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Saudi Prince Purchases the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo (and the Chiron)

This is certainly interesting. For those so inclined, snagging a shiny and new Bugatti is hardly a newsworthy event. It’s a different story altogether when the one-off Vision Gran Turismo that was shown off at last year’s Frankfurt motor show is claimed, and seemingly right under everyone’s nose.

Bugatti Chiron is a 261MPH, $2.6 Million Show-Starter

As the automotive world prepares for one of the biggest events on the calendar – the Geneva Motor Show, opening to the public this Thursday – Bugatti has taken an early lead in buzz by unveiling the dramatic new Chiron.

Vision GT-Inspired Bugatti Chiron Could Touch 290 MPH

Last November, Bugatti announced that the Veyron replacement would be known as Chiron. Named after the dominating driver of the 20’s and 30’s, Louis Chiron, the car is expected to utilize a variation on the Veyron’s immensely powerful W16 quad-turbo heart. Now, a new report has surfaced alleging the car will continue the modern Bugatti tradition of setting insanely high top seeds.

Lamborghini, Bugatti Coming to Gran Turismo Series

It’s a great day for Gran Turismo fans around the world, as it has just been revealed that the both Lamborghini and Bugatti are bringing their cars to Gran Turismo PSP and, presumably, Gran Turismo 5!  The news came as Sony announced a special pre-order promotion for GT PSP, which entitles you to some type of code that gives you access to one of the following cars from “day one” in the game: