Sony Is Cancelling Digital Pre-Orders For GT Sport


Last week, Kazunori Yamauchi took to the PlayStation Blog to announce Gran Turismo Sport would not be released in 2016. The news came as a shock to players, as the public beta scheduled to arrive early 2016 had already been cancelled to ensure the target release date was met. Yamauchi only said that the game would now be targeting the 2017 calendar year, with a more exact launch window (Q2 2016, April, etc.) not mentioned.

Shortly after the news hit, GTPlanet member Nico_Ble99 received a message from Sony on his PSN account. The message explains that his pre-order had been cancelled, and without a new release date, pre-orders will be unavailable. Once Polyphony has locked in a revised date, pre-orders will again be available on the PlayStation Store.GT-Sport-Pre-Order-Cancellation-Nico_Ble99

Later on, another member (torque99) confirmed he had a similar message in his inbox:

“Thank you for pre-ordering Gran Turismo Sport from PlayStation®Store. On 30th August 2016 we regrettably announced that the release of Gran Turismo Sport has been delayed until 2017. We do not have a new release date at this time. We have, therefore, decided to cancel your pre-order and refund your pre-order payment. This refund may take up to 7-10 days to be processed. Please keep a record of this message for future reference.

Once we have a new release date for Gran Turismo Sport we will offer a revised pre-order for it on the PlayStation®Store at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your custom and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

Delays definitely aren’t unheard of with popular titles, though cancelling a pre-order is much more rare. There have been a handful of high-profile release date shifts on the PlayStation over the past year, but most have been accompanied by specific new dates, rather than a vague calendar year as per GT Sport.

Final Fantasy XV was recently delayed by two months, but there have been no reports of similar messages sent to pre-order holders for that game. Earlier this year, the same developer (Square Enix) cancelled pre-orders of Hitman on the PS Store, but reassured customers it had nothing to do with a delay. It didn’t: the configuration of the pre-order had simply changed enough to warrant a new one.

One of PlayStation’s other big exclusive titles — Uncharted 4 — suffered numerous delays as well. Originally set for a 2015 release, it received three separate delays before landing on the PS4 this past May. The news of the first delay hit at an oddly similar time: A Thief’s End was pushed to 2016 on August 31 last year, while GT Sport’s delay was announced August 30.


Notably, Uncharted 4 was never available for pre-order digitally until an actual release date was available, and each delay brought with it another date. GT Sport doesn’t have that: all Kazunori has said so far is that the game is set to release at some point in 2017. This PS Store pre-order cancellation simply re-affirms this.

Of course, other retailers will happily collect pre-orders. Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy all have the game listed. The industry-standard end-of-year dates are attached to the first two (December 29th and 31st, respectively), while Best Buy simply states “yet to be announced”.

With no historical precedent, it’s hard to determine when to expect GT Sport’s arrival, or even the reveal of a new date. We’ll continue to report on any updates as they happen.

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  1. GBalao888

    I’ll use the money refunded on DLC for Assetto Corsa and some others, but the only problem is, my pre-order isn’t canceled yet. I’ll only pre-order again once I find out a new release date and if my PS4 has a new hard drive.

  2. Rage9one

    This is good, the more work they put in it, the better. Patiently waiting for GT Sport while I have fun with AC and Pcars :)

  3. Radracing

    I’m thinking they will make GT Sport a subscription based game and free download when you sign up lets say for a year. What do you guys think?

  4. speedy_2

    “The news came as a shock to players”

    Really? A GT Delay or cancellation a shock? We’re pretty used to it. lol.

  5. B.K

    Well Its Ok. I dont care for GTS anymore. When it arrives I will have a look but I’m not waiting especially for it.

    Like i said last year, Kaz needs to be replaced. This guy has absolutely no clue about organisation, creativity and communication. Furthermore he lies too much.

    I dont know how much fails you need to get kicked out from your job in Japan, but in US or Europe Kaz would’ve been replaced after GT6 release or long time before it. Even though he’s the boss, the clowns at Sony should begin to open their eyes. They re losing a lot of money because of Kaz, I cant believe they let him doing this nonsense for years.

    1. MeanElf

      I don’t see the sales of any other game doing as well as GT – the trend has been downwards all throughout this niche genre.

    2. HarlemG27

      @Grumpy how are they making money with nothing to sell. Gt has always been a console seller. If it had released by now i would own one. But as of lately they release the game at the end of the console life cycle when they’re on sale for $200. Doesn’t take a genius to see their math is off, or kaz has some dirt on somebody at sony

    3. GrumpyGrumps

      @HarlemG27 I’m not doubting, and if they are losing money it wouldn’t bother me, I’d just like to read for myself the report or article stating that they are, out of genuine interest.

      Additionally, I am referring to the net financial results upon release. Clearly right now they are spending more money to develop the game that they are bringing in with sales, but that will be mostly reversed upon release. I find it highly unlikely that Sony and PD invest all this time and money into developing a game if they know that they will end up losing money on it overall. So again, if they are in fact losing money I just want to read where they have said that.

  6. WyldAnimal

    They had to do this to avoid legal issues.
    Accepting Payment is a binding contract.
    Many Pre-orders, also came with a Deposit or Full payment requirement.
    So by accepting that Payment, they entered into a Contractual Agreement..
    By Not Delivering the Product as per the Agreement, they could face legal issues.

    Refunding the Pre-orders and Canceling any New ones, had to be done.
    I’m sure any Future pre-orders will now come with different wording in the purchase agreement.

    1. Old man G

      What they should do is keep record of all the people that pre-ordered and give them a substantial discount when the game is released…..keep the loyal fans happy.

    2. MeanElf

      That wouldn’t really work as it’s only the digital copies that have had the pre-orders cancelled. Those who have pre-ordered a physical copy would likely then complain — if so inclined.

      Sony only take payment on some of the PSN pre-orders and it will tell you before purchase if you are expected to pay now or just before release. Judging by WyldAnimal’s post, I am assuming it’s the former. If anything, the game’s pre-order will be switched to the latter to correct that problem.

  7. MeanElf

    I think it’s really just a cunning plan to get the whiners out there to forget about GT and focus on other games instead.

    When PD are ready, the game release will be announced and come out within a month of that announcement and the whiners will have been left behind.

    1. GrumpyGrumps


      My take on it? I know full well that I’m going to buy GTS whenever it comes out, be it February 2017 or December 2017. Maybe that makes me a lemming, but I’m a lemming who can’t pretend that a video game being postponed is in any way an actual, real-world problem.

      If I have free time in any given day seriously thinking about Kaz, PD, or Sony and what their intentions are, then I’m not working hard enough at my job now am I? I’m excited that they are working on it, and in no way is this going to change my 17 year tradition of buying GT games.

  8. RikkiGTR

    Farcical nonsense. Kaz needs to hand the reigns over to someone dedicated to the game industry; he can carry on his racing career.

    1. MeanElf

      He doesn’t have a racing career, it’s just something he likes doing a couple of times a year – do you work 365 days a year at what you do? I doubt it, so why should he?

  9. TheCrazySwede

    We’ll have Forza Motorsport 7 by the time GT Sport arrives.

    GT6 – FM5
    GT6 – FH2
    GT6 – FM6
    GT6 – FH3
    GTS – FM7

    If this continues, we’ll have 5 more Forza titles, perhaps even a new console, by the time the next sequel arrives.

    1. Rubencho

      Also take in account that GT6 was released on PS3 and all the Forzas you mentioned were for XBone
      And Sony closes the Studio that delivered Driveclub :S

    2. HarlemG27

      The main reason i bought a xbox. It’s almost worth it just for the horizon series. Ill get a ps4 for 200 by then. Its a win win :)

  10. celtiscorpion73

    I just don’t know if I can continue with this series anymore. Sony is notorious for alienating their customers and I’m not impressed with the way PD has conducted themselves over the past several years either. I’ll watch to see if there is any real progress made and I’m hoping to hear something good from the community, but with a problem like this, I’ll find it hard to come back to this franchise again. I can’t say it’s impossible, but I need to see something solid and it has to have the “WOW!” factor to make me come back. If not, PD and Sony have lost, yet, another customer.

  11. aguia

    I prefer late than continue to see kamikazes bees in GT6 online.
    Delay delay until fix this, and bring more circuits,, Nurb in snow e Pikes Peak, gravel, asfalt, snow, up and down, and give Fun. I wait!

  12. moparmanmike

    Next norvember guys, lets not kid ourselves here. They always release games oct/nov. They always delay them for years. Dont expect any less this time. If they dont get their act together though, i agree, they are gonna run themselves into the ground and out of buisness.

    Honestly the only thing that has even been making me look forward to a new one anymore (as a hardcore fan since GT1 came out) is the fact that all other racing games out there anymore, there dont seem to be a point to racing them.

    Project cars, driveclub, assetto corsa. The career mode is pointless. Its a multiplayer trainer. I dont like it when you start a game, and all cars and tracks are unlocked. I dont like not being able to mod my cars i bought. Theres no sense of progression. Theres no point really in racing. I like starting from the bottom and buying a crap car, wining some races, fixing it up, more races, better cars, so on. Gives you a reason to play. Gives you something to wok towards.

    Although from what i can tell, GT Sport was getting away from what made gran turismo a great game in the 1st place. Seems they were going more the direction of every other racing game anymore. So that being said project cars is a great substitute, assetto corsa has potential, but seriously needs to fix the online server crap, and even driveclub can have its moments. Plus lets not forget forza is now on PC. So if your like me and love the forza series but dont want to invest all that money into an xbox, xbox wheel, xbox live ect, for one game, well there you go.

    Im actually surprised that we havent seen a GT6 HD Remaster on ps4 yet. Considering they have “remastered” everything for some crazy reason. (how about some actual new games maybe…?). I say remaster gt6, with FULL G29 SUPPORT, and sell it for 19.99 to hold us over. I would buy it. Give us ps4/wheel owners something to enjoy while we wait yet another year for gt sport. They should have released that last year. Project cars is fun, but after 2 years its gettin fairly stale….

  13. fet_thunderdome

    This thing of GT delays is going beyond ridiculous. GT series will never be up to date with current sim out there. It is losing ground at the speed of sound. I think it is a dead series. Glad to be wrong.

    1. DYLAN777-is-not

      Agreed. Sad to say though. GT was the only racing game with bright ideas and classy online racing but they just lost it on the PS3 and the ps4 seems to be even worse. Maybe GT should ditch Sony and go PC and Xbox.

  14. DYLAN777-is-not

    I wasn’t going to get this game anyways. Give me a real GT title or stay home PD. I smelt a bad game when they made GT prologue on the PS3 and was glad I never bought that so I feel the same with GTsport. A $60 demo? Please no thank you. (Here’s a wise thought ((hire more people is you want a game to be released on time))

    1. Leggacy

      Disaster? If you were expecting Assetto Corsa to be a “game” rather than a “sim” then maybe. I was a little disappointed but after driving it for a while it’s very good particularly in respect of physics. The only thing I feel is a disaster about it is the general standard of online driving, but those people are probably playing it like a game ?

  15. Shimazu

    it is better for them to cancel GT Sport and make a GT7 , only a minority is interested in a game focusing only on race cars and pro racing
    we want the real GT back !
    we want the car list to be as it used to be in old gt’s and Forza actually , 80% everyday cars and 20% race cars .

    1. FT-1

      That’s a wise move actually since original PS4 values will take a huge hit with new hardware being unveiled this week.

    2. Magic Ayrton

      Fanboy alert! I will Play with Porsches on my PC on Assetto corsa, Might buy a PS4 Neo when GT and VR release in 2027.

    1. Master Weasel

      Just like we waited 5 years for GT5 which also experienced delays, only to still get an unfinished game at release.

    2. Leggacy

      Well if I remember correctly GT2 wasn’t completely finished. Drag cars but no drag racing? Still loved it to bits though and loved every addition since. I don’t mind waiting, too many games are rushed these days.

  16. mickoafna

    It’s like I knew this would happen.
    Good job, PD. Take a few more years and transform GT Sport into GT7. I would rather buy GT7 than 25% of the game.

  17. Johnnypenso

    An indefinite delay is a little worrisome but might make the most sense overall. We’ve seen delays announced by Kunos and SMS in the last couple of years and both got pushed back again after the initial delay dates which is just as worrisome. What I wonder is, if they’ll continue to release trailers and updates and attend game shows and exhibitions in the meantime and how the public will rationalize the look and polish of the game without a release date announced. Will be interesting to see and GTP is the place to be!

    1. ALB123

      I don’t remember Kunos pushing back the 1st delayed date. I thought it was due for an April or May release and then got delayed for the first time to the end of August. My memory is terrible…

  18. Lambob

    I say cancel GTS title altogether, and just announce that you are developing GT7 instead. Its rel date will sit better with me.

  19. gigio79

    I play with games since PS1 and never did a pre-order for a game, why should I do it?
    Late means people have more time to play F1 2016, Dirt rally and Assetto corsa, this year is not a good period to put out GTsport, too many racing games are around.

  20. cfc

    LOL,this is comedy gold.
    One thing you can be certain and bet your house on it – PD will do delays,and more than 1.
    Gotta feel sorry for GT fans HAHAHAHHA – NOPE IMAO.
    If you all think it will be 2017 release,you are very mistaken ;) You will be lucky to get this released in 2018.It wont matter anyway,competitors already miles ahead in every department.
    RIP GT,was good while it lasted.

    1. gigio79

      In the last years Sony is not doing good things for customers, GT Sport late is a Sony decision.
      Watch out Sony, you risk to loose people.

    2. Obelisk


      Duke Nukem Forever took 13 years. Gran Turismo 5 took 6 years. Team Fortress 2 took 9 years. Half-Life 2 took 6 years.

      If you think a delay is going to kill a game, you are sorely mistaken. I’m happy that PD is delaying the game’s release – they’re taking the time to ensure a high quality product. Oftentimes, the best games are the ones that take longer to make.

    3. Magic Ayrton

      Yeah like GT5 and 6 were any good. Rubbish looking cars for the most part and really bad sound.. Far worse then GT3 and 4!

    4. Obelisk

      Oh, brother. Remember the last time you got on my case, Ayrton?

      That aside – GT5 and GT6 were critically praised as the gold standard of the sim genre when they came out. You also seem to be selectively ignoring the 400-some Premium cars that were said to be PS4-ready. And the sound is actually good. It’s not bass-boosted, like that bullcrap that Forza boasts. It’s as realistic as a sound profile as you can get without altering the sound itself. Not to mention that the GT franchise is good about simulating the Doppler effect.

    5. Johnnypenso

      It was known for a while that the game was releasing in a couple of months. How did that turn out?…lol. We can’t say anything definitively until the game is actually released can we?

    6. MeanElf

      No, that is true…yet I don’t notice that tempering your flow of comments to the contrary.

      Delays happen; a reversion to standards though…you really do have an unusual thought process.

  21. showmethepuppiz

    To me that’s a good sign. It means when it is finally released in 2017 (or 2018….you never know!) it’ll be ahead of the current competition and they’d have ironed most of the little bugs as well as adding better features to the franchise. That’s my guess anyway

    1. Lambob

      though GTSP or GT7 if it will be called that, will be ironed out and a joy to play once it does come out late 2017 or 2018, it won’t be ahead of its competition, because it will be on an age old already long discontinued platform being an old AMD architecture PS4, no matter if a 3rd revision of it will come out.

      in 2018, )or some 16 months from today) version 2 of VR Oculus and Vive will be out to couple with Nvidia’s new GTX 2018, with billions of R&D being invested as I type this post, that will feature more G-sensing immersion perhaps in a form of a proper mainstream hydraulic gaming chair.

      the next iteration of a serious SIM (perhaps AC2 or PC2) will absolutely blow the smoke off of GTS, Kaz need to set a proper release date, and work toward that goal.

      still looking forward to GTS, whenever it does come, though to preserve our sanity, I would recommend staying away from consuming too much news about its development, let PD continue to bake and baste its creation.

    1. breyzipp

      In 2017/2018 they will be ahead of what the competition in 2015/2016 was. Sadly for PD, the competition doesn’t stand still. :)

    2. MeanElf

      From what I’ve seen GTS if released now, would easily beat all of the current console games visually – it would still surprise those willing to look. I can’t say about the physics or cars, because less is known about that part of the game.

    3. Johnnypenso

      I doubt anyone has worried about whether the latest GT game would be the genre leader in graphics for 15 years or more. It’s the rest of the game people worry about, beyond the photos and the pretty cars and tracks.

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