Sony Australia “Guarantees” Gran Turismo 5 By Christmas

In a knowing nod to those of us anxiously awaiting GT5’s new release date, Sony Australia has announced a new 3D TV / PlayStation 3 promotional bundle – which includes a copy of Gran Turismo 5 – with “guaranteed delivery by Christmas”.

Here’s how it works: buy a new Bravia 3D TV, be one of the first 21,000 people to submit your proof of purchase to Sony, and you’ll have a new 160GB PS3, two pairs of 3D glasses, two 3D Blu-Ray movies, four PS3 game download vouchers, and one copy of Gran Turismo 5 delivered to your house before December 25th. If you’re an Australian in the market for a 3D television set, it sounds like a pretty good deal to me – get the details here.

Yes, Sony already told us GT5 would be here in time for the “holiday season” when they first announced its delay, but this should be reassuring to those of you who are understandably skeptical. I’d also like to reiterate that some of the retailer dates you’re seeing across the web and your local game store mean nothing – they’re simply placeholders to make customers feel comfortable pre-ordering the game with that particular store. When the real date is announced, it will be news to all of us.

Thanks to Damian for the tip!

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  1. w_a_i_n

    ^^Damn some obvious mistakes in my reply…

    “Sony will hold off stating a new release date for as long as possible”

    “we’ll hear very little”


  2. w_a_i_n

    I can’t see how all these dates can appear without Official Sony press release?

    Sure they hold off on that for as long as possible, so they don’t get even more egg on their face…

    I think, until they have manufactured BR’s, we’ll here very little…

  3. ripping_silk

    Just letting you know that our suppliers have advised us today that the estimated New Zealand release date for Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition ~ PS3 has changed from 04/11/2010 to 21/12/2010 today.

  4. Hawkmoon

    ‘Hater which country did you select?
    I am guessing UK or Australia?
    Try US or Canada they both have the delay as a news item, but not UK or Australia go figure what that means.

  5. Vulcao

    If the Bravia TV keeps its normal price, or only a bit more expensive, then it’s a great deal! I’d buy that quickly if I lived in Australia.

  6. Devedander

    Nice to hear but honestly kind of makes me think it will be closer to xmas than not… could just be sounds good to promise by xmas for marketing (so it’s related to xmas) but also could be that they know it’s gonna be close…

  7. BWX

    Um, as far as I’m concerned, SONY are a bunch of liars and I believe precisely nothing they say. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    Or as G-dub would say:
    “Fool me once, shame on you, ….. fool me twice ….. … fool me …. you,… you just can’t fool me again!”


  8. GT5_delayHATER!

    What impresses me the most is that Sony and PD didn´t made any move in the Official Website for GT5. The only thing they have updated is the banner to the right that was announcing 2nd November to Coming Soon.
    That´s ridiculous.
    Where´s the transparency?
    Why make us wait for so long to have a new RELEASE DATE.
    And remember, Sony, you already gave your word that THIS VERY TIME the game would be launched at november 2nd.
    And now, with this future release date, that is yet to be announced, will you make us wait like fools again?
    Oh GOD! FK!!!

    1. Tenacious D

      Well, you know one reason for the delay. And it’s a pretty good one. Unless you’ve been under a joint for the past two months.

      So what are you gonna do? Wait like the rest of us? Or whine a lot? Not buy it? Get ready for a few cans of So What? to be opened in your general direction.

  9. IronM@sk

    GAME has the Collector’s Edition listed as “Avalability: 01/12/2010” but the standard versions date is “31/10/2010.” Not very confusing huh.

    That’s where I pre-ordered my Signature Edition (which is no longer listed at all btw.)

    1. Dorihako

      i have pre ordered and paid for signature edition from game here in Aus.
      I called and they said they dont know when it will get there. they will call me they say.

  10. Red_9

    OMG people, the promotion is for the TV bundle, not the game…pay attention…

    If it was for the game, the title of GT5 would be MUCH larger, and not a little bonus addition under the main promo.

    This is basically saying if you order/claim by Nov. 30th, you’ll get this bundle by Christmas. You guys say you don’t believe PD/Sony’s release dates anymore but you’ll clutch at strings here.

  11. ken_b

    It is some what promising for a 2010 release, that sure would be awesome if in the US we get a 2010 release. But until its official, we wait with as much patience as I can muster, which isn’t much! haha, only anticipation builds as I tease myself with countless laps of gt5p…yawn, need more content..spoken like captain kurk. Have a good day guys!

  12. Hawkmoon

    Hmmm. G/teed for christmas but T&C No.23:
    If the prize or a prize element becomes unavailable for any reason beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control, then a similar prize or prize element of equal or greater value will be awarded to the valid claimant in lieu, subject to the approval of the relevant gaming authorities, where required.

  13. FonzdaiiGT

    I also think it got delayed for marketing reasons rather than production. If you think about it, Sony has enough money to “buy” the production slot of another blu ray product, perhaps even one of their own, as they produce movies as well.
    So to me it’s a no brainer, if sony considers GT5 to be their flagship product along with 3d tv ( and it is), then there is no doubt that they will make sure it comes out for xmas, even at the cost of shutting down another product.

    I don’t think anybody minds if your cliche romantic comedy gets released a bit later on blu ray !!! lol

  14. GTbyPlaystation

    Finally, I’ve been hoping for some light onto GT5 in Australia and this is good news. I wanted GT5 to be ready for Christmas, and with this news – it’s looking good.

  15. Yui-San

    I thought I already posted that on the forums…. Sony Computer Entretainment Taipei confirmed it being released before Xmas on October 14th. So its nothing new imo.

  16. kr4usy

    I work for a major retailer in Australia, I have seen these types of ‘guarentee’s’ before. Im really hanging out for my signature edition of the game, so i’m not trying to be negative. But I do believe that statement of being delivered before christmas is more referring to the TV itself not the bonus. Every year the brand names give great value addons for their TVs and there has ALWAYS been angry customers who havent received their product before christmas….being a 3D TV, which havent been walking out the doors, I’m sure means that they will have a good stock allocation available (afterall its not a $1500 package is it, in most cases its doubel that!)
    Fingers crossed the game makes it out late Nov or early Dec!
    I cant wait to play you guys online!!

    1. Punknoodle

      I have to disagree. The little bubble in the corner says “Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas” then in small print it says “When you claim before 30 November” so it obviously isn’t talking about the TV (as you’d walk in and buy it) but rather what you claim, being, GT5 and a PS3 etc.

      Still, they could only be saying guaranteed delivery of a PS3, some Blu-Rays and a voucher for GT5 by Christmas, but I’m hoping not.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      @punknoodle very good point and good catch, I didn’t notice that. Your reasoning is sound. If you have to buy the TV before 11/30, why would they say guaranteed by xmas? obviously they mean the prizes, including GT5

    3. nasanu

      I was about to post much the same thing. It does not matter if GT5 is out before the end of the year or not, the TV would just ship with a GT5 voucher.

  17. raceur

    If you’re shopping around Samsung are doing similar deals with content, extra glasses and a Blu-Ray player which can go direct to eBay. Don’t forget the HDMI 1.4 cable for 3D. There are also base-model PS3s available for $450 now.

  18. GrandeP

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the real reason why GT5 got delayed, not because of production issues or firmware of bluray discs. This states the obvious, marketing.

  19. moonman79

    Awsome news!!!! i’m moving to australia in 3 weeks!!!! and not to sure if my japanese tv will work in aus???
    so was going to buy a new one anyway.
    Get in!!!! ;D

    1. Narutone66

      Japanese TV is 100 volts while in Australia/New Zealand it’s 220 volts. You’ll need a step down transformer and a converter plug for your Japanese TV.

  20. Damian

    With the announcement of a comprehensive patch for F1 2010 arriving in the near future and the delay to GT5. I for one am purchasing F1, when I get paid at the end of the month, ever the sceptic… I smell conspiracy?

  21. EAGLE 5

    What’s bad is that, in the US at least, GT5 is actually listed at Gamestop to be slated for a January release along with little big planet and a couple of others.

    Could this be just another of a string of letdowns?

  22. Ilonioum

    The only thing this means is that they would like to sell more TVs and PS3s and the only way to sell more of those is to tease everybody with GT5 release.

  23. GTP_african_kat

    I actually don’t think alot of fans will get as excited about the new release date anymore. Yeah we’ll buy it and enjoy it, but the build up to GT5 has’nt been a joyful one.

    1. Instrumental

      Yeah, now that they delayed it I can’t help but be skeptical of the next release date they issue. Whereas with the Nov. 2nd date I was very excited.

    1. MSH

      No, it re-emphasizes that they WANT to get it out this year. This doesn’t tell that thiss will happen. Suppose they need to move it into next year, these people will just receive a voucher for GT5, just like the winners of the Mercedes contest earlier this year.

    2. MrSkyline

      you can never be 100% sure, i’d want to, but i can’t.

      This discount thing with a 3D tv a ps3 and games is exactly the same for the netherlands also.

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      don’t forget, sony practically owns bluray. I’m sure they already moved around bluray production schedules to make room for a GT5 slot. I think if anything, this shows that Sony legitemately wants to release the game before christmas, and since Sony is the reason GT5 got delayed, I hope it’s a good sign & not just sony messing with us without knowing. I really can’t see why they’d come up with a promotion including GT5 just to change things at the last minute

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