Over $600 in Prizes Available in New GT5 Race Series

GTPlanet’s Online Events forum is home to hundreds of Gran Turismo 5 race series, clubs, and leagues, where the world’s best GT players come to participate in clean, fair, and competitive online races.

While the fun-factor usually provides enough incentive to join, competition really intensifies when there’s big prizes on the line, and Masi_23’s World Super GT Championship offers one of the biggest yet: a brand new rSeat RS Evo V3 sim-racing rig (a 449€/$600 USD value). More prizes, including GTPlanet Premium subscriptions and merchandise, will be awarded to finishers through 8th place.

Thanks to the series’ generous sponsors, including rSeat.net, Sim-Seats.com, and High End Performance, the competition is free for all GTPlanet members.

To join, visit the official forum topic for all details, then fill out the registration form. The series qualifier kicks off today and runs until January 2, 2012. However, there is a maximum of 120 total participants, so don’t hesitate if you want to take part.

If you have any questions or would like more information, head to the official forum topic and series’ host, Masi_23, will make sure you’re taken care of. Once again, thanks to the sponsors for making this possible on GTPlanet, and good luck to all participants!

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    I just signed up but don’t know what to do or where to go next to qualify for a spot if there’s any spots left… can someone help please?

  2. TakeshiSkunk

    That photo is amazing, but I’m bummed the Arta NSX is absent! I’ve become attached to that car since I’ve been using that body on my Mini-Z for over a year :)

  3. Blessorship

    Very awesome, indeed! I would join but do not think I would be competitive enough to place well. So I’ll leave the space open for more capable participants instead of signing up now. It sure sounds like fun though. Very detailed and well thought out format and rules.

    1. Biffy

      Sign-ups are unlimited at the moment. The actual driver list will be decided by the qualifier, so why not give it a go? You’re not taking up anyone’s place, just practice for it and see where you end up, you never know, you just might get in ;)

  4. African Kat

    The WSGTC is an awesome series with a great bunch of guys – i had to withdraw eventually due to connection compatibility issues – but i was gutted cause it was such an enjoyable realistic and FAIR series.

  5. Jamaicanbwoy

    i have a sim seat (its the cheaper plastic one but still beastly) but the rseat is wicked. im going in. i hope they have nurburgring as a race lol

  6. akmuq

    I think that it’s gone too extreme, just my opinion. 120 people? That’s just mad. I would like to congratulate Masi, and the others in charge(Denilson and Wardez) for taking on this massive series. However, I’m going to stick to TOCA.:)

    1. yoman297

      Not really. 60 per class, if you think of it in that way. That’s still a lot though, almost 4 grids per class.

    2. Masi_23

      Only 64 out of that 120 people will get to race every week. Each round will have weekly, live-knockout style Qualifying session. You race to be IN the race.

  7. Mac K

    What a cool idea, the Flying Niata series does something like this as well, it’s really quite cool. Best if luck to everyone!

  8. HPUnleashed

    I would love to get a wheel, but I have a feeling I’d end up racing against those who already have one – and I can’t keep up with them no matter how hard I try.

  9. RoarOfZonda

    I wish I had a wheel or else I’d participate. There is no way I will win with a controller lol.. and plus, I’ve seen some of you race.. some of you are effing Ayrton Senna’s of GT5 :P

  10. Lambob

    Can anyone confirm if real forcefeedback seats , with the hydraulics, are made avail for GT5?

    PD, pls implement for GT6 / PS4, I know all that fancy stuff you can do with Japanese Robots!

    My dream toy next to home theater / rec room.

    1. carz9240

      Grrrr i signed up but I’m nothing special… wish my spot could have between used by a better driver. but my grippy gt300 autobacs garaiya might do the trick

    2. Pearltsx

      Yeah wish I had a seat and wheel now so I could be more competitive. It’s hard keeping a good line with the controller..

    1. f1_stig

      free sponsorship because the whole compititon will have ‘brand name’ everywhere. and the people who didn’t win but are willing to spend $600 racing game are going to buy it to use what the best have.

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