Project CARS PlayStation Plus Cup Europe Begins August 9th

Project CARS PS Plus Cup Europe

Registration is now open for the Project CARS PlayStation Plus Cup Europe headed by the Electronic Sports League (ESL). The competition offers €1,000 or the equivalent value to the winner and to compete all you need to do is fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have a PlayStation Plus and ESL account
  • A legal copy of Project CARS on the PS4
  • A passport or residence in one of the participating countries (see here)

The first round begins on August 9th and if you think you have what it takes to best those across Europe then you’ll definitely want to sign up now before it’s too late. The events are going to be contested using the Mercedes AMG-C DTM racing car and the settings to be used are as follows:

Structure & Sessions:

  • Privacy: Private
  • Maximum Grid Size: 2
  • Car Class: TOURING – Mercedes AMG-C DTM – Available for every players in Private lobby
  • Practise 1: No
  • Warmup : 5min – Setup Time
  • Qualifying: NO
  • Warmup: No


  • Weather Slots: Fixed Weather
  • Clear
  • Date Typ: Custom
  • Starting Time: 13:00
  • Time Progression: Off


  • Force Interior View: No
  • Force Manual Gears: No
  • Force Realistic Driving Aids: No
  • Allow ABS: Yes
  • Allow Stability Control: Yes
  • Alow Traction Control: Yes
  • Damage: Full Damage
  • Tire Wear: Real
  • Fuel Usage: Real
  • Auto Start Engine: Yes
  • Flags & Penalties: On


  • RACE 1 : Willow Springs International Raceway: 2.49 miles – 6 LAPS
  • RACE 2 : 1/4 Finals : Sakitto GP – 2.66 miles – 4 LAPS
  • RACE 3 : 1/2 Finals : SPA Francorchamps – 7.00 miles – 2 LAPS
  • RACE 4 : Final : Nordschleife – 20.63 miles – 2 LAPS

For the whole breakdown of the event, the rules, and creating an ESL account head over to the competition page here, and be sure to stop by our Project CARS forum.

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Comments (18)

  1. TJC_69

    They might as well turn damage and tyre wear off also as you’re not gonna crash with all those nice assists on :lol:

    Are they looking for the fastest driver , or the fastest driver that likes running assists 24/7 ? Vote now .
    I’ll pass on this .

    1. Johnnypenso

      It’s a competition held mainly to promote the game and the Electronic Sports League, not find the next Ayrton Senna.

  2. Need4Speed685

    Driving aids allowed?! Real professional there, ESL.

    Also, SMS, fix your game and stop working on PCARS2 until it’s working.

    1. Tenacious D

      I’ll have to say that if SMS are already digging in their shovels to work almost fully on PC2, that’s really bad form. Unless a small team can squash those bugs in a month or two. I bought into RaceRoom and it’s a much more stable game than P CARS is currently, and it’s also making PC look much less essential.

      Step it up there, Simply Mad, you impressed me at the start.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Do try to be informed. Every developer starts working on the next game pretty much as soon as the current one is out, the difference here is that SMS is open about it, something that should be lauded. They have a dedicated team of 40 staff working on the current game and have announced ongoing support and DLC for at least 2 years. What do you want? The whole team still working on the released game? Give your head a shake.

    1. RACECAR

      Because PD/Sony is somehow responsible for choosing a country. Oh wait, no they aren’t.

      Another ignorant bash, correct information be damned.

    2. YZF

      @SZRT Ice global with ~15 countries? You better check out how many countries are there in the world…

      @RACECAR who is responsible for country list if not Sony (PD is part of Sony) ?

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