Subaru’s Isle of Man Record Holder Coming to Future Gran Turismo Title?

Amongst all the announcements, unveilings and showcases of the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Subaru brought along its record breaking WRX STI time-attack car. Piloted by Mark Higgins, the 600 bhp car shattered the the previous record — also set by Subaru — for the time set by a car on the Isle of Man TT circuit earlier last year.

Evident by his Instagram post, also there for the show was Polyphony Digital employee, Carter Jung. Mr. Jung didn’t speak much about his time at the auto show, instead keeping it to a sole post about the inclusion of the record-holding Subaru in a future Gran Turismo title.

Jung stated that the existence of the Gran Turismo stickers clad on the aggressive bodywork of the car confirm its existence within “the game”. Whether he is referring to Polyphony Digital’s upcoming 2017 title, Gran Turismo Sport, or potentially scoping towards games further into the distance is yet to be told.

It must be said that this is not the first time such a sponsorship has taken place by Polyphony Digital, with notable examples being of the 24 Hours of Nurburgring and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb both having Gran Turismo sponsorship in common.

The relationship between Polyphony Digital and the 37.73-mile (60.72 km) Snaefell Mountain Course runs deeper than stickers on Higgins’ 2016 record-holder. Back in 2014, Polyphony Digital employees were spotted on the island, and locals were advised that slow-moving service vehicles would be rounding the circuit over a two week period. The plot thickens…

With regards to the car itself, getting the seeming confirmation from an actual PD employee certainly piques our interest. We’ll be on the lookout for further proof of the car’s inclusion in the franchise.

Thanks for the tip, queleuleu!

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