RUF CTR3 to Feature GTPlanet Livery in Project CARS


“Project CARS” – a new racing game from Slightly Mad Studios – is set to release in March, and it’s going to feature one very special car for our community here! The game’s RUF CTR3 SMS-R will be available in a full GTPlanet livery, conceived by GTP member Willfred_1 and custom designed by FLX1981.


The livery features GTPlanet’s colors and logo, and – if you look carefully – you’ll find the sponsors are actually stylized names of active users in GTPlanet’s Project CARS forum.

The design was recently approved by the SMS development team and RUF, and will be available as one of several liveries provided for the car in the game. Two versions of GTPlanet’s livery will be available: #27 with blue mirrors and my name listed as the driver, and #28 with red mirrors and FLX1981’s name listed as the driver.

Project CARS is currently scheduled for release on March 17th in the US and March 20th in Europe, and will be available on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Thank you to FLX1981, Willfred_1, the SMS team, and RUF for making this possible. Be sure to stop by the car’s official thread in our forums to say thanks to everyone involved!

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  1. HarVee

    I was interested in Project Cars, until SMS dropped PS3 support. I don’t have a PC fast enough, and I’m not going to invest in a PS4 at this current moment.

  2. smskeeter23

    Just too bad I won’t get to use it. I shelled out a triple digit number for membership, beta testing, and project interaction back when it was going to be released for PS3. Then they dumped that and I’ll be left with jack s*** for my $ since I won’t have anything to run it on now. Thanks alot Slightly Mad.

    Wonder if I’ll even still get my free copies. Doubt it.

    I need to build a PC for iRacing and be done with all this crap >:(

    1. Myles Prower

      You can always get a refund and the decisions was done by a community vote which was 96% in favor of canceling the last gen versions due to the significant compromises that would have to be made.

    2. LogiForce

      If you put in a 3 digit number than you can still use those profit returns to build a PC or buy a PS4 or XB1. So all is not completely lost, mate. ;)

  3. JohnScoonsBeard

    I said when it was first announced last year, well done to all parties concerned. It’s a really great idea. Great things are expected from Project Cars. Suddenly the middle of March is looking much closer. I’d better hurry up and “finish” all those Christmas games.

  4. Timppaq

    Great idea Willfred_1 and amazing paint FLX (thanks for including my surname there too!)! Thanks RUF & SMS for allowing this one in and congratz Jordan for the good in game ad! :p

  5. vr6cas

    I knew this was going to happen, I called it a couple months ago, I forget what post but I said something like, Jordan my as well change the site name to PCarsPlanet. Welp, Kaz should have gave Jordan that interview. You snooze you lose KAZ! lol, haha. Way to go Jordan! Tup!

  6. LogiForce

    Was glad to be asked by Felix (FLX1981) to have a logo put on the car after my name, which is Christiaan van Beilen… hence “Van Beilen” in nice lettering on the car.
    The logo should be stylized as a, to quote Felix, “luxury brand/lifestyle/fashion label/expensive beverage kinda look”.

    I must say it’s really humbling to become engraved in a retail game like this though. So thanks again to everyone that made this possible. I just can’t say that enough as for me it came to me totally out of the blue. :)

    Thanks to Jordan for making a nice article about this nice livery as well, and also making it possible of course. ;)

  7. CeeJay

    Wow, the livery looks awesome! Good job to the guys who made it! That is super cool of Slightly Mad to do this. How in the world can GTPlanet get a nice nod from SMS in Project Cars before getting a nod in a Gran Turismo game?? That makes me sad. PD really should try to engage their fans a little bit more.

    I’ve not paid any attention to the game, I’ll def be keeping an eye on it now. I hope it turns out good. I’d love to take a new racing game for a spin on my PS4.

  8. Halcyon925

    It’s really cool how GTPlanet is getting it’s own themed car, but it would be more appropriate if a GTP car was in GT instead. GTP has actually done good things to raise GT’s popularity, and I wish GT7 would have a GTP car as well. It’s kind of the kick in the face from PD that Project Cars gets a car with a Gran Turismo fan base’s livery, and Gran Turismo does not.

  9. omnibusse

    Looks amazing! One more reason to look forward to Project Cars. Hope, they’ll get the game out in March this year.

  10. Kurei

    P.CARS/SMS beginning to out-do GT/PD in more ways than 1 ? itshappening.gif

    Looking forward to the games release!

  11. SZRT Ice

    Anyone remember the ‘Weekly Rewind’? It had things about FM, PCARS, and all things simulation, real world racing events, photomode competitions, tune of the month, etc. This I’d a welcomed return to sim-racing/race world news. It’s all relevant to Gran Turismo in one way or another, and it does belong here on GTPlanet. Maybe PD will take notice and get a fire lit under their a**es as far as vinyl/livery editors are concerned. It’s really a shame that the first GTP vinyl I’ve seen was on a Forza game, and the first official livery dedicated to GTPlanet and included in-game will be from a game that’s brand new to the world of sim-racing. Meanwhile, the game the site was created for and named after…


    Anyways, that car and that livery are both bad-ass.

  12. infamousphil

    A friend just suggested ProjectCars is not the racing SIMULATOR everyone, apparently, assuming it is. Please say it isn’t so! FLX?

    I’ve already said it wasn’t on my radar for the lack of Ferrari. But if it’s going to be anonther ProjectGothem… great car and track arcade. Well I’ll need to get off this hype train at the next stop. That weather video did look a little detached… from reality?

    1. infamousphil

      Thank you FLX. He’s a hater anyways ;)… but a damn good driver nonetheless. I should’ve checked PCars’ website prior to posting but I did afterwards and was surprised by there not being any mention of it being a simulator. Least upon glancing anyways… physics this and looks that…

      Although I’ll continue to hold out for Ferrari, it doesn’t mean that the Planet doesn’t deserve all the kudos it gets. What it does mean is I’ll be missing out on all the early bird specials ;(

    2. Johnnypenso

      If you think the GT community on GTP is divided, spend a few days in the sim racing community and it makes GTP look like a family picnic…lol. It seems many people have the sim they’ve invested most of their time in and they dig their heels in to defend it all costs, often defying all logic, and trashing everything else in sight. Your friend probably has his sim, maybe RFactor2 or iRacing or whatever and you’ll be hard pressed to convince him that anything even remotely associated with a console could possibly be a sim of any kind. Funny thing is, even if the game comes out and it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, he probably still won’t like it…lol.

    3. infamousphil

      You kinda got me there Johnny. My heels are firmly planted with PD Kaz for many reasons. GranTurismo was the first to include street and race cars in one package. Then there’s the mutitude of cars and tracks.

      Though Kaz’s GT has been bested in many aspects, the game continues to demand many months of grinding just for the cars I’m really interested in. As of now, while I browse through the increasing number of choices, no other simulator offers the variety of not just cars but classes of cars… prototypes, grand touring, spec racers, even formula. While I don’t shine well in spec racing, for example, I find joy out breaking the Corvette with my Viper, driving around the R8 at mid corner in the R35 and beating the MPC-12 to the finish line behind the wheel of a fly yellow 458.

      The others will offer new and improved stuff… I’m sure Kaz and PD will do the same. And I’m sure I’ll be as vexed as always as to why they didn’t do this or decided against that.

    4. Johnnypenso

      I was referring to your friend phil…lol. The Sim community, meaning rFactor, iRacing, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, Game Stock Car etc, is not a united bunch that’s for sure. There is an absolute ton of hate/jealousy/bitterness in that community for Project Cars and from what I can see, it’s no different than the Forza/GT console debate that rages once in a while. Your friend likely has his sim that he’s invested a lot of time in and he”ll be damned if some gosh darn console game is going to come along and dethrone his game!!

      PCars is a completely different approach than GT, the only real similarity between the two at this point is tracks and cars. GT is more about hitting the broad strokes with a ton of cars (PCars has an edge in tracks IMO), whereas PCars is more about shooting for absolute accuracy in reproducing cars and tracks and more imporantly, the driving and racing experience. Some people can enjoy both but I suspect that Project Cars won’t have a broad appeal among GT fans because it’s too “serious” and not so much about the fun side of car games.
      I am hoping that PCars bring the same appeal to me that Assetto Corsa does. The driving experience, the feel of the cars, the FFB, the sounds, the cockpit view are all so immersive to me that I can drive the same car for days on different tracks just enjoying the sensation of driving and the challenge of putting up some consistent and fast laps. When a sim is that immersive, you don’t need a huge car list to enjoy yourself. At least for me anyway.

  13. Blood*Specter

    I think SMS is sending a message. Because GTPlanet is a roof under which many driving games sit. Not just PD’s Grand Turismo.

    Grand Turismo is no longer the only game in town. In addition to looks, if Project Cars has quality tracks, engine sounds, driving dynamics and suspension/aero adjustments that make each car respond realistically, there will be a mass exodus away from Grand Turismo and to Project Cars.

    PD needs to step up their game or they will lose a number formally loyal paying customers.
    Kaz, PD and Sony have so many irons in the fire that they seem to have forgotten the driving experience is the heart and soul of the game. That along with a generous lineup of cars and real world tracks are what keep people coming back. They had better get rid of any thought of bringing standard cars to GT7.

    Project Cars still has to prove itself strong enough to nerf GT. But by all accounts, Kaz is in for a bar fight once Project Cars is released.

  14. yewles1

    I hope you guys realize this is exclusive to the PC version, as there’s no livery editor in the console version.

  15. Gogga

    … And GT7 will include Standard Cars from a Second Gen Console.
    Roll on March 2015. Project Cars is going to be Awesome!!

  16. infamousphil

    At first I was thinking maybe GTPlanet should consider a name change. But the moniker “GT” covers the genre completely. Again a job well done!

  17. FLX1981

    Thanks @ Jordan for this great article, SMS for including the livery in the game and to everyone here for the kind words. Feels great being a part of these awesome sim racing communities here and at WMD. :)

  18. GranTurismoFive

    How nice of the Project CARS crew. I’m really looking forward to this game. How nice that the people behind this game would do such a thing.

    One would think the guys at PD would’ve done something like this years ago. I mean this is one of (if not the) largest Gran Turismo community online… Shame on you PD.

  19. MXHyland

    Saw this the pCARS forum a few weeks ago. The GTPlanet livery is simply sogood.gif. I’ve previously …. on SMS for their LE and pre-order content but stuff like these just about guarantees my full support for pCARS.

  20. mr_pepps

    The car and its special GTP livery looks excellent, but imo Project Cars is very much a sexy arcade racer and a wholly different experience to anything offered up by GT.

    1. FLX1981

      It is a full racing sim, even more so than GT. It is indeed sexy though and the experience will but very different from GT… Real racing with all bells and whistles, it is. No “stuff all the stage 3 tuning in your car, start last, finish first and ram everything out the way in between” here.

    2. JerseyDriverSS

      Have you played it yet? Its a sim for sure. To be honest out of all sims on the market console or pc, Gran Turismo is one of the worst if not the worst. You are right though, it is wholly different experience from GT. It’s actually good.

  21. Scuderia Paul

    Looks great! I have always thought that GT should feature a GT Planet livery on some racing cars.

    Perhaps this will give PD an idea…

  22. WarriusZero

    I’m finding this news article extremely interesting.

    Not that I’m just finding out about Project CARS, as I’ve started getting ready for it a few months ago, but the fact that @Jordan decides to bring it to the front page days after deciding to close the ‘Kaz Q&A’ section because of the lack of replies from Kaz.

    Is Jordan’s patience running thin?

    If it would go as far as shifting GTPlanet’s focus from the GT series to PCars, THAT would be a massive slap in the face of Kaz…

    … Oh and I can’t wait to proudly sport gtp’s colours. February, do us a favour and let March happen before you!

    1. MeanElf

      I did think it odd for a non GT article, then of course it is an article about GTPlanet more than PCars…so why shouldn’t it appear here.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Is Jordan’s patience running thin? No, I think it’s more of a question of available news running thin…lol. Not much happening on the GT front except for VGT, no features forthcoming, no news on GT7 etc. I’d guess he was saving this up for a lull in the news action and now is about the right time for that. This is GTPlanet and it will remain focused on the GT series as long as it’s relevant, which it still is.

    3. HKS racer

      No probably Jordan is the most patient and polite person of all of us. And he has to be, since GT is his business and dealing with PD is not easy not only for lenguage barrier.

      At the same time he has all the rights to advertise Gtplanet brand even on other racing games. We all started playing GT because we all love cars afterall.
      And guess what something called Project Cars is about.

  23. DSUjoeDirte9

    I like the livery. But for the car itself is the body how is that how Porsche made it minus the body kit and obvious stuff. Or did Ruf take 2 different cars and glue them together?

    1. DG_Silva

      No, it’s how the devs thought a GT3 kit should look like. There was a bit of guidance from the community until everyone was happy.

  24. Johnnypenso

    I think it’s fantastic that this is an official PCars livery and on one of my most anticipated cars to boot. I can only imagine the awesomeness that would come out of this community if GT7 comes with a full livery editor.

    I don’t think it was mentioned that all of the logos on the livery are companies or individuals associated with GTP and/or the Project Cars community – Koskela, Willfred, DG Silva, DORJAN Motorsports etc.

  25. infamousphil

    Wow! That’s awesome news! It’s like getting a chicane named after you (almost?)! Congratulations!

    Too bad I gots to buy another console. Then no mention of Ferrari and or Porsche… I know whata RUF is ;) But without a la Ferrari, F12, 599, Enzo, 550, F50 GT, F50, … 8s, … get the picture? Not really interested. Sorry

    The drive club video in the forum looks nice. Even on my phone. But without my Italian Stallions…

    1. Johnnypenso

      The car list is pretty limited in terms of numbers and manufacturer variety if you’re used to Forza/GT. Hopefully it makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity.

  26. Stumps_GTI

    Man, this is looking sooooo sweet. :)
    Now to decide, PS4 or XBone???? Hmm, will have to check what other games I “might” play..

    Congrats Jordan for spreading the GTP word, plus also the “DORJAN Motorsport”. ;)

    1. SZRT Ice

      GT7? Or FM6 and FH3?

      Which do you look forward to more?
      Get your next-generation console based on that question.

    2. drag lab 101

      Why not both?

      I did… Not at once of coarse but over the span of a year.
      Both will have great things to offer, although I do heavily favor my PS4 over the others.
      But that’s based off community & user friendly interface and look/function VS performance quality.

    1. Akiras Mantis

      Oh, I know. Nintendo’s FIRST RACING SIM!!! I’m going to live on the Project Cars Miiverse community

    1. SZRT Ice

      Well, that’s kinda wack. But considering the Wii U’s secondary monitor/controller, the Wii U version will need it’s own interface and polishing. In fact, if they decide to really take advantage of it, the Wii U version could end up becoming the definitive edition of sorts!

    2. drag lab 101

      “Wii U version could become a definitive edition of sorts!”
      Probably for all the wrong reasons…
      I originally considered to get this on my Wii U as opposed to my XB1 or PS4 or even PC, and right away I reconsidered based off of graphical compromise and frame rate.
      I do love my Wii U but in all honesty its not going to be able to compete against the performamce of the other platforms. The gimic of the touch pad potential features will wear off in probably a weeks time too.
      IMO that is…
      I did very much want to have a title like this for my Wii U, just so I can have something other then ZombieU that’s not Mario/Zelda related in some form.
      I also would not be surprised to see the Wii U version get dropped too.
      I’ve waitied and waited on this game for years as it’s been pushed continually and passed around by devs. All the while the least amount or details have always concerned the Nintendo version that potentially would follow the others at some point… It seems maybe over ambitious to have on all consoles and from a business stand point, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have to seperate/different development that’s more complicated for Wii U when they’ll get all the bread & butter for the efforts off the other platforms.

    3. SZRT Ice

      If Wii U is your only home console that supports PCars, I doubt you’d have those complaints. The second screen feature can be much more of a benefit to some than shiny(er) graphics and a faster framerate.

      Anything from boost/NoS gauges, to a secondary on board cpu interface can be included for the Wii U controller! And if the choose to make it customizeable towards user preference, you can see it being used for all sorts of things by choice! It could even have a smart phone/tablet page slide interface! Tire wear/pressure (page 1), traction control, 4WD torque split, brake pressure, etc. (page 2), track map & elevation changes (page 3), NoS duration/Strength gauge (page 4), On screen HUD (to clear up your TV Screen, Page 5), Rear View mirror (optional page 6), Vehicle Stats: body damage, gas, nitrous depletion, engine wear, etc. (page 7). You get my drift, a lot can be done, not in terms of looks, frame rate, and onscreen objects. But playability, play factor, immersion, and fun factor.

      Looks aren’t everything man.

    4. Johnnypenso

      From what I’ve read Drag lab, development of all platforms is pretty much simultaneous and concurrent with the vast majority of the game transferrable directly from one to the other, so it’s not as big of a job to do all platforms as you might think. Of course the Wii is a little different but it’s coming out after the other 3 are launched and is the simpler version. There is no way the Wii version gets dropped, I’d bet on it. The revenue potential on Wii is massive if the game takes off, easily over $100Million gross. Also the game has only been in development less than 3 years, not an unusual amount of time for something on this scale to be built from scratch, and there was only one official release date that got pushed back.

    5. drag lab 101

      @ ICE.. I understand looks aren’t everything but frame rate in racing is an issue.. I’m sure you’re aware of this as many other. Remember the GT6 launch and frame rate issues.. Wii U is under powered enough for it to be a potential worry.
      I’ll disagree about the fan base too.. I would wager most of the Wii U community wouldn’t be interested in a sim racer.. I stand to be proven wrong. But I’d wager it’ll do better across all other platforms compared to Wii U.

      @ Johnny.. I’ve read for that entire 3 yrs I’d say atleast.. Bout the development being side by side ect. In the DEV promises depo I’m a lil skeptical.
      If it wasn’t more difficult to program for it would launch at the same time. That it doesn’t shows the hardware is trickier to make use of.
      Loads of games that were coming to Wii U in the last 2 yrs have been abandon for these reasons and it’s also why Nintendo to date still has so very few titles that aren’t 1st party.
      The game pad is cool… Basically the whole reason I got a Wii U at launch. Because personally I think NIN has been poo since GameCube. IMO they haven’t done much well since N64. This does stand to be a big year for Wii U but again most of that is 1st party.
      And has a Wii U owner and player… The game pad is as boring as it is neat.
      It’s under utilized and has many options and things as it could do.. It basically falls short in its use on all titles as well as its pathetic battery life.
      Trust me, I’m not bashing even though it may seems so.. I’m a gamer at heart and grew up on Nin.
      I just know what my experience as an owner of these consoles had been the past 2 yrs and it’s a disappointment.

    6. drag lab 101

      I’ll add that the development is and has been so tricky for outside parties it’s one a several reasons Nintendo has been developing yet another console so quickly.

    7. Johnnypenso

      I haven’t followed Nintendo so I wasn’t aware of the difficulties you mention up there ^^^ drag lab…good to know. I really hope it works out on the’ll be a stroke of genius if it does. I’ll buy all the kids that I know with a Wii a copy for sure!

    8. SZRT Ice

      Whoa, I didn’t know Nintendo was already planning a new console? But yeah, you’re definitely right about the RAM/CPU constraints. But the Wii U definitely has more RAM and CPU than the PS3 has.

    1. Stumps_GTI

      I was just wondering the very same thing??
      Even though each system is different, Sony, MS etc.. the game itself is owned by one company, the online community might have inter-playability….??
      Could be interesting. :)

    2. Johnnypenso

      Nope. Each platform is independent although the physics are supposed to be identical on all three platforms, so there may be some cross platform competition of sorts possible in TT’s and other solo challenges. I believe even the Wii version will have the same physics but a simpler tire model and obviously severely reduced graphics, but don’t quote me.

  27. drag lab 101

    That’s sharp! Just another part of a long list of reasons why I can’t wait to own this title!
    Awesome job!

  28. m8h3r

    Pretty impressive how big the reach of GTPlanet is into the world of motorsport/gaming.

    Even noticed Jordan on the Kaz documentary.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Yes it is. If I could figure out how to do a livery in AC I’d do something similar. I should ask someone to do it for me…lol. The Yellowbird was just released, it would be close enough to make it look similar.

  29. Whodoyouthink

    What a beautiful Ruf! Looks insanely fun. Don’t see why Porsche doesn’t add it in to the mix for racing. The 911 is solid and everything, but I think the CTR is on another level.

  30. Snakebitten

    If this game lives up to the hype and visuals its goodbye GT franchise and Kaz for me. I haven’t touched GT6 in a long time. I truly am tired of years of dissatisfaction and frustration with the GT franchise and am looking forward to a fresh approach to this kind of gaming experience. Hopefully this team will push Kaz to up his game with the GT franchise. This game looks to be a great one with the things/cars that most of us really want and not endless fluff. Project Cars 2 will be out before GT7 lol.

  31. DCybertron

    Now isn’t this quite the way to attract GT players? =P
    Needless to say, this would be a game I’d get if I had a next gen console. I don’t unfortunately.

  32. kekke2000

    GT7 will most likely be the last Gran Turismo… Kaz is too much of a perfectionist. Customers want games that are good all over, not great here and there and bad elsewhere.

    1. HKS racer

      So how is Kaz a perfectionist when his games are “great here and there and bad elsewhere”. The only word that comes to mind describing something that is “great here and there and bad elsewhere” is inconsistent.

  33. Raggadish

    “Two versions of GTPlanet’s livery will be available: #27 with blue mirrors and my name listed as the driver…” Mr Evans reaction: What about ME?!? T_T Hahaha

  34. SkierPS3

    Awesome, makes me hope some sort of livery creation is added to GT7. Adding car numbers in GT6 is a great feature, but a little more would be nice.

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