Project CARS 2 4.01 Update Comes to PS4, 4.00 Arrives on XB1

Project CARS 2 21 February 23, 2018 by

It’s been a week of updates for console sim racers. The latest to join the line is Project CARS 2, as Slightly Mad Studios has pushed out updates for it on both consoles.

The Xbox One received the big 4.0 (or 1.4, depending on where you read it) update earlier today. It’s a comprehensive one, with literally dozens of detail changes across the board. While it brings a lot of the same improvements that PS4 players found earlier this month, it does feature a few platform-unique updates.

You can catch all of the 4.00 patch notes, regardless of platform, right here.

Over on the PS4 itself, a smaller 4.01 update landed yesterday. Patch notes are currently thin on the ground: checking them on the PS4 itself reveals nothing more than “various stability improvements”. Hmmmm…

Of course, the bigger PCARS2 news is just on the horizon. SMS has pencilled in The next expansion — the Porsche Legends DLC Pack — for early March. Mere weeks away, it will introduce nine of the Stuttgart manufacturer’s finest to the game, as well as a new track for players to master.

Stay tuned for more Project CARS 2 news.

Featured image courtesy of Suzumiya.

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