New Penalty System Comes to GT Sport’s Daily Races

Gran Turismo Sport 86 March 29, 2019 by

As of next week, Polyphony Digital will extend its Penalty Zone system to cover all of its Daily Races.

It’s a system we first saw at the World Tour live event in Salzburg last year. The penalty system early in the game’s life saw players able to scrub any penalties they’d acquired by backing off the throttle or braking outside of braking zones.

The Salzburg event introduced a new system. There, players who’d picked up penalties could only serve them within specific areas of the track, as marked by yellow indicators. Moreover, this happened automatically, with the system also warning other players that the vehicle was about to slow.

Polyphony Digital used this system across the 2018 Regional Finals, and then introduced it to the online FIA Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series races in November.

That system is now coming to Daily Races too. Each circuit will feature its own Penalty Zones, with up to four depending on the length of the circuit. These will all be in the same locations as they are for FIA races and World Tour events.

This should cut down on penalty-toting drivers in Daily Races acting as a rolling road block right to the end of the race, where they stamp on the brakes to scrub what’s left. Instead, they’ll be forced to serve outstanding penalties in the next penalty zone, and won’t be able to do it manually.

The new penalty system comes to the Daily Races starting on Monday April 1. There’s no word yet on if they will be available in lobby race settings.

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