PS3 Firmware the Real Cause of Gran Turismo 5’s Delay?

October 14th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

More information is slowly filtering out about GT5‘s delay, and it fits in neatly with everything else we’ve learned about the game’s production in the past 24 hours. Here’s what was recently posted by Maximus – a respected moderator at the forums with reported connections to Sony:

Like I said it is manufacturing issues. I had it confirmed today.

The problem arose when SCE mandated SDK 350 on all games releasing after after October, GT5 was about to go gold running on SDK 341, but it has been delayed by around a week so that they can update to SDK 350. This has caused a big headache for the manufacturing side, given how big this game is missing the gold date by even a week can cause a months worth of delay as slots are already taken up at this time of year for Blu-ray movies and such. So Sony had to find a 3 week slot big enough to make 7m+ copies of this and get them shipped out.

If you want to blame anyone, I would direct it at the pirates and hackers, SCE never had any real SDK restrictions before firmware 3.41 was compromised.

After getting attention from news outlets such as Eurogamer and TheSixthAxis, evidence of the post has since been removed, but it offers a very reasonable explanation about why Polyphony Digital missed their production window by only 3 days. Sure enough, the new PS3 3.50 firmware is considerably more secure than 3.41 and preventing distribution of a 3.41-compatible GT5 will ensure that it can’t be pirated (for now).

Thanks to all of you who sent this in so quickly!

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  1. Oct. 19, 6:29pm

    Gamestops website says, “Ships 01-01-2011!”

  2. Oct. 17, 1:50pm

    I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but in Prologue (at least in the downloadable version) you can’t even play the game unless you’re signed on PSN…I hope this isn’t the case with the disc version and hopefully not in GT5.

    Many gaming companies wanna do online authentication to fight hacking and used game sales.

    • Oct. 17, 8:18pm

      the disc version of GT5p you didn’t need to be signed in…

  3. Oct. 17, 8:41am

    “Blame the hackers”

    No, blame the company that took features away and forced customers to choose between two features. No one cared for hacking the PS3 until $ony decided to be an ass.

    I hope the console gets buttraped.

    • Oct. 17, 8:23pm

      no im pretty sure people will want to buy the game for free if they got the chance, i know i would. BTW not saying im a hacker but i would love to get a free copy, it saves me 100 bucks (I’m getting CE) so what whining about, you have no control over it its not a big deal, just wait, the game will come. and im legitimately confused on what you were talking about with the “two features” comment. was that from a previous GT game or what?

  4. Oct. 17, 4:52am
    Magic Ayrton

    I feel some serious wool being pulled over our eyes.. :(

  5. Oct. 16, 2:10am


  6. Oct. 15, 10:23am

    …yeah, it is a bad news for delay of GT5 but not end of the world. So what if it come 2 (4 or whatever) week later?
    I have many other things (and games) to worry about and RB3 coming soon so it will definitely be pretty quick when GT5 come on my PS3.
    With my intense university schedule I even find enough time to enjoy in games or other type of fun.
    So not wine, do something in life beside be ADDICTED to games.

    PS. Here talking one big Gran Turismo fan ;)

  7. Oct. 15, 8:38am

    *sigh* what’s the point of putting protection on gt5 when hackers are just going to hack in again.

    This might explain why LBP2 and SOCOM 4 have been delayed until 2011…

  8. Oct. 15, 5:31am

    How about we just wait for the new date than speculate and/or blame?

    I’ve been waiting since 2006 so another month or so will be fine. I’ve got a job to keep me busy most of the time and a family to keep me busy the rest of the time. If I can get it before mid December so it can coincide with my annual leave, then that would be just perfect! A good 2 weeks to get to grips with it.

  9. Oct. 15, 5:28am

    I dont car, just give us the game THIS year! who gives a crap how many millions will be sold.. the game is epic anyway.

    • Oct. 15, 5:29am

      lol… i meant “dont care”

    • Oct. 17, 8:26pm

      ^^^ i wonder if you planned that lol. the game will come out this year otherwise. i will buy an xbox and play forza until it is…

  10. Oct. 15, 4:42am

    Again, I will repeat what I said in other news :

    the delay of GT5 lead to a lot of interesting speculation, theories and stories, here is my 50 cents about this issue :
    1- if GT5 got delayed it is for a very simple reason : the game wont be ready for 2nd november, period.
    2- now, everything else is just details, why the game wont be ready ? well, a review copy of the game hasent even been sent yet to reviewers, so the game is not yet finished, they are still polishing and debugging, kazunori yamauchi by himself said that.
    3- ok, so GT5 wont be ready for 2nd november because the game is not yet finished and polyphony are STILL working at finishing it. alright…now any other reason is really additional and subsidiary (pirates, blu ray production issues…etc)

    and I will add this for clarification :
    Piracy, SDK restrictions, blu ray production issues…etc all those reasons for me are additional, subsidiary details (if its true), Polyphony Digital and sony sould have known all this and could have managed all this and not delay the game 20 days before its release…

    And honestly I dont understand people are still arguing why the game got delayed, eventhough kazunori Yalauchi apologized and said : we are still finishing the complex systems we have in the game.

    is he lying ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    be realistic please, I dont believe he will lie and blame his team eventhough its not their fault…that would be craziness, he is not crazy…

    • Oct. 17, 8:28pm

      thank you so much for saying those words

  11. Oct. 15, 4:32am

    The truth is that Mayan people knew, before the end of the world they foresaw that “a real horse riding (driving) simulator” would be out for mankind to enjoy their last years on planet earth. That’s the truth behind the delay, but government (aka Sony) will never tell.

  12. Oct. 15, 1:04am

    >implying SDK 3.50 won’t be leaked just like 1.90 and 3.41

  13. Oct. 15, 12:03am

    If this game was really going to be released Nov 2nd, then they would have had the golden master more than 2 or 3 weeks prior to the ship date. My guess would be at least 4 weeks prior to allow adequate time for printing, packing, and shipping.

    Whatever the case, they could say anything and people would still buy it. If they have any sense at all they will push to get it out before Christmas.

  14. Oct. 14, 9:07pm

    After getting my save file erased in castlevania, I say a few weeks late is better than a broken game.

    • Oct. 15, 7:49am

      agreed I said the same thing to my xbox friend who laughed about it being delayed

      but he broke down into tears when I spoke about releasing things early for them just to break… whats that all about :P

  15. Oct. 14, 8:38pm
    Tenacious D

    It’s pretty sad that you can’t trust your neighbor not to steal from you or abuse you. This planet is doomed unless most of us rediscover a moral spine. It should be painfully self-evident that hackers and thieves hurt everyone. They make stuff late, they make it expensive, and they even discourage some people to the point they get out of the biz entirely.

    I hope every hacker suffers ID theft from their “friends” so they get a taste of what they put us all through.

  16. Oct. 14, 8:33pm

    the firmware is on the hardware side, it will have nothing to do with the pressing of the discs, this is simply irrelevant. they still could of had the discs pressed at the agreed date and then just delay the launch until they had 1.50 out

  17. Oct. 14, 8:18pm
    L8 Apex

    If this is true, my questions are
    1) When did Sony hand down this edict?
    2) How long did it take for PD to get wind of it?

  18. Oct. 14, 6:50pm

    If people here want to set themselves up for another dissapointment be my guest, outta here

  19. Oct. 14, 6:43pm

    Its the pirates fault my ass… I am not even going to dignify this with a rant.

  20. Oct. 14, 6:16pm

    It’s going to be pirated. Virtually every video game has been pirated and they all will be in the foreseeable future. This just means it’ll take a little longer.

  21. Oct. 14, 6:09pm

    But i also expect sony are actually telling the truth here about the production issue , there is several films and re-releases during November and December.

  22. Oct. 14, 6:04pm
    – Ice of SZRT –

    To those calling Sony liars…, do u think it would be profitable for Sony to market piracy? Someone on another board said this…

    “Promote the hack, and the floodgates will open with people jumping at the chance to turn their PS3 into an HDD gaming jukebox ala the Xbox or PS2 w/ HD loader.”

    Makes sense to me…

    Darn’d Pirates!!! If it was Ninjas I probably wouldn’t mind, but Pirates?!? Aaarrrgh!!! Can’t stand ’em!!!

    • Oct. 17, 8:01pm


  23. Oct. 14, 6:02pm

    I very much doubt that sony will be so careless with USB service kit again , look at the PSP it lead to Pandora when a service battery was accidentally left in a unit but sony clamped down on it very quickly and now it is now very difficult to decode the latest firmware revisions.

    and i expect every single key in the SDK 3.50 has been changed as well and i expect futher security detection stuff is on the cards , but unlike Jailbreak for iphone , sony is winning legal cases all over the shop so i say it becomming legal is remote.

  24. Oct. 14, 5:51pm

    Well. it is partly the hackers fault.
    Without hackers, life would be alot easier for companies like Sony, and we would get more features with our updates, instead of the, OH AN UPDATE :D , *updates* , nothing has changed !!

    But lets be honest, missed the cut by 3 days, they have had so so long, I’m sure they could of worked enough to get this 3 days back, and why didnt they foresee this Firmware Update?

    GT5 is never late on any of its “outings” it gets as a demo.
    Kaz (I’m assuming) is never late to interviews
    Yet the most important thing… Is late.

    It is actually pathetic to be honest

    Wont stop me enjoying it when it comes out in 2012 (that was a joke btw)

  25. Oct. 14, 5:46pm

    Im so upset with Sony, Im now going to likely buy NFS:HP in the meantime. Then I will still buy GT5 day one with my preorder. Thats right, Sony, Im going to cheat on you with NFS! That will show you!


    • Oct. 15, 5:32am

      and I have to buy “COD Black Ops” I would buy only GT5 and nothing more.. but now I dont have anything to play. there is no racing game out there I want to play, all of them are pure garbage.. :)

  26. Oct. 14, 5:35pm

    Too much pessimistic individuals on here, fact, the game is delayed. DEAL WITH IT! No matter the reason is, it is an executive decision to move the date, cry, complain and seethe with rage all you wish.

    I don’t really care as so far the game looks great, a few more weeks won’t kill me, so I don’t really have a problem. Some people on here sound as if they are teenagers upset that they couldn’t get into the newly rated R movie. I hope you don’t display this sort of behavior in your online driving.

  27. Oct. 14, 5:25pm

    Some of the comments here are like listening to a squadron of jets in a hangar – the whine is deafening.

    It’s just a game.

    Firstly, Sony/PD/Kaz have no malicious intent. As the saying goes, never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence. They aren’t ‘feeding lies’. They aren’t sitting in meeting rooms thinking of ways to annoy or fool their userbase.

    All of you who are saying you won’t buy the game — later in life you’ll learn never to make threats you don’t intend to carry out, especially over trivial matters like this. You just end up looking foolish.

    Of course fw 3.50 will be hacked. As has been pointed out, that’ll take a while and in the meantime Sony can reap early profits. Always look for a commercial imperative behind any such decision. Is Sony greedy, as some have suggested? That’s really a whole discussion about market forces, and if you were a Sony shareholder you may well have a different view about this ‘greed’. The execs are there to deliver a return, otherwise they lose their jobs. Simply, they took a call to delay GT5 to lose less through piracy than they would have through an on-time release and greater inital sales. You can be sure there’s a spreadsheet somewhere with the numbers.

    Stop the presses and print GT5? From our perspective, just fine. But we aren’t Sony execs with a big picture. Remember that GT has a huge fan base who will crawl over broken glass to buy the game, therefore to some extent they can be taken for granted, unlike lesser-followed titles which need more selling. Again, that’s just commercial reality. Don’t like it? You don’t need to, but you do need to understand.

    Finally, for those posting in angst, your life must be pretty damn free of worries if having a computer game a bit later than planned is clearly just about the biggest problem you’re facing at the moment.

    Hating pirates? Really, have to laugh. How many of these pirate-haters own no illegal software or content? Yep, thought so. Cake and eating.

    PS As usual, well done Jordan for timely and level-headed reporting on what is a fast-moving and contentious issue.

    • Oct. 15, 7:45am

      finally someone mature enough

      yes while I have loved all the GT games Im not crying myself to sleep or kicking the cat over a delay…

      You are prob like me, heard the news, said ‘aww that sucks’ then got on with life.

  28. Oct. 14, 4:55pm

    Ok everybody lets just get fooled again! Oh my god it releases this holiday, sony said so. Hehe talk to you again january 1. 2011 :D

    • Oct. 14, 5:12pm

      they’re very vague on saying exactly when they decided to postpone release to. There’s stuff in there saying “potential” month-long delays, but nothing concrete.

      By this period I though we were done with vague release windows. The people who have played three Forza’s in the time PD’s taking to get one GT out are laughing at us all.

  29. Oct. 14, 4:52pm

    Finally, a reason that make sense.

    To hell, F*****G pirates!
    To Hell, F*****G cheaters!
    To hell, F*****G hackers!

    They should all go to jail.

    • Oct. 15, 11:26am

      It is very sad how people like those you mentioned are just waiting without any passion of things just their own benefit. I undestand all the opinions (supporting, complaining, etc.) of the fans waiting like me, but them… so sad… Hope the money they make at the end didn’t last or something.

  30. Oct. 14, 4:52pm

    An excuse that doesn’t explain a single f***ing thing. Let’s see if I have this straight:

    They had to update the game to FW 3.50, so they missed their deadline by a few days. Since everyone has to have “appointments” with the burning facilities, Sony is finding themselves short on time to burn them. The only real question is; when is the next available time slot for them to burn the discs?

    Just give us another meaningless release date so we can shut up.

    • Oct. 16, 1:46pm

      The problem is that this close to the holidays all the major companies have pretty much booked damn near every second of Sony’s schedule for production. They’re probably looking for ways to move some things around to clear enough space for GT5 to be burned. I’m sure that the people in charge of scheduling are having some major headaches with the GT fans and Sony reps breathing down their necks waiting to find out when they will get the game.
      I just spent 20 minutes just trying to get my work schedule redone so I could get more hours and they had to balance between giving me enough hours without having too many people in at once. If its anything like that I know how it feels to have to rework a completely full schedule.

  31. Oct. 14, 4:46pm

    Fallout: New Vegas shoould occupy me by the time Gt5 comes out. Regardless of the reason, i’m 1000% positive we will se an early December release date…I’d bet on Dec.7..Mark my words :)

    • Oct. 15, 4:23am

      your on, Dec 14th is my bet

    • Oct. 15, 8:43am

      I’ll be occupied with Fallout New Vegas and all the Borderlands DLC until GT5 is eventually out.

      (Hopefully before Duke Nukem Forever)

  32. Oct. 14, 4:27pm

    “If you want to blame anyone, I would direct it at the pirates and hackers..”
    Sounds like a typical Sony Corp. line. Avert the attention from the company by shifting the blame to the unseen pirate masses. I’m not buying it for a second.

    • Oct. 14, 4:49pm

      You aren’t buying it for a second? You seriously think this piracy crap hasn’t caused a hornets nest at playstation recently? Maybe you aren’t buying their excuse, but you end up sounding naive.

      Get used to this sort of thing now, instead of focusing on improving playstation they are now in fire fighting mode.

  33. Oct. 14, 4:25pm

    Why haven’t they used firmware 3.42 that already includes new encryption keys?

  34. Oct. 14, 4:25pm

    Why are people talking about “excuses”?? This is not an official statement from Sony, it’s a (believable) rumor from someone who says that has connections to Sony.

    Still, Sony should have made this clear earlier with the developers, especially with PD. If this is true, it looks like they were just waiting till the last moment possible to see if firmware 3.50 would get cracked, so they could counter it and put their best-selling game with fw 3.6 or whatever. Like “just work with fw3.4, we’ll discuss this thing later.”

  35. Oct. 14, 4:24pm

    I wonder if the savings of the prevented piracy outweigh the loss in sales that this delay will certainly cause… Especially if they miss the important shoppin days before christmas.

    • Oct. 14, 4:57pm

      This is not a movie, it’s a videogame, sales don’t depend on one big push at release, all they want is for you to buy the game within the first 6 months before price drops.

  36. Oct. 14, 4:18pm

    Well, that’s just a lame excuse.

    Gran Turismo’s main feature was supposed to be 3D, which the playstation 3 only supports on 3.50 firmware, so it was meant to use 3.50 all along..

    • Oct. 14, 4:24pm

      If thats true then this whole explanation doesn’t really make any sense. Unless someone simply forgot.

      I still think 3d is a waste of time anyway, having tried it at EuroGamer expo it didn’t seem at that effective. The non 3d areas were way more popular, both wheel and controller ones.

    • Oct. 14, 4:31pm

      This is not correct. 3.50 gives support to 3D blu-ray movies. 3D games are already supported since 3.30.

  37. Oct. 14, 4:15pm

    I already thinked about this on the first day of the delay and now it seems it´s true!

    It is the best reason for the delay so I can live with that delay if this is the real reason! They invested 6 years of their life so it´s not ok to copy this game! It is the money more than worth…

    I hope Sony can fix all the hack problems for the future because the PS3 is it´s money worth, not like the 360 (wich I used about 10-15 hrs and now it´s staying in the corner since 3 months)

    • Oct. 15, 7:37am

      same deal with me, only I sold mine… the xbox fanboys are loving this. Theyve been silent for months, what with ps move actually doing well and all the GT5 content showing it to be a masterpiece and well worth its 5 years… but now like kids they come out swaggering. Theyre almost as bad as the I want it now kids on this forum.

      proper GT fans understand what GT5 is, not just a game, but art. A sense that when you play it it lives and breathes, you look at every pixel and see that love and dedication went into it and while other games in the past had things like damage, skidmarks or for some people more fun game physics… no game has what I believe the Gran Turismo series has… a soul.

      As such I dont mind about a delay, we know its coming, just let it be. All good things come to he who waits…

      Oh and if I hear another kid scream I want the game now Im slapping them and their parents for not teaching you thats I want doesnt get. haha

    • Oct. 15, 9:22am

      Very well said G. Cheers to all who deeply appreciate the masterpiece that has taken 5 years to develop with their deepest passion.

  38. Oct. 14, 4:10pm

    and people say microsoft and apple are greedy

    such a big fuss to save such a small amount of profits lost to pirates

  39. Oct. 14, 4:06pm

    The plot thickens ….

    On thing stood out for me in that statement.

    “So Sony had to find a 3 week slot big enough to make 7m+ copies” – Sounds to me like they had a choice between printing not enough copies for release date or delaying the game.

    Which is worse? Delaying the game or printing enough copies to fulfil pre orders and maybe a bit more, with supply being short for the next few weeks. It sounds to me like that’s an option they had.

  40. Oct. 14, 4:04pm

    You are sooo naive … You believe everything !!!

  41. Oct. 14, 4:03pm

    Just release the game already. God damn I don’t care anymore.

  42. Oct. 14, 4:03pm

    excuses …excuses, now it’s hacker fault!!
    Sorry, but sony had to check there schedule and line up before, and make sure there wasn’t bad issues with their choice…

  43. Oct. 14, 4:02pm

    They are lieing … permanently lieing !!!

  44. Oct. 14, 4:02pm

    @ general of the army

    SDK = Software Development Kit

  45. Oct. 14, 3:59pm
    general of the army

    People , what do you mean by SDK ?!!

  46. Oct. 14, 3:55pm


    Have you really not learned anything from all this? damn

    • Oct. 14, 4:29pm

      What, that 75% of the people on this forum are whiney babies?

    • Oct. 14, 6:25pm

      you have a brass neck on you jojo,you obviously havent learned anything,they are doing this to benifit us so we can get the best from the game…they have no reason to lie,take it back to the playground

  47. Oct. 14, 3:52pm

    Damn pirates and hackers, I spit on you!

    • Oct. 17, 12:34am

      Thats kind of sick, but Yeah!

  48. Oct. 14, 3:50pm

    The custom ps3 firmwares (allowing piracy) isn’t the real reason to blame… Sony is, cause sony took away PS2 games support, Linux support which people paid for. And the stupid minds inside Sony that they can beat the pirates, We all know what is happening in the psp, the same will happen in ps3, it’s just a matter of time. I’m not fond of piracy and i like to play online Gran Turismo but for reasons like ps2 game support and linux support, yeah i would install firmware myself but i would buy the games original.

    Also i don’t like Microsoft’s Windows and Sony’s Firmware stupid updates against piracy, they take space in my hard disc for nothing, and too much effort for nothing. Next time they make an update better add a feature in this great console.. not remove…

    • Oct. 14, 5:46pm

      Well actually the updates replace the older software, so I doubt it takes up much room. As for updating, who doesn’t want added features, for free?

      And don’t be daft, the number one reason people install jailbreak on to their consoles is to play pirated games.

      I want to play AAA titles in the future, and the only way I can do that is if Sony continue to try and stop piracy so they actually get PAID for their efforts.

  49. Oct. 14, 3:44pm

    If there are any Pirates reading this,
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves

    • Oct. 14, 3:52pm


  50. Oct. 14, 3:44pm
    Adam Browne

    I usually don’t post but had to on this topic.. the only people Sony are hurting by doing this is the people that are purchasing the game! There will be another hack no doubt about that. Once the hack is out you guessed it the pirates will have the game! Especially on such a high profile game this will be hacked no doubt quicker than any other PS3 firmware. I’ve nothing else to add apart from my disappointment.

  51. Oct. 14, 3:37pm

    just to clarify from a comment farther up the stream, if you buy a ps3 with older firmware and you get a game like gt5 that requires the 3.5 update to play, it will be on the disk and will update from that. I can understand them wanting to try to stop piracy on a game that has cost so much in development. looks like i’ll cancel the pre order so i can use that money now, and re-pre order in a few weeks.

    • Oct. 14, 4:53pm

      Totally agree with you…Sony must prevent piracy to rip off their development effort. If I was you, I wouldn´t cancel the pre-order, since you never know if they will start delivering in order of purchase order # (given the case there is a shortage of copies by the time is launched)

  52. Oct. 14, 3:36pm

    The worst part is, as soon as we start up the game, we’re still going to see “A software update is required.”

    • Oct. 17, 7:58pm

      Only if you don’t already have 3.5 installed, which if you use your PS3 for online, you do have installed.

      The first thing we are going to see is “Please wait while your game installs to the HDD – now THAT will take a while at 10 GB. I installed Medal of Honor Frontline this past week and it took forever at only 4.4 GB.

  53. Oct. 14, 3:31pm

    OOhh pleeeeease I`m so tired of sony`s lies/excuses!!!1

    • Oct. 14, 3:39pm

      And exactly how do you know, for 100% sure, that they are lieing?

      Good grief.

    • Oct. 14, 6:04pm

      jojo,put your dummy back in that crying hole in your face and stop your screeching.

  54. Oct. 14, 3:28pm

    What a horrible way of putting things.

    If it is Sony who is mandating v3.5 it’s Sony’s/PD’s fault for missing out on production time. Not anyone else.

  55. Oct. 14, 3:22pm

    Sure. “Dear Pirate, please connect to the net now to check for a mandatory update which may prevent you from playing this game”. Do you see the problem?

  56. Oct. 14, 3:18pm

    Does PD or Sony want to feed us any more lies? I mean, who do we believe w/ this? Good grief.. I just feel dirty now. I’m gonna go play a fun game on my PS3 & not worry about this crap anymore.

    • Oct. 14, 3:38pm


  57. Oct. 14, 3:15pm

    Something is bothering me – if they missed the deadline by three to seven days (PD says three; this article implies a week) and they had at least three weeks booked with the burning facilities, then they should of still had at least two weeks remaining, correct? I would assume that they’d be still burning Blu-Ray copies of GT5 in those two remaining weeks so the plants wouldn’t be idled (or they moved up another game’s slot). If the article is somewhat accurate and three weeks would yield 7 million (or more) copies of GT5, then the remaining two weeks would possibly still get PD/Sony roughly 4.7 million copies. That still seems to me to be enough to launch with… though stocks could get low with high sales, but by that time, the next window of opportunity to burn more would become available again.

    • Oct. 14, 3:19pm

      Good point there, seems a bit of an all or nothing situation with the burning.

      It’s a bit unbelievable that a company owned by Sony made a game that didn’t have the latest Sony firmware as a mandatory update. If it was so important for security then I would have thought Sony would make sure PD include this asap?

    • Oct. 14, 4:19pm

      Detroitbb thats sort of what i was thinking. It makes it sound like they had the option to use the remaining 2 weeks constructively but just wrote off anything less than 3 weeks.

      Another thing i was thinking is if there are effectively 2 weeks of burning time remaining cant Sony effectively swap that time with something else to make the delay as small as possible?

  58. Oct. 14, 3:13pm

    The sixth item on the same story. That has to be a record.

  59. Oct. 14, 3:11pm

    No this has to do with the Samolians??? Yeah well, details are great, I’d like them to provide a release date. It’s all good, so they missed their date again, technology can be a real B _ _ _ _ sometimes!!! Early December would be awesome…time for another announcement apology with a revised release date.

  60. Oct. 14, 3:07pm

    There will always be hackers and they will always hack into anything. They can delay all they want, but eventually they will hack again.

    • Oct. 14, 3:49pm

      With regard to the comments that there have always been hackers, and there always will be hackers, and they will always break into “secure” software… this is correct; however, it took people years to compromise the built in security of the PS3. The recent Jailbreak hack was not something that was developed over night, but as mentioned took a long time to implement. These hackers shows there cards the second Jailbreak was released. They more or less showed Sony how there were able to crack the security. Firmware 350 undid the hackers accomplishment. And it will likely take them a significant amount of time to re-hack the PS3. Will it eventually happen? – Sure. Will it happen soon? – Very Doubtful. It sounds like Sony made an executive decision at the 9th hour. GT5 will be huge, everyone wants it… people who have hacked the system, now, can’t play the game. So switching the game to 350 is a huge deterrent against hackers, or those who want to make use of hacks.

    • Oct. 14, 4:37pm

      The PS3 was not hacked, someone leaked a service USB dongle that exploit the boot to run a custom firmware that allows unsigned code, therefore any apps you want, i.e. a game manager that doesn’t check for copyright protection. The PS3 will not be hacked again unless someone from the inside leak another security hole. The fact that there is a new SDK means new calls, probably in the startup routine of the game launcher app, they might find a way to hack the encryption key, but finding those new function and programming them into a custom firmware compatible with jailbreak is impossible.

  61. Oct. 14, 3:06pm

    I read that a new game that has just come out has firmware 3.50 included with the game and if you don’t install it the game won’t work, I wonder why they didn’t do this with GT5 if this was the issue?

    • Oct. 14, 3:38pm

      GT5 was originally planned for 3.41 for the past year and was pushed to 3.50 firmware last minute by Sony. 3.50 was just released a month ago, so PD had to see if there were any kinks in the game because of the new firmware. Unlike other games, GT5 has so much online content that it can be quite a bit of coding to be revised.

    • Oct. 14, 5:37pm

      good point NBH

  62. Oct. 14, 3:04pm

    God damn you Jack Sparrow!

    • Oct. 14, 3:36pm

      ^ My sentiments exactly

      Savy excuse by Sony, but still doesnt hold water with me. What possible MOVIE being burned right now in GT5’s production slot could possibly sell more units or make more money than GT5? Exactly. If you are Sony, you say STOP the presses with whatever is on the burners now, bump them off, and start printing GT5 ASAP. This is not even debatable. Its GT effing 5! And every day late this year hurts your financial statements for 2010 reporting most likely. You tell your retailers, X movie will be a little late, we’ll give it to you on Y date, you understand. Would you rather deal with angry GT5 fans or fans of X movie? Exactly. EPIC FAIL SONY.

      Kaz, you are officially off the hook. My apologies.

    • Oct. 15, 7:32am


      Have you thought that perhaps the film in question, is being produced under contract? So if x company signs a contract for xxx copies of a film to be delivered at x time, then it has to be produced in that quantity, and for that time. It’s not a case of stop that, this is more important, and another company should not have to lose reputation because of Sony’s incompetence!

  63. Oct. 14, 3:02pm

    couldnt they make it a mandatory update as soon as u load it to your ps3… blame pirates more like blame ur dumb excuses. 5 soon to be 6 years…shame more time for f1 2010

    • Oct. 14, 3:11pm

      By rebuilding the game with the 3.50 SDK, they did make it mandatory to upgrade to the 3.50 firmware as it won’t be compatible at all with any older versions.

    • Oct. 14, 3:21pm

      Patches come out everyday for all computer systems. GT5 can not be hack proof – period!!! Even with some great encryption program, someone would still break into it. Sony has had to deal with hackers for years. It didn’t stop them from pushing blueray to the public, or making VIAO computers. “Oh its going to be hacked so lets push everything back.” Nothing would ever be released to the public if that was the case. Even the Lexus LFA could be hacked but that didn’t stop production. (Not a good example but still) This firmware update is another Sony/PD exscuse.

    • Oct. 14, 3:21pm

      So what are you saying Jordan? GT5 won’t be playable on older undated system? Like if I get a PS3 from a pawn shop and can’t update it because I have no internet access to the PS3. it won’t be playable… is that what you’re saying?

    • Oct. 14, 3:27pm

      Use your common sense. It’s not that hard to figure out.

    • Oct. 14, 3:33pm

      Dale, you can learn more about various ways of updating your PS3’s firmware here.

    • Oct. 14, 3:37pm

      @ssupr@96: The statement “GT5 can not be hack proof” might be true, but you can delay the inevitable, thus saving early adopter’s sales from piracy.

      @Dale: No, GT5 will have the update on the disk, so you can stop with that crap excuse.

    • Oct. 14, 4:04pm

      Well I don’t have a PS3. Was actually waiting until GT5 was out. Found a PS3 for $130 with 80gb’s at my sisters pawn shop that she works at. But I’m pretty cheap and can’t afford internet… on wifi now. But thanks for the info.

    • Oct. 14, 4:37pm

      What I said in the previous thread proves true again… It REALLY WASN’T Kaz’s fault. I respect their decision to make the proper arrangements to protect their assets on such a prestigious project, especially after all the time, work, and maticulous detail invested in created this project.

      Anyways, thanks for being so ontop of things Jordan, & btw, the images you find for each article are cool…

      Looking forward to the “new official release-date”…

      – Ice –

    • Oct. 14, 8:29pm
      Maison Looi

      @Jordan, it might also have it when you shove the disc in, it asks you to install the 3.50 or w/e firmware exists on the disc, kinda like PSP, when GTPSP came out, it had I think 5.55 PSP firmware on there for people with outdated firmware…

      who knows, but its possible Dale might not need to worry about downloading firmware and putting it on a USB stick, etc etc

    • Oct. 14, 11:21pm

      when you put the disc, GT5, in it will prompt you to download the firmware from the disc directly without having internet or with. The firmware update is basically put on the disc so that’s why there is a delay because they will need to (presumably) throw away the discs with the 3.41 firmware and start over with the new firmware. Or they could extract the firmware on the disc that are already made (if any) and put the new one on.

      That’s what i think has happened.

      Hope that clears the bullsh*t that clouds the skies from the view of the Nürburgring Nordschleife and my Mercedes SLS AMG that’s drifting through each tight bend and couner.

      So if you guys would please just wait another week longer, you’ll get the most epic game that won’t be pirated (at least for a little longer)
      Thank you for your consideration.
      PEACE OUT!

  64. Oct. 14, 3:01pm

    So, what’s everybody’s guess? Somewhere between December 6th and December 10th?

    • Oct. 15, 12:47am

      Yeah, that would be my guess, beginning of December. Well, what’s another month, we’ve been waiting for almost 6 years now

  65. Oct. 14, 3:01pm

    all coz of piracy? yeah like the posts above me damn official date with a demo hey anybody with polyphony’s email add need to give em a good rant nothing to serious though

  66. Oct. 14, 3:00pm

    I just hope it comes out on the 17th of December because thats when my 1 month christmas holidays starts :D

    • Oct. 14, 3:30pm
      J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      or the 18th.. its my birthday

    • Oct. 14, 4:30pm

      I finish my posgrade on 18th so…that would be very convenient for responsability-related issues

    • Oct. 15, 8:35am

      @J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      The 18th is my birthday, too.


  67. Oct. 14, 2:59pm

    Hmm… Well, can’t blame Sony for wanting to prevent pirates from getting a hold of GT5.

    • Oct. 14, 5:11pm


  68. Oct. 14, 2:57pm

    I knew it! I’m so smart

  69. Oct. 14, 2:56pm
    Shelby 427 1965

    No, the reason I won’t be playing it November 2nd is because I don’t live in America.

    • Oct. 14, 3:35pm

      Umm, it was delayed here too…

  70. Oct. 14, 2:56pm

    Nice to hear that..
    at least that’s a reasonable excuse..

    • Oct. 15, 2:19am

      there is no excuse or reasons. this is karma. remember how we laughed at the russians when we found out they were gonna get delayed? now they are laughing at us.

  71. Oct. 14, 2:54pm

    FFS Sony &PD, just give us a release date damnit.

  72. Oct. 14, 2:54pm

    Whatever…Release date please!

    • Oct. 14, 3:05pm

      Don’t be so bloody ignorant, if they can’t release the game because of SCE mandates; then they can hardly just ship them out when they feel like it can they???

    • Oct. 14, 3:56pm
      jonny boy


    • Oct. 14, 4:01pm


      Dont be so bloody NAIVE, or did they manage to fool you AGAIN!? Everybody here should know better than to trust sony after this mess!!

    • Oct. 14, 4:42pm

      I doubt Sony’s intention was to “fool” anyone.

      They made a mistake.
      Game releasing before the end of year.
      Get over it!

    • Oct. 14, 4:43pm

      if i have understood everything right then after ~3 weeks we will get it


      NOW EVERYBODY who was very angry and everybody said i will not buy it and ….have to to excuse ! I WILL WAIT FOR IT

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH In german there is a saying “wer zu letzt lacht lacht am besten ” it means something like
      who laughs last _>
      laughs at the best

    • Oct. 14, 4:59pm

      And we have to pay for the 12 year old stealing copies of CoD on the net. That’s the way the world works anyway.

    • Oct. 14, 5:01pm

      @ jojo and jonny boy do you think sony sit in the office saying oh! Lets do this to fool people,what ever age you pair are the comments you made are immature,catch a grip,sony and PD have put alot of work into this game and dont set out to fool anyone,i actually want a cigarette after reading your stupid comments…

    • Oct. 14, 5:39pm

      Poor excuse… so it the pirates fault now is it? Come on, they just delayed OUR game so they could grab an extra fist full of Dollars/Yen. We were all punished because they were worried about the possibility that some pimple faced kid may be ripping blu-rays….

    • Oct. 14, 6:12pm

      i have to laugh at the pshycic people on this forum who “know” why the game is delayed..honestly how could you know anything about whats going on maxiboy,why would they lie..

    • Oct. 15, 3:00am

      Damn pirates I hate Jack sparrow!

    • Oct. 15, 12:24pm

      After reading some of the above comments I’m actually pleased the game was delayed. Those who live in a GT5 bubble need to get out more.

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