Red Bull X1 Prototype Gets Real, Set to Debut in Madrid

Much like Polyphony Digital’s Citroen GT, it looks like the Red Bull X1 Prototype will also be transitioning from the virtual world into reality – sort of. This is actually just a model, but these pictures from the latest edition of Evo Magazine make it easier to imagine what the real thing could actually look like.

According to Evo, first reports of the car’s gas turbine engine and continuously variable transmission were actually incorrect. Instead, it’s driven by an “F1-derived direct-injection 3-litre twin-turbo V6”, producing 1,483bhp at 15,000rpm and 526lb-ft. at 12,000rpm (that explains the sound heard in the first X1 gameplay video). This elaborate model will be unveiled to the world at the official GT5 Launch Party in Madrid, set to go down in just a few weeks.

Pick up a copy of the magazine at a newsstand near you for more. Thanks to Neal for the tip and the images!

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  1. mocheelz

    either they’re not going to be release a date cause it’s kind of pointless now and just expect all of to know that it can be out on stores any day now.

  2. m0j0

    So.. who else keeps checking the front page every hour or so in the hopes of seeing in big bold lettering “FINAL RELEASE DATES RELEASED!!”

    or something similar..

    but alas..

  3. GT'ireland

    still no confirmation on the release date which is strange as the game has been shipped over already for the shops.

    1. occasionalracer

      No doubt, you know I have plenty of patience with their ways of being secretive and quiet about the game and it’s features, but at this point with copies being pressed and ending up in peoples PS3 drives it boggles the mind why they can’t set the date. It will never be an overnight surprise like they want it to be, so I’m not sure if they’re still pondering the logistics part of it to make sure all copies make it to stores on time. I hope there is something they’re not sure about and that this is still a way of revving up excitement about this mysterious product. I’ve even been eagerly awaiting the Signature Edition to pop up on Germany’s Amazon which still hasn’t happened, even after their price has gone from 170 to 299 euros. Crazy that they can’t set things straight with their fans by now. But I still got more doses of patience left in me.

    1. Squit

      Yeah.. that’s right.. i hate this ppl like Hideo Kojima.. that think is a regizor now.. and make the game like movies .. instead of working on, metal gear 4.. was a big delusion for me.. :(( and now Kaz.. creates this car :| is just a stupid game car! can’t be real. i love GT5 … but this things are getting on my nerves to..

    2. F.G

      The topic explicitly states “Red Bull X1 Prototype Real, Set to Debut in Madrid”. If you’re not interested in the X1, why bother clicking on this news page and commenting here?

      Some people actually think it’s an interesting exercise.

    1. F.G

      Yeah, that’s exactly what I think.

      The resemblance is uncanny. Now they just got to stick an engine in it and have two massive boosters!

  4. Dave-o

    I still reckon it would it could only do a few laps before running out of fuel, so a slower (relatively, e.g. F1) may have a chance.

    1. occasionalracer

      Ya they better forge a close partnership with Bridgestone also to develop X3 tyres with at least half of it’s compound with materials from Mars. Everything from there is intended to withstand temperatures that exceeds that of sythetically produced rubbers. Heck, it would be in their best interest to partner NASA to get this concept of the ground.

  5. Grafpt

    I knew this thing was stored in a vault at RBR HQs lol There’s no way they built it JUST for the game. Kaz wants to revolutionize racing.

    1. occasionalracer

      You know that’s what’s kind of silly about this car. I mean who really wants to put their life at risk with those supposed speeds and g’s it would generate. Whichever track this car would be tested on in real life at it’s limit would have to have grass runoff for miles and a huge part of F1’s is that they’re built with incredible safety so that suspension arms and so fourth don’t penetrate the cockpit on heavy collisions. I’m not trying to talk down PD and RedBulls effort, cause it’s actually a proper partnership for bringing this thing to life and will probably end up in the Guiness Book of Records for highest lateral g’s created on land.

    1. An1mal_69

      They used to get 1500bhp out of the old 1.5l V6 turbos, and that’s 20yrs ago.!! As i recall, they were running over 3bar of boost which the drivers could tweak, kinda like brake bias now. So with modern manufacturing methods and materials, the X1 motor is probably pretty reliable with it’s power.

    2. BMfan

      Actually they were 1,5lt 4 cylinder engines running at about 50 to 60psi(That is around 6 bar),the block came from the M10 engine which started life in the BMW 1500 from about 1961.

  6. mocheelz

    Seems like the release date will fall on the same day as the launch party. Seems to all go together now. I really hope so. I’m guessing the release date will fall on a Tuesday, so it could be the Nov. 23rd, or 30th.

    1. V8Blender

      the last launch party was scheduled a week before the alleged november 3rd release so it will probably be a week after the new sate, or thereabouts.

  7. Benny44

    If they actually make this thing it would almost be worth a few years in jail to steal it and drive it for an hour or so. I’m not saying they’d catch you, but you would have to put fuel in sometime. ;)

  8. occasionalracer

    So what is meant by model is that this is made of materials that are of no use to be driven on the track. Like plastics and so on? Or is this the real deal with the F1 engine housed beneath the body?

  9. Omer

    I wouldn’t drive that thing on the ring with that low suspension. But track times on La Sarthe would be interesting

  10. demonBlade

    Only a matter a time before spy shots start appearing on the web of the X1 being tested on the ‘ring. At least I hope so!

  11. Mike

    I wonder if that car is legal to drive on regular streets… :) Oh Sony. Now give us the release date before I …

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      @WHY? dude we’re really getting sick of you whining about that. Stop trolling. Everytime there’s a news post here you whine about that over and over. I even caught you whining about it on you tube also. If the chase cam was any less stiff, it would be even harder to see where exactly the car is pointed and thus very difficult to place the car. It already is hard enough to get fast times with that view. Nobody cares about you’re lame ass complain bro so stop crying like a little sissy. or in the words of Arnold AKA Detective John Kimball in kindergarten cop, STOP WHINING!!!

    2. WHY?

      @HugoStiglitz_420 Haha now look who’s whining, you just sounded like a bitch right there.
      I’m only typing what others are thinking, so you should keep your lame ass words to yourself next time and don’t bother typing about other people who you disagree with, that’s just straight bitching, it has to stop you heard.

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