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Bugatti Reveals New $3.3m Chiron Noire Special Edition

We’d never really considered the Bugatti Chiron to be anything other than a pretty special car. However, it turns out that it’s not quite special enough for Molsheim, which has… Read More »

Bugatti Celebrates 300mph Landmark With the Chiron Super Sport 300+

We all like to mark big achievements, and car manufacturers are no different. Bugatti is already making a celebratory model for its 110th anniversary, in the shape of the Chiron… Read More »

Bugatti Chiron Busts Through 300mph, But Don't Rewrite The Record Books Just Yet

Bugatti has become the first car manufacturer to build a 300mph road car from the factory. Like the Veyron before it, the Chiron has become the first standard, road-legal car… Read More »

LEGO Makes a One Million-Piece Bugatti Chiron... And Then Drives It!

Car Culture 25 Aug 30, 2018 by Andrew Evans

It was only in June that LEGO released its model of the Bugatti Chiron. That 3,599-piece kit looked like a bit of a challenge, but LEGO has already one-upped it… Read More »

Bugatti Adds Lightness to the Chiron, With Sky View

You might think the Chiron could do with being a little lighter — after all, it does tip the scales at 4,200lb. It seems that Bugatti agrees, but not quite… Read More »

Bugatti Signals a Return to Coachbuilding Tradition With the $6 Million Divo

In a rather unrevealing teaser shot, Bugatti has announced to the world its newest hypercar. It’s called Divo, and — like all recent Bugatti models — it takes its name… Read More »

Own a Bugatti Chiron for Only $350 With Newest LEGO Set

Car Culture 11 Jun 7, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

Good news for would-be hypercar owners: there’s now a much more affordable version of Bugatti’s 1500hp Chiron. It features a more down-to-earth power output of precisely zero ponies, and you’ll… Read More »

Meet the Lighter, Stiffer, More Dynamic Bugatti Chiron Sport

We know what you’re thinking: the Bugatti Chiron would be great if only it was a little sportier. Well, it seems that Bugatti has read your mind. As part of… Read More »

Bugatti Recalls the Chiron... for Dodgy Welding?

No matter what vehicle you own there’s always a chance of a recall. Whether it’s airbags from Toyota or crash protection from BMW, these issues can creep up anywhere. Nevertheless,… Read More »

Move Over Bugatti, Koenigsegg is the New King of Speed

A couple of weeks back, Bugatti announced that it had set a new World Record. Its newest Chiron supercar had hit an astonishing performance benchmark. With ex-F1 driver Juan Pablo… Read More »

Top Gear's Chris Harris Puts Bugatti's Chiron to the Test

Car Culture 8 Jul 25, 2017 by Matej

There is a new definition of insanity, courtesy of Bugatti. Named ‘Chiron’, Chris Harris recently got the opportunity to shake the cylinders of this beast in Oman, following a Top… Read More »

Bugatti Vision GT and Chiron to Make Joint Appearance at Pebble Beach

Car Culture 4 Aug 7, 2016 by Michael Leary

While both cars have already been purchased, they’re still en route to be displayed at Pebble Beach later this month.

Saudi Prince Purchases the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo (and the Chiron)

Bugatti’s one-off Vision GT car was apparently up for sale, and has already been claimed.

Bugatti Chiron is a 261MPH, $2.6 Million Show-Starter

The Alsatian successor to the Veyron will kick off the Geneva Motor Show with 1500bhp, wrapped in a Vision GT-inspired shell.