Polyphony Digital ‘Reconfiguring’ GT Sport Servers to Handle More Users

Gran Turismo Sport 29 October 12, 2017 by

Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has taken to Twitter to address the connectivity issues in the GT Sport demo.

Since access to the limited-time demo kicked off at the beginning of the week, there have been reports of server issues. With the game relying on a network connection for most of its features, these problems can result in players losing significant amounts of progress. Mission completion and livery editor work are two aspects that won’t save if the demo can’t connect to the server.

Thankfully, Yamauchi-san confirmed that the team is hard at work to improve the user load:

What isn’t clear is how long “a bit of time” is. If the comment is meant for the demo, well, it’s set to wrap up later today. That leaves a very small window of opportunity for demo players.

However, Yamauchi may have the retail version in mind with his comment. After all, the full GT Sport experience will land on store shelves (and PS4 hard drives) starting next Tuesday. With a game so focused on online connectivity, a solid network is essential.

GT fans that played the closed beta earlier this year experienced similar issues in the early days. As the beta spread across the globe, the servers became increasingly reliable. Hopefully, that will be the same case here.

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