More Hyundai & Bugatti Vision GT Details From Frankfurt

VisionGT_20150915_IAA (32)

The Frankfurt Motor Show hasn’t even opened its doors to the public yet, but already we have details on both the Vision GT cars to be unveiled there. After yesterday’s pretty impressive image overdose from Bugatti, today we have an extraordinary slew of images from Hyundai of its N2025 concept car.

VisionGT_20150915_IAA (25)We’ve not seen Hyundai’s full-sized model yet, however there’s plenty of technical details about the decade-hence racer available. The car will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell system, with dual cells providing 670hp. This is backed up by a 201hp super capacitor system which is charged by kinetic energy and heat scavenging under braking.

This 871hp total system output drives all four wheels – as is the norm for VGT cars – via independent in-wheel motors. Total weight is kept down to 972kg through extensive use of carbon-fibre reinforced plastics, which gives a power-to-weight ratio of nearly 900hp/tonne.

The extreme picture dump from Hyundai and Polyphony Digital shows four available liveries for the N2025, each with a different race number, so there’ll be some choice for gamers when the car comes to Gran Turismo.

There’s also some new images in addition to yesterday’s Bugatti image set that reveals a wide range of available colours in addition to the traditional French blue colour scheme. This is probably very little surprise as the Veyron in Gran Turismo 6 has one of the widest palette ranges of any car, but we count six further colour schemes revealed so far.

More interesting is the video trailer for the car, which appears to show two rather excited gentlemen settling down to play with the Bugatti on a Playstation 4, complete with Logitech G29 steering wheel and a Dualshock 4 controller.

No doubt this is just a minor marketing oversight on behalf of Bugatti, but as we enter the Tokyo Game Show week, it’s a detail that might set tongues wagging about the future of Gran Turismo!

While we’re waiting to get our hands on both cars, there’s a massive selection of pictures to enjoy and you can join in the discussion on both the Bugatti and Hyundai Vision GT cars on our forums.

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Comments (71)

  1. wastedtime

    I have to say that I haven’t been a fan of some of the overly unrealistic VGT cars but that Bugatii is how it should be done. Well done! This is the first time I’m excited for a VGT car. Yay.
    If only some of the other car makers did this it would have been a better project IMO. I’m looking at you SRT. I’m talking about something actually plausible. SRT could have done something with a Viper concept….?

  2. TJC_69

    Has anyone else ever taken notice that (most?)/some of the VGTs come with the full scale model unveiling? And maybe it’s because the full scale models take time to build, that the VGT program has overrun it’s expected 12 month completion timeframe? Just my thoughts.

  3. renypayne21

    Shmee150 has a video of the Bugatti vgt of how it sounds and looks like in the interior and exterior. Its amazing.

  4. wraith of horus

    Old man G. Truth be told there are exclusive games titles only available on Xbox One or PS4. Two examples being exclusive to console on Sonys PS3 or PS4 are Gran Turismo games, Driveclub. Two examples of games exclusive to Microsoft Xbox are the Forza Motorsport series are only available on 360 and Xbone. Need for Speeds are available for all platforms PC PS4 360 PS3. Usually the rally games are released for all platforms PC PS3 360 PS4 Xbone. Project CARS is available on all platforms PC PS4 Xbone. So its going to depend on which games your son likes to play. If hes playing Gran Turismo or Forza then best to buy him a 360, PS3 or Xbone or PS4. If he likes playing any and all other games probably best to buy him a PC. There are so many games titles most are probably available on PC except the exclusive franchises I talked about. Assetto Corsa and BeanNG, I Racing, R Factor are all PC only among many many others. So if you were to buy him a PC I’m sure he wouldn’t be disappointing by the list of sim racing games available on PC.

  5. Old man G

    Can someone give me some ( good ) advice on something. I intend to upgrade to either PS 4 or PC early next year for my son. I have been told that PC is the way to go as all the games come out in PC format, is there any truth in that?

    Currently he has a PS3 and plays sim racing as well as C.O.D. If some could advise the Pros and cons I would really appreciate it.


    1. Rubencho

      if you want a gamer PC it can get pretty expensive, only the graphic card can cost more than a console itself.

      My approach would be to ask your kid if he plays multiplayer games with his friends and depending on it decide what to buy.

    2. Famine

      Games do not all come out in PC format. Gran Turismo is a PlayStation exclusive.

      As things stand, if you wish to play the most recent Gran Turismo game you’ll need a PlayStation to do it (GT6 & PS3 currently), and if you want to play the most recent Forza Motorsport game you’ll need an XBox to do it (FM6 and XBOne currently).

      Project CARS is available on both consoles and PC, Assetto Corsa is available on PC at the moment but coming to consoles next year.

      PC will give you a much wider choice of wheels, whereas PS4 and XBOne are very limited.

    3. Old man G

      Thanks guys for all the advice, greatly appreciated. I love reading these threads and playing Sim racing, makes me feel like a teenager again…..cheers all enjoy the racing

    4. Johnnypenso

      If I can put in my two cents, cost issues aside, as I see it the biggest difference between pc and console gaming is that console is plug and play and pc often requires a lot of tinkering and fiddling around with hardware, software and settings. If you aren’t prepared for a steep learning curve and really just want to turn the machine on and race, consoles are the way to go. If you want a broader and deeper racing experience with a wider range of games and peripherals, but are prepared to do your homework in terms of hardware and software, pc gaming might be for you.

  6. H.Keslijinen

    WOW!! What a great looking pair you’ve got there. I wonder though if anyone knows whether either of these cars has a fully adjustable limited slip course maker as an option?

  7. infamousphil

    Oooh… the esses.

    Ahwww… the Austrian acsent.

    Note to the ‘dire winers’ who need delicated races for ‘their’ VGT cars… 90% of the VGT cars introduced, thus far, are paired or matched with each other and/or other car in my garage.

    But when HighPerformanceStreet is open… l find myself all by my lonesome. Sad but true

  8. wraith of horus

    P.s I talk about an alternative supposition in the Bugatti VGT? #imaginEBugatti (Update 15/9: So many screenshots!) thread. After seeing the quick in game footage it looks nothing more than GT6. Look at the quick screenshots and you see its the foliage, the trees, the crowd still 2D and GT6 esque. But the whole PS4 / DS4 I think is for something Bugatti will be doing with PD in the long run for the next gen console or GT7. Who knows its anybodies guess!

  9. SavageEvil

    I fully expect someone to have a Bugatti tournament, that car looks the part for some spirited racing. These cars better be back for GT7 and pushing 30+ car count offline, not sure I want to deal with that many humans in a race online at all. All this work for Gt6, no way it’s only for that game.

    1. SavageEvil

      Also noticed that neither of these videos sport GT6 logo watermark anywhere. Just says Gran Turismo, the Bugatti video had the G29 and what looks like a DS4…the plot thickens.

    2. SavageEvil

      Yup paused it at 0:21 secs and it’s a DS4 with the light bar edited out but you can see the light on the guys fingers it’s blue. Hmm, interesting indeed.

    3. Johnnypenso

      I think you’re on to something. While it may not be a direct indication that GT7 is around the corner, I think it’s definitely a not-so-subtle hint that PD is looking forward and not back.

  10. Chikane

    Gonna get alot of hate fore this comment.. But i just cant get pass the fact that its a Hyundai. It just sounds weird.. I don’t know maybe i just don’t look at Hyundai as a top tier car company.

    1. Johnnypenso

      My brother’s first new car was a Hyundai Pony. If he’s lucky it had 70 hp and went 0-60 mph in about 15 seconds, wheezing all the way. They’ve come a long way since then…lol.

  11. mikronimo

    Two really beautyfull cars, powerfull, amazingly quick, maybe enjoyable… but (of course there is a “but”), there are a lot of sport, hyper, race reality cars that they have in other games and not in GT; ok, we all know that GT6 is lame, again, because is a sort of beta for GT7, but, again, we also hope that GT7 will not be a beta for GT8; so, what do i aspect for GT7? A lot more than these fantasy, though astonishing, cars. I want to see PD engaged in making a real “real cars simulator”, without fantasy cars, everyday small/city cars, silly unreal race procedures, and whatever; it’s about time to became a world game, a global game, and not keep on this Japanese provincialism, closed and without almost any connection with reality.

  12. pb5

    I wonder it they will use Honda’s Project 2&4 as a VGT content? But I hope the pp ratings are kept down for these so they are useable unlike the top SRT VGT.

    1. Progress823

      Expect PP ratings around 700 for both of these. I was hoping less, but with the power expected from the Bugatti and 871hp from the Hyundai, I think that is where we are.

    1. HKS racer

      I will not care about GT7 if it’s going to be only about time trials.

      In my opinion to gather people’s interest GT7 should simulate multiclass endurance racing with 50 cars on track.

  13. HKS racer

    I’m I the only one that find all those bio videos boring since they are annoyingly self referentials?

    You made a VGT car for Gran Turismo 6, ok we got it.

    Since there’s no racing involved I’ll drive once and then it will gather forever dust in the stockyard.

    1. VetteZR1

      You are not alone my brother. I have NEVER driven a VGT. I haven’t even done a crap lap to get a free one in almost a year.

    2. 550

      You guys definitively are NOT alone. I dont hate VGT (is actually an awesome project),I DO hate the fact that it’s in a motorsports game like GT6. More than that,VGT is consuming much (so much) of PD’s development time and money that should be used for no other purposes than actually fix up all bugs and inconsistencies on the game and adding features that people would not just appreciate,but actually use and enjoy. Let’s say,90% of the use of VGTs are for trolling open rooms,and the other 10%,for curiosity and time-trials. Finally,VGT project not only delays the game’s features development,but actually hurts the fun in some cases.

  14. wraith of horus

    Just watched the Frankfurt international motorshow. This new concept Bugatti is made to represent the new design dna that Bugatti will be using in their next production hypercar after the 450th and final veyrons have been made. So its possible that this car is coming to GT6 maybe and maybe the new production hypercar will be the cover car of GT7. Again I’m just speculating here. Since PD have a relationship with Bugatti. Maybe its like Ford with Turn 10 and their Ford GT. I don’t know. I’m just throwing this out there to see what responses I get and whether anyone else is thinking along the same lines as me. Theres definately got to be something to it, with GT7 and the PS4. Next model cover car GT7? as said in last comment. Lets see. Anyway I’m liking the new design DNA much.

  15. z71L28

    looks like GT7 replay footage to me. Notice in the Bugatti video when it’s coming around the S’es the rear is bouncing up and down just like a life like race footage. GT6 doesn’t have that sort of detail in it’s replays.

    1. wraith of horus

      Yeah dude another thing, the advert definately say “Not actual in game footage” meaning its not in game but maybe a replay of GT7 lol maybe like you say. It could be. This wild speculation is making me extremely excited and frustrated for GT7.

  16. wraith of horus

    The Bugatti is to reach speeds of 278.12 mph. Insane. And in the advert the guys are driving the cars on a PS4 console. Is this really a marketing oversight form bugatti. I don’t think so. Everything Bugatti do is for a reason and is not done wrong. If they wanted to pass a message on they get it right, there would be no mistake. I think these we saw a glimpse of GT7 or the cars will be coming to the GT7 version of the game. Could the Bugatti be the cover car for GT7. Well it’s just wild guess and speculation from me and probably not true. But something kingofweasles says make me wonder that PD and Bugatti are trying to get a suttle message over to us with either the Vision GT cars. Either Bugatti relationship with PD and GT7 with vision GT6 or a long term relationship with Bugatti doing something for GT7 with PD. Maybe theres something to the Bugatti advert playing on a PS4 guys!

  17. Manasseh257NSX

    These cars look amazing! It seems like Hyundai and Bugatti are in a VGT competition right now. Could just be a coincidence.

  18. Psychopulse

    Awesome! On a side note, I do hope that what we see in those trailers are really what we’ve all been waiting for. This is not GT6, that’s for sure!

  19. Kingofweasles

    Every announcement I see about these cars makes me wonder if we’ll ever get to drive them in GT6, or if they’ll be exclusive to GT7…

  20. oli440

    These cars will be great fun to drive, no doubt, but I can’t help but see there are references to the PS4…. which has spooked me into speculation….

  21. dylanlikes88

    Both cars are absolutly stunning! If the Bugatti drives well, it will probably replace the Alpine as my favorite car with interior. I don’t usually drive the Vision cars without interiors. The Hyundai probably won’t have an interior, but if it sounds good and drives anything like the LM55, I will make an exception.

  22. z71L28

    Both of them are really nice looking. Not over the top transformer futureistic looking crap. What I like most about VGT is how manufacturers are showcaseing future technalogys in powertrain, drivetrain and erodynamices. VGT rocks! It’s the engineering aspect that makes VGT special for me. Keep um coming, nice work Bugatti and Hyundai.

    1. 550

      It’s all awesome when it comes to technology,and would be nice to see them in something like an App with an showcase in 3D,with video entries about their specs,building,and everything else. But all of this is just useless in an game like GT6. That said,this project are more about technology,it’s cool to know how they are,what’s behind of them,but after all,GT6 is supposed to be about realist racing,not curiosity. Dont get me wrong,VGT is an awesome project,but it has nothing to do with the main purpose of the game: present motorsports. They are just in the wrong place.

  23. 550

    Look how much comments about this news. Wow. So,when you guys will get sick of spending your precious time in this Vision project? Not joking,it’s enought. Altought no one never asked for this project,by now it’s allright,just stop this where it are right now,and start improving our game. PD,there will be hopes untill the end,but please,surprise us with something good. Or at least anything that could be usefull for GT6,will make much more people happy.

    1. HKS racer

      Racing for instance instead of time trials only.
      They made a dozen of Vision GT cars but they NEVER created a dedicated racing event.

    2. 550

      Vision GT cars are very inconsistent,some look like a normal earth car,others looks like have alien super-powers,so you can mix them in a race,would be totally unfair,not to say,sucks. One make race? Maybe,but some of them you can’t even change color,so… No. It’s really impossible to make a category race for this cars,that’s why no one uses them in online races. (except trolls in open rooms)

    3. HKS racer

      if you can’t change color it’s PD fault not users fault.
      Some of the cars can change it though, like the Mazda LM55 Vision GT.
      If there’s inconsistency it’s not a justification, it’s more aggravating.

      About imporving I can agree but a HUGE improvement for me would be actually use the content they already MADE. Why there’s no event editor where I can select my opponents cars?

    4. dacc10

      We probably can’t change color on some of the VGT’s because of the manufacturers. If they don’t allow, then it won’t happen.

      As for the rest of what you said, the performance difference between them is huge, perhaps some of them are somewhat comparable, but others don’t.

    5. 550

      The main point is not about changing colors,that doesnt really matters,is about the fact that these cars can’t provide good category races no matter what,since they are not real,dont feel real,no color diferences,no numbers… VGT just has nothing to do with motorsports,that why I think they are useless in GT6. There’s no use for these cars other than watch bio videos and run time trials.

    6. Geoff

      i would even say more:
      i feel like people at PD are wasting their time with this VGT project and by the same time, they are wasting the time of the people who are just waiting GT6 to be improved like it should be and like it was promised…

      i’ve never liked much those VGTs in the first place but it gets worse everytime one of them is dropped instead of features or improvements

  24. HKS racer

    Ok cool, but can we actually RACE all these new cars?
    I mean dedicated championship, seasonals, endurance races, things like that.

    I have plenty of cars for time trials and trackdays already.

    Come on PD.

  25. TRLWNC7396

    In the 9nth row, the middle pic is JUST enough of an optical illusion to look like a cartoon-shortened Micro Machines-type car… ;) I had to look about 4 times to realize it WASN’T a mistake! ;)

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