SCEA Resolves GT Academy USA Round 2 Corner-Cutting With New Track

February 2nd, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Sony and Polyphony Digital have, fortunately, acted quickly to resolve the issues with corner-cutting in round 2 of GT Academy USA. All times for the Indianapolis Road Course have been removed, and the track has been replaced with a new custom-built circuit known as “Eifel 102A”. As with Indy, the  Nür (R34) is the only available car. The round will still end at its regularly scheduled time (February 6th at midnight, EST).

On behalf of all GT Academy participants, thank you to SCEA and Polyphony Digital for responding to this issue so quickly. (Thanks to Nathan for the quick tip!)

UPDATE: Just added video of the new “Eifel 102A” course above.

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  1. Feb. 6, 6:14am

    New track looks awful – just something knocked up with the track designer tool.

  2. Feb. 4, 1:23pm

    Erm who cares…..concentrate on fixing GT5’s bugs GT academy can wait. This is what pisses me off Sony and PD seriously could take a few lessons in prioritisation.

  3. Feb. 4, 1:08pm

    Apparently the new track is even worse. They’ve changed tracks again……lol

  4. Feb. 4, 10:45am

    “On behalf of all GT Academy participants, thank you to SCEA and Polyphony Digital for responding to this issue so quickly.”

    Seriously? Thank them for what? For responding to an issue that shouldn’t have been there in the first place? This website and its owner/whoever wrote this is so full of [explicit]. If GT 6 will have just one car and one track and all you can do in it is run puppies over, GTPlanet would still refuse to admit it sucks, like its doing with GT5.

  5. Feb. 4, 9:25am

    Why bother? They did nothing last time round.

  6. Feb. 3, 10:45pm
    guidance is internal

    Baseball, apple pie, & cheating. Cheating’s the American way. Howdya suppose we got to be #1 ?

  7. Feb. 3, 9:14pm

    I can’t believe all the people that are calling participants cheaters for getting the fastest time possible under the rules they’re given. That’s how a competition works. PD are the ones cheating everyone out of a rational competition because they’re too incompetent to implement a penalty for 4 wheels in the grass.

    PD, if you’re reading this and you need help understanding how to put this penalty into code, here’s what you do: your physics engine that’s calculating force on the tires… it actually knows if the tires are in grass! Now if all four tires are in grass, then that means the person is off the road! Once you know that, then you give them a penalty!! I know, it’s pretty difficult…

  8. Feb. 3, 1:06pm

    Surprised that PD didn’t add instant dirty lap time once all 4 wheels leave the course and enter no mans land. They should also add undercarriage damage, axles and the crankshaft and oil pan are down there. I would go with crankshaft for the majority of non MR cars, MR cars would have easier engine damage since the engine is located just ahead of the rear axle(the part that usually gets hit when you bottom over curbing). Come on PD we need a little more added to the penalties box, and how about a little more control over race stipulations, where is the rolling start x2?

  9. Feb. 3, 12:57pm
    Big Ron

    Heeeyyy…they cheated and now they have a more fun track than before. They have been rewarded for their cheat.

  10. Feb. 3, 11:46am

    I hope they give us this track in GT5 :)

  11. Feb. 3, 6:50am

    Hey that means I should’ve made the cut in round one then if this is true. I was only 2seconds off the fastest lap. Damn cheaters.

  12. Feb. 3, 6:29am
    David Perel

    That is quite a bad replacement track if I’m honest. Too fast and flowing, not technical at all. Pity.

  13. Feb. 3, 3:11am

    Congratulations on taking effective action so quickly!

  14. Feb. 3, 1:31am
    Madman Apex

    wouldnt it be quicker to eliminate corner cutting by just using the city tracks??!?

  15. Feb. 3, 1:12am

    It was proven that you brake faster if you let the engine hit the rev limiter as you slow down. Im not against engine braking, but that sort of abuse he was doing is not kosher.

    Also, you cant treat a manual like its a sequential and just leaving the gas down as you clutch and release. Yes, I’ve seen that technique used before but they definitely cant do it very often without damage to the drivetrain.

    • Feb. 3, 4:20am

      It’s called powershifting matt. This is also a game.

      With the engine breaking, it isn’t that big of a deal but as one of the Europe contestants found out. Using this technique in a real car isn’t very smart. It was part of the reason why he didn’t move on with Lucas.

      I find it sad that they moved to a course creator track instead of providing a fix for indy or GT5 in general. They should have the code. Corner cutting penalties were in Prologue.

  16. Feb. 2, 11:17pm

    GTA Round 3: Multiple choice, pick the correct spelling of the word “fail” from the list above. Please, no cheating, and just picking the one that’s spelled the same has found in this instruction. You have ten minutes. Thanks for playing.

    • Feb. 3, 5:15am

      “spelled the same HAS found”

      Total fale, flail, wait a minute… feyl!

    • Feb. 5, 11:21pm

      Btw, don’t mind MikPL. He just hasn’t clued in to the fact that absolutely no one in the entire world speaks english “correctly” anymore, and hasn’t for centuries. Why he’s stuck on the “has” vs. “as” thing is a mystery, given that’s a modification found to be acceptable in many english speaking regions of the world, but everyone needs a hobby I guess.

  17. Feb. 2, 10:31pm

    I love how there are rumble trip sounds when hes on the grass lol

    • Feb. 3, 1:32pm

      There’s actually a thin strip of bricks between the tarmac and the grass which generates that sound.

  18. Feb. 2, 10:25pm


  19. Feb. 2, 9:13pm

    Flail. Naw but, hope you guys get a good GT-Academy! GTP:ers, better win this.. OR ELSE! :p

  20. Feb. 2, 9:11pm

    Epic FAIL …Sony cocks up again just like they did with Move and GT5

  21. Feb. 2, 8:39pm

    Wow that track looks extremly easy, but quite long.

  22. Feb. 2, 8:09pm

    Lol he’s using a controller

  23. Feb. 2, 7:42pm

    That’s a nice track. As for cornner cutting I think it’s cheating but break bouncing and clutching is fine. Personaly if people think they should drop the event because some one cheated they should take a long look in the mirrior. I mean these same people most Likely watch baseball and have no idea that every one in that sport cheats. That to me was a clean run the guy kept half of his car on track at all times and had to short shift to avoid a spin out. Hell just watch a Aussie v8 supercar race they cut cornners all the time to avoid traffic in slow sections

  24. Feb. 2, 7:02pm


    What about round 1 PD?

    • Feb. 2, 7:03pm

      Sorry, I meant SCEA.

  25. Feb. 2, 6:55pm

    Interesting track lots of double apex corners and blind crests.

  26. Feb. 2, 6:53pm

    I think a better soultion to corner cutting is to make the infield grass as a non-solid object so then you just fall through into darkness. I mean they have the falling into darkness downpat at the Top Gear Test Track

  27. Feb. 2, 6:27pm

    Take that corner cutters!

  28. Feb. 2, 6:24pm

    Love the new track. Looks technical and interesting. Do not understand fastest lap time (#4) being different from lap #4 time…

    • Feb. 2, 6:56pm

      I think the 2:52 is the fastest on the leader boards and the 2:53 is his best lap

  29. Feb. 2, 5:36pm
    blue cat

    um, why does the replay show two separate and different lap times for lap 4?

  30. Feb. 2, 5:27pm


    • Feb. 2, 5:45pm


    • Feb. 3, 12:36am


      Cutting apexes is fine, but they should revise the penalty code to include the 4-wheel rule. Just as the FIA does to stop people from cutting corners, when all 4 wheels leave the track on the inside of a corner, you are assessed a penalty. Stop and go in F1, or lap time DQ in GT5. That or stick to RWD cars, which would make cutting through grass much more difficult.

    • Feb. 4, 3:04am

      But using a RWD car would mean that all those Skylines would go to waste!

  31. Feb. 2, 4:35pm

    I’m with you on this Jays, is rev bouncing not just having your revs really high when slowing down? thats what I do IRL on my motorbike, it helps you slow down quicker ( sometimes locking the rear wheel, brown pants moment) and clutch dumping? like double clutching? I dont use the clutch to change up on my bike. not cheating its finding an advantage.
    strapping a turbo to the bike in a non turbo race is cheating. cutting grass is cheating…

  32. Feb. 2, 4:05pm
    • Feb. 3, 1:21pm

      You can also watch the replays on your PS3. Click on a person’s name on the leaderboard and you get the option to save the replay. Save it, exit and watch it in replay theatre…

  33. Feb. 2, 3:43pm

    only in American GTAcadamy will you find people cheating. Not only are we bad at making a reliable vehicle but we can t take something serious. You guys should be thankful you made it. I never even got to post a time in round 1. You guys are lucky they didn’t just cancel gt academy for the US. I would love for a cheater to represent the US. It kinda actually fits.

    • Feb. 2, 4:19pm

      Matt, I’m a little confused as to how clutch dumping and ‘rev bounce braking’ are cheating?
      When I’m cutting the cones at my local SCCA autocross track, I’ll often shift my 7 down and let the revs go high, it’s just how you race.
      As for clutch dumping, I must be VERY confused, as that just sounds like using the clutch to keep your revs high.

  34. Feb. 2, 2:51pm

    They should just cancel GT Academy right now. They are just going to have people that can’t drive at all in the top.

  35. Feb. 2, 2:45pm

    It doesnt matter if corner cutting is taken out. No life cheaters will use all other advantages to make up for their lower skills.

    The video linked before not only had corner cutting, but rev bouncing braking and clutch dumping. These sort of competitions should only be held under supervision.

    • Feb. 3, 8:45am

      I’m pretty sure he was using a controller due to al the horn honking. How do you clutch dump with a controller?

  36. Feb. 2, 2:20pm

    Somewhere in the past there was an article that had a screenshot of a computer at PD showing (in Japanese) showing folders of track names. Does anyone remember that? I wonder if this Eifel102A was on that screen.

  37. Feb. 2, 1:51pm
    Ken Barth

    Maybe they should change the required car to a riding lawn mower for the grass cutting!

    • Feb. 2, 2:04pm

      Forget adding tyres etc. Add a monster in the infield. LOL

    • Feb. 3, 10:31am

      Have the cheaters use the Fiat 500 F (similiar to a riding lawn mower in my eyes) that way they can handle a turn at 30 mph lol!!!!!

  38. Feb. 2, 1:00pm

    problem resolved.race on!

  39. Feb. 2, 12:56pm

    Thanks to the organizers, even if I’m not in this. Good job. fix ALL the tracks to DQ a dirty lap!! ;)

  40. Feb. 2, 12:51pm

    Lost souls, only with cheating they have a chance… I hope god or whoever will help them to manage their lifes…

    I bet in real life they are loosers too… sad sad…

  41. Feb. 2, 12:49pm

    ROFL! I hadn’t yet raced at Indy, but this sounds like great news! New track with less time to learn it, sweet.


  42. Feb. 2, 12:48pm

    the penalty system sucks big time! cutting corners is just the start of it and most rooms i go in to online they cut corners in free run/qualifying just to get ahead.

    Then drivers that ram me or a small tap on the bumper i get the penalty, at first it was laughable but now it just plain annoying.

    Do something PD…

  43. Feb. 2, 12:33pm

    Ah thats gonna suck for people who are quick on indy.

    Somebody upload a video or pics of the new eifel track :D

  44. Feb. 2, 12:27pm

    Why couldn’t they just add tires or something to the Indianapolis course to prevent the corner-cutting?

    • Feb. 2, 5:20pm

      They probably will. But the new track is probably a much faster way to keep GT Academy rolling smoothly.

    • Feb. 2, 11:13pm

      They still want to preserve the look of the track probably.
      I like what they did in FM3, in areas like that the grass would act like quick sand and hold you down to 20mph. It stopped you faster than your brakes could.
      If they just placed “quick sand” in certain places they could fix corner cutting and preserve the appearance of the track.

  45. Feb. 2, 12:16pm

    I just saw the new replay of DOCTORILL and guess what? First, he is not on the black list like Alex Leighton said and even worse, he still uses the grass to go faster (similar to Cape Ring issue of round 1). Some guys will never understand…

    • Feb. 2, 12:33pm

      I think we just need to give up on it. I mean I stopped round 1 when I found out people cheated. Cause when I knew that I knew no hope for driving clean and earning a win. Hate to say it, seems like the cheaters push out some of the great potential…..

  46. Feb. 2, 12:13pm

    Really? They made a track just for this? Wow

    • Feb. 2, 12:18pm
      Rob Haswell

      It’ll probably be just a course maker track. Does anyone have any information on it?

    • Feb. 2, 12:42pm

      This is pathetic. Tell me why they can’t simply fix the penalty system.

    • Feb. 2, 1:45pm

      because that will take longer than you think, it’s not just a 10 min fix.

    • Feb. 2, 8:06pm

      That’s because fixing the penalty system would require an update.

  47. Feb. 2, 12:13pm
    Alex Leighton

    Good to hear, and I’m sure the cheaters are going to be on a blacklist now that will come back to bite them eventually.

    Karma is a g.

    • Feb. 3, 11:53am

      I wonder, are they going to blacklist everyone who pulled the same crap at Cape Ring?

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