GT Academy 2014

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GT Academy Winner Nicolas Hammann to Participate in 2016 Nissan Micra Cup

The second season of JD Motorsport Organization and Nissan Canada’s Micra Cup is about to kick off in less than a month. One of the 30 drivers who will get the opportunity to steer the wheel of these one-make machines and reach for the trophy is Nicolas Hammann, the 2014 North American GT Academy champion. As one of the few newcomers who didn’t compete in the previous season, it is a challenging path to conquer, but worth of his talent and skills...
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Nicolas Hammann: April Update & Dubai Recap

The following was written by Nicolas Hammann, 2014 United States GT Academy Champion, as he offers an inside look at the Nissan Driver Development Program which he joined after winning this past season of the competition. More to come soon as his racing season gets underway!

Nicolas Hammann: From a Dream to Dubai

An excellent 28-minute feature on 2014 North American GT Academy champion Nicolas Hammann was published on Hulu earlier today. It tells the story of Nic’s life: from his passion to cars and motorsport at a young age, to his involvement with Gran Turismo and the GT Academy program, to ultimately racing in the 24 Hours of Dubai last January...

GT Academy Season 4 on Spike TV: Episode 1

The developments of the North American GT Academy 2014 Race Camp were fully documented for a reality television show, which premiered on Spike TV last week. New episodes air each Friday on the network at 11:30pm Eastern Time, and they’re also uploaded to Nissan’s official YouTube page later in the week for the rest of the world to watch...