GT Academy USA Round 2 Marred by Corner-Cutting

GT Academy 92 February 1, 2011 by

Well, that didn’t take long. After the first full day of competition, GT Academy USA’s second round has been thrown into dispute by “corner cutting” at the Indianapolis Road Course. Watch the video above to see for yourself exactly how it’s done, without any automated penalty or nullification of the lap enforced by GT5 itself.

This shortcut is worth as much as 2 or 3 seconds, making it impossible to out-drive the corner-cutters with a clean lap and, once a few of these impossibly quick replays were posted to the leaderboards, dozens of other participants have followed along.

Needless to say, outrage is spreading among “clean” participants, both here in GTPlanet’s forums and on the official PlayStation Community boards. The implications are huge: with only the top 16 drivers from each region moving on to round 3, taking advantage of this shortcut will most likely be the only way to progress. However, it remains unclear whether you may do so at risk of disqualification –  confusion is building, and Sony has not clarified their position on the issue.

To be fair, the official rules only explicitly mention “corner cutting” in round 4 of the competition, which will involve live, head-to-head racing at the national finals:

Sponsor may have one or more race judges on site to monitor contestants during competition. The race judges (whose judgment on all race matters is final) may monitor races and may issue warnings for behaviors that violate standard rules for professional racing. Examples include:
– A slower driver that is holding another driver up can be asked to move over. Failure to comply would result in a warning.
– Any driver that is overly aggressive or hits another driver
– A driver deliberately cutting a corner
– A driver not moving over when asked

Each contestant is allowed two warnings. A contestant receiving three warnings will be disqualified from the race. Certain flagrant behaviors may also result in immediate disqualification.

Sony may believe the in-game penalty system will be sufficient to disqualify “dirty” laps in rounds 1-3.

GT Academy participants are dedicating hundreds of hours to this competition, and deserve clear communication with exactly where SCEA stands on this: either they will be reviewing laps and disqualifying players / taking some other action, or a “valid” lap will be determined solely by the in-game penalty system.

My own attempts to reach out to SCEA have gone unanswered, but I encourage you, the community, to make sure they are aware of this issue in the following ways:

Feel free to share a link to this page or the video above to emphasize your point, but, as always, please be as professional, courteous, and friendly in your communications as possible. I will be closely monitoring this situation and will post further updates on the status of this issue as they develop.

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