of us in the same place in a massive pileup – make sure you use the qualifying mode before the race.

    Also tried the new switch off the blue ghost lines option (they have been ruining online qualifying since 1.06), but couldn’t switch them off – has anyone else managed to switch them off yet? Update info says press the up button.

  21. ViperSRT10ACR

    Volkswagen: “Sorry guys but we’re not actually releasing our VisionGT car until next month.”
    Mitsubishi: “We got this guys.”

  22. MightyL

    i was wondering: found it quite easy to gold all senna challenges and beat his pole times. had to make only 3 attempts and i don’t know the 80’s layout very well yet. seems strange to me… so i was thinking DID THOSE CARS HAVE ABS back in the days?

    1. mistersafeway

      99% sure they didn’t so I switched it off for all of them. I took a while to do Monza because I was expecting the target to be harder (I beat it by a few seconds when I backed off a little to reach the line). Brands was tricky in the Lotus, though, because it was easy to lock up.

    2. Amac500

      Yeah the only reason I have the ABS set on 1 is cus I have a controller :( but yeah, that was back in the day when the cars were actually cars, it’s a pure raw driving machine.

    3. hankolerd

      I turned all aids off using a controller, the first three were pretty easy, but I will have to try Brands Hatch again after work. I am locking up a bit going into turn 2, and getting a bit too much wheel spin coming out of turn 2, and braking a little late going into 4 which is making me lose speed down the straight. I got within .3 seconds in just a couple tries though. I would recommend turning ABS to 0, it is such a delight when you threshold brake correctly. I have been playing without ABS for about a year now, and once you master threshold braking it really is faster and feels great when you get it right. I use a controller 90% of the time, as setting up the G27 requires me to re-arrange my living room.

  23. IngRobNy

    I have to admit, even there is things i don’t like about Gran Turismo 6, i really like the sound on the Lotus 97T and the tire squeal is gone, thanks to racing soft tires, i use only controller, but i still somehow feel when the car is about to lose it’s grip, so dear Pholyphony Digital we (sorry for including almost every one in this forum, whether you all agree or not,) don’t need that loud tire sound, it’s just ruin the enjoyment, please turn it down a notch.

  24. HuskyGT

    Not bad actually. Still more important things missing, but I’m actually interested in trying all this out. Too bad I’m on a nice vacation here in San Francisco. Haven’t played video games in a week… I’m about to go crazy.

    Don’t forget tire and fuel consumption in Arcade PD!

    1. JASON_ROCKS1998

      Man I really want tire and fuel consumption races on arcade, just have a 50 lap race in the new lotus in monte carlo

  25. wudy201

    Love new content but please give us the chance to skip these videos please. I just want to play the game im just not interested in the rest. He we go again open wheel racing here I come oh and the recod book can stay closed cuz this guy aint breaking any. Love new content.

    1. wudy201

      Yeah I noticed after I went back to do them again, thank god im just so tired of hearing and seeing all this stuff about this Senna guy, not tryng to be negative but I want to race not nosey on into somebodys life, and I feel that way about everybody, celebrity or not.

  26. pingpong

    Seems like the force feedback got some tweaking too. After just playing Assetto Corsa(which had feedback I really like), GT felt relatively similar, stronger and more responsive.

    Senna content is well done and a respectful nod to a true legend! New Tracks(well modified anyway) are always welcome!

    Let’s get that top-gear track back ;)

    Nice job PD, can’t wait to lap Laguna Seca tonight.

  27. Sick Cylinder

    A quick question: I just did the Ayrton Senna challenges and I got the F3 car as a reward, but I didn’t get the Kart or the F1 Car – what do you have to do to get the cars free? or do you have to buy the Kart and the F1 car from the dealership?

    They sound great by the way – F3 car is a nice 4 cylinder working very hard sound just as it should be. F1 Car has a great turbo six sound through my 5.1 system.

    Nice wheelspin from the F1 car – it hits the rev limiter really easily in the lower gears. Excellent cockpit views / dials.

    Mitsubishi is also an enjoyable drive. Thanks PD for sorting out the blue ghost lines which were ruining qualifying for online races – greatly appreciated.

    Just one suggestion to improve things – split the car and track content from videos in future and make them separate downloads – not everyone has a quick download speed or plenty of HDD space. I would be happy to watch any related videos on my laptop rather than cluttering my PS3.

    Overall great work PD!

    1. KYD302

      Ya i have gold in everything but brands hatch which i think im going to need my wheel for and i only have the f3. I like the twitchy lotus 97t but i dont play gt6 enough to gring out the 3 mill it cost to buy it, i played gt5 about 30hrs a week im so bored of gt6 im lucky if i play it 5 hrs a month corsa an r factor filled the void known as gt6 im glad the games finnally getting new content but im sick of waiting for stuff that should have been in game since day 1 maybe in a year we might actually see the course maker an that italian track we were promised 4 months ago. We need more content this game was fun for a month an than lost its flair an if the crew an project cars are any good i probably wont touch gt6 ever again sadly.

    2. MeanElf

      Odd, I got silver in all three, but had both the F1 and F3 cars gifted to me, plus three suits. I’m going back in to go for gold, but Watch Dogs was calling…

  28. Lambob

    Epic Tribute content. So very happy and impressed.

    Time Trial #2 (BrandsHatch) with the Lotus, is quite the challenge, this car is not easily intuitive. But the track, appears more photorealistic than ever before, that skylight, is just perfect.

    Transmission whine on the F3 car! I let go of my hands from the wheel when i first heard it in my headset.

    It feels so good on the Nurburgring.

    Thank you PD! Good things came to those who waited.

  29. vasiliflame

    Thank you Mitsubishi , your car looks great wish they promoted your product as well as they have BMW Mercedes and Volkswagen.. Thanks

  30. xero0083

    Now things are starting to pick up I like the car and some of the things that are going on right now I guess I can stat to pay attention to GT6 now.

  31. warpkez

    What rubbish is this? Why are their barriers in the middle of the track?

    Fine there is a bit of history in this, but why can I not skip it and come back to it when I want to?

  32. kiosk

    I wanted to hate this GT6 aryton senna patch, but …. it’s sentimental w/ pics of him as a child in a go kart etc., and “feels” everywhere … so I grudgingly admit that it’s a very good well constructed tribute. Worthy of being called a “patch” a proper one at that.

  33. German_V8 Fan

    Oh my god. I’m so frustrated right now. Senna challenge was fun so far but brands hatch with that f1 lotus, arrrrrr. Tried about 50 laps so far but just dont get it gold. This car is just too fast for me, everytime I reach the last part of the track with the high speed right corners I miss the breaking point or slightly touch a curb and spin out. So close to gold but no more motivation left

    1. Lambob

      it absolutely needs slow in, fast out. break in 5th gear, downshift into 4th on apex entry. take it from there. missing .020 for gold (turn off all those plaguing aids though)

  34. Takata

    I was hoping that Mitsubishi would base their vision GT on the 3000GT or FTO… but it’s based on something that looks like an SUV. I find it a bit odd that the body is so narrow with the exception of the fenders. It gives the impression that there’s not much space inside. Still looks good I guess. o.o

    1. SZRT Ice

      Never even considered this, but good point! I love the GTO/3000GT VR-4 & have since the 1st GT! That would’ve been an epic return of a GT classic to say the least. I hope Mitsu’ brings a new iteration back eventually.

  35. XPOWER180

    Well Mitsubishi certainly remained a lot more restrained with their announcements than VW, shouting it from every rooftop available yet where is their car?! Well done to Mitsubishi!

  36. BinaryPilot

    So what is the total file size of GT6 now?

    I have a 12GB super slim PS3.

    Does this mean I have to buy a new PS3 just so i can play GT6?


    1. Aussie_HSV

      True, but there’s a definite pattern here.
      Fair enough the Mercedes was the first, but it also hit a motor-show.
      The BMW quickly into the game, but only exists in digital files.
      The VW, again lots of fan-fare, but went to a motor-show.
      The Mitsubishi … yep, nothin’ but 0’s and 1’s.

    2. ttfn

      12GB ? buy a new HDD for whatever price, hard drives are really dirt cheap so get out there and upgrade, going back to when i had a new PS3 fat 60GB i upgraded to a 320GB for under £60 you really need a bigger GB HDD i don’t see the point in 12GB……

    3. young car joc

      I have recently finished my ps3 memory build…… It doesn’t quite look like a ps3 anymore… I now have a 1TB ps3

  37. UrieHusky

    The Mitsubishi is /very/ fast, in theory. However due to its unpredictable and twitchy nature I find its potential to be capped severely until you adjust to its odd characteristics far more than a normal car.

    That said, it’s a very good car.

  38. Magic Ayrton

    Pretty blown away by the Lotus to be honest.. Acheived 2 silvers and a Gold, not bad, but it’s over already.. Well at least there is some promise for GT7, the menus are pretty slick to be fair and payouts good.
    Also the VGT car gallery is pretty stunning..

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Very good! need 5.1 DTS – exhaust crackling and turbo noises all pretty amazing.. fairly realistic too! Lots of wheelspin :D

    2. Lambofanghini

      Not as good as rFactor’s rendition but there is definitely some of that lotus V6 in there. It definitely made me want to keep driving the car. I’m also playing in 5.1 as Magic Ayrton suggested.

    3. Magic Ayrton

      I was comparing with the real one.. it’s the way the sound is delivered that’s realistic.

  39. ALB123

    Thank you Charter for 100Mbit internet. The download didn’t take very long, but I know I am very fortunate. Very nice to be surprised with the Vision GT car, especially now that we know the VW model wont be out until mid-June. I’m not a big Senna fan, but I can appreciate what he means to millions of people and I am honored to compete in events carrying his name. I hate to complain at a time like this, but I have been itching for that DLC Track that PD teased us with a video of it in February!! That’s 3 months ago. There is no way that PD can say that track isn’t ready yet. Im sure there were still a few tweaks & mapping fixes that needed to be completed even though they released that teaser video, but come on…That track looks gorgeous!! Can we please have it already?!

  40. BWX

    Sad that I don’t care anymore about GT after what Kaz pulled with GT6 A-spec being crap and ai being crap. Oh well.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      I care about myself not caring, but I do care, this content has been carefully put together and the lotus needs to be handled with care or you will end of in intensive care. Care for a race? (race is care spelt differently)

    2. KOUKI507

      As I said before, we need a comment rating system here in GTP. So that we can bury useless and childish comments…

    3. ttfn

      You don’t care? well make sure you don’t care that the door doesn’t hit your backside when you leave the room….. we that still play the game do actually care and this is great, and a total surprise for us who appreciate the work that they put into it, again, mind the door when you leave…..

  41. BrunetPaquet

    I’m already done with the Senna DLC. 20 minutes, and bam. Done. No, I didn’t get the Gold results because I know I will never succeed in getting them. No matter with how much passion I do it, like Senna says.

    Don’t tell me to “never say never.” Bronze are for the miss/mister everyone, Silver is for Skilled persons, and Gold is for aliens/real racers/ridiculously skilled players.

    Consider yourself warned, guys.

    1. TomBrady

      I’m doing the F3 time trial and man, the ENGINE SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!

      I can only hope the 97t sounds as good.

      Also, gold should be very attainable. The kart TT was super easy to get gold

    2. mistersafeway

      I’m not an alien/real racer/ridiculously skilled player, and I found getting gold at Monza more a matter of completing a lap than driving the wheels off, although Brands Hatch was tricky. The kart and F3 car were trivial. I’d say it’s more bronze is for the lazy, silver is for anybody as long as they put the time in, and gold is for fairly skilled drivers who put some effort in.

    3. SnakeOfBacon

      I’m not an alien either, (well, maybe) but I’ve managed gold on every GT6 Seasonal so far (not GT Academy though, not yet), so me and my half-broken DS3 will be going for gold!

    4. Lambob

      Brunet, I play GT6 once a week, casually, and in an hours time this morning, I got gold on all the events. you only have to be near alien to gold the final trial #2 at Brands Hatch. Monza is by far the easiest.

      and wow, who was the defunct intellect that changed Monza from that old layout, to the current edition?

    5. mistersafeway

      Seriously, BrunetPaquet? I’m pretty sure I’d know if I were an alien, especially considering I do WRS events a lot and can’t get anywhere near the true aliens. Don’t claim something isn’t possible without massive skill just because YOU can’t do it.

      Lambob, I’d lay good money on it being Hermann Tilke, the man’s a menace. If I owned a race track and he arrived with his measuring equipment, he’d need a bulletproof vest. He tore up the Nürburgring Sudschleife layout to make GP/F, tore up the old Hockenheimring straight, and probably much more besides.

      For the moderators, I was only joking about the bulletproof vest… I’d be aiming higher. :sly:

    6. QuattroDelta

      @Mistersafeway he had nothing to do with the Nürburgring GP layout, apart from removing the Castrol S…the only good part of the circuit.

      The same with Monza. But if you want some circuit gore, just search in Google “Red Bull Ring” and “Fuji”.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      Yes, so little. These tracks’re not even in the main career, they’ll never be more than arcade mode tracks to me since… whatever I’m not gonna switch subject but let’s say it’s got something to do with horrible online lobbies with griefers/trolls everywhere I go so I’m not gonna bother yada, yada, yada, and all that, you get it.

      Three… yes three out of four of these new cars’re not even useful for the tiny main career anyways.

    2. MeanElf

      Main career has fixed vehicle groups and tracks, so you wouldn’t be able to use the F3 and F1 cars in the career as there are no F3 and F1 events.

      Arcade has the variants and you can race the AI just as easily there.

      As for online, find a group of like minded people and join them, you won’t have to deal with the casual online crowd or the griefers any more – it’s all quite simple really.

  42. LAiKA787SV

    So, WTF is 961MB on 1.07 update ?! I thought 1.07 update includes all Senna’s item and Mitsubishi VGT, so in 1.08 update don’t need a really huge update.

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      No, the models are quite small (otherwise they couldn’t possibly fit 16 of them in RAM), the 961MB in the last update was filled by 2 1080p video files.

    2. ALB123

      There are big video files. Heck, at the end of the Senna tribute is a 21 minute film about the Ayrton Senna Institute and what they do for children in Brazil. That video alone must have taken up a few hundred MB.

  43. Amac500

    Allow me to start rumors that Senna’s McLaren is a surprise on the 4th part of the Senna events.

    1. Amac500

      You see the 4 years of events in the Senna section all corks pond with the year of a drivers suit and a car, except for the 4th event which is year 1988, and we have the ’88 suit….

    2. Amac500

      Bummer, I even watched to the end of the video just to see if I get anything, and nope! Definitely feel like there is a but of a content gap there…. but otherwise love the update! Though I’m again stunned we didn’t get the kart track, Kartodromo du Interlagos.

  44. drag lab 101

    Now that’s something I’d buy for a dolla!!!
    Oh but wait.. That’s right, dis here freeeeeeee! My favorite price for anything.
    & sneaky sneaky Mits & PD, surprise.. surprise!

    My complaint- it’s all PD’s fault…….
    That ima be late to work tomorrow!

  45. Amac500

    Man, some captions would really be nice on the Mitshubishi video.

    Here’s my only complaint, and it’s my amazement that the kart track from the begining of the GT6 intro video isn’t part of the update. I was positive that Kartodromo du Interlagos was going to be the kart track and I’m a bit shocked and confused by why it’s not, surprised we didn’t land 1 Brazilian track out of this deal it seems…

  46. TomBrady

    Ok, T-Minus 5 minutes until we get someone complaining about the engine sound.

    Personally, I hope they used the same method for these cars that they used for the Red Bull cars. Those sound amazing.

    I’ll be happy eitherway. Can’t wait. RIP SENNA

    Greatest of all time

    1. TomBrady

      Well I got my wish. The F3 at least sounds a lot like the Red Bull.

      Sounds amazing. I don’t think anyone will complain unless the 97t doesn’t sound good

    1. LAiKA787SV

      It’s really fast that you need only 2 hours. It took me 5 days to download 1.07 update @ 961MB. PD is insane…

    2. Croatian_STIG

      I guess you can say PD is insane lol, but you guys just have a slow connection, took me half an hour.

  47. Sixflags48

    I quite like how the VW momentarily took our minds off the other VGT, then PD stuffed the Mitsu in there. To me, what isn’t to like about that car, hybrid/8speed/looks/datwing. The Senna stuff I am most likely going to use to try to mimic some 1980’s CART and Lights racing (ARS). I am a happy man right now.

    1. Lambob

      blow those worms out, Toko! I was equally impressed this morning. The classical music in the menus, just so god damn effing classy and Good.

  48. Nestor_Motta

    More or fewer, more or less … auhauahuahuah
    I thought very little … After 15 years deserve more. Where patches of silly mistakes? Things like tick services already performed in cars (wash and oil change), the cars get wet in the rain (no they do not wet), pack of sounds of the engines, set the preference visualization of the list of cars (it’s very annoying to have to be activating the filter every time) … So many silly things that any programmer would solve. But no, Polyphony prefers to ignore little things that make a big difference.

  49. Ferrari458Italia

    son of a ***** comcast got me at 300gigs a month cap and I’m at 298 right now so I probably won’t be able to download this patch until the first. Screw comcast seriously

    1. TomBrady

      What? They actually stop you from downloading more than 300 GB? Are you sure?

      I went way over 300 GB a few months in a row with Comcast, and they sent me an email but didn’t actually do anything about it. I’d be surprised if they’d stop you from downloading the update.

    2. Ferrari458Italia

      No they don’t stop your internet, but they charge you $10 per 50gigs that you go over. while it’s not much, I refuse to pay that overpriced monopolistic company a cent more than I have to. I absolutely hate comcast with a passion

    1. Croatian_STIG

      Yea… I like how PD just sometimes throws content into our face without telling us what it is first haha.

    2. BrunetPaquet

      Never think you know something about PD, they’ll just (*1) stab you in the back when they get the opportunity…

      (*1 Figure of speech)

    1. Croatian_STIG

      That’s what aerodynamics look like, if you hate this Mitsu, you’re saying aerodynamics are ugly. I like it.

    1. AW2KWIK4U

      Space shuttle? WHYNOT, we can ride it to the moon and get in our Lunar Buggy for the Moon Challenges! LOL

    1. BrunetPaquet

      Best I’ll give them is a facepalm. This update is an absolute joke. Just like SZRT Ice said, it’s a bunch of license test-like time trials…

      Oh and time trials with only one lap? What, are we back in the ’90’s where these kind of events had a timer on top of the screen until your car stopped moving then you’d get the results screen?

      Sounds like that to me.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      So do I think I did, I’m not sure if I “Truly” did, but if I did, it’s because they took forever to release 1-lap time trials that are just awful.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      It’s not a surprise, we all knew this update was gonna be a 10 minutes slideshow with 10 minutes of driving.

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