Watch LIVE: Fastest U.S. Gran Turismo Players Race Head-to-Head in PlaySeat Challenge

Gran Turismo 6GT Academy 34 May 26, 2014 by

The race is now over – watch the replay above.
Official race results are posted below.

It’s time for one of the biggest online races of the year – the PlaySeat Challenge, hosted by GTPlanet and streamed live on YouTube’s leading car video network, GT Channel!

The fastest Gran Turismo players in the United States will be racing head-to-head in an 18-lap race around the classic Apricot Hill circuit in the Nissan 370Z, with over $1,500 in prizes on the line:


Each podium finisher will also take home a digital copy of GTPEDIA: GTPlanet’s Guide to the World of Gran Turismo.

The live race has been carefully designed by our Weekly Race Series administrators Gravitron and Jump_Ace, who will be acting as today’s race director. Check out our WRS forums for more challenging time trials and online race events, hosted right here on GTPlanet.

Below is a closer look at our competitors. They qualified by being the fastest GTPlanet members in Round 2 of GT Academy 2014, and several have a very good chance of becoming this year’s overall North American GT Academy champion. Good luck, guys!

To the rest of you: enjoy the race!


From: Kansas
Age: 25
Playing GT: 4 years
Favorite Car: RE Amemiya RX-7 GT300
Favorite Track: Nurburgring


ATW_Hero (EpicGonzago)

From: Phoenix, Arizona
Age: 23
Playing GT: 2 years
Favorite Car: Nissan 370Z
Favorite Track: Tsukuba Circuit


From: Florida
Age: 19
Playing GT: 5 years
Favorite Car: Alfa Romeo GIULIA TZ2
Favorite Track: Nurburgring


From: Maine
Age: 37
Playing GT: 15 years
Favorite Car: Mazda RX-7
Favorite Track: Nurburgring GP/F

dgaf95GTP_Importlife (dgaf95integra)

From: Fullerton, California
Age: 27
Playing GT: 2 years
Favorite Car: Nissan GT-R GT3
Favorite Track: Bathurst


From: Illinois
Age: 34
Playing GT: 4 years
Favorite Car: Audi R8
Favorite Track: Nurburgring Nordschleife


From: Georgia
Age: 24
Playing GT: 14 years
Favorite Car: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
Favorite Track: Spa-Francorchamps


From: Charlotte, North Carolina
Age: 30
Playing GT: 4 years
Favorite Car: Aston Martin V12 Vantage
Favorite Track: Matterhorn


From: Durham, North Carolina
Age: 21
Playing GT: 14 years
Favorite Car: Honda NSX-R
Favorite Track: Nurburgring Nordschleife


From: St. Louis, Missouri
Age: 21
Playing GT: 15 years
Favorite Car: BMW Vision GT
Favorite Track: Suzuka


From: Rochester, New York
Age: 43
Playing GT: 15 years
Favorite Car: McLaren F1
Favorite Track: Silverstone / Nurburgring Nordschleife

Official Competition Results

Qualifier Results:

  1. gatordaryl 1:35.560
  2. Adventuruss 1:35.689 +.129
  3. Speeder005 1:35.784 +.224
  4. carracerptp 1:35.789 +.229
  5. redsoxboy80 1:35.849 +.289
  6. z06fun 1:35.909 +.349
  7. msgt-sd 1:36.045 +.485
  8. ATW_Hero 1:36.069 +.509
  9. VindictiveScrub 1:36.140 +.580
  10. GTP_Importlife 1:36.357 +.797
  11. GT_ADAM_US 1:36.948 +1.388

Race Results:

  1. Adventuruss 29:03.973
  2. gatordaryl 29:05.364 +1.391
  3. carracerptp 29:05.714 +1.741
  4. VindictiveScrub 29:11.373 +7.400
  5. Speeder005 29:12.071 +8.098
  6. redsoxboy80 29:12.658 +8.685
  7. GTP_Importlife 29:17.854 +13.881
  8. ATW_Hero 29:20.324 +16.351
  9. msgt-sd 29:22.263 +18.290
  10. z06fun 29:25.931 +21.958
  11. GT_ADAM_US 29:32.446 +28.473

Fastest Lap:

  • carracerptp – 1:35.252

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