Special GT5 NASCAR Seasonal Event Coming August 29th

August 23rd, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Polyphony Digital has, curiously, announced a special “NASCAR-themed online racing event” to be held in GT5‘s Seasonal Events next Monday, August 29th at approximately 8:00PM PST. Though specifics remain sparse, they have confirmed a unique prize for the event will be available in the form of Jeff Gordon’s 2010 driving suit and helmet. Kazunori Yamauchi has also commented on the event via Twitter.

This is the first time a GT5 Seasonal Event has been announced in advance, so it will be interesting to see if anything makes it particularly notable other than the unique prize. The starting time of the event also roughly coincides with a period of scheduled maintenance for GT5‘s online services.

Thanks to Blake for the tip!

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  1. Aug. 30, 4:42pm
    Maxy Milan

    Ok, i just won that suit, it was very easy.
    But they didn’t did the helmet and suit seperate, they made a section called ‘Special Suits’ at ‘Accesoires’ (The little briefcase)
    How is it posssible to put thousands jars of paint and 690 helmets and suits in a tiny briefcase?
    But why another section for 1 suit??

  2. Aug. 29, 10:16pm

    server is down for maintenance and im excited. first ti,me ive been glad to see that message

  3. Aug. 28, 2:40pm

    gosto muito do gt5 mas estou um pouco desapontado com a oferta de aniversário.
    lancia stratos,desses já eu tenho uns 5
    pensava que ia ser uma máquina mais potente,só mudou na cor
    de resto acho um bom jogo

  4. Aug. 26, 5:44pm

    Seems more like an attempt to keep the online community occupied while they do maintenance on the system

  5. Aug. 26, 5:10pm

    Daytona and Indianapolis get boring but hustling the 900 horse tanks around the twisties and turning fast laps is some of the most fun I’ve had in this game. Don’t miss your shift points and don’t spin the tires.

  6. Aug. 25, 4:21pm

    GT 6 better have a Danica Partick NASCAR…

  7. Aug. 25, 10:52am


  8. Aug. 25, 7:04am

    Left turns, slipstream, Mary go rounds.. Nah i think I’ll pass, ty.
    Almost went nuts trying to get all gold in the nightmare special event

  9. Aug. 25, 6:43am

    wow… :-( … the PAD drivers are then in this event again quiet disadvantaged…
    why PD doesn’t make to charts? one for wheel drivers and one for pad drivers…
    There is only a filter i guess, isn’t?

    anyway I’ll try my best in that event…

    c u on the track…

  10. Aug. 24, 9:28pm

    Will there be a Nurburgring? lol

  11. Aug. 24, 8:28pm


    • Aug. 25, 9:03am

      i’m doing remote sometimes and i do need more ppl to remote my drivers heres my psn: MoresTiSamogSira

  12. Aug. 24, 7:02pm

    SSR7 for this would be nice.

  13. Aug. 24, 6:11pm

    Now all we need is gokart seasonals, rally seasonals, and bspec seasonal events.That would be awesome! :)

    • Aug. 24, 7:21pm

      Having the GT4 coffee break driving park tarmac area with adjustable cone layouts would be great for go-kart racing a swathe of additional events and a decent addition to the course maker.

  14. Aug. 24, 1:29pm

    i want the old ken block subaru and his new fiesta in the game along with suit, that would be cool but would never happen due too DIRT

    Suits are rubbish, honestly like its been said a million times.

    Agree, we need a rally event, and more touring car style ones

  15. Aug. 24, 1:13pm

    If they are announcing this ahead of time, it must be something special, and not just Gordons racing suit. Perhaps more NASCAR tracks!

  16. Aug. 24, 10:48am

    Wow, a new suit for my Ken in the Barbie simulator! I can’t wait ;)
    What a feature PD, thank you!

    • Aug. 24, 8:10pm

      Now you can go back to your “make-your-car-into-a-total-ricer” simulator! AKA: If your hating then get off this GT-based site you ungrateful troll.

    • Aug. 25, 5:28am

      Sorry for hurting your girlie feelings mate. I didn’t know I’m just only allowed to say “what a great game this is” comments.. thanks for opening my eyes :)

    • Aug. 25, 3:38pm

      bit harsh, im a bit GT fan and i thought that was funny

  17. Aug. 24, 6:25am

    Damn! More slipstreaming…

  18. Aug. 24, 5:38am

    Nascars, great, NOT.

  19. Aug. 24, 4:18am

    I assume it’ll be coming tomorrow, as it’s a special event. With new OCD I hope :)

    • Aug. 24, 7:52am

      It even says August 29th in the title!

  20. Aug. 23, 11:22pm

    Ahh I was wondering when a NASCAR special event would happen. I’d like to see one also for the classics (finally got my 330p4)

  21. Aug. 23, 10:49pm

    In a few weeks time, everyone you see will have the Jeff Gordon suit on, so there’s no point because everyone will look the same and that renders the suit uncool.

    • Aug. 24, 1:13am

      You are right, they should cancel this event and not give us the suit at all. I guess that is why they haven’t released any DLC yet, because if they did release a new car, everyone would just buy that car to be the cool kids and then it would just render that car uncool.

    • Aug. 24, 6:59am

      Unless they make the challenge hard and the overalls/helmet untradeable, then it would be like the X2010 was made to be, a symbol of success.

  22. Aug. 23, 10:41pm

    i think the reason they announced this 1 is because there will be no more seasonal events since then & they dont want people to complain again that why there is no update in game..
    of course i could be wrong

  23. Aug. 23, 10:34pm

    da hell with jeff…boooooooo…throwin a dale suit #88 then i will be worth it

    • Aug. 23, 10:35pm

      wow typos..throwin a dale #88 then it will be worth it

  24. Aug. 23, 10:24pm

    I want Tony’s suit dammit!

  25. Aug. 23, 10:23pm

    Wonder if we’ll finally be able to see those fireworks and jets that they showed us in the trailers

    • Aug. 25, 3:37pm

      I see the odd jet and at night in places like that custom rally track in spain i think i thought i saw fireworks, might just be my imagination – that weed was good! lol

    • Aug. 28, 8:36pm
      alex l.

      Raggi_Boy you do see fireworks in spain and i think on lemans at night.

  26. Aug. 23, 9:37pm

    Why not a rally seasonal event?

    • Aug. 24, 1:09pm

      Amen to that. They bothered adding rally cars and tracks, they might as well do something with them.

  27. Aug. 23, 9:14pm

    “Yeah, I’m gonna drive and go fast and turn to the left sometimes”

    • Aug. 23, 11:46pm

      I’m amazed by comments like this. I’m not a NASCAR fan but I am intelligent enough to know it entails a whole lot mare than going fast and turning left on occasion.

    • Aug. 24, 1:55am

      I’m a NASCAR fan myself but this comment is funny to people who watch south park.

    • Aug. 25, 9:49am

      CorporateHammer – Yeah, on occasion you press the brake pedal, lol

      Seriously – get a sense of humour, it was a direct quote from the South Park episode, as stated by 88FoxBodyFan, and not a personal comment on my feelings about NASCAR. (Hence also the quotation marks)

  28. Aug. 23, 9:09pm

    I think they will do more tournaments like this to win every Spacial Suit that you see in the main menu screen where there’s your driver walking around a room full of racing suits.
    (I want Stig’s and Nomuken’s helmet dang!)

    • Aug. 23, 9:10pm

      I mean Special*
      Damn OS X Lion with this annoying auto correct thing like on the iPhone

  29. Aug. 23, 8:32pm

    Tony Stewart’s car is going to whoop Jeff Gordon into the walls so I don’t have to hear him say “Don’t hit the cones!” again!

  30. Aug. 23, 7:57pm

    I think they should at least reverse two tracks in the Sprint Cup Series!

    • Aug. 24, 2:34am

      How about left and right in the same race, Start half the field clockwise and half anti-clockwise…

  31. Aug. 23, 7:32pm

    YAAAWWWWNNNN!!! Lets see:
    1. Daytona
    2. Tsukba(AKA Kaz Yaminori Memorial Speedway)
    3. Indy
    4. Deep Forest

    How exciting…

    • Aug. 24, 3:30am

      THIS ^^^^^^

  32. Aug. 23, 6:44pm

    Hmm.. Whilst i appreciate they are releasing new stuff. Why does it have to be NASCAR? Forward. Left. Repeat.
    I know this will be a joyous occasion for those who like this boring sport but surely that is a relatively small selection? They should focus more on mass appeal!
    The touring cars one was awesome! Why can’t they do more of that? Close bumper to bumper action with left AND right turns.. much more exciting and tactical.
    Wow, my first ever whinge at the game on here :D Mind you, this is less of a whinge about GT5 and more of a whinge at NASCAR in general.. but meh! :)

    • Aug. 23, 7:49pm

      NASCAR drivers are paid pretty well right??…well since it’s so easy “Forward. Left. Repeat.” why don’t you get into it and show everyone how easy and how boring it is. You should be able to strap into a Cup car and win the championship in your first full season right?

      Be more open minded on the different disciplines of racing instead of being completely closed minded and only thinking about touring cars.

      I’m not a huge fan of F1 because whenever watching it I feel like I’m watching a game of follow the leader, but I still appreciate it and I still watch it whenever it’s on. I enjoy racing in general so I won’t knock other forms (except drifting ;)

    • Aug. 23, 11:23pm

      If NASCAR is so easy, how come drivers like Juan Pablo Montoya and Marcos Ambros can’t win on an oval? (And Juan Pablo has yet to even win a race in NASCAR I do believe, and Marcos just won his first race this past weekend at Watkins Glen). I know Juan is on an amazing race team with top quality cars, so explain that.

    • Aug. 24, 2:49am

      Juan Pablo Montoya has won 2 races in Sprint Cup, both of them on road courses. As a matter of fact, in his rookie season of Sprint Cup competition, he started 32nd in the race at Infineon Raceway for his 1st win.

    • Aug. 24, 10:21am

      Ok sorry about that, but why hasn’t he won on an oval? If it’s so easy?

    • Aug. 24, 10:40am

      Here’s another one…what about Dario Franchitti? He raced and was fairly successful driving touring cars at the beginning of his career. He moved to NASCAR and struggled so badly he had to break his ankle to get out of the series and back into an IndyCar…j/k. Chip “ran out of funding” and put him back in an open wheel car.

    • Aug. 24, 8:07pm

      Just a thought, because it is so easy for other drivers to draft you and bump you and overtake you and crowd you to stop said overtaking and many other reasons I am not bothered to post here xD

    • Aug. 25, 12:10am
      Haha lololol

      So what ghskilla seems to be saying is the open wheel guys drive too slow, lack basic passing skills, and get too nervous in traffic…..just like my granny……XD

    • Aug. 25, 7:47am

      Its unfortunate that narrow-minded, unintelligent people like strikey here are so common in the world of motorsports.

  33. Aug. 23, 5:47pm

    who gives……about racing suits, pointless, give us online leaderboards, more real tracks, update cars, f1 contenders for the ferrari, Mclaren, Redbull. maybe some classic F1, put the cars into class organisation, Lmp1, Group C, GT500, touring, Rally groups. Race Mod more cars, get rid of 1 or 2 skylines, and some pointless cars, that nobody uses and clog up our garages…. I love the game but please don’t ruin it with cheap features!!

    • Aug. 23, 6:13pm

      Getting rid of cars is the absolute worst suggestion that has ever been posted on these forums, and yet people still post it.

      Just because you don’t drive them doesn’t mean nobody does. If you don’t like it, don’t drive it, or sell it if you really hate it that much. But taking away cars that some people enjoy driving just because your garage is “clogged up” is absolutely stupid, not to mention really selfish.

      Some of those suggestions are fine, but removing cars adds nothing to the game, and if you think PD are dumb enough to do that, I just hope you don’t mind waiting until hell freezes over.

    • Aug. 23, 6:31pm

      No car is pointless. Each has it’s own purpose and is there for a reason. Quite the selfish comment. I’m tired of these posts.

    • Aug. 24, 3:46am

      blimey dylanson!! chill dude, do you fancy a midget race tonight?? … yeah thought so! fair point some people might want to, but you have to admit there are quite a few pointless ones! love the tank car!! awesome makes the the game so much better!

    • Aug. 24, 4:07am

      I’m not that bothered about the cars if I’m honest, we should be able to race whatever we want, so fair enough. I’m good witha bit a silliness from time to time! I agree with your earlier comment about JGs race suit and I just think where will this end?? it’s a silly development! back to topic, NASCAR while I prefer circuit to oval raving I like the odd NASCAR race its always close, so as long as folk choose the same Tyres and PP as the AI, should be a decent seasonal! and probably a decent grind for the cash!!

    • Aug. 24, 11:17am

      I agree with Zig and this is why.

      When I purchased this game we were promised online leaderboards were on the way as part of many updates. Well almost a year on and still no leaderboards but hang on who wants a black helmet with pink stripes, a racing green set of overalls, some yellow trainers and another 20 cars?

      NOT ME! Maybe some folk like collecting stuff and that of course is fair enough but when I but a game under the premise that such a major feature (that made the demo btw) is to follow shortly I get fed up hearing that there’s a new update coming the will enable to collect random things that you don’t even see!

      dunno about you lot but when I’m trying to dive down the inside I ain’t thinking oooh look that bloke was wearing a chequered helmet wasn’t he? I wonder what trainers he had on!

      The collectors surely have enough to be getting on with for their fashion shows now send us some real updates!

    • Aug. 24, 2:53pm

      I agree that the racing suits are pretty pointless, but the cars are not, and removing them is certainly not a useful option.

      And I would love a midget race, except that I don’t have one yet. I’m sure I’ll have two soon enough though. (why that’s a prize car for two events, I’ll never know)

    • Aug. 24, 7:05pm

      F1 is licensed to Codemasters. Porsche is licensed to EA. Ferrari is licensed to Turn 10. In all these cases it is possible to get a manufacturer that isn’t licensing exclusively to permit specific vehicles for use within certain limitations such as only allowing Ferrari F1s to race against each other.

      Gran Turismo 5 has both NASCAR and WRC licenses and that’s why you get a selection of those specific race cars and drivers. Interestingly, there was a “Top Gear: Stig Challenge” in place for GT5 where the point was to beat The Stig – but this was removed before the game went live, again most likely because the Top Gear license only covered the track. Then there’s the likes of Piaza del Campo and how that was removed from racing and had its flags removed. Again, all licensing issues…

      You can bet your bottom dollar that circuits like Spa Francorchamps require licensing. That’s what makes road locations more accessible, though far more time consuming to model.

      This year Forza 4 has ALMS, so you’ll see LMP and a few other classes there, but even Turn 10 will struggle with Formula 1 other than a car from a select manufacturer. Different F1 cars won’t be able to race each other without the F1 license.

      Gran Turismo is a fantastic franchise because of the challenges, the mixture of cars and the variety in locations. It is not supposed to be the authority in any class or style but takes from the best of each.

    • Aug. 25, 3:30pm

      I really want them to have Ayrton Senna’s Lotuses, that is a great piece of history there.

  34. Aug. 23, 5:44pm

    Put more standard stock cars so we can race all 43 cars!

  35. Aug. 23, 4:13pm

    For me this is boring, I hate driving Nascar so… Whatever…

    • Aug. 24, 12:17pm

      Agreed, NASCAR should never have been in GT5- it’s a completely different genre of racing. F1 is acceptable and adored, but NASCAR is very niche and most GT5 gamers seem to hate it.

    • Aug. 26, 9:04pm

      Niche? The second most watched sport is niche? Hmmmm. I am sorry you can’t appreciate the finer points of racing heavy cars with no grip.
      But, you are right the game could do with more F1 cars and DTM or perhaps BTCC machines, BTCC, drool.

    • Aug. 26, 9:41pm
      Loui the fly

      BTCC are pussy FF(exept the BMWs, but they’re still pussy) touring cars, DTM or V8 Supercars is where the action is ;) and NASCAR is boring unless its on a PROPER race track

    • Aug. 28, 8:32pm
      alex l.

      being the second most watched sport doesnt make it any good for example if justin bieber sells 10 million albums it doesnt make him any better singer.

  36. Aug. 23, 3:55pm

    Time to see online covered in Jeff Gordon suits. :(
    I can already see 4-5 thread appearing when it’s released to cover the details. Who will be first?

  37. Aug. 23, 3:47pm

    Maybe they’re going to make leaderboards from the seasonal events.

  38. Aug. 23, 3:29pm

    Sounds like more “whatever”!

  39. Aug. 23, 3:21pm

    Instead of Gordon, Why dont you just hand me the S.Vettel Suit?

    • Aug. 23, 3:26pm

      that S. Vettel Suit could be a prize for a Redbull X1 seasonal event. :O

    • Aug. 23, 8:21pm

      I knew I was forgetting someone, that would be awesome :D

  40. Aug. 23, 3:21pm

    I wonder if this event will have more than 15 AI cars? like maybe all 42 proper nascar opponents? The only reason I think this is because the event was announced in advance, hinting that there is something special about it…

    • Aug. 23, 4:09pm

      Then they would have to make like 30 more premiums (there’s only a few nascars right now)

  41. Aug. 23, 3:11pm

    Great News so far

  42. Aug. 23, 3:05pm

    A Seasonal Event Special on a Bank Holiday here in the UK. Superb!

  43. Aug. 23, 2:26pm

    Cool, Gordon has always been my favorite driver. Though I absolutely hate NASCAR in this game for its awful slipstreams. And starting from 12th is going to be hard for me.

  44. Aug. 23, 2:15pm

    tony stewarts no. 14 will help me decimate the lowly jeff gordon and his rainbow bright racing suit.

    • Aug. 23, 2:31pm
      Gtp Button J

      It’s the only motor for me 14 ! Jeff who ?

  45. Aug. 23, 2:05pm

    With Nascar AI Drivers in the way to the 5 lap finish, I am glad I have 19 million dollars saved for my chassis repairs.
    Time to tune a select Nascar, anyone have any suggestions?

    • Aug. 23, 2:34pm
      Gtp Button J

      Tony stewart 14 you won’t go far wrong with that ! It flies ! Good driving helps of course…….and set up !

  46. Aug. 23, 2:03pm

    They can keep the prize,rather do the super GT or DTM one’s over and over again.

  47. Aug. 23, 1:51pm

    Interesting thing they’ve announced in advance this new Seasonal… maybe the prize is something good… :) MAYBE…

  48. Aug. 23, 1:48pm

    Sounds awesome, I wonder if similar seasonals pop up soon with a similar prize (im thinking stig suit and helmet :D) I bet this seasonal and any future ones won’t be easy though :/

    • Aug. 24, 9:09am

      Or better yet !!
      A seasonal Event where the 1st prize is a new downloadable Premium car :-)

    • Aug. 24, 7:39pm

      that would be pretty awesome :D lets not get our hopes up too high though :)

  49. Aug. 23, 1:47pm

    It is nice to have that kind of suits and helmets. But I do really want the Stig’s and also Juan Montoya’s as well.

  50. Aug. 23, 1:43pm

    I’m actually looking forward to this event because that racing suit and helmet is just reeking of awesome.

  51. Aug. 23, 1:40pm

    As long as jeff gordon, doesnt speak, i wont be mentally scarred again!

    Dont hit the cones!

    • Aug. 23, 2:05pm

      Man, I wanted to kill myself in those Special Events.

    • Aug. 23, 2:53pm

      REMEMBER!!! The car is heavy.


    • Aug. 23, 3:16pm

      Well, don’t hit the cones XD

    • Aug. 23, 3:51pm
      J-KiLLA 24

      LOL @ d.h. As RACECAR said, just try not to hit them :P

    • Aug. 23, 6:35pm

      GAH! That annoyed me!
      “Don’t hit the cones!”
      It sounds like he is totally disappointed in you if you hit them!

    • Aug. 24, 7:17am


      I found to be like the less engaged speaker I ever experienced. No enthusiasm at all.

      Also those special events were a real drag with so much waiting, just like the Rally stages :-(

      We should have had Montoya instead :-)

  52. Aug. 23, 1:40pm

    I hate turning left :-)

    • Aug. 23, 2:00pm

      Reverse NASCAR, only right turns! Now there’s an idea…

    • Aug. 23, 2:20pm

      Lol. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • Aug. 24, 12:38am
      Gtp Button J

      Don’t worry there are plenty out there who love to turn right straight into you …lol

    • Aug. 24, 2:09am

      I wonder if a NASCAR sponsored navigation device would make you go left 3 times? Rememder 2 wrongs dont make a right, but 3 lefts do…

  53. Aug. 23, 1:37pm

    Give me the Stig’s Helmet :D

    • Aug. 23, 1:41pm

      I know right just give the whole suit

    • Aug. 23, 10:24pm

      every time I win a new helmet I hope for a stiggy special…no luck yet

    • Aug. 23, 10:51pm
      Loui the fly

      Stig suitvwould be awsome, they should have a TG seasonal so you can win it. Also maybe a ferrari f1 seasonal with the ferrari f1 suit as a prize or maybe a X2010 seasonal with S.Vettel suit as a prize?

    • Aug. 24, 3:07am

      Stuff trying to win it just give it to everyone

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