555,000 Copies of GT5 for France, New Launch Party Date

I don’t have any specific updates about the GT5 disc revealed yesterday, but that hasn’t stopped quite a few interesting tidbits from bubbling up around the world. First up, word from “distribution sources” indicate more than half a million copies of Gran Turismo 5 are headed to France. More specifically, there will be 450,000 standard copies, 100,000 Collector’s Editions, and 5,000 Signature Editions available in the country. (Amazon.fr is still taking SE reservations, so hop on that if you’re interested.)

Also, GT5’s big Madrid launch party has a new date of November 24th/25th. As you may recall, the launch party was first scheduled for October 26th/27th. Considering the party was to be held exactly one week before the game’s intended worldwide launch, a release during the week of November 29th – December 3rd is beginning to look extremely likely. This release window aligns perfectly with what I’ve been told before and Sony’s own retail outlet, SonyStyle, who lists a launch date “on or around” November 30th for the game. Regardless, it’s becoming clear we don’t have much longer to wait.

Thanks to all who sent these stories in!

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  1. fredyellowone

    I cannot write anything in the new thread.
    What is going on?

    BTW, if the GT5 case is not fake, then PD should fire the translator.

  2. Dr.Strangelove

    GTPlanet News on or around the 22nd of november:
    +++ French customs impound GT5 transport ship after arrival in Marseille +++ Reason: The likeliness of a devastating outbreak of GT 5 fever +++ The regarding containers were confiscated and put under quarantine for three months +++ Further analysis will follow by the end of february +++

    I am actually wondering if the only chance to prevent this from happening will be to get a job at the french customs department?

  3. Brandon

    It is excellent news! But I hope they have a Navy frigate to escort them through Somalian waters. We don’t want anymore delays due to pirates.

  4. Litzner

    That many games would cover an entire football field in a stack just over 20 feet tall, that is not including the added size of the collectors or signature editions.

  5. Lyvan

    Did you noticed that in the link amazon.fr, it says something like “shipping since Decenber 8th”? I know you cnat trust 100% on retailers date, but this would align with the theory of releases on 7th USA / 8th Europe / 9th Australia…

    1. Skidmark

      Try applying your advice to yourself first!
      Others seem to find the chatter interesting. If you don’t, don’t read it.
      Certainly, your post didn’t add any value, just irritating.

  6. Hentis

    Guys can I make a quick point here. More than likely the 555,000 being “Shipped” to France is by air (ie AIR Freight) and not via Container…. (ie SEA Freight) They wont reach France from Japan in time for the release date of November 30th. I hope its not by UPS cargo planes, they have a tendancy to fall out of the sky!!! Seeing as how Important this title is I suspect everyhing will go via Priority air to the country of destinations, From the localised duplicator.

    1. z06fun

      That’s true, Amar told us they get produced at sites on each continent and would not need to be shipped over seas.

  7. Skidmark

    Any GTPlanet followers in Terre Haute could swing by the factory to see if they’re working 24/24!

    1800 N Fruitridge Ave, Terre Haute, IN

    1. eMke3

      @Skidmark I would go there but it’s a bit too far from me 190miles. That’s about 3 hours and 47 minutes of driving…

  8. Driver46

    Went to walmart.com again to see if they finally corrected their mistake that GT5 CE is for the Wii -_-.
    They did…and now it also says it will be available on tuesday the 7-th of december. (this year)

  9. cwap

    The big question: Is it a real ship, a photoshoped ship, or a real ship that’s been photoshoped to look even more real than it is……?

    1. Fake

      That ship is 101.9% fake… look at the water line it doesn’t line up with the keep properly, anyone could tell you that PLUS there is no 3d logo on the bow.. I think that the real ship has been delayed as the paint on one of the containers didn’t match Kazunoris underpants.. we could be looking at 2112 now.

  10. Skidmark

    Nice photo of the ship…do you have any game play?

    Seriously…given the size of the packaged CD and the weight for the volume, it is not likely at all that the goods would be coming via boat.

    Air shipment is more likely…or even more likely the Blu-Ray disks will be pressed in the regions and then trucked to Sony distribution points which will forward them to the retailers/e-tailers.

    I sure hope the US will be the first go release per the old plan.

    1. Jordan

      I’m a little surprised so many people are taking serious note of the image of the ship I used in this post… It’s just something generic I found, liked, and wanted to use to represent logistics.

    2. Hoodie

      Besides, the ship has a more romantic feel to it. Braving the high seas just to bring us a little bundle of joy.

  11. rydeen

    GT has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, right? How many copies have Call of Duty sold worldwide?(Just wanna OWN a friend in what game has sold most xD)

  12. Leonidae@MFT

    Now, all we need is some Somalian pirates taking over the ship that has the GT5 shipment.. They would be crushed by previously unseen task force of angry Gran Turismo nerds. xD

  13. GT5Ultimate

    Man whether it’s November 30th or December 3, I have to buy a PS3 along with GT5 ugh but it’s gonna be well worth it! Can’t wait for this perfection!

  14. cwap

    Just looked at the Sonystyle link and they were not listing a date at all anymore. Don’t know quite how to take that. Hope it’s because they’re getting ready for the finalized date to be posted, and not because the old listing was too far from being correct.

  15. Sommerlund

    If Sony are producing 6-7 million copies for the launch. Then the 550.000 can’t be for france alone. That would mean that 1 out of 120 frenchmen where finns the game:)

  16. GT'ireland

    im glad to hear that we are getting are copies but as mentioned before,if america is due to get GT5 before europe then why has nothing been said about their copies?

  17. ZR1Sa

    Thank you Jordan & all members for your effort
    Maybe I believe them now
    In amazon France release Date 8 Dec 2010

  18. IVKillerVI

    Why are peope saying they will believe this when they have the game?
    There’s nothing in this news other than some copies have been shipped. Its not like they actually announced a release date or something.

  19. FamilyForce5

    Well I’ll be out on the Christmas Pageant Tour starting Nov. 29 and wont get home till around Dec. 21. So I have mixed feelings about this. Was really wishing it would have come out sooner.

  20. Rios

    Like many others have said here, I will believe the games release date when I’m at the store picking up my copy. Also like others have said Sony/Poly has earned that kind of un trusting suspect mentality from people by their actions. I hate having to be that cynical about it but unfortunately they’ve brought that on themselves. The one thing funny to me is everyone seems to know more about a release date or possible release date except for Sony/Poly. I mean if the game truly does come out on Dec 3rd which is less then a month away, shouldnt they have made an announcement by now. I mean they’ve got Disc’s apparently on ships and they still wont make mention of a release date. Its almost as if there to scared to make a new one cause their worried they’ll just miss it again. Like I said before, the way things are going were going to get an announcement at some point that the games release date will literally be like “in a couple days, sorry for the short notice but we didn’t want to mess up again.”

  21. GT_Fanatiic

    After 5 long years of waiting we finally get to play GT5 :) still; only way i’ll believe it is if its in the palm of my hands

    1. Foxiol

      Good point…but all copies that we have from all games at Europe are from Austria…if you look at the map…is at the east from France…and north from Italy…is right in the middle of the continent…
      And yeah…they don´t need a boat or ship…only one truck with a container :P (2 days distance no more)

  22. AGNT009

    If Sony lets another week go by with no official date, take them out into the street and shoot them. Then take the games :D

  23. lalaurentide

    So there is a Madrid launch, I wonder if Kaz foresaw the future and knows Alonso will win the F1 championship.

    1. MA3LK

      Apparently RedBull’s F1 car is going to be there, so it might be Vettel or even Webber who wins the championship.

    2. FlareKR

      Hamilton still has a big chance too. I’d be happy if he won again, Ferrari and Red Bull would be furious (followed by another broken TV from Ferrari).

  24. occasionalracer

    I’m surprised they only did 5,000 SE but 100,000 CE. You’d think that many of those looking for the ultimate GT5 pack will want the SE so 5k seems pretty limited then, there won’t be many on store shelves at all.

  25. JasonMann

    w00t! this is exactly what i wanted to hear! it is coming out in the perfect time aswell…. winter, so i can play non stop without feeling lazy!

    1. G

      Maybe its one of those new fandangled sea planes… but even then Bin Laden would have to pull off some James Bond sh*t to hijack a plane in flight… if he pulls it off he’s earned all those copies of GT5

    2. FlareKR

      If that ever does happen well here’s the possible solutions:
      1. Send guided missiles toward the ship (the crew better know how to run, jump, and swim) and bye-bye Bin Laden. Not only would a mass murderer be dead, but many Europeans would be angry and hate us more, giving us a giant smirk on our face, knowing we have the release date a day earlier.

      2. Send Navy SEALS to capture Bin Laden and free the cargo (then after that they can free the crew). This might result in a few unwanted casualties (the discs, not the crew, lol).

      Solutions that won’t work

      1. Snipe Bin-Laden. Of course it won’t work, the closest thing to a cave is the ship’s cellar.

      2. Surround the ship. Unless you’d like them to blow it up before we even try, it’s not at all a good idea.

      3. Wait for the ship to come to shore. A, it’s last stop on the itinerary is shore, preceded by a couple months (of delay) at sea, and B, we’ve been chasing the nut job for about a decade now – in empty mountains, and desert – and you think we’d find him in France – in a city – being taken over by Muslims, like Paris. Well than jolly good luck to ya, try to open every closet in Muslim Paris, they probably won’t even let you in their part of the city.

      I’ll be awaiting my acceptance letter to West Point with these plans.

      *End of Sarcasim*

  26. brettjr25

    NOVEMBER 30TH! CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. FlareKR

      NOT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Man doesn’t your caps key and 1 key get tired after a while?

  27. KopparbergDave

    Anyone here notice the number, 555,000 copies. 555, “Go, go go” in Japanese… remember McRae’s Impreza with 555 emblazoned on the side… I think this specific number of copies is some purposeful little nod to us all, it’s ‘Go’ time for GT5!

    YES! :)

    1. GT5Canuck

      Given the number of delays, and the number of years fans have waited, “GT Go” is more ironic than anything else.

      Seems it’s been “GT Slow” or “GT Stop. And start. And stop. And start.”

      Let’s hope this is the last restart.

    1. occasionalracer

      Premium, and they’ve spent 2 years doing damage modeling and physics on 100’s of different variations of iceberg collisions.

    2. unoc

      I would haver said standard… we can’t see through them (the process hasn’t been transparent). But then there is also a good argument for premium.. I mean after all it is a bit of cock/pit…. :)

      Good news about end of nov/start of december. I finish my exams 24th of novemeber. Giving me the launch party just after my last exam. Big news to come after that building up to GT5..

      But as it gets to Christmas.. should I just get it for Christmas.. nah

    3. Luke

      Oh i hope that ship is standard with no damage model. After the last delay i`m seriously out of patience :) I´m crying every day, this ship better be indestructible even for cruise missiles fired from every Forza fans all over the world !

  28. AGNT009

    Sony, this is GT Nation, we have you surrounded, come out with your hands up and a release date in hand! Nobody has to get hurt! Do the right thing.


    Jordan, if your website releases the release date to the exact week BEFORE Sony does, you deserve an effing Medal of Honor!

    I’ll bet they’re mad they are going to miss Black Friday, but hey, way before Christmas is great.

    So, Im off Dec 3, 4, 5, and 6. And Dec 4th is my B-day. Perfect scenario is releasing on the 3rd! If it comes out the second, I think I can move a day, or suddenly be sick that day, lol.

    1. FlareKR

      Hey meant the actually medal, not the huge disappointment made by EA. And when I thought I would buy that game just to wait out for GT5…

  29. FelipeJardim_PIRATE

    ARGHHH see a shipment o’ t’ old gran turismo 5 on its way. i’m goin’ t’ conquer that ship and re distribute all o’ it t’ all GTP users! AHOY

    1. Brandon

      Wouldn’t it be hugely ironic, after Polyphony and Sony held up the game to update the firmware to thwart piracy, if a bunch of pirates captured the vessel? Kaz: “I’ll be a son-of-a-B. Those dad-gum pirates got us anyway.”

    1. Foxiol

      And i´m from Uruguay that´s closed to Argentina but i´m living at Spain and it´s closed to France and that Party at Madrid too…hohohoh…

    2. Lyvan

      I am from Colombia…but I pre-orederd it in the US (latin american launch is maybe later, and I am not willing to wait any longer).

    1. cohetedor

      Which means stores will probably have the game in their back stockrooms on Black Friday, imagine the temptation to sell early to attract shoppers, wouldn’t be surprised at all if copies are in the wild Thanksgiving weekend.

    2. Lyvan

      umm gals, did anyone noticed that in the Amazon.fr link said something like “shipping since December 8th”?
      I know you cant trust 100% on retailers date, but would make sense a release for 7th USA / 8th Europe / 9th Australia…

  30. Andrew R.

    Thanks for the good news. Worst time convenience wise for me (1 week late). But I’m glad it looks like the world will get it well before the new year.

    1. blackzc

      Forza fanboys are so cute. So does PD get its torch back now from turn 10? Not that they took it from GT 4:P Im embarrased for that guy that talked all that stuff.

    2. FlareKR

      Loading howitzers to Turn 10s studio :-O, the XBox factory in China |-(, and the warehouse filled with unsold Kinects 8-O.

  31. MAidioPT

    YEEEES, and i live in Switzerland… can’t wait.

    cant wait for,
    play with my friends endurance races
    test some cars


    THAAAANKS PLAYSTATION you made my life cool. ! hahahaa

    1. FlareKR

      I think everyone here will be watching the “real news” after they hear “Ship Carrying GT5 discs for Europe captured by Somali Pirates”, lol.

  32. chikane

    this just brought a tear to my eyes knowing that we may be playing gt5 in about a month …. YES….. cant WAIT …..

  33. Adam

    I called December 7th a few days ago. Anything earlier and I’m happy. Anything later and I’ll be upset but I’ll get over it.

    1. flight50

      How about it comes out before the 29th and you not play your copy until the 29th. The rest of us want it asap.

    2. FlareKR

      How about an early present for you on the 26th? And on a Friday of that week that’s off because of Thanksgiving.
      That’s what I’m hoping for.

    1. Hoodie

      Are you crazy? Surely that’s the last day you’d want to be working!

      A) You’ll be working.
      B) You won’t be playing Gran Turismo 5.
      C) You’ll spend the day looking at ecstatic nutters who are about to go home and play Gran Turismo 5.
      D) You won’t be playing Gran Turismo 5.

  34. juelz

    well some good news atleast thanks jordan november/december is all good for me more than half a million copies allready allready would that be quick pressing or?

  35. riad

    thanks jordan, hope u got my emails that listed many uk stores that changed thier placeover dates with the dec 3rd date…

    great news

  36. GT5Canuck

    Without raining on everyone’s parade, I’ll believe it when GT5 boots up on my PS3. Sony’s earned that.

    1. J-KiLLA24

      haha, so you’re saying that you don’t believe that 555,000 copies of GT5 are being shipped to france? uhh….

    2. GT5Canuck

      And if in July someone had said “Yeah, Sony has given us the official release date, but you know they’re going to screw it up” he would’ve been hooted at. And then proven right two months later.

      Again, Sony has earned my distrust and partial contempt.

    3. Robulus

      Sony wants this game out more than you do. They want it out a year ago. With xbox emerging as a market leader, Sony desperately need this game to sell consoles. And there is enough reliable intel to suggest development has finished, and the game is being produced.

      The only sound reason this game could possibly be delayed this long, is there are people so committed to it’s integrity, and who have so much sway with Sony, that they aren’t going to release anything but the perfect product.

      This stands to be one of the most significant releases ever, and it looks like no compromise has been made with quality.

      That should at least bring a smile to your face.

    4. GT5Canuck

      Umm, I’ll point out that the Wii is, by sales, the market leader.

      And yes, if PD/Sony had cut corners to get it out on time I would’ve been in the group of grumblers complaining about it. So I’d rather have it late and quality rather than on time and shoddy.

      But Sony gets no slack from me, and I firmly believe no one should applaud their (mis)handling of GT5, whether it be the last few weeks or from 2008. Release date info from a French retailer, rather than Sony HQ…really? This is the way publicity for a flagship game is handled?

    5. mike3648 (PS3)

      A ship with 550,000 copies just for France? Seriously??? Is there not a Blu-ray manufacturing plant in Europe that can create copies and distribute by truck? And the copies are just for France? I reckon if they are using a ship(still think thats not as quick as air cargo)they could fit some in there for the rest of Europe. Distribution by ship seems ancient to me. Waiting on definite release date-this story is just filler and for gossip.

    6. Robulus

      Oh yeah the handling of the release is a disaster. No argument. I guess my point is that it really does look like release is imminent, and that the product is uncompromised.

      You’re right about wii, I kind of think of that as a different market though. Sony and Microsoft want to be the heart of your media network, nintendo aren’t interested in that.

    7. Patrocles

      @mike3648 (PS3),

      AFAICT, it only says the game is shipping to France and does not specifiy production site or mode of shipping.

      I assume there must be at least one BD production plant in Europe? Anyone?

    8. Hentis

      Sorry but if this happened to any other non notable game such as F1 2010 or MOH or Star Wars The Force Unleashed II or NFS Hot Pursuit then not alot of people would bat an eyelid about the (not even a month delay, if current estimations are correct).

      Because its GT5 and labelled as possibly the best game / racing sim ever, people are moaning left right and center about the delay. But itd mainly The “I want it now” generation that are not getting their own way that are kicking up a fuss. Personally I have 34 (OMFG!!!) other PS3 & 1 PS2 games to play, whith at I am picking up another game on Tuesday to add to the collection but I can wait for GT5 I have plenty of games to play and other stuff to do. Most of the people that are moaning on here will play the game for about a month and move on… So what was all the moaning about then?

      Its life, its the real world it happens just deal with it.

    9. GT5Canuck

      “Sorry but if this happened to any other non notable game such as F1 2010 or MOH or Star Wars The Force Unleashed II or NFS Hot Pursuit then not alot of people would bat an eyelid about the (not even a month delay, if current estimations are correct).

      Because its GT5 and labelled as possibly the best game / racing sim ever, people are moaning left right and center about the delay.”

      If this was about a one time, short term mistake by Sony, then I’d heartily agree with you.

      But instead this is a 2 year plus trail of broken promises, butchered marketing, and mixed messages.

      Again, Sony has earned my mistrust.

    1. FlareKR

      Now this is news!
      So if Europe is getting it shipped now, and their release date is the next day after the USA, doesn’t that mean North America already had it shipped?

    2. dog_film

      Hey, imagine if a container comes loose and the game starts to wash up on British shores. Serves ’em all right if after all the wait we got it for free!

    3. Hentis

      If that ever happend, as per a few years ago when a container ship got into diffulculties off the Dorset / Devon coast and Containers were washed ashore and Motorbikes / peoples lifetime possesions / products were being washed ashore and people were taking them home its classed as theft and you can still be arrested and charged for it, under international and that countries own law.

    4. New Delay

      Now all we need is another delay.

      Possible causes:

      – The containers fell in the see after a storm
      – The containers where not clear at customs because…
      – The containers where left too long at the port and the disc rusted (I know someone will believe this one)

      After all, I am so hurt, that I will not believe on any release date until the disk is in my hand :)

      But this information is very pleasing.

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