Polyphony Digital Focusing Development on Gran Turismo 6

August 2nd, 2012 by Jordan Greer

After more than a year and a half of regular software updates to Gran Turismo 5, they have become increasingly infrequent since 2.05 was launched back in February.

Today, Kazunori Yamauchi acknowledged and explained the slowdown with a post on Twitter, confirming Polyphony Digital is focusing development efforts on Gran Turismo 6. As translated by our own Shirakawa Akira:

@Newsportsx: that recent updates have become small or that there aren’t cars on DLCs, is this because you’re putting hard efforts on [GT] 6?
@Kaz_Yamauchi: Yep. (This can also be translated as “Well…”, thanks to Dai_watt for the additional clarification!)

Of course, this certainly does not signal the end of the road for Gran Turismo 5; the new GT5 Academy Edition is scheduled for release in Europe next month, and is suspected to contain a few surprises according to the wording of its press release.

Kazunori Yamauchi also specifically confirmed that more new downloadable content is planned for GT5 during an interview at the Spanish GT Academy finals. Until then, stop by our now Gran Turismo 6 forum to discuss the future of the franchise.

GT5 Photomode image by hawk2201.

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  1. Aug. 7, 11:00pm

    As I agree with most of the suggestions here, my personal thing is the music. Please have a team work on that music department. There were a select few songs on GT5 that were great. Mostly by Daiki Kasho, I just don’t think I should have to download my own music to race to when you guys usually nail this department. Make it like GT4 and it’ll be swell.

  2. Aug. 7, 12:04pm

    Please add porsche we need Porsche ..

    • Aug. 7, 5:02pm

      This. Just this. Unless some new RUFs are in the pipeline. ‘S’long as they’re 911-shaped :)

    • Aug. 7, 11:51pm

      They can’t add Porsche because EA owns the rights for porsche.

    • Aug. 8, 12:37am
      Pit Crew

      @SmokeyBear Its all about the money bro, If PD pays EA price we could see Porsche.

      RUF could be the best option. I believe another Porsche tuner exists that could be available. Kaz also has to open a “line of communication”.

    • Aug. 8, 9:18am

      @Pit Crew Midnight Club 3 used this company called “Gemballa” which was also tuned Porsches.

    • Aug. 9, 1:18am
      Pit Crew

      ^Good lookin Out HKS Thanks bro

  3. Aug. 6, 4:06pm

    NOW GT6 ohhhh my god… this is gunna kill me…

  4. Aug. 6, 8:04am

    They have to take their time and make it a perfect gt or at least close to, i think we can wait long since gt5 still has a lot of potential only needs dlc

    • Aug. 6, 8:10am
      Big Ron

      They didn´t make a nearly perfect game within 5 years. What do you expect for GT 6? As long as they don´t change their game concept, GT will not become better.

    • Aug. 6, 11:42am

      @Big Ron They’re working with the same engine that was in GT5. They’ll probably keep the premium models they have now, and hopefully they’ll remove the standard cars and make any new cars premium. I think they learned their lesson with premium/standard cars. It seems that no one in the GT fan base except a few people care much about how fun a car is to drive, as long as it looks and sounds good.

    • Aug. 7, 12:00pm

      @TeamCZRRacing I get your point, but I honestly don’t care if cars are standard or premium as long as drive realistically. All I want in GT6 is a longer and more diverse career, so you can drive almost every car in an event. It would be a bonus of all cars were premium, but that’s not at the top of my list.

    • Aug. 7, 4:04pm

      @ TeamCZRRacing: I paid for a PS3 game, so I could use high-poly cars models like those of premium status. I did not pay for a PS3 game so I could use low-poly PS2 conversions.

    • Aug. 7, 11:24pm

      Wait a minute, we’ve been waiting since GT4!

  5. Aug. 6, 7:21am

    Honestly all I want is to “complete” gt5. Because polyphony was obviously under pressure to release the game so they made short cuts such as the standard cars, same engine noises, limited customization, racing mods on few cars just to name a few. Like many others I feel GT4 was much better…much more complete. So that’s all I’m asking for for GT6 just complete GT5 and maybe add a little spice here and there

  6. Aug. 6, 6:21am

    improve engine sound please!

    • Aug. 6, 6:53am
      Big Ron

      Improve more than that please. Better racing tires physics, better sounds, much better AI, challengine career mode, cut out grinding etc etc etc. Gran Tursimo need to be turned upsight down to be good again.

    • Aug. 7, 4:26am

      @Big Ron: All the things that you mention are easy to do if the power is there. And it probably will, as this will be a PS4 game. Nothing needs to be turned upside down at all.

    • Aug. 7, 10:56pm

      @ithis: This will probably be a PS3 game. If you’ve noticed, there are two official games to each level of PlayStation.
      GT, GT2 = PS1; GT3, GT4 = PS2; GT5, GT6(probably) = PS3.

    • Aug. 8, 8:00pm

      @ss3kidgoku: enough of this nonsense, with the over complexity of new games, this won’t be possible anymore! GT6 will be on PS4, period! GT5 wasn’t as good (low def shadows, artifacts, AA…) as we tought because the PS3 didn’t have enough horsepower, the PS4 will provide such power to make GT6 a perfect GT5+ … ;-)

  7. Aug. 6, 1:14am

    My wish for GT6 isn’t over wishfull thinking, but things that are just basic for any game in this day and age. Theres issues that needs to be addressed before we go crazy with a wish list.

    Please please please Kaz
    1) No short cuts. I’d rather wait and have a car as DLC rather than have it as standard.

    2) Sound. The small percent of premium cars are stunning only to be let down by the sound.

    3) Options. Please allow for the gamer to play how he or she would like to play, wether its on or OFFLINE. Grid starts offline, weather/time options, selecting AI car opponents and difficulty options etc. cannot go wrong with allow for options.

    4) Biased. I saw a chart showing how many japanes cars out weighed the rest. Okay thats fine thats your favoured choice, but to the degree of what is in Gt5 was laughable and frustrating.

    5) Consistancy. At times GT5 really shines, Nurburg 24H at night is an example. Then in another instance you go unto another track and everything seem’s abit flat and rushed, as if they never had time to model or finish texture a circuit. It just feels like they spread themselves to thin for the amount of man power in the PD team.

    There are area’s GT5 nails and no one does it better, its just ashame the games inconsitant, the bad out weights the good.

    • Aug. 6, 10:15pm
      Pit Crew

      In all fairness Kaz is paying homage to his nations car market so bias might be harsh, however it is true that Kaz must move away from this practice.

    • Aug. 8, 10:47am

      theres a diffrence to paying homage and having 40 skylines, overexageration possibly lol

  8. Aug. 5, 5:24pm

    Far and away the biggest sound issue is the fact that I still cannot hear my car’s engine when around any of the other cars. It drives me crazy. I hear cars that are the length of a straightaway away louder than my own. Sometimes I hear a car coming up from behind me and then when I check my rear view, there’s nothing there …. it’s coming from the car half mile and 3 turns behind ! I have tried all sound settings and run it through my stereo system separately and then through my surround sound system … nothing helps !

  9. Aug. 5, 4:39pm

    Please just not standart cars its all i ask!

    • Aug. 8, 10:44am


  10. Aug. 5, 1:47pm



    Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi, please address the horrible, totally unrealistic clutch model in GT5 (and carry over to GT6). There is so much I like about GT5, but every time I switch back over to it from Forza 4 and select a car with a manual transmission, I’m reminded why I prefer Forza 4.

    Press the pedal, slot the stick , let out… “N” and rrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr.

    I love to race the 787B and Sauber Merc C9 (both 5-speed manuals), and they’re great to drive in GT5… except every other time you make a crucial shift. Really annoying when you’re hitting an exit and about to overtake another car, “miss” a shift, and the other car pulls ahead as your car coasts and you’re working the pedal and stick repeatedly to get the clutch to engage. So annoying, it’s a distraction–you forget your driving lines and turn dynamics, and you’re concentrating more on getting the car into gear.

    GT5 Clutch Model: Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster… it doesn’t matter. Horrible!

    Forza 4 Clutch Model: Wonderful, very realistic! You get it wrong (and I mean really miss the gear change), the car still goes into gear, but there’s a brief laps of power, and you “damage” the transmission slightly.

    Anxiously awaiting next Tuesday’s Forza 4 DLC that includes the Sauber Merc C9… and it’s a “premium” car (as all are in FM4), not a “standard” low-res, blacked-out-cockpit version as in GT5. It’s one of my favorite in GT5, but I’m ready to REALLY enjoy it in FM4.

    PD, Kaz, I want to enjoy GT5 as much as I enjoy FM4, but you still need to get your act together. I’d say GT5’s physics are a little better, but it falls short in many other areas.




    • Aug. 5, 4:23pm

      Soooooo what you’re trying to say is you want Kaz to fix the clutch model, right?

    • Aug. 5, 6:46pm

      I’m not sure, he doesn’t say it clearly enough.

    • Aug. 7, 4:08pm

      “So annoying, it’s a distraction–you forget your driving lines and turn dynamics, and you’re concentrating more on getting the car into gear.”

      Well then stop using manual transmission, and you wouldn’t have that problem.

    • Aug. 8, 10:41am

      AGREE completely!

    • Aug. 8, 10:43am

      @dusk trooper, hes paid money for his game and his fanatec/logitech whatever so im pretty sure he would like to experience what he paid for. your telling him to just use automatic?? whats that word that rhymes with boob but has a N at the beggining. thats what you are.

    • Aug. 8, 2:35pm

      ^ Are you serious? I have common sense, unlike him. If he can’t use manual transmission and drive correctly, then stop using manual transmission and he wouldn’t have that problem. Seriously, that’s common sense, or shall I say uncommon sense?

  11. Aug. 5, 1:16pm
    i have a flat

    I turn the music off when driving the sound of my car engine is music to my ears !

    • Aug. 7, 4:13pm

      Yeah, just don’t put a racing exhaust on any car, otherwise you’ll rupture your eardrums.

  12. Aug. 5, 12:38pm

    I Only hope GT6 will have much better car sounds, not like where they used basically the same sound all over again for the Lamborghini’s, and the BMW M5 and Citroën GT Road Car sound the same as well. Every car should have different sounds, the Aventador isn’t even close to real life sound. GT6 should also have more realistic car effects, like the Lamborghini Murcièlago’s side air intakes which opens when the engine gets hot or the Bugatti Veyron’s rear spoiler which should open slowly and not that fast and more fluid. These little car characteristics are important if you want to experience the true car effect as you should in real life.

  13. Aug. 5, 12:31pm

    I wish we could transfer our cars on GT5 to GT6 or I have to redo the suspension settings again which is annoying

    • Aug. 5, 12:42pm

      You’re probably going to have to do it all over again.

  14. Aug. 5, 4:11am

    Lol, what an answer: “yep”. :p

  15. Aug. 5, 2:00am

    i think foir gt6, they should make it a tad more like forza 4, and i thnk alot of people would agree with me, if the customization was improved the game owuld e even moe of a hit, an i dea for the developers, would e to make, with the aerodynamics, no spoiler, alot of people would love it if you could have n spoiler on every car. god i love gt !

  16. Aug. 4, 7:49pm

    If you want to watch some gt6 trailers , go on youtube there is some.( sorry if I dont write well , Im Qc)

    • Aug. 4, 9:54pm
      Pit Crew

      They arent authentic GT6 trailers.

    • Aug. 4, 10:33pm

      I didnt write ” a lot” , I write “some”

    • Aug. 4, 11:51pm
      Pit Crew

      They are still no authentic PolyphonyDigital GT6 trailers regardless if you said alot or some.

    • Aug. 5, 1:50am

      Yep. Heres his “leaked trailor…” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsOEnshSaAk&feature=fvwrel

    • Aug. 5, 12:45pm

      ^ Don’t you have anything better to do?

    • Aug. 5, 4:53pm

      Not while doing B Spec races :p

    • Aug. 5, 8:20pm
      e30 freek

      Lol thats funny

  17. Aug. 4, 2:35pm

    Sorry for the last comment. Stupid @ss android got all glitchy and stupid. Anyway I keep reading all these complaints about the sound and heres my opinion on what I think the issue is. You can agree or disagree and either way that is ok, that what makes forums such as these great. Whether we have the same opinion or not we can all agree about our passion for Gran Turismo. Even if we get frustrated or disappointed by it here and there, its obvious that we still all keep coming back for more, so that love will always be there no matter what. Thats what separates true passion from a “fanboy just following what game is “in””. Anyway first thing is first. There are only so many sounds in this world. And you are bound to have vehicles sounding similar. I mean when I hear a “ricer” going down the road, I cant tell if its a Honda, Nissian, Toyota or even a Chevy Caviler. They all sound the same to me personally. But now that is said I think the real issue lays with everyones sound settings. I have seen posts from many people saying the sound is fine, and me dont find it very awful. Some cars that would be in the same class do sound the same yes, but I know that my 1970 Dodge Challenger and my 67 AC Cobra sound pretty mean, and different from one another. So to have a fair opinion about the sounds you first have to understand that GT5 was made for surround sound. In order to get the full spectrum and the best sound that is a must first and foremost. And not all surrounds are made the same either. No matter what it is, its not gonna sound the same on a good Onkyo or Dennon setup as it does with your $60 Coby Wal Mart special. So the 1st key is to have a decent at least mid level system, and have it properly set up and adjusted in general. Because the wrong equipment can make just as big of difference as the wrong settings. Then once you have the right theater system, and it optimally set up, not just for GT5 but for movies, tv, ect, then you have to get the correct settings on your PS3. Once you have that set to work well with your receiver, then you work on tweeking and fine tuning Gran Turismo in its sound settings to complement everything. The game was not made to be played on cheap old tv speakers. Even if you have a $3k tv, hate to tell you, your speakers are crap. They just are. Its a fact of life. You get a good setup finely tuned and adjusted as it should be with everything, not just GT, and I think alot of you having sound issues would find a world of difference. Not just because its “louder” or even “cleaner” but a big part of that is in the encoding of the sounds itself. And you need the right equipment to get the most out of them. I know this was probably longer then most would want to read, but theres not exactly a short quick answer for this issue. Again its all my personal opinions since I have heard the game on just tv speakers, through crap surrounds, and of course through my set up.

    • Aug. 4, 2:56pm

      And what may this have to do with GT6? If these are the reasons your complaining about the sound for GT5, and nothing is done, then whats going to happen when GT6 comes out? The same complaints?

    • Aug. 4, 3:25pm

      Ever heard of a paragraph?

    • Aug. 4, 3:41pm

      In the beginning Kaz recorded each car from ignition to full throttle. Hopefully that is still true. The same was done for handling specs.
      Each car was driven to determine handling characteristics.


    • Aug. 4, 3:50pm
      Pit Crew

      Engine sounds have not yet been PD strong point, but since a number of things that PD and Kaz wanted but did not have time to implement, I feel strongly we will see improved engine sounds in GT6.

      The cool thing about the GTA Grads and Kaz racing is, IMO, that if any PD Dev team are on hand at any given event they may have better than normal opportunities to record some authentic race engine notes. Street cars engines…I try to be optimistic.

    • Aug. 4, 5:03pm

      Again I apologize for the lengthy comment. I just feel that some people are missing out on a good part of the experience and isnt giving the sound quality enough credit due to a sub par setup. The only real complaint I have that has anything to do with the sound is the still constant personal background music glitch. How it will actually use your music on your hard drive sporadically and very inconsistently. And the fact that when you put it on random, it never seems to be very random at all. You would think after nearly 2 years of updates and patches that would finally be fixed.

    • Aug. 4, 5:11pm

      “Each car was driven to determine handling characteristics.”

      Actually, that’s not true. A number of cars they do personally drive, just not all.

    • Aug. 4, 5:19pm

      I get annoyed with the Custom BGM too. You’ll have to look at the bright side of that though like with everything else. How many other PS3 games have the option for us to use our music? I honestly don’t know. How many of them have implemented it flawlessly?

      Sounds have improved a lot since Spec 2, and I don’t have a high-tech setup. They’re good speakers, but it isn’t a home theater system.

    • Aug. 4, 5:19pm

      I shouldn’t have to get speakers for proper engine sounds. That’s total bs.

    • Aug. 4, 5:55pm


    • Aug. 5, 1:43am

      @ another_jackhole I think its great that they gave us that option to use our own music, and trust me, when this game came out I made sure to rub it in my 360 fanboy buddies faces for sure lol. Im just speaking in terms of all the complaints of the sound, thats really the only thing I can think of to say anything about. And even that isnt about the quality of the sound itself. I honesty dont know why they havent done that more with the ps3. I mean think back to the original playstation days. If you took your game out while playing and put in a music cd, you could still play while playing your cd. Sure it was more of a glitch then anything and if you didnt replace the game disc before you got to a loading screen then your game would freeze but none the less you could do it, and years before xbox ever came into the picture. I have plenty of memories doing it with the 1st GTA, all the radio stations in the car you stole would be a track from the cd. I never understood why they didnt do anything officially with the ps2 or ps3. And to HKS does that mean you shouldnt have to get an HDTV to get the best HD picture? Or a 3D TV to be able to use the 3D feature? Its the same deal. I think just because someone doesnt have the right setup to fully take advantage of all the game has to offer that the blame shouldnt be put on the developer, PD or otherwise.

    • Aug. 5, 3:58pm

      I actually didn’t know that about the PS1. Well put about the “not needing to upgrade” thing. I don’t see how people can continue to say they shouldn’t HAVE to do something to improve an experience. Obviously, we shouldn’t HAVE to do anything, but we shouldn’t expect everything to be how we want it to be.

  18. Aug. 4, 2:10pm

    Here’s my thoughts on the hundreds of complaints about the sound. I’m not sayibg this is the definate answer just my perdonal opinion and anyone feel free to disagree or agree with me. Thats what makes

  19. Aug. 4, 1:13pm

    Well this is good news at least. Now all we need to do is invent something within GT5 like how Halo invented tea bagging and TrackMania invented Press Forward.

    If there is one already in GT, what was it?

  20. Aug. 3, 8:12pm
    RB26 2jz

    Lol “Yep.”

    • Aug. 3, 11:05pm

      He’s a smooth dude :)

  21. Aug. 3, 4:19pm

    Wow finally confirming what people have been saying, that GT5 is probably not going to have any update support or already has lost it. So the people that were calling them nay sayers or GT5 haters were wrong it would seem.

    Glad to know that GT6 is getting full support.

    • Aug. 3, 4:21pm

      Also I wouldn’t be surprised if certain things said didn’t come true for GT5. PD has a history of saying something and then taking it back. I think any new material would be best served on GT6 at this point.

    • Aug. 3, 10:44pm

      Even though we have confirmed GT5 DLC.

  22. Aug. 3, 4:10pm

    GT5 is all good as long as it carries everything over to GT6!

    • Aug. 3, 6:21pm

      Not everything. There are somethings in GT5 that GT6 could do without.. Such as B-Spec, standard cars, and museum cards..

  23. Aug. 3, 2:06pm

    Lol no offence but threads like this will just make you dissapointed when GT6 finally does comes out.
    better not have standard models thats all im hoping for.

  24. Aug. 3, 12:42pm

    PLEASE FIX THE ENGINE SOUNDS!!! Lol… Fyi pd When u upgrade exaust it doesn’t change the engine lol… And audi R8s, Lamborghini merciellagos, aventadors, pagani zondas, and lexus LFAs DONT ALL SOUND THE SAME lol.. Thanks in advance :)

    • Aug. 3, 2:56pm

      That’s true i’d like PD to fix that in the game, why do they all sound like V12s?

    • Aug. 3, 3:13pm

      My Aventador sounds like a Gallardo…not cool.

    • Aug. 3, 8:04pm

      Then there is something wrong with your ears because my Aventador doesn’t sound the same as my Gallardo.

    • Aug. 4, 1:18pm

      My doctor said I have good hearing thank you very much. Choose a Gallardo, then choose an Aventador (both stock) and prepared to be amazed.

    • Aug. 5, 12:59pm

      I took them both stock and yes they are similar in sound but you can still hear which is a V10 and a V12.

    • Aug. 7, 10:37am

      See but that’s the thing, they aren’t supposed to be similar.

  25. Aug. 3, 8:55am

    GT6 is coming out for PS3. I know almost everyone disagrees with this but I don’t care. PD seems to be further into the development of GT6 then we think. According to Kaz, they started working on it immediately after GT5’s release. I think that’s too early for them to have been working on a game for a console that hasn’t even been seen yet. I don’t really follow the whole “PS4” and “Xbox 720 (or whatever it is)” thing, but I haven’t ears much buzz from it. I see GT6 coming out mid to late 2013, if they have no issues. I dont think the ps4 will be out then.
    Just my opinion.

    • Aug. 3, 11:53am

      Yes, it has been in development for several time now, after GT5’s release as you said. In order for a game to be released on the next generation of consoles, the dev kits need to be distributed to the teams first. Back in 2010, there were no dev kits for the Playstation Orbis. I believe it was January 2012 that some companies received dev kits of the PS Orbis and Xbox Durango. And let’s not forget the two Gran Turismo games per console. Following the pattern, GT6 should be released on PS3. I am a bit unsure about the date, but they already have the coding for PS3, they will upscale the graphics a bit and I hear no GT6 Prologue will be released. We can do nothing but wait at this point……

  26. Aug. 3, 8:49am

    excited! how long after release will people start saying “GT5 was better than this because yada yada”

  27. Aug. 3, 8:08am

    Theway they should have asked that question: ‘ “hard effort on [GT] 6?” and which platform is it being designed for?’ Would remove all of the speculation as to whether it is going to be on PS3 or PS4? As to if KY would have answered it or not, we shall never know.

  28. Aug. 3, 5:14am

    I can see GT6 to include good drift support, since GT5 at last had drifting, and the drifting community is growing …

    I just imagine me after some years, watching new GT6 intro *cars drifting over GT “6” logo* since, number 6 is a very good drift track if you notice :)

    and I remember some GT videos where cars were driving on GT “5” logo…

    just a small look into near/far future :)

    and I hope PD looks into Feedback section, especially those with small votes..

    • Aug. 3, 12:22pm

      thats a heck of a point, Tvensky. A couple Touge roads, a couple formula D tracks (like Irwindale, CA), and a Parking Garage Complex would be pretty sweet as well.

      c’mon. you guys know you want to blast around a big parking garage. don’t front.

  29. Aug. 3, 4:27am

    My take is it’s highly unlikely that GT6 title will ship for the PS3.

    Consider that the PS3 has been in market since Nov 2006 and it’s well underdone these days specifications wise. It’s CPU – the 3.2 GHz ‘Cell Processor’ was over engineered for time and is still a reasonable bit of kit – but it’s no longer the remarkable piece of tech it once was when released. The PS3 ‘Achilles’ if-you-will is two-fold. As we know it’s packing 256 MB of RAM (main memory) and 256 MB of RAM for its GPU. Yes, the GPU was also a decent bit of kit when first released, but not a patch what’s around these days. Although not an entirely fair 1:1 comparison, compare these specs to what your current PC’s running. These two specifications are very much limiting factor for developers…certainly they’ve got very good at working with what they have, but simply more horsepower is required.

    Consider a few comments by Kaz prior to the release of GT5 (which has been widely reported here and elsewhere:
    “Software has to be created under the restriction of the hardware.
    “With each new PlayStation, the vessel has become bigger, but it’s still not enough.
    “With Gran Turismo 5 we’ve made it as clean and beautiful as possible within the confines of the space we’re given – but of course there’s a lot more that we want to put in.”

    With GT6 development underway right after the release of GT5 and likely release timing of the new console late 2013 to mid 2014 – It makes no sense from a product management perspective to release another GT title on the PS3 given the hardware constraints and the fact that it’s nearing the end of its model cycle.

    • Aug. 3, 5:27am

      I doubt PS3 is nearing the end of it’s model cycle. It’ll most likely still have games developed for it even after PS4’s release. Just look at PS2 for example. Look how long that system has been out. PS3 has been released a long time ago, and developing decisions are still being made on the PS2. There are even multiplayer games still being supported on the PS2 like Final Fantasy 12 with expansions and such.

    • Aug. 3, 10:43am

      Sure and point taken. Perhaps end of it’s model cycle wasn’t the best way to phrase it. The PS3 will no doubt continue to be supported long after the PS4 arrives as the PS2 has with the arrival of the PS3. The point I was getting at was more along the lines that flagship developers like PD are unlikely to develop a new title on the console that’s soon due to switch into the legacy phase of it’s model cycle. I’d guess PD and number of other key devs would already at least have indicative key specs on the new console to develop the new title, if not full test bench units from SCE.

    • Aug. 5, 6:47am

      jasr73, i think you are absolutely correct, it makes no sense at all to release GT6 on a platform that has limited what Polyphony really wanted to do, Kaz made many comments about how he was really dissapointed with GT5 but that was down to the limitations of the platform. I think, knowing Polyphony, they have squeezed everything they can out of the PS3, there is no way they can add extra modes and uprate graphics. If GT6 came out on this system it would be the same engine obviously but with ALL premium cars, more tracks and a much larger single player component, that would work but dont you think you would feel a little miffed knowing that GT6 was what GT5 should have been?

  30. Aug. 3, 2:21am

    We need GT6 to be released on the PS3. And I don’t mean they have to make it a ‘rush job.’ The PS3 is still going to be around after the PS4 release so instead of pushing an ‘unfinished’ GT6 with a console release, they can take their time with GT7 so it can be a complete game for the PS4. That way, GT6 will be a complete game for the PS3, unlike GT5.

    • Aug. 5, 5:38am

      I dont think GT6 will be a PS3 title. I think alot of Sony developers were expecting to be able to get alot more out of the PS3.
      Remember GTHD, which was basically going to be GT4 HD, i think that was axed for a number of reasons, i think they realised then that GT5 would not look that much better on this system, i mean you want a next gen game to be a huge improvement, then the balencing job they have had to do with GT5, it must have been a nightmare to tweak here and there knowing there were limitations ( look at the glitchy chunky smoke and dust ) i really think Polyphony were caught by suprise by how limited they were with the PS3 and i think they have done all they can on this platform.
      Dont get me wrong, they have done a magnificent job with what they had. Alot of the time GT5 is jaw dropping but sometimes you are dissapointed and the game never felt complete, the seasonal events are great however they feel seperate from the single player. I think GT6 is deffo going to be on the next gen platform and if Sony have any sense they will be pushing for GT6 to be a launch title. Looking back at previous GT’s it seems the even numbers were the best, GT2, GT4 so i have high hopes for GT6.

  31. Aug. 3, 2:17am

    If they could at least patch in GT5 a standard cars showroom, being able to buy cars without relying on a random used garage isn’t a difficult thing to do.

  32. Aug. 3, 2:14am

    I don’t understand peoples love and need for DLC’s. In Australia, we payed roughly 80-100 for the game which came with approximately 1100 cars. with the DLC’s we’re paying about $10 for a few cars we’ll rarelly use…anyways, s**t happens

  33. Aug. 3, 1:56am

    hmmm, atleast we now know that they’ve basically given up on GT5.

  34. Aug. 3, 1:33am

    Hey lets not forget Gamescom is coming up. Could we hear an announcement then?

    • Aug. 3, 1:38am

      Only time will tell

    • Aug. 3, 12:13pm

      Grid 2 just released a teaser so who knows.

  35. Aug. 3, 1:27am

    So GT5 was nothing more than a big prologue…… Nice

    • Aug. 3, 12:16pm

      Nah man GT5 wasn’t that bad.

  36. Aug. 3, 1:12am
    Pit Crew

    Consider this Possibility;

    GT6 Prologue, PS3

    GT6 FV, PS4

    It could happen….

    • Aug. 3, 1:37am

      Pit Crew what the heck is GT6 FV?

      Where do you guys get this stuff from?

    • Aug. 3, 3:23am

      FV=Full version. I think he gets that from the fact that a full version usually follows the prologue…..

    • Aug. 3, 10:11am
      Pit Crew

      FV Stands for Full Version.

      Thank you NA

    • Aug. 3, 12:16pm

      Hmmm it’s possible but that would be weird….but possible.

  37. Aug. 3, 1:03am

    I was thinking about Grand Theft Auto 5 recently with friends and realised we might get GT6 on PS3 after all.
    Then new console launch shortly after, sounds like PS2 after all.

    • Aug. 3, 1:35am

      Time out bro do you mean PS4 and PS3? Lol

  38. Aug. 2, 11:00pm

    The good news is we now know we can get ready to lay this pony to rest. We just don’t know what to expect next. I think it’s just to early. We don’t know what platform, we don’t know what cars, we don’t know what features etc…

    • Aug. 3, 2:01am

      LOL you can almost be assured it won’t be as good as they’ll pump it up to be.

    • Aug. 3, 4:01pm
      Pit Crew

      You can be sure your negative assumption will be debunked daics.

    • Aug. 3, 11:06pm

      LOL “You can be sure”?? Alright buddy. YOU can be sure that my opinion isn’t a singularity. I guess we’ll have to wait a few years to find out huh?? Until then, no one’ll be sure about anything!

    • Aug. 4, 12:09am
      Pit Crew

      You’re right, negative opinions flow in the same vein.

      I cant afford to use that much energy worrying about what bad might happen.

  39. Aug. 2, 10:56pm

    I really don’t think that an end of an era is what is going on. If everyone is bent of a new console, then so be it. I don’t care one way or another. GT6 needs to be the redemption of PD. If they do not produce, I guarantee Sony won’t put up with the crap that happened the last time. The company as a whole is taking losses. They cannot gamble on the fact GT6 will carry this system or the next. Fiscally, if Sony produces a new console then I am surprised. The debt incurred by a manufacturer is quite a bit until they sell over break even. They just broke even not to long ago with the PS3. Sony also produces games as well. The loss on a new system is great. GT6 could be just as bad if they have to release it on a new console. What are the limitations of a new console when they produce GT6? They must know if it is released on that system. How about a medium? Usually, there is a new disc style that is with new systems. Blu-Ray is now but what is next? The price of technology is exponentially high right now. I say new PS console in 2014 to 2015. And GT6 possible for that gen but unlikely. Sony has already said they are trying to milk the PS3 for everything its got to give.

    • Aug. 2, 11:03pm

      I’m sorry but I took an effective military writing class my last deployment and it teaches people how to get to the point!!

    • Aug. 2, 11:37pm

      There is no point but to state the opposition to new technologies in one year. There hasn’t been a big enough commercial influence in technology to warrant a new console. Overhead is key to it all. I’m more of a business minded person and to state as many points as possible is key.

    • Aug. 3, 12:33am
      Pit Crew

      Sorry rb240tuner, you have really over thought this. A new PS console, Orbis I think is the handle, is in development as we speak. Good or bad life at Sony will go on.

      I think you meant what are the Ramifications of a building a new console, when they complete GT6. Assuming any console or computer has limits at development, the game would have to fit within those limits anyway.

      The time frame you propose for the next gen PS system is pretty much the one that is being scrutinized so you havent really made a point, more like a rant.

    • Aug. 3, 1:55am

      Pit Crew my friend that’s what I to the point short and sweet!!!

    • Aug. 3, 9:13am

      That’s a lot of vocabulary show-off you got goin’ in your post; too bad the ideas are incoherent with the facts.
      For starters, it was Sony who rushed the release of GT5 and secondly, console manufacturers brake even (and then make profit) from the sale of first party titles and accessories.

  40. Aug. 2, 9:40pm

    better start savin,being in Australia i wont say how we will cop it but im expecting a $150 price tag on GT6 in Australia,they always/……………..to us

    • Aug. 3, 8:15am

      Well… not if you but overseas. It takes a couple of extra days post release to get here but who cares if you are saving 30-50% :)
      My biggest worry is that it will be on PS4, although nothing has been confirmed/denied by PD/Sony. If it’s on PS4, we will be screwed over by cost in AU due to the bull crap issues they use as a reason to charge 100% more than in the US/Jap/EU…

  41. Aug. 2, 7:49pm

    It is bad news but good news at the same time. It’s bad because GT5 has some much more potential, but it’s good because a new GT game would be very welcomed.

    • Aug. 2, 10:22pm

      Think of it, GT6 will take the wonderful GT5’s as its base, and it will be what it was supposed to. I’m actually taking this as absolute good news.

    • Aug. 3, 12:08am

      You have a good point. I just personally feel that there is much more that could be added to the actual GT5 game, before they release a sequel..

  42. Aug. 2, 7:20pm

    I’m postage way to much, but my preferred course of action is to continue the work on GT5 first and foremost!

    • Aug. 3, 2:04am

      agreed, but the consumers desires isn’t what’s important to PD, it’s the revenue generated from sales and dlc’s.

    • Aug. 3, 3:58pm
      Pit Crew

      If a company relies on say 100,000 consumers a year to meet revenue goals, and the quality of the product begins to get shoddy, culminating in 25,000 consumers, each quarter turning away from that companies goods, will result in said manufacturer looking at consistent revenue losses until said product is improved or replaced.

      In the end the Consumer has the final say in how much capital a company generates.

  43. Aug. 2, 7:17pm

    I would buy GT6 if it came out on PS3, I’d get it the second it’s released, but I deffiently don’t see me having the budget to buy a PS4 and and $60-$70 game as I go through college and all. I can get a game no problem, but a game and a system and controllers, can’t do it. If it’s PS4 and it’s that far away keep up on GT5

  44. Aug. 2, 7:05pm

    Guys nobody said GT5 was done, they just said lately they have been working a bit more on 6. He also said he was planning a trip to Beijing Circuit for GT5, GT6 won’t be our for over 2 years on the PS4, GT5 will still get additions as they go. Also you can’t technically say it needs to be finished, is it missing an end to a story mode? What your saying is you want a little more done to it and added to satisfy, which I totally agree with, they should still keep adding content and another “big feature” like some kind of customization element added to the game.

  45. Aug. 2, 6:57pm

    It’s amazing all the debates and speculation that can be started just by this man saying “yep”

    • Aug. 2, 7:01pm

      What a polarizing figure, lol

    • Aug. 3, 12:01am

      lmao! great line, man.

    • Aug. 3, 12:09am


  46. Aug. 2, 6:55pm

    Good!! Just give me one more good DLC pack then get back to work on GT6!!!

    • Aug. 2, 9:36pm


    • Aug. 3, 12:37am

      i agree.

    • Aug. 3, 2:07am

      “just take more money out of my pocket and continue working on the next broken game so you can take some more money out of my pocket, i like wasting money. wasting money is awesome!!”

    • Aug. 3, 3:27am


    • Aug. 3, 8:25am

      “just take more money out of my pocket and continue working on the next broken game so you can take some more money out of my pocket, i like wasting money. wasting money is awesome!!”

      Even number releases have always been the better game, I know it sounds corny but is pretty much GT player lore/fact. It is as if the odd numbered games seem to be rushed to release for whatever reason (apart from GT5, which took 5 years and Kaz wanted another 2 years) ;)

      forzaplanet.com is what you intended to follow?

  47. Aug. 2, 6:38pm

    I wish they would finish GT5 first.

    • Aug. 2, 6:51pm

      This. Don’t start what you can’t finish, and at least in my eyes, Gran Turismo 5 is far from finished. But we have all hopes that Gran Turismo can redeem itself in the next game. Also, I don’t think that there will be much difference from the ordinary copy of Gran Turismo 5 and the Academy Edition; it’s just Kaz trying to raise extra money for Gran Turismo 6. We can only hope that Kaz will pull out all the stops and actually finish the next game.

    • Aug. 2, 7:00pm

      +1 JEMcG….. A lot of people keep saying “put out GT6, put out GT6”. I don’t want a GT6 that’s rushed to completion and again an incomplete experience.

    • Aug. 2, 8:04pm
      Pit Crew

      Alot of Europe didn’t get a chance to participate in last GTA event, so the new GT5-GTA edition is for their market.

    • Aug. 2, 10:55pm


      People haven’t been asking to to put GT6 out (at least for the most part), they’ve been asking for PD to focus their workforce on it, so that the development won’t be rushed and/or won’t take as long. If PD keeps working on GT5, that means more time is required to finish GT6, which could lead to another forced release by Sony again.

  48. Aug. 2, 6:35pm

    I just want then to jeep adding onto GT5 while they work on GT6. I mean, if GT6 isn’t out with in the next few months (which it won’t be) then it’s obviously the PS4, which doesn’t come out until the end of 2013 AT THE SOONEST. Most of what I’m hearing is 2014 sometime, and honestly 2014 makes more sense because of how the PlayStation Move stuff is still pretty new and as a play of Gran Turismo I want them to take the time to get everything right on GT6, DON’T RUSH IT. So I would be very surprised to see GT6 out before fall of 2014 for those reasons. So they can work on GT6, I just hope they don’t hold out on the good stuff for GT5 as a result. Like, if they are adding a new racing series, like GT3 spec cars or indycar or V8 Supercars or something like that, and we have the license then don’t make me wait over 2 years for it, I’ll pay $10 for it! I mean I know they gotta keep some stuff for GT6 and if we cant have Bathurst in GT5 then V8’s are probably GT6, but I’d hinestly pau $10 for a new racing series :) If they are adding a livery maker like we all have been wanting then don’t hold that out on me either, keep me interest in the constant growth of the franchise. Also I wouldnt be upset if I had to pay to get the track generator a track creator but I know that’s a GT6 thing.

  49. Aug. 2, 5:50pm

    I honestly couldn’t care less about the DLC now… If anything, PD should cut on DLC’s. I would much rather like to see a recycled GT5 to be released as GT6.

    Why I say recycle GT5? Because I reckon GT5 still has potential.
    Use the same engine, to use to develop GT6, and I guarantee you, we’ll be seeing GT6 on the PS3.

    • Aug. 2, 9:54pm
      e30 freek

      Cut on Dlc lol

    • Aug. 2, 10:59pm

      I HIGHLY doubt PD would’ve ever ditched their new engine that took so long to develop… But tht isn’t the issue. The sheer amount of issues to be corrected in GT5 (if GT6 is basically GT5 at it’s full potential) will take too long for to be worth being a PS3 game. I’m steadfastly thinking that it’s going to be on PS4.

  50. Aug. 2, 5:40pm

    Actually i hope that gt6 will be released on ps4..that hopefully mean even more greater graphics atleast :)

    PD take your time and make it best as possible!

    • Aug. 2, 6:02pm

      Athough in a car game, graphics are indeed important, there are other things that PD needs to focus on to bring back Gran Turismo to the throne. GT6 for PS3 using the same GT5 engine could turn into the best racing game history will remember if PD chooses well its priorities.

      If you care only about graphics, then I imagine that you rather play GT5 Prolgue instead of GT5? Afterall, GT5 Prologue had better graphics.

      However, if they do promise to take their time and not make the same mistakes they did with GT5, I could forgive GT6 being in a future PS console.

      But no. I stand strong like most. PD needs to redeem itself and leave its mark in the PS3 era. Only then I will sleep outside my videogame store waiting for the release of the PS4 and a future GT7.

    • Aug. 2, 6:14pm

      I’ve actually checked some pics, and although some are obsiously photoshop, two pics seem legit. It looks more like a redisigned Slim other than a new model. An even cheaper to produce PS3 Slim since it even has a manual Bluray tray.

      But I could be wrong. Some schematics seem to compare both models and indeed it looks much smaller. Until we don’t see both the apparently “real” leaked pic next to a current PS3, then nothing is sure.

    • Aug. 2, 6:15pm

      ^ Ignore this. Wrong reply.

  51. Aug. 2, 5:40pm


    That adds to highly unlikeliness that GT6 will be on PS4……… why work on a new layout for PS3 when sony is ” making” the PS4 ? doesn’t make much sense……. all still speculation though

    Hopefully GT6 will stay on PS3…… a newer even smaller version of ps3 launched around GT6 will make money

    • Aug. 2, 6:07pm

      That’s very interesting and it looks possible. These would add even more possibilities for GT6 being in the current gen. A Slim II PS3-GT6 bundle would be a selling hit, not counting the millions of GT enthusiasts that would buy the game on release and probably opt to replace their console.

      Still rumors, yes, but what he said about the S.N designation makes sense.

    • Aug. 2, 6:15pm

      I’ve actually checked some pics, and although some are obsiously photoshop, two pics seem legit. It looks more like a redisigned Slim other than a new model. An even cheaper to produce PS3 Slim since it even has a manual Bluray tray.

      But I could be wrong. Some schematics seem to compare both models and indeed it looks much smaller. Until we don’t see both the apparently “real” leaked pic next to a current PS3, then nothing is sure.

    • Aug. 2, 6:30pm

      You can’t be further away from the truth. The new Slim is a sign that we’ll see the Next Gen soon.

      PS1 got a new model in 2000. And the PS2 was released in 2000.

      PS2 Slim was released in 2004. The PS3 in 2006. They had issues and delayed the PS3 release.

      And another point.

      PS1: 1994
      PS2: 2000
      PS3: 2006
      PS4: 2013 ?

      They have reasons to release a new model and develop a new console with a announcment short after.

    • Aug. 2, 11:06pm

      I’m pretty sure that the new slim model is legit… It looks nearly exactly like the old slim, just a bit flatter on the top. They’re likely doing this because they can produce the hardware at a smaller scale… But as stated, compare to the previous-gen consoles; this shouldn’t detract from anything, it’s likely just a cash ploy for consumers.

    • Aug. 3, 12:43am

      I hope this is true. that way I can enjoy and get even more out of my PS3 with GT6. I currently can’t afford to shell out another 800-900 NZ$ for a console and if I wanted to get it eventually, then I’d be waiting for at least 2 1/2 years after the release date, which I don’t want to do. So bring on GT6 for PS3!!!

  52. Aug. 2, 5:34pm

    This seems like good news but is it bad news?

    I mean, the fact that they still won’t mention whether it’s on PS3 or PS4 means it’s possibly going to be on the PS4 right? That would really suck especially considering the ridiculous lack of DLC we’re getting. Maybe that explains why we’re not getting DLC. Maybe it’s because GT6 will have car and track models that can’t run on the PS3. I mean why else would they be working on GT6 but unable to put out DLC? DLC is just going to be part of GT6 anyways, so what would be stopping them? It’s not like giving us DLC would slow them down.

    • Aug. 2, 5:42pm

      Someone with logical sense, Good!

    • Aug. 2, 6:16pm

      Agreed it doesn’t make any since at all. I honestly have no idea what Sony has planned as far as the release of PS4 as I don’t follow Sony but, the lack of info on what I do follow (GT) leaves me bewildered. A few simple DLC’s to keep GT5 up to would only financially support the development of the current project.

  53. Aug. 2, 5:18pm

    With PS4 roughly a year and a half away, PD and Sony would be foolish to miss the opportunity to start out of the gate with their biggest franchise. GT6 out of the gate with livery editors, online rankings, nothing but premium cars 500+, improved interface and physics, dynamic night/day shift along with realistic weather effects and a host of improvements and 40+ car fields for multi tiered racing for 24 hr races. I would buy that game day one if it only built on GT5 good points and improved on itself to not be left lagging in content. Heck this entire forum would get a PS4 if GT6 landed and was carrying all that good stuff with vastly improved AI, more tenacious and less weak stuff and no more rabbit chases, just all out driving. GT visions had large car fields, but that was ditched in favor of all new engine, good/bad idea but it panned out a bit. Now they have all the main pieces, just build GT6 to trump GT5 so hard that you won’t remember GT5 ever existed.

    • Aug. 2, 5:31pm

      I disagree. Sure, it would help them make some money right out of the gate but they most likely won’t be stealing anyone away from xbox assuming PS4 is out first. Most people who play xbox, well actually most gamers in general aren’t really into racing games anymore. The genre has dropped significantly. Actually it dropped off before GT4 even came out.

      I think the smart thing to do would be to find a way to attract everybody to buy the PS4. GT6 would just attract GT fanatics and some casual gamers that would’ve bought the PS4 anyways. Plus, you know GT6 will be somewhat of a dissapointment even compared to GT5. The better the systems and graphics get, the more time and money it will take to make games, meaning some things will have to be sacrificed. Compare development times for even PS2 titles to PS3 titles, imagine what it will be for PS4. If they put GT6 on PS4, it could potentially be more lacking than GT5

      And I for one, will be extremely angry if they do that. I don’t want to buy a console until it’s been around for a few years. I just don’t believe in spending that much money on consoles, especially when the cost is so inflated. If the consoles can be 200 at the end of it’s life cycle, it can be the same at launch.

    • Aug. 2, 5:34pm

      I don’t think it’s confirmed that the PS4 is only a year and a half away, but I’d agree with everything else. It’s such a great chance to have GT6 on the PS4 as a launch title; big money everywhere from Sony’s and PD’s standpoint, and good for the consumers (aside from the high price of a new console…).

    • Aug. 2, 5:44pm

      it would suck that a next gen game would be at the same level of this gen racers, PS3 would always be remembered as a nightmare in the GT franchise and GT6 would be beaten pretty quick, that would mean 2 games that just didn’t deliver and 10 years of bad decisions

    • Aug. 2, 11:10pm

      ^ A bad memory is better than a living nightmare. If GT6 seriously pulls through, all we’ll have to do is cringe at the memory of GT5, instead of have years of suffering from another rushed game on the same platform.

  54. Aug. 2, 4:47pm

    I pray to the gods that GT6 will be relaeased for PS4.. So PD, take your time and make it epic.

    I hope to see GT6 as a launch title for PS4 in 2015..

    Dream on… ;)

    • Aug. 2, 4:51pm

      The way things are looking for Sony I don’t think we will see a new console for a while.

    • Aug. 2, 5:35pm

      Based on rumors and leaked info, it’s looking a bit closer than you’d think…

    • Aug. 2, 5:38pm

      Oh really? I hope so :)

    • Aug. 2, 7:57pm

      And I pray to the gods that GT6 will be on the PS3.. Because I’m not willing to pay 699 USD for a new console just to play one game.

  55. Aug. 2, 4:44pm

    To me, this is good news. New it would happn and now its official. GT6, depending on how much work has been done and yet to be done, base work probs done, Ps3 could be but even thats dieing out now, 2 years ago maybe if GT5 was on time but i’d wait till PS4 now. GT5 needs a rework by getting rid of the useless crap and keep the bits which worked, photo mode but go deaper with GT6, more location, allot more, open car (doors, bonnet etc), different effects, weather changes, time changes, photo tagging, editing. Licences can stay. Special events i found a nice change so want more, Maybe S-Spec mode. Basic playing was ok AI lacked but ill get to that, AI need Artifical INTELLIGENCE as it doesnt have any, there not trains yet they act like them. Minor things need adjusting Paint chips/ Helmets/ Suits/ Horns/ Museum Cards go bye bye being replaced by a Shop that you can buy what you want. More Premiums, No Standards with no lvl mark no matter what Even 500 Prems would make me happy if there all different, 200 seperate different type racer plus 100 other vehicles (trucks, lorries?, protos). Tracks and no barriers especailly Top Gear track if keeping it (or Cones), Plus better Creator with ability to tweak little bits, add run offs, sand traps etc mainly bit more freedom to create great tracks.. and also Event creator that can be shared too. A Better Used Car lot where 100s of cars go on like really life rather than 6 every race. ability to search and buy off a friend rather than share or send. Tuning Shop need expanding like real life Twin Turbo set ups, 4 stages of ecu, ability to have higher steering angle for drifting, intake pipe for filters, porting, welding chassis stiffer, more carbon body parts, even race fuel (showing increase bhp), break parts, cooling systems, fueling/ignition.. so much missing, maybe brand some of it too. and lastly, A-spec/b-spec…… a-spec should be twice as long and dlc should add to it, b-spec should be short and sweet (not drag and feel a waste of time, easy to get high lvl cars tho for a-spec) endurace/ long races would be best and not a copy of a-spec either.

    Right i’ll stop now, only started as a small statement but hay, see if you agree.
    Maybe a free-rom mode???

  56. Aug. 2, 4:33pm

    I honestly do NOT want GT6 on PS3 Sony NEEDS a MAJOR release for their next system, if they are even developing it yet. Or release it on both for those who can’t afford advanced version.

  57. Aug. 2, 4:19pm

    Can someone remind me how long it took to create the GT4 after GT3?

    • Aug. 2, 4:20pm

      Three years I think.

    • Aug. 2, 4:43pm

      Yes. Three years. This means that in three years, PD can vastly improve each sequel of their new console release. Compare GT1 to GT2; incredible improvement. GT3 and GT4; even though GT4 didn’t have the spark that GT3 had, the massive car selection, tracks and events made it the most noticeable GT title so far.

      Being familiar with the PS3 now, PD could easily create the best GT so far. Screw the jagged shadows, they really don’t affect the gameplay, and honestly they’ve been improved after many updates. We already have the best light/shadow effects in any racing game and we couldn’t ask for more. Honestly, and leaving fanboyism aside, GT5 is still the best looking car game ever made and it will only be surpassed by GT7 on the PS4. GT6 for the PS3 could have the same graphics than GT5, and even if they dare to drop the frame rate to a solid 35-40fps, it would still look better than anything else.

      They also have an advantage that they didn’t have back in the days, that is, a huge community that constantly offers feedback on how to improve.

      Making GT6 for the PS4 would mean that they would have to work on a new system that surpasses the PS3’s limits. Knowing Kazunori and PD, he will want to take advantage of these new limits, making the most photo realistic cars ever, taking valuable time and resources for what matters in the game. With their limited personnel and an agenda that always takes the attention away from the game, this will translate not only in a horribly long wait, but a possibly limited product.

    • Aug. 2, 4:47pm

      GT3 release date :2001
      GT4 release date: 2004 (2005 in America and Europe)

    • Aug. 2, 5:39pm

      I don’t think they need to drop frame rate if it’s already being supported as it is with the current engine… unless it’s simply too much for the PS3 to handle. For right now, I think I’m done arguing over GT6 being on PS4 or PS3, I just want to see what happens.

  58. Aug. 2, 4:06pm

    Great News!!!
    If GT6 is what GT4 was to GT3 it’ll blow my mind, of course i mean (and hope) if it’s on PS3.

  59. Aug. 2, 4:02pm

    I just wish PD would tell us if gt6 is going to be on ps3 or 4.

    • Aug. 2, 4:27pm
      e30 freek

      I know!

    • Aug. 2, 5:41pm

      I have a feeling they can’t… because if they confirm it for either one, it basically confirms a rough release schedule for Sony’s next console. I have a feeling that Sony want to keep their system a secret for as long as possible, as usual.

  60. Aug. 2, 4:01pm

    This is actually good news if they mean something. I don’t care about DLC anymore after this.

  61. Aug. 2, 3:52pm

    If the game dose not have dedicated servers I’m not going to buy it I picked up the collectors edition of gt5 got burnt for a cee note from PD not happy . I won’t let that happen again!!

  62. Aug. 2, 3:51pm

    I’d personally would like to see another series of Gran Turismo on the PS3. Like in the past where GT1 & GT2 was on the PS1. And GT3 & GT4 was for PS2. GT5 & GT6 for PS..?

    • Aug. 2, 5:39pm

      That isn’t possible because GT5 took to long to develop, if we want to see A TRUE and BIG improvment PD most release it on the PS4… 10 times more powerful, 10 times better games. Simple as that.

  63. Aug. 2, 3:47pm

    ” ‘Focusing’ Development on Gran Turismo 6 ”

    Hmmm.. didn’t they make a start ages ago? Thought they may have been onto the next process, of actually finishing off…

    • Aug. 2, 5:42pm

      Workforce is divided between both projects. Likely 70% or more is on GT6 now, maybe not so much at the release of GT5.

  64. Aug. 2, 3:38pm

    Just signed up to GTP so this my first post, so hi all.

    Anyways being a fan of the GT series i really hope they take on a better approach to designing GT6 compared to GT5. Premium Cars and Race Tracks vs Standard needs to go, the grinding approach to completeing GT5 is really out dated even for a game of 2010. Its great that they have not dropped GT5, but i have no problem with them working on GT6 if the means justify the end.

  65. Aug. 2, 3:05pm

    Great news. If we are to only get 1 more DLC bundle for GT5 then i hope it’ll be big with a rim pack too. I don’t think we will see GT6 for 3 years. But i do want a completely finished game so don’t mind how long it takes.

    • Aug. 2, 3:20pm

      I personally think GT6 is going to be GT5 only with more premium cars, tracks, tuning options, and more graphically stable (Less jaggies during the rain).

      The engine itself still got a lot of life in it, and maybe even used in the PS4 generation games.

    • Aug. 2, 5:49pm

      ^Yes, likely a COMPLETED GT5. What GT5 should’ve been was:
      No standard/Premium boundary
      All tracks with weather and time change
      Significantly less glitches and/or poor content (sounds, shadows, etc.)
      All features and highlights/modes (track generator, NASCAR, Karting, Drifting, Endurance, etc.) are FULLY fledged, you get a good 4-6 hours of EVERYTHING included in the game, and it feels like it has a place, is necessary and not just slopped onto the side as some sort of apparent “bonus”.
      Hopefully this is what GT6 will be, plus a little extra surprise.

  66. Aug. 2, 2:59pm

    Can you people please make up your minds…

    Do you ‘desperately’ want DLC…or GT6.

    Pick one, then stop complaining when the other one doesn’t happen.

    “keep focusing on/updating GT5!”…

    “when are we getting GT6?!”

    : )

    • Aug. 2, 3:18pm

      I want GT6 DLC for my Forza 4 game on my Iphone.


    • Aug. 2, 3:36pm

      ^^^^this :D

    • Aug. 2, 5:37pm

      That doesn’t make any sense. Why would we have to “make up our minds”?

      So I guess you must be another one of those people who neglect to realize that anything they do as DLC is also going to in GT6. 2 birds, 1 stone. It wouldn’t slow them down at all so why would we have to choose?

  67. Aug. 2, 2:46pm

    Forget GT6, forget DLC and fix GT5, the end…

    • Aug. 2, 3:18pm

      Then PD may as well lay down and die.

      They are gonna work on GT6 while still work on GT5 to a lesser extent.

      I personally think most resources are now dedicated to the new game and should be released not too far into the future.

    • Aug. 2, 3:40pm

      The game is almost two years old,it’s time too work on the new one.

    • Aug. 2, 5:52pm

      It simply isn’t smart to fix GT5 at this point. It’ll take too much time, it’ll be a waste of resources and time already spent on GT6, and to get GT5 to where it SHOUL’VE been will likely be 10+ gigs of update data.

  68. Aug. 2, 2:32pm

    I love how everyone is ignoring the part where Kaz confirmed more DLC was coming, which basically means GT5 isn’t dead yet.

  69. Aug. 2, 2:23pm

    I guess I say it…

    GT5 is dead

    Long live GT6

  70. Aug. 2, 2:20pm

    “yep”….that was all…..yet the insanity continues.

  71. Aug. 2, 2:14pm

    “yep” LOL Kaz is a smooth dude.

  72. Aug. 2, 1:36pm

    I hope that it’s for PS4 that would alleviate a lot of launch problems for the fledgling system. Besides considering that PS4 will be made from off the shelf parts or even it is made with a Cell like architecture it will still easily run the engine GT5 has. Just multiply the grid to about 40 plus machines with GT5’s visual details on the cars, up the trackside details to include crowd reaction and noises, full day night switch on every course including course creator(which should allow creation of point to point tracks and more depth of creation) deeper Nascar integration, have a small series added with full rules and 40 car field. Deepen the physics modeling, increase the upgrading, tire sizes, widths, profiles. Lose the idea of permanent upgrades aside from Race modding, lose pointless things like collecting paint chips that you lose once you use, hell get signature liveries instead of plain paint chips that can scale to fit any car it is applied. Apart from tuning, there should be two levels of modding, full race modding will show a clear difference in handling, weight distribution performance and enthusiast modding where it’s more or less bolting on parts and swapping, looks good but will not trounce a Race Modded vehicle, also add Rally mod for cars that actually have rally versions. Rally courses should lose those invisible barriers in open areas, it’s weird and disconcerting to thud into invisible air. Also what is up with cars in GT when they land from catching air…it boggles the mind but unless you are landing on a slope the landing is not very nice and renders the car slightly uncontrollable, worse if the car is riding with lowered height and stiffer springs(will create cautious driving over hills and no more flat out up hills for big air). Air resistance should always be present even in a slipstream, while they’re at it how about including engine temps for that close pack racing in Nascar, so you can’t spam slipstream all day long without overheating your engine. Exterior damage should also hamper your performance especially at high speeds. Lose all those ridiculous menus, and streamline the whole process of acquiring cars, tuning cars and painting/adding liveries. Finally can we have realistic numeration when it comes to tuning, I know it might be a stretch since PD likes using arbitrary numbers when it comes suspension settings and the like. Hope they build GT6 with competition in mind but also continue to expand their game as they always have.

    • Aug. 2, 3:42pm

      That was soo worth a read.
      They can make it for the pd3 like they have done with every game since the start,2 releases per a console.

    • Aug. 2, 4:32pm
      HKS racer

      I bet GT6 on PS4 will mean uber graphic and a crap game

      GT franchise needs better gameplay ideas
      graphics is not everything.

  73. Aug. 2, 1:21pm

    Let GT6 come to the ps3. GT7 for the ps4!

    • Aug. 2, 1:53pm

      if GT6 is on ps3, then no GT7 for PS4 until 3 years after it has launched, ~late 2017. It was agonising enough to wait for GT5 years after the PS3 launched, and for an unfinished game.

    • Aug. 2, 2:30pm

      @labbob: Certainly didn’t have a problem waiting 3 years for GT4 on PS2 after GT3 came out so not really a big deal. Besides, no point in throwing away resources already made just to jump on a console no one has the mnoney for yet.

  74. Aug. 2, 12:51pm

    GT6 can’t wait hope it beats FM4 bcuz FM4 beat GT5

    • Aug. 2, 12:59pm

      GT6 will not beat FM4 (just)… it will beat FM5

    • Aug. 2, 6:31pm

      It’s subjective people,for you fm4 was better for me fm4 was rubbish as i am sure there are other people that don’t like any of the fm games.

  75. Aug. 2, 12:41pm

    “Kaz_Yamauchi: Yep.”

    lol….. Quality

    • Aug. 2, 1:54pm
      e30 freek


  76. Aug. 2, 12:35pm

    Bollards. Apols for the double post. (iPhone whilst on a train = unpredictable data)

  77. Aug. 2, 12:35pm

    I would say that considering how much it cost sony to develop GT5 they’ll insist on at least one more gt title for the current gen GT tech.

  78. Aug. 2, 12:33pm

    So it’s unlikely we’ll see the fabulous GT4 tracks in this incarnation of Gran Turismo?
    That’s a real shame. I’d love to race those old tracks with the current crop of cars.
    A big chunky old skool track pack for £money would make me, and many of you too, very happy indeed.

    • Aug. 2, 12:45pm

      YES. Just YES.

    • Aug. 2, 1:16pm

      I concur doctor

    • Aug. 2, 2:36pm

      There is still DLC planned for GT5 – maybe you’ll get that wish, along with the rest of us.

  79. Aug. 2, 12:31pm

    So it’s unlikely we’ll see the fabulous GT4 tracks in this incarnation of Gran Turismo?
    That’s a real shame. I’d love to race those old tracks with the current crop of cars.
    A big chunky old skool track pack for £money would make me, and many of you too, very happy indeed.

  80. Aug. 2, 12:31pm

    So I guess GT5’s bad Ai will always and forever be stupid ”chase the rabbit” Ai with no ability to even do a grid start. And no upgrade to A-Spec to extend replay-ability? Way to go PD.

    • Aug. 2, 2:35pm

      Grid starts were a part of A-spec before the update version, so they were possible – PD just chose to take that away as an option. There’s still a grid start on a couple of the enduros.

      The AI has always been prone to the rubber-band tactic but has improved in most areas with each game – so I think an improvement can be expected with GT6 – logical really.

  81. Aug. 2, 12:30pm

    Yes!!! Hoping for release at Christmas…

    • Aug. 2, 12:54pm

      Of what year? Surely you can’t possibly mean this year or even next year if you know anything at all about Gran Turismo?

  82. Aug. 2, 12:30pm

    I’m real happy :)

  83. Aug. 2, 12:17pm

    Great so there will be more support for GT5 and GT6 I think will be a perfect game for PS3

  84. Aug. 2, 12:08pm

    I hope this doesn’t mean they’ll be rushing to push GT6 out the door so it will still be a PS3 release :/

    • Aug. 2, 12:09pm

      YES it should be for PS3. >:)

    • Aug. 2, 12:15pm

      I hope that they’re pushing to get the game done QUICKLY, but not rush it like GT5 was. I’d like them to take as much time as needed to get the game DONE. As long as we get a complete product like the previous 4 games in the series with very little to be disappointed with, I’ll be happy.

    • Aug. 2, 12:17pm

      ^ This

    • Aug. 2, 12:27pm

      Well that’s a contradiction. Quick and take as much time as needed?
      I want a complete game too, I’m patient enough to wait for them to make a near perfect game

    • Aug. 2, 12:39pm

      You want them to scramble around and start from scratch again like they did with the PS3/GT5? To whatever the “PS4” is, PD would have to build from the ground up. Welp, brace down for another 6 years, good sir. You know it’ll release on the PS3 though. :P

    • Aug. 2, 12:50pm

      I wouldn’t like PD to feel pressionated to release GT6 for PS3 (i want a quality simulator). This current console-gen its about to end, they better make it for PS4 because if they do so the simulator will be more than worth the time and price, would be EPIC!

    • Aug. 2, 2:33pm
      HKS racer

      All you anti-PS3 falks don’t have a clue about what GT franchise really need:

      1- Common Sense
      2- Common Sense
      3- Common Sense

      GT5 with some stupid easy fixes would be epic. Event editor, Choose AI cars, Bring Arcade AI to GT mode, improve menus, remove standard dupes….

      all this stuff doesn’t need a PS4.

    • Aug. 2, 2:49pm

      GT6 = PS3.

      After the mistakes done by PD due to Sony pushing them, there is a lot that they can change to make a mind boggling game for the current generation. Forget improving graphics. Gran Turismo 5 is still the best looking game out there.

      Developing it for the PS4 would start all this crap again. We would be left with a beautiful looking game with no replay value whatsoever. And with that, never-ending wish lists and rants would flood the furum once more.

      PD and know that GT is a console seller, but with all the criticizm involving around GT5, and the competition getting stronger by the year, they know that many loyal fans that since the 90’s have bought a Playstation just for GT will think it twice before doing it again. They better satisfy their fandom with current technology before this console cycle ends. That way we will be fired up and ready for the next title. If Turn 10 can develop a game such as Forza in the current console, PD with their years of experience could destroy them if they really want to. It’s not a matter of having more; it’s a matter of choosing the right features to be included in the game. GT3 proved this point with only 120 cars.

    • Aug. 2, 11:20pm

      Ok, why would GT6 require a new engine for the PS4? I don’t think that GT5 needed a new engine to be supported on the PS3, it needed it to compete; without it, I don’t think visual (and maybe mechanical) damage, rollover crashes, advanced handling characteristics would’ve been possible on the old engine. The current engine is able to compete, the development was just rushed, so it likely isn’t being used to it’s full potential.

      What I meant by quickly, is that they’re working hard to make quick progress, but not slapdash and half-@$$ed work of it. I want PD to rake as much time as needed, but the quicker it gets done, the better. I’m not implying that because they finish it quickly it will therefore be an incomplete product again.

  85. Aug. 2, 12:07pm

    I don’t get it, Turn10 can release monthly DLC while still working on Forza 5 which will release next year and Polyphony Digital who are far more experienced and far bigger than Turn10 can’t do the same it puzzles me

    • Aug. 2, 12:14pm

      Consider the level of quality in both games ;)

    • Aug. 2, 12:22pm

      You got a fact backwards there; T10 has around 350-400+ workers (plus the help of playground games to work on F-Horizon, and I have no idea how big that studio is), and PD only has around 140… As for “experience”, how would you know who’s more experienced? And in which category? You can be VERY experienced in game development, but not racing or simulator development, or vice-versa. I think T10 is plenty experienced, given the level of detail, car selection, and improvement from game to game. I have F5 will be having physics that are going to HEAVILY compete with GT’s, so it’s good that PD has moved development mostly to GT6. Really, you should do more research before saying things about workforce and experience.

  86. Aug. 2, 12:04pm

    Good to know.

  87. Aug. 2, 12:02pm
    e30 freek

    It feels like its so close but anything could happen

  88. Aug. 2, 12:01pm

    I want Vw golf 1992 GTI and Vw Corrado Vr6 premium of course

  89. Aug. 2, 11:59am

    That’s a picture of me! But anyway, I can’t way for GT6

  90. Aug. 2, 11:52am

    Makes sense, it’s better to have a solid GT6 rather than make it worse by developing a game approaching being 2 years old.

  91. Aug. 2, 11:48am

    Thank GOD. Please focus more on GT6 Kaz and PD. GT5 finally has enough and really needs to be put to the side. I don’t care what or whatever GT5 needs, just let it go. BEST news ever! :)

    • Aug. 2, 12:37pm

      We’re on the same channel :)

    • Aug. 2, 12:52pm

      :tup: :)

  92. Aug. 2, 11:46am

    Then lets start counting five years from now or three?

  93. Aug. 2, 11:45am

    Makes sense, ditch GT5 development, save the DLC for GT6

  94. Aug. 2, 11:44am
    obsessive rules

    Stating the obvious.

  95. Aug. 2, 11:42am

    it would be nice if one of the dlc would include the e30 and the e36 m3, they have the 80s and 90s benz so why no older m3s.

    • Aug. 2, 11:45am

      Kind of hard to say what the DLC will be focusing on. I can’t recall many ’80s BMWs in prior games.

    • Aug. 2, 12:08pm

      just go play Forza 4 dude, you can play both you no.

    • Aug. 2, 12:15pm

      I think he means know* not no, lol

  96. Aug. 2, 11:39am

    Pretty good news all around. I’d rather see more focus be on GT6 right now than on GT5.

  97. Aug. 2, 11:38am


  98. Aug. 2, 11:37am

    Well im waitng to see people’s reaction to this, for me its great!

  99. Aug. 2, 11:36am

    Finally just fix bugs in gt5 online an get gt6 right and out the door by next winter will make me happy

  100. Aug. 2, 11:35am

    Not bad

  101. Aug. 4, 12:00am
    Pit Crew

    @ Easy they are focused on GT6 at this time, as this is a GT6 news thread. Why are you so focused on beating up on GTAcademy?

    These points you are making have been brought up over and over again, by many a GT fan, and adding NOS and sexy rims is not the end all fix for a Driving SIM.

    With all that anger you tossing at GTAcademy, one would think you had a stronger wishlist of demands or some solid fresh positive ideas that would really matter, maybe some solid real world information on GT6 or the forthcoming Next Generation PS.

  102. Aug. 4, 5:20pm

    hahahaha Ohhhh, BOY!

  103. Aug. 4, 5:54pm

    Oh, it’s clear now. Can this guy get the ban-hammer?

  104. Aug. 4, 7:25pm

    Forza has worse graphics an physics, it’s hard to go down on those things in a SIMULATOR. Plus I own a PlayStation

  105. Aug. 4, 9:57pm
    Pit Crew

    @ Easy Yet you are in the GT5 news thread. Question is why are you posting here instead of the Forza thread?

  106. Aug. 5, 9:14am

    Dont let the door hit you on the way out jackass!!!

  107. Aug. 10, 11:05pm

    Funny how everyone gets their panties in an uproar whenever someone posts something negative about their beloved Gran Turismo.

  108. Aug. 4, 6:03pm

    Plz stop all the academy bull crap an FOCUS on the GAME !!!!!!!!!!!! I say gt4 is still better then gt5…!!! Gt4 was more fun when I press on the NOS with some sexy rims from the shop they had…plz have the option to race mod all cars ….and be able to put body kits to all cars ……stop side tracking on events it’s wasting time from putting real effort on a quality GaMe….FOCUS ppl…

  109. Aug. 4, 6:03pm

    It’s very sad, yes.

  110. Aug. 4, 6:04pm

    Basically, why would someone like you stay here if that’s all you’re going to contribute?

  111. Aug. 5, 9:12am

    @anotherjackhole gt academy is very impor taint and the people who feel they have a chance to make it in the competition actually really appreciate its existence…

  112. Aug. 5, 1:00pm
    Pit Crew

    @Neilson I think AJ was referring to Easy rants bout GTA another -jakhole is never critial of GTAcademy. I also agree with your positivity though Neilson

  113. Aug. 5, 3:54pm

    No, I agree with you Neilson.

  114. Aug. 8, 2:29pm

    Haha. Mexican Bugatti Veyron.

  115. Aug. 9, 4:18am
    flink racquet

    Burrito Veyron SS

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